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  1. JWs of that time would been most grateful had Hitler disfellowshipped them and thereafter treated them as though they did not exist. As it was, he went well beyond “killing them spiritually.”
  2. This is the epitome of “apostate lie” and you know it! No person named Tom would ever do such a thing! A Bill or a Bob or a Sam, maybe, but never a Tom!
  3. There is something about the inability to distinguish between what is important and what is not that I will never understand. It is closely associated with the inability to distinguish between the traffic cop's direction about best motoring from the orders of Hitler to gas millions. If you are going to use the grandiose terminology that you do, use it over things deserving of it.
  4. No. All you have to do is refrain from campaigning against them. You can cheerlead if you want. Many brothers do. But you certainly don't have to.
  5. There you have it, then! Not only is the return of the Lord just around the corner, it is clear done and gone per this understanding. Either way, my point stands: that John is clearly smoking something if he if likens the Governing Body to ones complaining that the Master is delaying. Will this understanding of the early twentieth century stand the test of time? We will see. It's all very well to be second-guessing and sniping those taking the lead if it is in addition to participating in the disciple gathering activity Christ commanded. Hopefully, that is the case with you. Far more often, though, such pontificating is instead of participation, with the ones carrying on so imagining they are discernment personified. One can always go join someone else's preaching campaign. I hear that the Independence Day Church just translated their website into Pig Latin.
  6. Few comments could be more obtuse than this. Nobody thinks that the Master is coming any second now more than the Governing Body. Likely you have complained about that on other threads.
  7. No. This is a reference to the Christian disciple-making activity. The evil slave says: “You see, I was in fear of you, because you are a harsh man; you take what you did not deposit and you reap what you did not sow.” What is he saying to the Lord but: “You want disciples? Get off your rear end and make them yourself!” He has no interest in joining in any public effort to preach. His counterpart today masks his reason with complaints about direction and governance in the congregation, as he attempts to undermine the work of those who have stayed the course.
  8. TrueTomHarley


    Or they know what's important and what's not.
  9. This became a pet peeve of mine. I was conducting a study with Santa Claus and he was making fine progress until he caught wind of this. He was doing so well. All he really had to work on was a strange obsession with extreme sports, annually jaunting round the world at breakneck speed and in frigid temperatures. Oh...and animal cruelty, forcing animals from their established habitat by making them fly through that slop.
  10. They do believe half. They also believe the other half.
  11. The old pork chop speaks true here. At long last, he has a point. It is the pearl of high price that we speak of, accurate Bible knowledge that allows one to make sense out of a crazy careening world, to know why a God of love would permit evil, to know what happens to the dead & even the reason that people die. Judging from what is on display online, when people leave, caught up in some contemporary controversy, they lose all interest in these matters. They become freedom fighters for some current cause, and never make mention again of answers to the deeper questions about life. Whether the Kingdom Hall will build a howitzer rack for JTR to park his weapons is seriously questionable, in my view. But he does raise a point about where spiritual thirst can be meaningfully satisfied.
  12. It is an unremarkable fact of Bethel life that a woman may exercise authority over a man in purely secular matters. Headship is a principle for consideration of spiritual matters and also family organization. It plays no role in work concerns. They are not activists there at Bethel. They don't get in anyone's face over such things. But it does happen all the time.
  13. “Robots produced by Silicon Valley startup Knightscope are being used to shoo away homeless people in San Francisco.” I wonder how they go about this. Can’t one jam a stick in their spokes?

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