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  1. I should probably clarify What Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby is, since we have friends that may not know of them. Chick-fil-A is a restaurant chain that is owned by Christians, and they have a very strong Christian centered business practice. Not only is their chicken out of this world good, but they have amazing customer service, play Christian music over their speakers, and are closed on Sundays to allow their employees church and family time. The COO of the company drew fire over her statements that she and the b.o.d. do not support gay marriage. the lbgtq community tried to shut them down because of the public pronouncement of belief, which totally backfired on them. Hobby Lobby...this will explain it better than me...
      Hello guest!
  2. What has happened to common sense in the jw world, ya'll are going deeper into the rabbit hole. I hope they get child protective services involved as well, that guy could be a predator.
  3. Religion is big business, so seeing as how the WTBTS is in bed with the great harlot as well, it's not surprising they would sell a kingdom hall to another church.
  4. Now that you have posted this, can you please provide proof of apostate lies?
  5. So women will become jewish male virgins...isn't that a pagan belief Arauna?
  6. And forcing a child to die by refusing a blood transfusion is way more vandalism of Gods word than destroying a literature cart.
  7. The title of this thread is totally misleading and speaks of spreading falsehood on your part. This video shows what appears to be a man wearing devout Jewish attire. This does not look like a church minister. But of course I know what your intention is, and that is the make it appear that all church ministers are capable of doing this...but I may be wrong, let me know.
  8. I welcome witnesses and studies to use chat rooms and discussion boards. I have had the chance for a few over the years to stop studying with them, or start leaving them.
  9. JW's with celebrity status are allowed some things the normal rank and file aren't allowed. They probably got the child a cupcake with a candle on it, so it really wasn't a 'cake'.

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