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  1. BIBLE QUESTIONS ANSWERED | What Did Jesus Look Like?

    That thread had be laughing non-stop, even at what I said, which I could not recall saying.
  2. (Psalm 65:2) O Hearer of prayer, to you people of all sorts will come. "(Acts 10:1-5) . . .Now there was a man in Caes·a·reʹa named Cornelius, an army officer in what was called the Italian unit. 2 He was a devout man who feared God together with all his household, and he made many gifts of mercy to the people and made supplication to God continually. 3 About the ninth hour of the day, he saw plainly in a vision an angel of God come in to him and say: “Cornelius!” 4 Cornelius stared at him, terrified, and asked: “What is it, Lord?” He said to him: “Your prayers and gifts of mercy have ascended as a remembrance before God. 5 So now send men to Jopʹpa and summon a man named Simon who is called Peter. . ." Supplication is fervent intense prayer. We all know the outcome of that - that Cornelius became a believer and holy spirit came upon him and that he became the first believer (Christian) from among the non-Jews. Many more scriptures abound to prove that Jehovah listens to all types of people who are sincere in their search for Him. That is why we have so many accounts of people who were desperate and they prayed to God and then they heard a knocking at their door, and as usual Jehovah's Witneses (who are working with the angels (Rev 14:6)) were there to help. The person asking the question should also review chapter 17 in the Bible Teach book. There is nothing there that says he cannot have a relationship with Jehovah and pray to him immediately if you are sincere. See scripture below. (Psalm 145:18, 19) 18 Jehovah is near to all those calling on him, To all who call on him in truth. ר [Resh] 19 He satisfies the desire of those who fear him; He hears their cry for help, and he rescues them. However, in time you will make a dedication to Jehovah in prayer. So you need to be in the habit of praying to Him. You will symbolize your dedication by water baptism later, making it public. (Romans 10:10) 10 For with the heart one exercises faith for righteousness, but with the mouth one makes public declaration for salvation. . . (Hebrews 4:14-16) 14 Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold on to our public declaration of him. 15 For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tested in all respects as we have, but without sin. 16 Let us, then, approach the throne of undeserved kindness with freeness of speech, so that we may receive mercy and find undeserved kindness to help us at the right time. We recently discussed this in our Watchtower study. *** w17 April p. 5 “What You Vow, Pay” *** YOUR DEDICATION VOW 10 The most important vow that a Christian can make is the one with which he dedicates his life to Jehovah. Why so? Because, in private prayer, he solemnly promises Jehovah that he will use his life to serve God forever, no matter what. To use Jesus’ words, a person thus ‘disowns himself,’ gives up all rights to himself, and vows to put God’s will above everything else in his life. (Matt. 16:24) From that day forward, ‘he belongs to Jehovah.’
  3. Clarification of Field service time

    Seems like nobody knows so make your own decision. Continue to have the family worship/study that is four to five hours a month. You should endeavour also to study with persons outside your family not just your family. That is probably where the suggestion/rule that limits to about 4 hours, 4 return visits, etc., comes in. It is an encouragement not to just rely on your family (captive audience) for your field service time. But your children are your most important disciples. I agree that it is your responsibility to study with your children and not that of other people in the congregation. This was brought to our attention several times in past study material. The important thing is to reach the children and teach them while they are malleable and you have the energy. They will leave the nest before you get around to doing everything you wish to do for them. Each child is an individual and will have unique challenges. You might even have different material for each of them. While you have the energy (yes, it is hard work) be generous with your time, you will be happy later on knowing you did your best for each one and you were not inconsistent or careless. Bro Joyce quoted a scripture that applies – dare to die (make a sacrifice) for a good person – your children are worth it. Paul said he poured out himself as a drink offering for the congregation, which he frequently referred to as his children. But I think it is your conscience that would tell you what time you report. As your service is to Jehovah, he expects an accurate report. Jesus said not to bind up many rules on people. Whenever you can’t find a rule, make your own decision. Use your conscience. Sometimes policy is also unwritten. One person says one thing, the other says something else. It is not important so you make your own decision. The suggestion below in the footnote of the w15 11/15 shows that there is nothing wrong with studying with the children individually, as each child might be at a different level of spirituality and development. Work before “the night comes when no man can work”. Children will grow up to make their own decisions and will not always accept the disciplining of Jehovah (Eph 6:4).Do your utmost to help them and give Jehovah something to bless by working hard to reach their hearts. "HOW TO STUDY WITH YOUR CHILDREN *** w15 11/15 Train Your Child to Serve Jehovah *** Your Most Important Bible Students ON MOST Bible studies, we use the book What Does the Bible Really Teach? to help students come to know Jehovah and learn Scriptural truths. We study the book “Keep Yourselves in God’s Love” to help Bible students come to love Jehovah and his standards. The most important Bible studies you will ever have are those you conduct with your children. They need to learn about Jehovah and to grow in love for him and his righteous principles. Therefore, even if you are the only believing parent in your family, we urge you to study the Bible Teach and “God’s Love” books with your children. (Prov. 6:20) If possible, use the study guides on to help your young ones reason on the material in the Bible Teach book so that it reaches their heart.—Look under BIBLE TEACHINGS > TEENAGERS. [Footnote] Parents may decide to have one parent study these books with a child apart from the regular Family Worship sessions." See also September 1, 2007, Watchtower - Teach Your Children to Love Jehovah NB: Underscoring - mine
  4. How long was a building conversion a religious conversion?
  5. BIBLE QUESTIONS ANSWERED | What Did Jesus Look Like?

    His perfect body was offered up as a sacrifice for our sins and has brought many benefits to us now and in the future. That is what is important.
  6. The special talk is now BEFORE the Memorial

    Last time it was one week after instead of the usual two weeks. If so, that will make sense.
  7. Lesbianism and Jehovah's Witnesses

    No word in German and Spanish for Lesbianism?
  8. Someone I know had it at an early age, a little girl about 6, and the doctor said it was probably hormones in chicken. It self corrected later.
  9. Anyone interested in sending their ashes on the moon?

    Resurrected with telephone and AI? You should turn that discussion into a book.
  10. Anyone interested in sending their ashes on the moon?

    The larger book, "Things which which it is Impossible for God to Lie", is out of print. I was looking for a copy the other day and was not successful. My parents studied that with me. You have the references changed around. Page 184 is in reference to the smaller book, "Worldwide Security under the Prince of Peace", It says: *** ws chap. 22 p. 184 par. 10 The God of the “Prince of Peace” Becomes “All Things to Everyone” *** 10 To all eternity our earth will bear a distinction that no other planet throughout endless space will enjoy, though the earth may not be the only planet that will ever be inhabited. Uniquely, it will be where Jehovah has indisputably vindicated his universal sovereignty, establishing an eternal and universal legal precedent. It will be the only planet on which Jehovah of armies will have fought “the war of the great day of God the Almighty.” It will be the only planet to which God sent his dearest Son to become a man and die in order to recover the planet’s inhabitants from sin and death. It will be the only planet from which Jehovah will have taken 144,000 of its inhabitants to be “heirs indeed of God, but joint heirs with Christ.”—Romans 8:17. I dare add that Jehovah says he gave the earth to the sons of men. (Psalm 115:16) 16 As for the heavens, they belong to Jehovah, But the earth he has given to the sons of men. 'You are from the realms below; I am from the realms above. You are from this world; I am not from this world.”—John 8:23. -- Jesus. It is best to stick to the things written as the apostle Paul recommended. (1 Corinthians 4:6) 6 Now, brothers, these things I have applied to myself and A·polʹlos for your good, that through us you may learn the rule: “Do not go beyond the things that are written,” so that you may not be puffed up with pride, favoring one against the other. I can't see imperfect people colonizing outer space anyway. Perfection will be needed, and the resurrection will take place where Jesus will be administering his healing services to surviving and resurrected mankind. Rev 5:9,10 says He and the 144,000 will be ruling over the earth. Frankly I don't believe we will necessarily be moving, maybe visiting, if it is God's will. As imperfect creatures we have learned to visit with long preparation and difficulty, so maybe we could do that better and faster after perfection. Look at the preparation people (so as not to damage their eyes) have to do just to observe a partial eclipse of the sun [Aug 21]) Note that those moving to heaven to be with Jesus will have had to be changed to spirit bodies and achieve perfection in those bodies. Jehovah has a lot in store but let us wait and see. Everyone likes a pleasant surprise. By the way, being resurrected on the moon is just as unlikely as being resurrected in the middle of the ocean. Where would the support be?
  11. Anyone interested in sending their ashes on the moon?

    Whether they are coming back from the sea, from atoms, or from the ground, they will not be resurrected on the moon.
  12. Congregation Bible Study - December 2017

    Was announced at the meeting about a month ago: Jesus—The Way, the Truth, the Life Starting December 2017.