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  1. Srecko Sostar

    Pure Worship of Jehovah​—Restored at Last!

    Not changed in what subjects, about what? That WT belongs to a group (Restoration Group) of true religions that are closest to Primitive Christianity ? And how all "Order" that this Restoration churches have in their systems is from God?? Ill speaking ? You are too harsh. I am speaking openly with critical questions, because all characters in Bible are simply human as we are today. Well, if you speaking about me and I about you, and all together (both of us) about them, we put their life, words and deeds under some sort of the magnifying glass. We have to question and explore to understand better. If sometimes going very far with that, why you worry? Everything will come to their place, soon or later. :))
  2. Srecko Sostar

    Pure Worship of Jehovah​—Restored at Last!

    Yes, you are free to have your free thoughts about all. Will you be so kind to tell us: Why you thought, all this time, she was male? What reason you have to thought that way all this time? Well, is it possible how your own a predetermined idea caused wrong perception? Not only in gender issue, of course :))) .... this is for sure good advice, but please make your comments shorter for purpose to be readable in normal space/time framework. Thanks in advance :))
  3. Srecko Sostar

    Pure Worship of Jehovah​—Restored at Last!

    Yes you are serious, no doubt. But if another participant clearly say to you how She is SHE not HE, why you put that in question? You are not showing respect to Witness as female. Why you are stubborn in calling Her as he?
  4. John 19:17- Bearing the torture stake for himself, he went out to the so-called Skull Place, which is called Golʹgo·tha in Hebrew. Mark 15:21 - Also, they compelled into service a passerby, a certain Simon of Cy·reʹne, coming from the countryside, the father of Alexander and Ruʹfus, to carry his torture stake. Luke 23:26 - Now as they led him away, they seized a certain Simon of Cy·reʹne, who was coming from the countryside, and they placed the torture stake on him to carry it behind Jesus. No one can be trusted :)))) But here we have two witnesses against one witness. I am pretty sure what (Judicial Committee) decision would be.
  5. Srecko Sostar

    Pure Worship of Jehovah​—Restored at Last!

    Dear Mr. SM You may not agree with the opinions, attitudes, beliefs of other people. That's your right. As it is right for anyone else here. But I have noticed that you love/enjoy, when you humiliate other people because they have different thinking than/from your's. You (often) assign them with various depreciatory attributes. Some of us are your targets on daily basis :)))), and your behavior in this manner is not something that can be called as - The Christian way. What I have noticed is this, I do not remember that Witness ever sent you any offensive word !!! Well, i can see difference between her's Christianity and your's Christianity. :)))
  6. Own unmasking? :))))))) Dogs are best friends, they are not like some people who calls you Frida, (or calls you with some other attributes, like SM for example :)))))) when you are not Frida but Srecko :)))))))))) Elementary respect in communication with other people, here or elsewhere. But as you said correctly, unmasking.
  7. Yes i am sure as it is surely/doubtless that, for example, blue color has many variations (color shades) of that same color. So, my like, my laugh, my upvote, my sadness and other expressions of my emotions and state of mind are not fixed, concreted in only 7 possibilities, putted as options by owner of this forum, for public display of mood that some can show in life. :)))))) only Frida i know is a dog.
  8. I appreciate the point you are making here, however that is not the one I am making. My "opinion" on the matter in question is simply that, my "opinion". It is not "wrong" because it cannot be proven either way. It is just my choice of a particular alternative. Your point takes the matter further in that you are making a judgement of what another thinks is "true" to be actually "wrong". That is a completely different arena. Please do take in consideration reality about the fact, how not only people who oppose to WT doctrines are the one who talking about WT wrongs. This same WT periodically talking about own previous "errors". That says, how i am not the only one who "making judgement of what another thinks" is true or wrong. WT scholars of today/present time "judging" WT scholars of past time. By doing so they annuls past hard working of dedicate brothers. How they doing this? By introducing "new teachings"! To using your expression and way of logic; Both group of WT scholars has done nothing else but showed an opinion on some, on many issues. Both group are not making any "true or wrong". They just "rowing" .... as You or Me doing now. ;))))) And yes, WT also "making a judgement of what another thinks as "true"", and announcing publicly how those "another" are apostate, pagans, false Christendom etc.
  9. Matter of preference ? Consider for a moment that cross is true fact. But JW are ready to firmly rejecting this fact ONLY because of reality how all other "FALSE" (apostate?) religions using that fact/symbol for own religious beliefs, doctrines and customs. Such idea is similar to those verses in Bible Luke 7:31-35 New International Version (NIV) 31 Jesus went on to say, “To what, then, can I compare the people of this generation? What are they like? 32 They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling out to each other: “‘We played the pipe for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not cry.’ 33 For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine,and you say, ‘He has a demon.’ 34 The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ 35 But wisdom is proved right by all her children.
  10. You put on day light two very good thoughts. They are applicable to all of us, and also to the JW members ( and to WT, GB and others who run the show) who are firmly holding their wrong positions in some teachings, doctrines, instructions, and views for the similar or same reasons. (taken for granted and preference) thanks :))
  11. In general perspective it can be said so, BUT please have in mind that this (your's) must not be 100% correct conclusion, judgement. I will mention here what i have in mind when i put "like" on some people comment. I put "like" on general comment as such. That does not mean how i must be in agree with every word, dot or some aspects inside comment. Who is Frida !!?? So again, ...... Who is Frida? :)))))))))))))) Or you need to be given an extra advice?
  12. Srecko Sostar

    Timeline of the 'Light Getting Brighter'

    absolutely agree :)! We all was hear expression "it is dog's life" as something that is very hard and not something amazing. On other hand, dog as such, will never, never, never come to be a lion. ......And this fact can also be miserable and depressive thing, especially for a dog who dreams to be lion. :)))))
  13. My comment: that is terrible bad! Conclusion: mistaken judgements are terrible bad
  14. 4 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said: ....... they announced from the platforms that it was I who had been disfellowshipped. To prevent such errors, elders should tell also date of bird and ID number, his nick name if he has such.... and of course name of mother and father of particular person....., perhaps it would not be bad idea also to give names of other family members, wife, children ... to prevent any mistakes about who they speaking about. :))))))))))

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