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  1. It's clear as day, people will be resurrected with worldly views.
  2. This rant has absolutely nothing to do with the topic, I think it is you who's understanding is challenged..
  3. Jeff Bezoz used to be a jw then decided to start a billion dollar corporation because he couldn't get over being a jw? wow, you are so full of information!
  4. I doubt it. One of the aspects of their continuing high control is making sure the elders are visibly present. It's also a way to make sure the rank and file are not dressing like the world. Not sure about other area's, but even with zoom meetings, jw's are still getting all dressed up, which is really weird.
  5. If the governing bodies faith was so strong, they wouldn't solicit for funds, set up donation arrangements, sell real-estate like hotcakes. That picture is disgusting and in my opinion is slight elderly abuse, as they are insisting elderly people should starve for the sake of giving their last quarter to the watchtower.
  6. I can tell I touched a sensitive nerve in you since you directly resorted to an insult...classical jw style. Non of those people claimed to be prophets in their history, or the current channel of communication between God and man, or the mouthpiece of Jehovah or getting direct information from Jehovah through Jesus. Or do you enjoy worshipping 8 men who are still roaming about in the dark, waiting for new light from Jehovah?
  7. I hope they punish elders as well for threatening the victims with disfellowshipping or disassociation for going to the authorities.
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