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  1. Ben Hur was no dummy, that’s for sure. Still, the prophet Trump said that he preferred slaves who weren’t captured.
  2. As usual, you have it backwards, in your cloying acceptance of how the world categorizes things. Physicians were not necessarily bright. A few years ago the Wt publication stopped using the phrase Luke, “the respected physician” upon realizing that they weren’t. Often they were freed slaves with no particular training at all. A contemporary news item of the time refers to one man who used to be an undertaker, was now a physician, “and does the same for his new clients as he used to do for his old.” (not the exact quote) Tax collectors were glorified thugs who simply beat money out o
  3. Yes and no. Obviously the head is not nothing, but it is the heart that recoils at a trinity making God unknowable and a hellfire doctrine making him cruel, someone you would not want to know.
  4. I know where you’re coming from, but I agree with Anna. I think it is not good to describe the brotherhood this way. I think it because the scriptures lay no emphasis at all on this “deficiency,” if it is one. Instead, they goes out of their way to show favor to such ones. They pay no attention to the head. They only pay attention to the heart. “Wisdom cries aloud from the street,” the Bible says. “Hogwash,” comes the answer from the learned ones. “It cries aloud from the quadrangles. Only ignoramuses are to be found in the street.” It is their bad, for it cries aloud from the stree
  5. I am told of a certain brother in a developing land who has had great responsibility and is always smiling. “Yes, brother,” he says to this with the local friends, and “Yes, brother,” he says to that. It is only if you ask him if he thinks the course you are about to embark on is a good idea that he will say, “No, brother,” still smiling, and not offering a better course. unless specifically drawn out.
  6. I think it’s pretty intriguing. You state the benefits well. Can’t go wrong when you leave things in the pipeline, for others to pick up on or not.
  7. This final sentence should have ended with a question mark but did not. I’m stumbled.
  8. Long ago I was on a committee to explore building a new Kingdom Hall. A brother as you describe, also on the committee, carried on and on about how we would put a baby changing table in the men’s room! Why should it be just sisters who have to change the infant? Times were changing! Equal work for all! And it was not just work, it was part of the privilege of rearing children—spread the joys and the drudgery evenly! It shouldn’t only be the sisters who have to.....” He discussed brands, the fold=down type, which were sormewhat new at the time. On and on he went, so enthusiastic. For cryin
  9. That’s too bad. You would have hit the nail on the head in that event. As it is, go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
  10. Finally you are talking sense. I am starting to foam at the mouth all over again.
  11. Well, you have a point there. That remark didn’t make any sense to me at all. I rolled my eyes and scrolled on.
  12. Exactly. I have this is the metadata of TrueTom vs the Apostates: Apostates of that time would “despise authority.” How could that become a problem unless there was authority? They loved “lawlessness.” How could that become a problem unless there was law? They favored acts of “brazen conduct,” had “eyes full of adultery,” and were “unable to desist from sin.” How could that become a problem unless there was someone to tell them that they could not carry on in that way? Not only is the nature of apostates revealed in the above Bible verses, but also the nature of the Christian organization
  13. I have no idea how he conducted himself later in life. Nor have I read either of his books. Doesn’t that make me less “apostate” than you?
  14. Why would this be? This is because it constitutes art fraud in the manner you use them. I wipe the phony pigment from your application and I see the painting of the cigar-smoking dogs at the poker table.
  15. No. As measured by the number of doors they have knocked on over the course of a lifetime, each one in order to present the good news of God. Some of your “true anointed” have barely knocked on any.
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