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  1. At least its not as bad as the public talk they gave about bedroom sex rules including oral sex.
  2. Sorry but that, weird. SAGEBRUSH Church in Albuquerque New Mexico.
  3. Of course jw men can move just fine while singing along to worship music, they just stand there.
  4. My brothers and sisters and I all wear jeans, khaki's, etc and t-shirts/nice shirts during our worship. I do so because while I am worshipping/singing along with the music I can raise my hands to God in worship. Can't do that in a suit and tie which pretty much constricts your movement making you stiff.
  5. Yes they are idolaters based on their belief that if you leave a group of men, aka the governing body, you are leaving Jehovah.
  6. I'm not particularly fond of pizza anymore and stopped eating it, would that make me an apizstate?
  7. Mobsters wear suits and ties, Bernie Madoff committed crimes while wearing suits and ties, politicians wear suits and ties, other religious folk wear suits and ties as part of their worship. You don't need a special uniform to worship God. God is more concerned that a person is worshiping Him, not soley how they are dressed.
  8. It is a dangerous thing to tell someone they may not pray with their family members if they are disfellowshipped.
  9. My thought on this is this forum is much better moderated than a few other forums I've been to, Topix being the worst. I like it here.
  10. Yet they found it quite alright to bribe government officials in Mexico to get a card like the victims were required in Malawi.
  11. This unfortunate man isn't the only one this is happening to, worse is happening to other Christians as well.....https://www.persecution.com/
  12. Too bad to let you down, it was common knowledge and still is that Jehovah hates birthday celebration and giving a gift to celebrate a birthday

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