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  1. JW Insider

    Let us not underestimate JWI

    Not me. And I have no acquaintances at Microsoft. Thanks, anyway. Now, I never thought of Witnessing to these folks. That could be hilarious.
  2. JW Insider

    Let us not underestimate JWI

    Also, doesn't this belong in Anna's "dark web" prophecy/conspiracy thread?
  3. JW Insider

    Let us not underestimate JWI

    ???? What is this about? Why are you getting a kick out of goading me? Or kicking against my goads, or whatever that scripture says? (Acts 26:14) I know about the fraud(s). My wife gets "mad" at me when I string them along for about 25+ minutes, while doing other things of course. I have tracked about 4 versions of this, and I get calls like this every few days. It turns out that these young men from India will get very mad and start cursing at you, and just can't let it go after you have wasted half an hour of their time and they realize they've been had (in the sense that they finally figure out they are not really making progress in convincing you to part with money and/or offering them full access to your machine/network). Of course, I may have to stop doing this after the reminders in today's Watchtower Study. When they get to the point where they are having you look up supposedly unique numbers in obscure computer files and pretend that this is your license code to prove they are legit, you can act convinced and say OK, I see you are legit . . . . But wait, let me look up and see if it's the same number on my other computer just in case this isn't really unique. . . . I look it up and after about 5 minutes tell them that it's the same number (which it is). Then they tell you that this is because you are on the same network . . . And then you tell them that you tethered/hotspotted your iPhone as the network for this other computer (which I did) . . . and then they tell you it's because you are on the same network again, because they don't have a script for that particular outcome. So you say OK maybe they are right, but there is just one more test to be sure. So you explain that you that you can VPN into one of your employee's work computers which is on a completely different network, and this time ask them if they expect that you will see the same supposedly unique number on this other person's computer on a different network. They know the answer is YES but they can't admit it, so you'd think they would just hang up. Instead 3 out of 4 will start cursing at you at this point, with poorly accented swear words. It's amazing!
  4. Every time I decide to go on a diet, the lettuce is contaminated! Every time I go to Chipotle's they have an announcement that something is no longer being served. The guacamole for a while, then last week when they put up a sign saying they would not be serving lettuce in their burritos/bowls until further notice . . . . . . and now I heard that they've pulled pork again. Oh wait, scratch that . . . [JWI holds an earpiece a little tighter to his ear]. . . I'm just now being told that "pulled pork" is an actual thing. Who knew? So, actually, it's an announcement: Chipotle's: they have "pulled pork" again!
  5. I still don't get why you haven't been yet..... Thinking the same. In fact, one of the first things I thought about was the possibility that the person who told John Butler realized that John might be in a better position to report it than the person who told him, and HOPED that John would report it.
  6. I posted about this just after getting off the phone with someone I knew, but had just recontacted earlier today. The conversation went to a lot of places that I won't go into much more detail about here. As an engineer, he was involved in cleaning up a shale mine (for gravel), buried barrels of waste at Wallkill, suing the previous owners of "International Nickel" for remediation (they owned the land prior), an endangered species, air contamination reports, etc. (Actually it was air contamination laws that pushed the printing from Brooklyn to Wallkill in the first place. Wallkill had none.) I even learned that run-off from a cemetery (i.e. launching pad) from old embalming methods can contain arsenic, and other bad stuff. But the brother wanted to make it clear that these were not "scandals" as some might try to make them out to be. The WTS was actually more careful than most corporations about keeping well within the law, and some of the old practices are under different laws today. Whenever a new project is being done, it's a chance to get the owners to fix things according to new law and new knowledge. One reason I had met up with him earlier today is that on Friday, when flushing the toilets in the first floor men's room at Warwick, all the water was brown in all the toilets, even after flushing them. I took a video in case it was a problem, and can post it, but I won't for obvious reasons. I went to the sink and stopped it up with a napkin to fill it and see if it was also affected. It wasn't. I went to a urinal and it was, although less obvious due to shallower running water. Others saw it to, but I doubted anyone would speak up. I ran down to the first lower floor men's room to check it but it was closed. I filled up a cup from the drinking fountain and saw no sign of contamination. Today, I went back and checked both bathrooms. No problem anywhere. I asked the engineer what it probably was, and he told me. Nothing to worry about, by the way.
  7. The GB might be on a pedestal. That will happen naturally, just as it did for Apollos, Paul, Cephas, and some "superfine apostles" back in Corinth. Kind of funny that today I sat in the audience with two members of the Governing Body and two Governing Body Helpers. They did not have special seats. Not one person in the Hall made any special attempt to talk to them. No one seemed nervous around them or tried to impress them. No one tried to take pictures. They talked in groups as normally as anyone else there both before and after the meeting. I know this doesn't PROVE anything, but if it had been different, I would have made a point of how wrong that seemed. I was sitting one row directly in front of one, and I kept checking to see that the crease on the back of my slacks around my knees, calves and ankles still had some "slack," so I honestly seemed like the only person there who might have been a bit self-conscious around them. This same brother only commented once at the WT Study, and the other GB member, not at all. Although their wives made one comment each. (But who's counting?) I do think that other JWs put these men on pedestals more than they themselves TRY to be put on a pedestal.
  8. I see. But this one is even better for those who do "cloud-based" witnessing on the Internet: (Revelation 11:7-12) 7 When they have finished their witnessing, the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss will wage war with them and conquer them and kill them. 8 And their corpses will be on the main street of the great city . . . 11 After the three and a half days, spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood on their feet, and great fear fell upon those who saw them. 12 And they heard a loud voice from heaven say to them: “Come up here.” And they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies saw them.
  9. You had Rev 1:4 or 1:8 to choose from, and you went with 13:3?? At least the following verse refers to "posts." (Nehemiah 13:6, 11) . . .and sometime later I asked the king for a leave of absence. . . .Then I gathered them together and assigned them back to their posts.
  10. Sorry, won't be to your satisfaction. We'll miss you! So I just talked to someone who worked in the four major NY locations: Brooklyn, Patterson, Wallkill and Warwick. There were water problems with all 4. Patterson was the worst and they had to retrofit the pipes because of the mineral deposits. It was easily predictable according to the engineers, but the expensive outside engineers were quickly replaced with Bethel insiders. There were runoff problems up in Wallkill and no one can pump water from the aquifer there anyway, so they decided on a reservoir instead of the local Wallkill River. In so doing they discovered new problems for engineers to handle (some self-made over the years). The problems in Warwick were resolved after clean-up of the nickel and related minerals, but the lake water is considered very sensitive for several environmental reasons. Much of the planning had to do with level of water usage, where water comes from for fire dept utilization, what goes into the lake, what comes out of the lake. All in all, it was the water. Warwick deals with the Sterling Lake and the Sterling Forest State Park and therefore extends their coverage for Water and environmental issues down into the Greenwood Lake and Sterling Forest Lake where the JW HQ sits. They are already connected by a stream between them, too.
  11. Oh Wait. I really just wanted to say that this particular topic has gone all over the place, but now and then in the JW Public Club it should be possible to discuss the credibility by which we have promoted various political stances and tied them to prophecy. It's true that we've promoted many theories over the years and none have ever turned out to be right - YET! But this doesn't mean they won't all be coming true soon. Still, it's our duty as true Christians to test and prove to pay close attention to our teaching. So a topic that can accept a wide range of issues related to our expectations about prophetic teachings and our expectations about the "sureness" of such teachings might be a good idea. Not for everyone, of course. Some are in different places when it comes to their respect for the time and research put into our doctrines. Some don't like any of our doctrines, but they seem to base it on issues that are not necessarily related to whether we're right on those doctrines. I've explained my position that I love our doctrines on war, Trinity, hellfire, nationalism, new earth, ransom, millennium, etc, but take issue with chronology -- and yet a lot of our prophetic doctrines are loosely based on our chronology doctrines. Setting a rational baseline for what the Governing Body have excelled at rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater should be one of our goals. Dealing with John's criticisms might help some set or reset that baseline.
  12. Want to get a SPAM filter for FREE that works while you sleep in bed? ......
  13. Want to make $10,000 a day while sleeping in bed? Try my site https://makeamilliondollarsadayinyourpajamas.con Wonder if this post ever sees it's way onto the site. (Wow! It did. You have a terrible spam filter.)
  14. I suspect it has more to do with the water issues that Warwick had dealt with in the lakes that begin in their region and spill down toward the WTS HQ. But I can look into it. I now have a contact who worked on these issues with Warwick and Tuxedo Park.
  15. Planning Board too. Nevertheless, even the early articles about it say this: https://shar.es/aaYQ1i The Watch Tower Society also is providing some on site medical services and have made arrangements with the Greenwood Lake Fire District; it is also working with the Tuxedo Fire District. If any of the Headquarters residents decide to move off site to have children, they then would pay taxes and their children would likely go to the Tuxedo school district.

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