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  1. Ha. I’ll get there in knowing what she is doing? Or I’ll get there in knowing what I am doing? Either one works.
  2. I am not sure that the principles you cite are the truly relevant ones here. On the other hand, it certainly is true that they are not behaving perfectly. And it is certainly true that I am not exactly saying “Let Jehovah rebuke you” to them. Are you really saying that you think these characters are yet part of the congregation?
  3. Rats! Caught in the act once more! Very well. My bluster got the better of me. To clarify, only Srecko is going after God’s people with a machete. 4Jah is using a knife. And Witness, appropriately enough, is using a battle axe
  4. Ah—a breath of fresh air, who handles herself well and is doubtless a loyal Christian. But I hope the breath reflects no naïveté. They are doing considerably more than chafing. They are going after Jehovah’s organization with a machete. They are not to be talked out of it. I have not seen one of them budge one iota In all the time I’ve been around. Just so that you should know that. I can think of a way of cutting down on the minions. Not that you should, of course. That’s for you to decide, and I like your expressions. But know what you’re getting into.
  5. All are dings, dents, scratches, and pothole damage acquired by driving the cramped and narrow road over the decades. All could have been avoided by leaving the car parked and doing nothing. None are the core teachings of JWs, the combination of such teachings that are found nowhere else. The Name, the ransom, no trinity, no hell, earthly paradise, God’s kingdom as government, the preaching work, earthly resurrection, the reason God allows suffering explained—all core teachings that have been firmly in place for over a century. Do you hold all of these core teachings? Do you hold any
  6. Did you really send this silly letter to him? Perhaps not, but in that case it testifies to an entire movement of ones with the unique qualifications of copy and paste ability, ax-grinding, and a peculiar manner of citing vast swaths of verse while making no specific application of them—sort of like a surgeon tossing all his instruments at the patient and thereby imagining his job is done. Anyone reading this ridiculous letter would imagine Morris launching into a wide-eyed, wild-eyed, maniacal Howard Bealesque rant, veritably frothing at the mouth as works himself up. Why didn’t
  7. As far as I am concerned, that Wiki article (I assume this is the source—if not, it is exactly what they do these days) is a prime example of what co-founder Larry Sanger complained about —that it is no longer unbiased. It is also the first example I have seen of that unbias going beyond politics. (Granted, I don’t pay overly much attention). Here the bias is to reinforce the anti-cultists. The goal is to discredit Introvigne. Nothing stated is incorrect (probably) but if Sanger’s complaint hold true in scenarios other that pure political, one side is developed in minute detail, and whoev
  8. One does get the sense that things are coming together quickly. Let me throw just one more bit of speculation into the pot, so that, in case it happens, I will be able to bill myself as a true prophet. The entire network evening news yesterday consisted of Trump leaving the hospital, flying to the White House via helicopter, and then, just when the news would be signing off—there is was standing framed by the White House door, saluting, and (gasp) removing his mask with defiance. All the whlle the media, who hate him, and who hate the idea of being upstaged by him, must cover him thorough
  9. Of course! Actually, I have gone there off and on and I tell them to be sure to read all my comments. They tell me to....well, they decline my offer.
  10. So you’re the one keeping it afloat. I’m not even sure that have it in these parts, and I forget just what it tastes like. I’ve pretty much weaned myself off all soft drinks.
  11. Yes. This is in the nature of packaging things. It does take time. You think it takes no time if the packaging is done in a parking lot and people have to drive there to fetch it? You think they eat it there in the parking lot because it will take time to transport it home? Forgive me for this. If you like, you can send a letter to God, supplemented by Bible chapters about feeding and caring, and point out that if he really cared, he would make food that didn’t go bad. Come, now. You are just flailing away, revealing nothing more than mean jealousy. Why are you like this?
  12. If you have a definite statement to make, you do not start with “maybe.” Your statement sheds no light on anything other than you hate the JW organization, which we all knew already. In fact, if the counter.org article that began this thread is correct, there were none that did follow their view of USDA. They all had food distributions in their parking lots, you had to fetch the food quickly before it rotted, and run through a gauntlet of prayer services or ‘soul-salvations’ in the process. Only the JWs complied with the requirements of the program, insofar as the article states.
  13. Actually it sounds like the WT was one of the few organization’s doing it right. Outfits accepted the food boxes but were unwilling to take on the costs of distribution. The only example (from thecounter.org article) of actually bringing the food to the recipients, rather than making them come to some parking lot to retrieve it, is the WT. And since (weren’t you ridiculing them over this?—if not, your allies were) JWs are the lowest income faith, almost by definition they will be among the intended beneficiaries. As Anna said, in her congregation, food boxes were delivered to the most ne
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