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  1. Priests would be added to the list of professions if the legal changes are accepted. Justice is slow but sometimes it happens. ;))
  2.  Hi admin. 

    Greetings from Zagreb, and my best wishes to You.

    I have a little problem this days. I am able to open forum and give ratings (up vote, likes etc.) on other people's posts. But i can't give comments or reply, even not to my own topics from past.

    Would You be so kind to see why this happened.

    Thanks in advance.

    Srećko Šoštar 

    1. admin


      You'll need to join the club that you are wanting to participate in first.

  3. how can I get the public talk outline 197 to print

    1. Srecko Sostar

      Srecko Sostar

      I am sorry. I don't know.

  4. It would be nice that human change life style and system to such level that "sitting time" be time for rest, for fun, for not to be in hurry, for learning something new, for introduce new people ... looks like i am not belonging to digital era :))))
  5. In material view, imagination go to have something that can be transform into whatever by single wish. In other way, it would be "cool" to be in ability to transform myself .....:)))))
  6. "Past studies in people and animals indicate that slight, short-term drops in brain blood flow can temporarily cloud thinking and memory, while longer-term declines are linked to higher risks for some neurodegenerative diseases, including dementia." uppsssss, some signs are already here :))))
  7. There is a saying to schoolchildren that they "need to warm up a chair" while learning, it means sitting and learning long. According to this study, the students (and we all) should sit for a shorter time :)))) ( but school hour is 45 minutes in Croatia)
  8. Paul, as he was, might have had a fixed, imaginary idea that he is the one who will complete the preaching ministry, "all over the world" - (translated by WT to "the known world in the 1st century") The pause for the question: "Did the Greeks and Romans then, also the Jews of that time of course, believed and thought that the" world "consist only of the few hundred miles that Paul was traveling around ???? JW's modern "Pauls" (plural of Paul) preachers also lives in the belief that the end of the universe will come after encompassing the whole world with its preaching campaign. Very similar to Paul's idea and zeal. Unlike today's interpretations on "generation issue" , the ruin of the then-known "world" has been happening in less than 40 years. So, for those who like to count and multiply, share and subtract numbers - "generation life" has lasted much, much less than (?? number of years -- without complicated, confused, puzzling overlapping thesis to put in::::))))). "And then at last, the sign that the Son of Man is coming will appear in the heavens, and there will be deep mourning among all the peoples of the earth. And they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.h 31 And he will send out his angels with the mighty blast of a trumpet, and they will gather his chosen ones from all over the world—from the farthest ends of the earth and heaven. - When and how did the Jews of the 1st century see all this signs? And by that, conclude that the "end of the world" is coming, is here ? This short expose is not for argue with you dear JW Insider, just rising questions that came
  9. In process of reading many of your comments, especially about pregnancy and birth time, i learned a lot. But what is interesting to me in trying to connect all this information, i can put in this form of conclusion: What Jesus meant and why while using such descriptions - and what his listeners concluded and understand is one thing. Something else is what (second or third opinion...) is what we today thinking about all that and what we derivate as conclusion/s about what He meant or even told in original form before so many centuries. But human must try and try and try .... and never to stop
  10. Hi. Does this graphic show actual-this moments situation or is it intention of draw to motivate observer to put all this (facts, interpretations, conclusions, perceptions ...) in time-space dimension? :)))
  11. I was born in a small town of a small country. I have a bit of school education and ordinary city life. But I'm becoming a peasant when I see how little I know and how much knowledge there is in this life - before, now and after today (yesterday, today, tomorrow) the past, the present, the future - in the eons of time. :))))
  12. How to tell to some Catholic priest or GB leader or to some secular politician or city major that he/she is wrong in something or that he/she made bad deed, or pointing on their hypocrisy and similar?? ..... and in the same time not to be, not to sound offensive or rude and in the same time expressing own feeling and thoughts? Does it "pointing out" or "criticism" on something and someone, only privilege of "higher class" of people aka that same leaders or is that same "privilege" actual "human rights" of all people, not just few chosen? In first example "suppression" came from WT leaders, own Church and such GB decision was "justified, righteous, wisdom from Above" :)))) ..... but in Russia case it is "devil attack, suppression caused of enemy worldly people". :)))))) Past and present events in different perception (differences in perception) on, about good and bad, about "proper or less proper or worldly forms of sacred service to god and all other forms. Interesting! Of course, it is WT lawyers false claim :))))) WT is Corporation. From that, this point, post, standpoint, view, every JW member must start processing all what came from Main Church Body aka GB. .... or whatever else. Does some group or individual can express disagreement on all and every issue?? Not only to different, other groups, but to his own group too? Or to be "politically correct", whatever such frase means? :) "Transformers" :) please , this is grey field ... motivations, humans hearts, minds :))) interpretations are many. They will judge you and praise you for the same thing :) I have enjoy in reading your posts. Have a good and peaceful day, greetings!
  13. I would like to ask this question. .how many people think that the bible is for them? .I believe that the Hebrew scriptures. .was written for the faithful men at that time. ?  And the Greek scriptures .For the Apostles. We are waiting for our instructions. In the new scrolls

    1. Srecko Sostar

      Srecko Sostar

      There is many good books to read. And many people, me too, will never be able to read them and to get to knowledge how good is to me to read it, to find something on pages that will help me to see more, to understand more. In western culture people consider bible as such book, in some other part of world exists some other books that people consider worth to read and to live by that.

      What sort of instructions you wait? And by whom? Do you by new scrolls mean new sort of bible or something else? And when it will come , by your opinion?

      One of my ex friend, he is still JW, said ones that modern Bible for JW is Yearbook of JW. But as you already know, they will not produce YB any more.  

      Have a good evening RS :) 

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