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  1. Where do they come up with this stuff? experience? do the governing body, is that how they get their board meetings started?
  2. You really need to get a life, but I would love to see the proof that elderly Christians are paying for blood transfusions from younger people.
  3. Would it be proper for a vampire to pray before their meal?
  4. Matthew9969


    It is bad form to vote only for one party or another solely just because of party affiliation, that is when your in danger of voting strictly for politics rather than substance. Voting also doesn't mean you are choosing party or person over God, that is absurd to think that way. If that were true my favorite color would mean more to me than God because I voted green my favorite color.
  5. Matthew9969


    So much for Jehovah not being a God of confusion.
  6. Matthew9969

    Satan doesn't have healing powers?

    I did try that at home, and the results...who knew my Queensland Red Healer sounds like James Earl Jones when he talks
  7. Matthew9969

    Jesus versus Adam: Fair?

    Donald Trump is a man just like me, he's a billionaire and I'm not, how is that fair? (tongue in check, not being serious).
  8. Good you can edit out those certain pages of the Sears online catalog, (the ones with the bra's and what not).
  9. I have heard several jw's say, 'that doesn't happen in Jehovah's organization, only in Christendom'.
  10. Matthew9969

    Satan doesn't have healing powers?

    Doing that would lead people to believe in God.
  11. They can see the names of the devices connected to the WiFi, but there is a specific process and your permission in order to see your browsing history. Its a lot harder to do with tablets.
  12. I hope they don't start supplying Caleb and Sophia dolls to the bethelites.
  13. I imagine they would say someone found gods true organization by flushing a toilet.
  14. Matthew9969

    Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Ahm a gonna be RICH!

    Man the gb is getting desperate for money.

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