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  1. ABOUT WHERE IT'S BEING HEARD... @JW Insider has referred some comments for others. I have other sources as well. A Bethelite with many years at the world headquarters tells me that when they meet by chance some members of the G.B. half jokingly, half seriously, they comment aloud things like "how well the zoom meetings work, how well everything is working" or the like. I know that these brothers want the G.B. keep thinking that there is a new approach to celebrate meetings, that they consider it. WEEKLY IN-HOUSE MEETINGS The face-to-face meetings, held in a physical location, I see
  2. My vision is that the G.B. Please note that the format that we have followed for decades is not the only one. I mean: since there were 3 big annual meetings in Israel, we had three big meetings -assemblies-. Kissing, hugging, touching, "sniffing" us is biblical and appropriate. But during the week the meeting ends late, the children have to go to school early, they have to have dinner ... Well, why not the meeting during the week for zoom, and the face-to-face weekend, at the k.h.? Large assemblies could be made voluntary. Brothers eager to meet others, to meet, to embrace, to take p
  3. Just to introduce another item into this consideration. It seems that the number 12 or its multiples in the Bible always appears as literal, never symbolic. Jacob's 12 sons (males) were exactly 12 The 12 tribes of Israel were actually 12, not 13 The Levitical priesthood was organized in a multiple of 12, namely 24 divisions (1Chr 24: 1-19) The recruitment of assistants and officers who served David were organized in groups of 24,000 per month, from the 12 tribes, giving a total of 288,000 soldiers. All multiples of 12, and all exact numbers, real
  4. Just out of curiosity... do you already have time to sleep? Sometimes I wonder if you are not an alien. Well, now seriously, I just wanted to tell you that all this information is appreciated. It is sure to be valuable to some. Frankly, I don't understand practically anything. It happens to me like when I go to a museum and see a beautiful painting, I don't have the ability to paint it, but I recognize the merit of whoever did it.
  5. This was a real case, in a kingdom hall. He was going to start the circuit overseer's talk. A little boy approached to say something to him and he, complacent, did as he attended, smiled and soon he got on the platform for his talk. The overseer was surprised to see the faces of those seated in the front rows. They made gestures and signs with their faces, surreptitiously. In the end, he discovered the problem: he was wearing his trouser fly open. The little one, as "he was at the right height" realized the problem, which no one else did. But, as I said before, the overseer ignored h
  6. Awesome. I really appreciate all your effort by putting your knowledge at our disposal. In spite of the risk to be misunderstood, I'm always learning a lot of you. Yes, yes, I hear some ones saying "you're a man's follower..."
  7. *** it-1 p. 134 Appointed Times of the Nations *** In the light of these facts “the tree” is seen to represent, beyond and above its application to Nebuchadnezzar, world sovereignty or domination by God’s arrangement. *** w74 3/15 p. 164 Bible Timetables Pinpoint Our Day *** Accordingly, what befell Nebuchadnezzar in fulfillment of his dream was evidently prophetic of something that pointed to God’s bestowing rulership on the “lowliest one of mankind.” We know that, in God’s due time, he did select Jesus Christ to receive such rulership *** go chap. 5 p
  8. I believe, @AlanF , that you incur the usual problem of the historical-cultural gap between the words of Jesus and our current context. Your interpretation: “the witnesses teach prophecies / predictions about the ‘coming ’ that have turned out to be false. Jesus says: don't follow them. And -according your view- that phrase means something like 'don't get involved with that religion, because it's false. Don't become a follower of them -the witnesses- ’" But let's look at Jesus' statements, in context: (Matthew 24:26). . .Therefore, if people say to you, ‘Look! He is in the wi
  9. Of course, I can only say that I fully agree with @JW Insider's words on this 1914 matter. This was a real conversation a few months ago, with a married couple studying the Bible with my wife and me. In the first chapters of the book "Teach": ME: "so we are now very close to the end, as indicated in the paragraphs, the sign, etc." STUDENT: “I have witness in my family. You are always with the same thing, there is little time left. I've been hearing that since I was a child, and I don't like you saying things you don't know for sure " ME: “Well, you're right, actually Jesus
  10. I also share your love regarding your comments about the Egyptian New Chronology. I suppose you refers David Rohl. I also enjoy the works of the film maker Tim Mahoney.
  11. Dear sister @Arauna Regardless of whether you are right about the point you make, I just want to make you see that in recent days I have seen that you have referred to @JW Insider, among other mentions such as: Proud Blind Close to apostates in his ideas... Don't you think it's very hard?
  12. I think that all this of the generation could have, in fact, a very simple explanation: Jesus was only referring to the living people in his day, and that they would see the destruction of Jerusalem in 70. What complicates it "a little" is the intersection between the prediction of the destruction of Jerusalem and the prediction of His return, of His parousia. The apostles, in their ignorance, MIXED both issues. So Jesus' response could lead us to MIX the fulfillments. Even more complicated if we look for TYPES and antitype between the first and second fulfillment ... What I see
  13. Perhaps a possible explanation for the Franz / Furuli similarities is that both situations, the time of Franz and the present, share the same problems. I see a tension, an opposite force, between wanting to have a united, harmonious organization and allowing greater freedom of conscience and thought. Both extremes I think are bad. Can you imagine going to a congregation that believes in the trinity, or in hell fire? At the other extreme, it is a shame it is troublesome to wear a beard, not to wear a tie and that sort of thing.
  14. I see, in my opinion, that the parables of the slave/ steward could have three senses: 1 According to the Bible, in a sense I am a steward, or supervisor of my family. I have to take care of it, feed it and take care of it. 2 (1 Timothy 5:17) "Let the elders who preside in a fine way ..." shows that in each congregation there must be some who supervises and cares for the rest of the congregation: a steward group of elders. 3 In the final age it would be neccesary a global stewardship The analysis of the next passage alone yields much information on this matter, the admi
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