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  1. I would say, there are good reasons to Di-flock someone, or unflock if you prefer. True, there is in church history when a person was excommunicated for questioning the church. Martin Luther comes to mind. However, as you stated, god's justice has been around since the inception of human time. None of that of course had anything to do with Brother Fred Franz, whose bible knowledge inspired me to be as knowledgeable or more as he was. A great person. Bro Franz dedicated himself to scripture, not what the church fathers might have done in the past. When he was invited to attend a college, he refused, but I didn't. So, of course, @AudreyAnnaNana is wrong in that respect. Now, the Bible students had a different view. They didn't want to use the word "excommunicate" within their ranks because they thought the word was too harsh. Instead, the method they used was called "avoiding them" as a prerequisite to censorship. They thought it was kinder. But in the end, whatever methodology or word we use, it amounts to the same thing, and when it's applied, it means God's Justice and Judgment. I think the idea to use here is with the words "continued" "recurrence" etc. Those that refuse to repent by their words and actions are not subject to God's grace. After all, a true Christian serves God NOT man. A true Christian doesn't distort scripture, nor does a true Christian blaspheme against God just because they feel hurt by a biblical judgment. As you stated, those people are not showing the will to change or are willing to change because of their conviction and false perception thereof.
  2. I really enjoy rants in the morning, noon, and night. If I'm afflicted, what does that make you? But, didn't you say in another post, you don't want to talk to me anymore? I don't want to talk to you either, but I will keep challenging your provocative and hateful rhetoric. Now, how did I know you two are affiliated? Even when both of you were lying. People cannot love what they hate, and hate what they love. That's not in the gospel. Therefore, whatever love she and you have for God is misguided and certainly not Christian. So, admire her more than admire God. You both seem to want to worship men rather than God. I will no longer counter your post. I will however, express my opinion about the rants you post.
  3. What does denying God's word that jesus didn't do, have to do with sound Godly doctrine? Why do you continue to rebuke God for your failures as an imperfect being? True, divorce tears apart a failed relationship. Does that mean children should be the victims of adult failures? Yet, you cannot compare "disfellowship" when there is fellowship in child custody. Now you state abortion. When a mother is in a life or death situation, don't both parties make the decision? How is that tearing people apart? You need to make better arguments than the ones you are making, since there are many scenarios and, variables. Wrong, I rebuke you personally for blaspheming against God. You rebuke God's words, in essence rebuking God and slandering his sovereignty every time you post. I will continue to rebuke you as long as you continue your ill will against your creator. Therefore, God strengthens my resolve through his grace. Apparently he did that with you. He fixed the issue by allowing the congregation to rebuke your bad behavior with God's blessing. But did Jesus say, father, I glorify myself above you? You sound just like @Witness
  4. Who is above Christ and inspired the words that Christ followed? So, let's not forget the number one, God!
  5. There you go. I knew I hadn't lost you. The person that continues to blaspheme against God's Holy Spirit. Why do you think it's necessary to call the brothers murders? Because other people like @Witness do. Does that mean, if a person jumped off a bridge, you would follow? You're not going to change, and God won't accept your apology. What's next? Taking your hate on the road? People here were kind enough to give you the benefit of the doubt. I mean, I know your kind so well, but to disappoint people here, for shame! I'll go along with your logic. How? Let me see, if a couple get divorced, it's like killing a fetus, hmm! If a couple gets divorced, and they have joint custody of the children, they will never speak to each other. You're right, your logic is baffling. Although, you got me on how an aborted fetus is still alive and suffering. Do you mean before? Because after, it would be a ghost feeling. Well, it's not the first time God has been rebuked and reproved by his creation nor will it be the last. Yes! God will be sanctified by his faithful and loyal servants. I told myself I wouldn't be using the word "apostate" anymore since it appears there was a jihadist group in Somalia that attacked a military post under the authority of that word. Another misapplication and usage.
  6. Don't forget words like "expel" and "excommunicate" in your word definitions quest.
  7. Can't say I didn't miss it. Where does love meet, when disciple is necessary? Should brothers disobey God's law just because Audrey feels lonely? So, don't look for an invisible word, but a visible intent with context. Okay, good. Follow God NOT Audrey, that is misapplying scripture. Thanks for the confirmation. Have you told God how much you disagree with his commandment of reproval and the restriction that accompanies it? I'm sure it's not the first time he's heard that one. That means, you refute God, and his inspired words. Do you think the apostles went behind God's back and decided to put something in the bible God didn't approve of? If so, can you post that proof?
  8. Couldn't stay away I see Audrey. More misinformation to pass on, huh! Read the definition of "DIS" as I posted. The bible doesn't contradict itself as you have manipulated it to. So, no! The "word" disfellowship" doesn't appear in scripture. Does that mean a true Christian should lose their integrity and not follow scripture just because a sinner doesn't find a certain word in the bible, rather than accept its context and intent? Should Christians follow the words of God, or the words of Audrey Tripp?
  9. True, that's why it's not good to so quickly assume a person that attends meetings is a witness rather than an interested person. However, as I mentioned, his extreme Christian view made him think the Watchtower was too weak for his ideology. I guess those meetings he attended made him realize it didn't suit his extremism. If his website is supported by Amazom and Godaddy, I hope they do take his site down. Modern society shouldn't be subjected to extreme views by the few on websites. The few that manipulate and multiply those views by the thousands.
  10. I guess the librarian is allowing comments again from us others. As a Christian extremist, I don't think he viewed the Watchtower as his type of Christianity. I guess he thought the Org was mild or weak. This person was more of a crusader than what not. On his self-published book, he mentions how he thought Hitler was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. But a lot of Arians think that. That went away long ago. I see that Amazon and Barns & Nobles took down his book or at least, when I checked. Maybe it's back, who cares.
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/eyewitness-films-moment-of-deadly-hamburg-shooting/vi-AA18rUoh?ocid=mailsignout&pc=U591&cvid=3d0e231be8fb4c6498508d0e8de2316d&ei=59
  12. Many witnesses have gone to author books. Those witnesses favor acknowledging the inspired word of God as the truth. They don't malign nor do they disparage. But, here we go, the blame game rearing its, ugly head in order to blame Elders. The elders made that person, have shady business deals, the elders, made that person write a book about self-pity for an audience of one.
  13. Most of the time, it's true. However, to a well-trained mind, it's not easy to manipulate a person, especially those with social behavioral assets behind them. Unfortunately, there's not that many in the Org. Yet, once again, we see the blame game come to the forefront. Blame our own bad behavior and failures on an institution or employer.
  14. Yep! That was my original purpose for posting it under another topic that became of no interest. It seems people aren't willing to take responsibility for their dangerous rhetoric, by allowing all sorts of misinformation to mushroom on their sites. It's becoming easier for someone to conclude, well if that person did it, why not me mentality. Where does the blame and blood guilt lie? With unscrupulous ex-witnesses and current witnesses that support their views by allowing such falsehoods to go unchecked. It makes me wonder if this person was D'fd for unscrupulous business dealings. https://www.yahoo.com/news/jehovah-witness-mass-shooter-identified-121507167.html?fr=yhssrp_catchall
  15. If you want Librarian, instead of having a duplicate topic, why not remove mind, and I'll just comment on how website rhetoric by former and current JWs are becoming a problem over the internet with false accusations, by readers seeing misinformation displayed on many websites, and disgruntled people are now reacting to it. Bearing responsibility for other peoples actions is a scriptural determination.
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