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  1. Why is the picture, above left, a picture of Bill Gates? And not your picture Kick?

  2. Hello Jack Where is the 21 page report about child abuse handling , Also you only say JW only, when it also talks about the Baptist, Buddhist, Catholics, Hasidic Jews , Quakers, and the Young Women’s Christian Association. You need to get your story right !! instead of just saying JW ! . And what cult do you belong too?
  3. Hello Tom 

    Randy here, enjoy that last post.

    May i ask what congregation you go too?

    I'm out of  the Roebuck congregation here in Birmingham, AL.

    1. TrueTomHarley


      No. Sorry. I always keep a certain anonymity online. Less than many others, but still some. It is influenced by theocratic counsel (to youngsters) that they are safest when they ‘friend’ only those they personally know.

    2. TrueTomHarley


      I do hang out on my own blog, tomsheepandgoats.com

    3. Randy  Lee  Manning

      Randy Lee Manning

      Hello Tom

      Yes ok i do understand , have a good one.


  4. Hello John Just want to ask you a question , what religion are you from, and tell me how it is the truth? Jehovah Identified his people in the scriptures as you are my witnesses, so we are Jehovah Witnesses , and yes some witnesses turn to doing bad ,but Jehovah will certainly take care of those who do. Thanks
  5. Hello every one here in the Aviation Club, thought i would post pictures of the airport here in my home town of Birmingham, AL. Please feel free to comment The old And the the new, only could find a few pictures. My flight simulator picture of the Birmingham Int, Airport. Thanks.
  6. Hello James Randy here, I was just reading about the issue of JW child abuse, but I do have one question though .So if JW is not the true religion , then who is? and where do you go or attend too? Thanks
  7. Oh yes that would be the heads up display which i believe they actually had for a while even before the Max, which is called the 737 GSX. Have a great! one .
  8. Maybe I should find a picture and post it in here? I am a private pilot, I fly the Cessna 152, 172, 182, 182RG, Piper Saratoga which I really love to fly. I also do flight simulator Lockheed Martin P34.V4 and that's where I fly the big birds 737GX 747 400 & the new 747 *8 777 757, 787, It is just my dream to fly. Thanks
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