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  1. It was said too harshly :)). Governments just "rowing" on their way to find truth and justice. Also, in meantime they giving "clarifications" and "instructions". :)) Is this "manipulation"? In the same way and purpose as WT JWorg doing to their members.
  2. Forced to play??!! :)) If i remembered well, this issue was explained by apostles in 1st century who gave role model of HOW NOT to BE FORCED by Secular Laws :)) ... But to be beaten and put in jail .. and they liked that, was happy for that. WT Lawyers don't want their Clients go to jail, prison or pay money.
  3. As i try to tell in previous comment: If God is interested to "punish" wickedness of all kind, or only few that are worst of all other, than He will have daily work. And not only about evil people in "promised land". Many people, before and after Israel entered in "promised land", did same or similar disgusting things. But God did not intervene. Why? Well, Israel people not killed all those people because, or only because they are wicked, but because they lived in "promised land". After occupying the land, the Israelites never went on a mission to eradicate evil and wrong worship in the world. No, they didn't care what other nations did. Only about neighborhood nations and border problems. :))
  4. We have to defined word "hiding". :)) I guess how WT JWorg not hiding criminals, generally said. If they would or if they doing that, organization should be ban. But WT, JWorg, CCJW and other under Mother Organization hiding own incapacity, ignorance, shame, incompetence, etc. They are ready to not give truth, all truth and nothing but the truth in this issue, and they are hiding exactly this. They are hiding truth....and as result, sometimes that means they are hiding individuals who need to be prosecute. Prosecute if they are child molesters and prosecute if they not revealed this evidence, fact or if reasonable doubt about it exist.
  5. Out of question did ALL people and children in "promised land" was so wicked and have to be killed or to be given a second, third or fourth chance to regenerate and stay alive (appendix*), I would like to comment this side of issue. God is absolutely Justice and Mercy. In that aspect His angels-warriors are able to done such task of "killing" wicked people. Or not? Did Noah flood was done with help of angels or by some other proces that God himself put in work? If His angels already had experience in bloodshed of wicked, why God found how His chosen people, human, had to learn how to kill, to learn to be organized in killing process and war tactics. Why He want that minds of this Israelite (soldier) be drag into dark side of human psyche. Beside this, warriors on battle field were not been able to bring "correct judgement" about who "deserve" to stay alive and who not, because "cleansing of the promised land" was not only battle in which Israel was involved through history. *appendix It is also interesting how all was about taking a land, more than about "wickedness" of people who already lived in "promised land". Because in many periods before and after this particular issue, God showing endless patient and mercy with all people, individuals and nations around the world, no matter how wicked they was/are.
  6. Seems, we established fact how all involved in our discussion have "free will" to act as they wish and can. Also we came to fact how God allows all what was and is in process in Universe including individual free will. You mentioned "angelic choice" about issue on Adam and Eve, and, assume, about everything what after was on Earth. How we can read from Bible text what particular event in human life is result of: 1) God's will and wish and plan 2) "Angelic choice" (good and bad angels) 3) Human free will to act or not to act ("human choice") 4) Coincidence and accidentally event 5) God's "judgement" An advanced understanding of this points (and some other) could help in answering the question of this topic, too.
  7. Wrong :)) What about much more examples when His angels did nothing for saving innocent people? Was this angel's inactivity because God didn't command action? Or angels have independent choice to decide who they will "kill" and who to "save"? Also ..... His angel didn't save innocent Abel, as you suggested in previous comment how He done exactly that in some other events with some other people. Some would say how God has right to give life and to take life. No one who trust God don't think how He would "kill" innocent people, but also every one expect from Him to punish evil people. What will be punishment? If you have problem with idea, does He with own hand execute evil or He giving order to someone else to execute evil, that is less important in final result.
  8. This remained me on common fact. World is full of "legalism" and courts making "legal" trials and decisions. Even JWorg has "legal system". But many times they all making wrongs and injustices.
  9. Of course, it is understandable. I made just comment on that in this way to soften arguing about what sort, class of people made more bad deeds of CSA inside some institution, are they those individuals with more or less important position inside some structure. At the end, it is of less important in whole this issue (do we have higher numbers of elders or ordinary members who made crime). Main question is how management and members respond on such crime. What they doing when that happened? Both group can "hide" this problem. But, as it is obviously clear, "those in position of leadership and who need to be role model" for other people inside institution bear greater responsibility and have to be "charged" more for doing and/or not doing.
  10. Apologize, just want to little tease you :)) Leadership position? But JW members would say: We don't have human leaders, because our Leader is One, Jesus. :)) If JWorg has no leaders than no single leadership position is available for any of member. Elders and other in this WTJWorg nomenclature are in same "level" with rank-and file members, because "you are all brothers" :)) In such perspective, looking on whole Organization as Union, as United Brotherhood where all are equal before God, every other "worldly" or "false religion" standard is useless for emphasis .... especially for internal, congregational conversation and for this Forum too.
  11. Exodus 15 "The LORD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; This is my God, and I will praise Him; My father's God, and I will extol Him. 3 "The LORD is a warrior; The LORD is His name. 4 "Pharaoh's chariots and his army He has cast into the sea; And the choicest of his officers are drowned in the Red Sea. Psalm 24 Who is the King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, The LORD mighty in battle. Exodus 14 "The LORD will fight for you while you keep silent." Psalm 45 Gird Your sword on Your thigh, O Mighty One, In Your splendor and Your majesty! ......... and so on :))
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    i am receiving newsletter about this issue, and as we see JWorg has no intention to join. Institutions named in the Royal Commission that have not yet joined the Scheme* Intending to join Date expecting to join (calendar year) Hunter Aboriginal Children’s Services (HACS) Interchange Shoalhaven Jehovah’s Witnesses Presbyterian Church NSW & ACT Intending to join First quarter of 2020 Presbyterian Church TAS Presbyterian Church VIC Intending to join First quarter of 2020 Presbyterian Church WA RG Dance Pty Ltd Satyanada Yoga Ashram Seventh-Day Adventist Intending to join First quarter of 2020
  12. Bearing in mind that the name Witnesses has the general meaning that they are people - members belonging to one religious community, then it is true that they do not prophesy, maybe just assume, predict, expect. predict: to say that an event or action will happen in the future, especially as a result of knowledge or experience -
      Hello guest!
    But, it is interesting, on what basics WTJWorg, who gathering members - Witnesses, do collect and multiple knowledge that make them to be "sure" and bold to assume, predict, expect and interprete Bible verses and world events? Do they (WT GB and Helpers) doing that in similar way as Jethro Ibileke did when made comment about Awake magazine? Will they repeat errors? Our experience says: Yes.
  13. He reading Awake in wrong way. :))) Article said how MANY EXPERTS, Medical Journal VACCINE and JOHN M. BARRY ..... PREDICTED this and that.

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