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  1. Nothing is too hard for Jehovah. As Bro Rook has said, the person would have to die first to be resurrected. Just as persons who have been atomized, persons who have been eaten by animals and fish, persons who died in the sea, etc., are going to be resurrected to life on earth where we can see them and associate with them, so will any persons in God's memory who will have died in space. Remember a space ship blew up in 1986 (Challenger, I think) with several persons on board. Don't think it was very far out of earth's atmosphere but a good example still of people who did not die on earth. Wherever death occurred, Jehovah can undo it. The universe belongs to Him and his Son. who has been entrusted with the resurrection, has it as his inheritance.
  2. Trump did not mention anything about the Witnesses, although he most likely knows about Russia's persecution and is allegedly close to Russia's president. He mentioned other religions in Asia which are being persecuted. What is the merit in mentioning that?
  3. Famous person? Really mean person or human? What is it about, though.
  4. Funny! My eldest brother and I are taller than our parents and the other children. Got cod liver oil and shark oil regularly (with orange or lemon juice). If it's a fish, can't say which fish did it.
  5. Shows these dogs can communicate well with each other.
  6. Thanks for letting me know of the upcoming improvements.  Kind regards



    1. admin


      I'm glad I was able to reach all of you that way. A little improvement every day.

  7. The postal service here also uses postmen who ride bikes. The new ones go on foot until they can learn to ride and/or obtain a bike. The bikes are their personal property but they are frequently stolen. The island is relatively small but each postman belongs to a particular branch and each has his own area of a few villages or districts to cover. People really appreciate their postmen.
  8. If you say that someone could give someone else a run for their money, you mean you think they are almost as good as the other person. ( In this case what I imagine Eve might like like.)
  9. The very fact that they found these shows that there are thousands more just as attractive. They are not the world's most beautiful women.. They are simply the ones that are in the limelight in a certain sector. In my opinion, the Moroccan girl could give Eve a run for her money, but the others are all lovely.
  10. Early contractions coming before or during the eighth month are a danger sign, indicating that something is wrong with the woman or the baby - e.g. the womb not expanding or some other ailment. There is nothing normal about that. That is premature and a hospitalization event, sometimes meriting a Caesarean section. So I don't think Jesus would be talking about that - he would be considering what is the usual thing.
  11. Nice points from both of you. For my son I had an intuitive feeling that something was about to happen but no significant signs, e.g. broken amniotic sac or contractions. Since I was tired only, I checked myself in just before sunset and had the baby just after midnight , although the nurse told me I was not in labour. Just to show that sometimes one can't go by the normal signs. Still shows you have to be always ready, as you are expectant.
  12. "Whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.” (1 Thess. 5:2, 3) "A woman is pregnant for 9 months, but pangs of distress or contractions usually start occurring during the last 3 months." The scripture above is more true to life. Pangs of distress usually come instantly and unexpectedly at the end of the last trimester - a day or two before or a few hours before. The metaphor in Matthew 24:8 is still fitting as the conditions were distressful ever since the beginning of the last days since 1914. Distressing things would be happening concomitantly with happy things like celebrations, etc. We had a joyous, sumptuous wedding last weekend but we also had a shooting, an ongoing volcanic eruption, a plane crash around the same time.
  13. Had to caution a few brothers that were sending out thoughts on Facebook and a few places on the matter of looking for God's intervention in human affairs "whenever it is that they are saying "Peace and security!" around the time (a few weeks ago) America seemed to be making progress in securing peace between North Korea and the West. I reminded them about Jesus' words at Matthew 24:42-44, as follows: "(Matthew 24:42-44) Keep on the watch, therefore, because you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. 43 “But know one thing: If the householder had known in what watch the thief was coming, he would have kept awake and not allowed his house to be broken into. 44 On this account, you too prove yourselves ready, because the Son of man is coming at an hour that you do not think to be it." At the transfiguration Jehovah told Jesus' disciples to "Listen to him". These sayings are from the same source, Jehovah, but we have to be sober and not run off with one but not weighing the other. We know the season we are in, but we will not be able to work out the precise period of the end. No matter what we see now, the end is going to take us by surprise. We should obey Jesus and prove ourselves ready. No one knows when a thief plans to come. Jesus stated that it was at an hour that "you do not think to be it", referring to his disciples. So let us to take note but be modest, sober and most of all, ready. So the question above is really timely.

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