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  1. Srecko Sostar

    JW Dress Rules

    They said how here in Croatia is origin of tie (kravata - Croata, Cravate - in English, from French word Cravates for Croatian people ) typical scarves worn by Croatian cavalrymen, an accessory which became the ubiquitous necktie of today...
  2. Srecko Sostar

    JW Dress Rules

    Perhaps TTH connecting concentration camp's dress fashion, the very modest one, as dress without any sexual elements and call for fantasy, with this topic?? :)))))
  3. This can bring us to interesting discussion with interesting people.
  4. It is understandable for me to see your disappoint about R.F. or similar characters inside JW. Yes, perhaps your view about him is correct. But for many of us is of less concern why he wrote a book about GB and WT. We can feel sorrow for him or we can say he is/was hypocrite. Nevertheless, information's we get from his inside insight about WT GB mechanism are more important then he alone. Because "The Truth" is in question, not he, not me, not you. He was the one who has must struggle with HIS conscience why he stay inside and support all wrongs he knew about, despite knowledge he had. He was the one who has been responsible for covering this too long and so on. I do not care, in final stage of matter, what was his motive. Only important thing for me is; Is it that or this, what he said, true?
  5. You made important point. If someone can not defeat your arguments or evidences then they questioning your motives. So pathetic!!! "Yes, it can be how this what he said was happened, but WHY HE said this? ... because HIS MOTIVES are bad". And WHO are you? to judge my motives ! :)))
  6. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24 Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” John 11:40 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Mat 17:20 Then the apostles said to the Lord, “Give us more faith.” Luke 17:5 :)))))
  7. Jesus wants us to stay watchful because of what we do not know and what we do know. ws12 2/15 pp. 3-8 - The Watchtower (Simplified)—2012 WHO IS WE?? MEMBERS! As God’s people, we understand many things that we could not otherwise have known. w03 8/1 pp. 14-19 - The Watchtower—2003 WHO IS WE? GB!! There are some things that happen in the organization that we may not understand. w57 5/1 pp. 279-285 - The Watchtower—1957 WHO IS WE? MEMBERS! How big Jehovah God is as to his body we do not know. w53 12/15 pp. 748-761 - The Watchtower—1953 WHO IS WE? WE ALL! :))))))))
  8. Because they are Governing Body of all JW people. If they dare to say something like this, to whom JW people will go for water of truth???? :)))))) Well, they will never say, we do not know, but they will say, "some of us was thought", "in the past we believed" and similar general phrases.
  9. JW members, both, former and present, often come to the conclusion that some WT doctrines are very important, and some are less important for everyday spiritual health and/or survival of Armageddon. For some doctrines they think how they are not so important for "survival", for faith, for personal relationship to JHVH, for own or congregational life. And they are right in such thinking. But, WT view on worldwide Unity of God's people aka JWorg is a little different about this idea/s. To support idea how is good to be in step with particular teachings, even not "so important" from members view, GB using some phrases as; "be faithful in small things", "obey every instructions from GB even you don't understand why", "trust GB because JHVH trust them" and similar. That is exactly what happens with a "overlapping generation". This interpretation is certainly a great nonsense, which is the product of mind of one or several people who have had to defend the position of previous WT Bible scholars/Doctrinal Inspectors, GB/FDS members, and to defend the possible meaning/s about Jesus' words on the "X Generation" and the anticipated "End of the World." The teaching of this type, is one of characteristically teachings for such a kind of religion that is largely (if not entirely) based on Armageddon and the Reward with eternal life. The religion/movement (Bible Students) began with the prediction that the end is near. So, all efforts was been putted for "warning" other people about need to accept Jesus and JHVH. And this efforts is also attribute for JW today. The frequent announcements of the nearness of the end and the presentations of "evidences" to supporting it, does not stop until today. Evidences are always of the same kind, expectations are also the same, .... the time that passes without the fulfillment of expectations and beliefs means nothing, because time is eternal. If it did not happened today, then it will happen tomorrow. You just have to wait, and to remember how "many faithful people from past waited also for the fulfillment but not meet promises. So, you as JW can comfort yourself with same logic - It will be tomorrow. This meaningless "overlapping" thesis, serve only to put the patch on the doctrinal hole, and correcting, fixing past misconceptions .... and to bring new hope for travelers traveling on a WT boat on which water enters, more and more. To convince yourself that you do not serve God for eternal life, or because of the fast arrival of Armageddon, or how this "irrelevant explanation" of what the generation is, means nothing to you, is good, ...if you really believe that this means nothing to you !! But, is it good to "believe" and to preach to other around you, that this "Concept" is what "Jesus has meant while speaking" about generation, and how God approved all this "truthful" explanations from past to this day !?
  10.  Hi admin. 

    Greetings from Zagreb, and my best wishes to You.

    I have a little problem this days. I am able to open forum and give ratings (up vote, likes etc.) on other people's posts. But i can't give comments or reply, even not to my own topics from past.

    Would You be so kind to see why this happened.

    Thanks in advance.

    Srećko Šoštar 

    1. admin


      You'll need to join the club that you are wanting to participate in first.

  11. Please provide hard and indisputable evidences and proves for your statement above. If you can not, you are in fact slandering this Other denominations.
  12. Yeah.... He made Israel, used Israel and destroyed Israel several times. Very encouraging, for sure!
  13. Problems with lexis Arauna? adjective of, relating to, or established by institution. of or relating to organized establishments, foundations, societies, or the like, or to the buildings devoted to their work. of the nature of an institution.
  14. For people like me it is of any matter/importance would JW broadcasting tell the truth about this subject. But it would be of great significance to/for JW members. Talking about child molestation in JWorg is not Judging and not Slandering. Because .... it is something that was happened in your organization. :))

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