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  1. Never saw anything about God-dishonouring sin re eating turkey, since I was living. Where you got that one from? That's a new way to tell lies, and add fuel to fire? Of course, I am not an American and turkey was not a staple here until in recently years, but for all the time associated and, reading nearly everything, I would have come across it some where.
  2. Seems certain people will soon claim that JWs started the pandemic. Christians were blamed also for the fire of Rome. Seems it will soon get to things like that. We seem to be going back to the Dark Ages.
  3. Nice play. Not convincing though. God did tell him to go subduing in the midst of his enemies (competing kings for world domination). However, God is not the cause of the future conditions that were shown on earth, which have started to be fulfilled around World War I. When you read Revelation 12: 7-12 you will see that as a result of Jesus assuming Kingship he ousted Satan from the heavens (verse 7) and as a result Satan confines his attention to the earth and the resulting woes come about. It says at verse 12: "On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe f
  4. You well know that Jehovah did not send the horsemen. That is like saying Jehovah started the World Wars and other recent disturbances. Forgot the scriptures that say that Satan knows his time is short? Read Revelation chapter 12. Jehovah is prophesying about the horsemen, only. At Armageddon he will send the angels led by Jesus Christ who will use all the forces stored up for the day of destruction. Job 38:22 speaks of the storehouses of snow and hail stored for the day of battle. Do some research.
  5. "So listen to me, you men of understanding: It is unthinkable for the true God to act wickedly, for the Almighty to do wrong! For he will reward a man according to what he does and bring upon him the consequences of his ways." Job 34:10,11. "Every good gift and every perfect present is from above, coming down from the Father of celestial lights..." As shown in the scripture at Job 34 above, and the scripture mentioned in the post by Emma Rose, God is not to be associated with evil things, but he is associated with and the source of every good gift. God could foresee that man wo
  6. All I can say it that we must love the people; keep honing your skills, as we are being taught at the meetings. Use the telephone and any other safe methods to reach more people. When I was in Trinidad an old Chinese sister who was a pioneer (she died a couple of years ago) would say: " God is not going to kill any sheep. So if you want the end to come keep preaching." Jesus also used to say: "The good news of the Kingdom has to be preached first." The owner of the symbolic vineyard is Jehovah God, and jointly his Son, Jesus. They are the ones that know when it will have been preached suff
  7. I agree with what is stated by Rozz above and will add some further research. Christians pay taxes for services rendered by governmental authorities. (Matthew 22:15-22) 15 Then the Pharisees went and conspired together in order to trap him in his speech. 16 So they sent their disciples to him, together with party followers of Herod, saying: “Teacher, we know you are truthful and teach the way of God in truth, and you do not seek anyone’s favor, for you do not look at the outward appearance of people. 17 Tell us, then, what do you think? Is it lawful to pay head tax to Caesar or not?
  8. Why did you have to post it. Just read Romans chapter 13 and see that Christians are supposed to cooperate with the Government where they live. They are not uncooperative or ungovernable, they are spectacles to angels and men - in other words good examples.
  9. Closed club? Anna, what's happening here.
  10. When you keep calling someone "old hen" you are not behaving, Tom. And I don't even know who it is.
  11. Worship was restricted because of respect for life; this was enforced by the authorities, as they are the only ones who can enforce it.
  12. Interesting thoughts. We all have to wait and see. But we have to keep working and watching. Don't be carried away by one sign. Keep studying the signs Jesus gave us. He is not going to add anymore. All will be fulfilled.
  13. So how was the League of Nations and the United Nations formed in 1919 and 1945 respectively, if this scripture was not already fulfilled? And what about the scarlet coloured wild beast which mimics the 7-headed 10-horn wild beast? Think again. We already said that was the United Nations copying in its formation the former beast whose death-stroke was healed. Pretty illustrations and an attempt at fresh thinking, but you can't reinvent the wheel. You have to go back to basics and come again.
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