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  1. I definitely see an increase in paranoia.
  2. Here in the United States, (although they are not very united these days), we have the 2nd amendment which allows people to own firearms. But not people who have federal felonies on their record. Most of the churches that I have attended congregants volunteer to do security for the church during services and/or working hours. Some of those volunteers do carry a firearm on their person and is legal for them to conceal it as long as they have a required license to do that. States differ on concealed carry laws. The jw's are so secretive and subversive it'd be hard to speculate how far they
  3. I got tired of going to the gym having to wear a mask, so I have set up a home gym, most of my weights are holding down my punching bag so I have to buy more weights. I'm also probably going to start serving in my churches teen ministry. Lastly going to start making more gourmet meals, this past Christmas I made my very own tamales for the first time.
  4. How come no jehovahs witness has ever been able to provide proof that Christians are worshipping pagan gods at Christmas time?
  5. At least they aren't getting their heads chopped off, or shot in the head. Does that mean they aren't true martyrs?
  6. Add to that their extreme dangerous human sacrifice doctrine that weakens the Russian population.
  7. Too bad for them to be in jail, but I got to wonder why they are not having very much help from Jehovah in trying to get away with an underground church?
  8. If the scriptures are only for the anointed, then why would non anointed jw's bother with reading the bible at all?
  9. What gave your governing gods the right to judge apostates worthy of death?
  10. All you have to do is look at all the proven court cases of jw boys being molested by jw men to substantiate that there are plenty of gay jw's.
  11. I wonder if jw's will believe this is persecution only on them and not the rest of the christian religions trying to apply?
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