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  1. Now I see that my sentence was ambiguous. I was trying to be ironic. When you said that you listened to Fred Franz speak like Yoda, I meant "higher studies"
  2. Now I understand why you're able to understand me. You got Superior Education from a relevant source! By the way, can't grasp the full meaning, or tone (ironic, of course) of the last sentence of yoda: "Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future" Does this sentence reflect doubt, uncertainty?
  3. 1971 *** kj chap. 19 p. 357 par. 20 Defeat Awaits Attack by Nations under Gog *** Gog of Magog would like to invade and get up as high among the restored people of Jehovah as he can, even “onto the mountains of Israel,” indeed onto “Mount Zion,” the seat of government, to assure himself of success. So he comes with the vast “congregation” of war-minded persons that he can muster, many “bands and many peoples.” “Like clouds to cover the land” with their shadow, so the multitudes of Gog’s army of aggression will swarm over the earth, bedarkening the ground with their presence. This is a warning to the remnant of spiritual Israel and their dedicated sheeplike associates. They should not be surprised that they will have the whole world of mankind under Satan the Devil against them. Not amazed should they be even if military dictatorship world wide came
  4. Dear brother. I share all you've mention about Islam. Years ago I was serving in congregation where an Arabic language group was attached. At these time I was the service overseer with no knowledge of this special field at all. What blessing when a very skilled matrimony was assigned from another country to our congregation! We learnt a lot from them. And your comments are in the line these brothers taught us, and what personally later we also learnt. Previously, in this congregation, brothers with Arabic roots convinced us about the necessity to learn a lot of Mulim Culture and we spend more time reading the Koran than the Bible! Although was useful to some extent, as soon as we learnt new approaches things were better. For example, one simple thing this brother thought us: reading (Ge1:26) “Let us make man. . .” he uses to ask Muslim people “Allah was talking with someone important, later in the Holly Books we’ll see who was” And, in this way paving the way to accept the biggest prophet. I tried to join this nice group, but imagine, I’m bad with my mother language, worst with English… let alone with Arabic! As a curiosity, in my city there are a lot of small shops managed for Muslim people. In the windows that face the street they always put liquors, in spite they supposedly don’t drink alcohol. But many of these persons believe that as our religion permits us to drink, we are all alcoholics. Yes, seriously, many of them, influenced for centuries of stories and teachings full of prejudices have a sincerely sense of moral superiority

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