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  1. It's really a simple topic for most people to reason on, and should not really be that contentious as @scholar JW claims, and not really as complex as @xero has made it out to be in other threads/topics. Personally, I don't want to discuss it again until about 2022. But that shouldn't stop anyone else from finally trying to respond to the Biblical and secular evidence about 607 BCE, much of which has already been presented elsewhere on this forum.
  2. I think the list of questions you are thinking of are in the JW Only "club." You can always copy them here, of course.
  3. I should also mention that some of the problem could be the "cult of Elon Musk." Mr. Musk can say the stupidest things and it doesn't matter because of the personality cult around him and the technocrats who love him.
  4. I love a few things about China, but I hate other things, and there are plenty of good reasons to criticize it. I have found that when people decide to attack a person or people they don't like or speak against a country they don't like, that facts don't always matter. For example, you said that SpaceX debris is usually controlled while Chinese debris is not. This misses the point completely about the Google query. It's about uncontrolled debris that might fall out of orbit. Reading some content from the very first returned link says this: "It really isn't about this one rocket bo
  5. What I noticed was that there were no negative articles about SpaceX. Instead of admitting "debris" about the rocket booster falling out of orbit, there is talk of a fantastic display, and a dazzling sky show. But before Google would even put up anything (always positive) about SpaceX, it found space for 4 links to China's "problem" with falling debris, especially from the rocket booster falling out of orbit. Also, the NYT just ran a huge story on how dangerous China's space program is. When this type of thing happens on 95 out of 100 stories on different topics, one could get t
  6. I recalled a report on some dangerous debris from a SpaceX launch about a month ago, and I was curious about it today. So I Googled: "spacex fall from orbit" People who watch this sort of thing will not be surprised, but here is a synopsis of the results. See if you notice anything odd about the results:
  7. In the 1970's it was common for Bethelites to order Bible commentaries like Matthew Henry's and Barnes' Notes on the NT and various Bible translations. Later, they also allowed orders for Jay Green's Hebrew Interlinear and William Whiston's Josephus. Bethelites paid for them, but the price was fairly low because all requests were ordered through a one of Dean Songer's assistants. Then there was a meeting in 1979, and all such books became impossible to order, and anyone who already had them in their rooms (except for Bible translations) would be looked at suspiciously. In 1980, housekeepe
  8. Many communities in the US have websites where one only needs to type in a name and address and if you are a registered voter it tells you where to vote and displays some information about your registration. No one else but the voter is supposed to use this information. In the US, it should be very unusual for elders to "know" that someone in the congregation is a registered voter without misusing data.
  9. That's why, when I have taken on any consulting work that makes use of VRDB, DHCR, RSA, BLS, Property Tax rolls, Census data, etc, I always jumble any names to be unreadable before collapsing to tables or linking the tables for queries and analysis. Legally I don't have to, but this is done to reduce liability in case a laptop is stolen or I need subcontractors. Also, that wasn't a photo image when I shared a part of the data file layout here. It is editable text, but it only shows some of the 200 or so fields.
  10. There are other ways --for free-- to get names tied to addresses tied to phone numbers, and these are usually about to 90% up to date. When you sort them by address you can get entire apartment complexes. My son is an attorney and merely requested them through FOIA and has on separate occasions, obtained the entire counties of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau (Long Island). You can't legally use the data for any specific non-political purpose, and you definitely can't use it to look up specific people one might wish to know about. But, if I looked at it closely, I could even tell you whethe
  11. I have so far found all of his work to be thoughtful and well researched. It looks like he uses every opportunity on almost any Biblical topic to try to support the WTS research against the "accepted" scholarship as far as he is able. He defends Daniel, Esther, Darius, Artaxerxes, Exodus, Job, Noah, etc., against the common claims of most modern critical scholars. I have found almost everything he's written to be quite interesting. His work on the Divine Name is some of the best support of the pronunciation Jehovah I have seen. Others have tried to defend the pronunciation Jehovah (Yehovah) b
  12. These types of presentations are always quite interesting. Thanks.
  13. That's exactly why I chose that word carefully.
  14. Yes. Unfortunately, I believe he has been "threatened" in different ways by both "academia" (not academia.edu) and by the WTS. His bio on Academia.edu shows how his Doctoral thesis was rejected because of his religion, considered fundamentalist by the university: In 2005, I took a Master's degree in Biblical Hebrew with Dominique Gonnet:
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