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  1. I also share your love regarding your comments about the Egyptian New Chronology. I suppose you refers David Rohl. I also enjoy the works of the film maker Tim Mahoney.
  2. Dear sister @Arauna Regardless of whether you are right about the point you make, I just want to make you see that in recent days I have seen that you have referred to @JW Insider, among other mentions such as: Proud Blind Close to apostates in his ideas... Don't you think it's very hard?
  3. I think that all this of the generation could have, in fact, a very simple explanation: Jesus was only referring to the living people in his day, and that they would see the destruction of Jerusalem in 70. What complicates it "a little" is the intersection between the prediction of the destruction of Jerusalem and the prediction of His return, of His parousia. The apostles, in their ignorance, MIXED both issues. So Jesus' response could lead us to MIX the fulfillments. Even more complicated if we look for TYPES and antitype between the first and second fulfillment ... What I see
  4. Perhaps a possible explanation for the Franz / Furuli similarities is that both situations, the time of Franz and the present, share the same problems. I see a tension, an opposite force, between wanting to have a united, harmonious organization and allowing greater freedom of conscience and thought. Both extremes I think are bad. Can you imagine going to a congregation that believes in the trinity, or in hell fire? At the other extreme, it is a shame it is troublesome to wear a beard, not to wear a tie and that sort of thing.
  5. I see, in my opinion, that the parables of the slave/ steward could have three senses: 1 According to the Bible, in a sense I am a steward, or supervisor of my family. I have to take care of it, feed it and take care of it. 2 (1 Timothy 5:17) "Let the elders who preside in a fine way ..." shows that in each congregation there must be some who supervises and cares for the rest of the congregation: a steward group of elders. 3 In the final age it would be neccesary a global stewardship The analysis of the next passage alone yields much information on this matter, the admi
  6. Regarding to the illustration of the "faithful slave" (Mt 24) or "faithful steward" (Lu 12) we find a quote that I think is pertinent in the letter of Ignatius to the Ephesians VI:
      Hello guest!
    CHAPTER VI. Now the more any one sees the bishop keeping silence, the more ought he to revere him. For we ought to receiv
  7. I'm sick of this religion, why don't I give up? (Revelation 3: 1-4) 1 ‘I know your deeds, I am fully convinced that the Master knows what is happening within our religion, as he knew what was happening in Sardis. "that you have the name that you are alive, but you are dead" I don't think at all that my religion is that bad 2 ... I have not found your works fully performed before my God. Yes, I agree, there are things, many things, that I do not like about my religion, nor about the GB 4 ‘Nevertheless, you do have a few individuals in Sardis And here is the ma
  8. The question I raise has more substance: As far as I know, no brother who works as a nurse or doctor and who administers blood sporadically and following the instructions of a superior has to face any judicial committee. Along the same lines, no one who sells products with blood - or tobacco - from time to time in a supermarket that is not of his property, necessarily loses the status of "good reputation" or of being a "good example". The nuances that can emerge from the two examples I just cited are innumerable. But Furuli mentions a certain letter where there is no nuance: acc
  9. At the beginning of Furuli's book there is a paragraph referring to a certain letter sent to {the congregations? the elders?} The paragraph in question says: The letter of 15 June 2018 changed this situation: We would like to inform you of an updated policy with regard to whether a Christian may administer a blood transfusion if he is directed to do so by a superior. The previous policy was that it would be a matter for a personal, conscientious decision whether to obey such an order. However, after carefully reviewing the matter, the Governing Body has determined that adminis
  10. We use zoom. About 40 little screens. The sound helper opens / closes mic. to each participant. Yestarday we got a letter from th Spanish branch with instructions. The whole congregation is excited The situation in my city is not serious, but in Madrid is horrible because the gobern gave permission for a feminist demostration in March 8th . with tousands of participants
  11. SECTION 1. INTRODUCTION POINT #1 Conversation this morning with a brother from my congregation. (A = me, B = brother) B: The Governing Body is guided by the spirit of God. All it teaches us is what Jehovah makes them see or understand. A: So, how do we change from saying one thing about the 1914 generation, to a totally different one, and soon in yet another. Does Jehovah transmit errors? POINT #2 Conversation that I’ve had with a brother with decades serving in Bethel, (A = me, B = brother): A: The Governing Body makes extended applications of Scripture wi
  12. When I say that I am tired of talking so much about dates, I do not mean that I do not find everything related to our background that has led to the birth, development and death of our numerical doctrines very interesting. It is part of the history of my religion, that is, it is part of the history of my life. And I am especially grateful to the explanations that @JW Insider has been happy to share with us. I have learned a lot from his knowledge, both from these spheres and from other plots in which he has exploded. Now that I think, I think he knows a lot of everything. I envy him. Be
  13. Yes, I want to address this issue, but from another perspective. I get desperate and tired of talking about a date, how contrary to the spirit of the Bible and the warnings of Jesus! While I prepare what I would like to say (remember that it is very difficult for me to express myself in English), I attach this link that although somewhat old, I think it is relevant.
  14. Yes, @Anna, it's possible but the compatibility issues usually affect the platform, the software, not the data, in this case the publications. If a matter of compatibility affects, let's say, the Watchtowers of the Library, ALL of them should be updated, not just a specific Watchtower. Well, it is not a matter of life or death. I guess they are often minor problems Frankly, I have not seen too much the problem of pride in the pionering. The vast majority of pioners do it (we have done it) as a show of devotion and a sort of help to give one hundred percent. So far so good.
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