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  1. This is what i meant. You connect old age of Belgian and Dutch leaders with some proceedings in Parliament.
  2. I reffered on interpretation. How you explaining word "qualified" in this matter (what is content, qualification that person should have to be called "qualified")? What should be look like "the qualifications" in your opinion? Name them as list or something like that. When you said "servant of God", who is/are servant/s, in your understanding, in this issue? Who you call as such one, who may be "servant of God"? Are there any distinction/levels inside people/group of those who called themselves "servant of God"? When you tell me more about this, perhaps i will be more able to answer what you ask me. ...........But i will tell you in this way, for simplest, faster conversation. Interpretations on Bible verses is best to live to Him, because He is The Most Qualified to explain verses (word "interpret" is going to sphere of calculations and speculations. This word (interpret) for me, is reflection of human try, attempt to go into space of unknown, of something that is almost not possible to understand .... without help. Well, "interpretations" is just variations of many choice and at the end perhaps not one not have true meaning. It is just perception of reader or listener. Author is only one who knows what he meant when he wrote or told something. Author is that person who can explain true meaning. All other don't know true meaning and they can do exactly this .... "to interpret". Even if somebody is self claimed servant or as servant appointed by God (in sense of true appointing), we can't be sure in source of authorization of such individual. Or, to be said in this way. If you are an individual who have real appointment by God as his "servant", only in that case you would be able to detect important part of issue: Is it another individual who claim how he is also "servant of God", true or false "servant". All other is speculation and faith or blind faith.
  3. Hi Allen. Well, we have two sort of Interpretations here. First is interpretations on Bible verses ...... and next is interpretations on WT verses. Also we have dilemma (you don't have that dilemma :))))). 1) Who is authorized to interpret Bible verses? 2) Who is authorized to interpret WT literature? :)))
  4. By giving wrong interpretations and by REDIRECTING the word of JHVH, what do you think Arauna, is that also rebellion and sort of using "magical power"? GB said that they are chosen to interpret what JHVH and Jesus meant by this or that verse written in Bible. Obviously, they make impression on other ordinary people, so called Am-Harets, how "magical power" is in their hands and that such "power" comes from God. Do you by this saying: GB have self regulation, and we all other need to have self censure?
  5. Old leaders who run political or religious organization need to step down from their established position and give some space to younger and their ideas :))))
  6. I definitely agree that you said interesting thoughts. Even more. You going further, into some future with "insight". That is visible in idea you mentioned, how "mediate" about something about what is not "broadly accepted" and how it "is not wrong to speculate" with outcome how that process in us resulted with "new insight". How that is different with what some other people doing? What if JHVH support your "speculation and private new insight", but you still thinking, how He, because of your prayer, thinks that you are on right path and have no need to correct you? Does this mean how "typical Witness" is in better position than JW's who participate here as "untypical"? :)) I don't know WHO and WHEN had INVENTED this Phrase, but imagine this scene: Jesus is in corner of synagogue, after he gave his speech introducing "speculation" and "new light". One priest come to him and in fatherly figure mode with soft and calm voice tell him: "Dear Jesus, my brother, my son, don't running ahead. Wait for God and He will change all what is not good. Our GB will be enlighten by His word and make all changes that is needed, but you must wait."
  7. :)))) this one is good ! I don't see @Witness showing hate to anybody or to JW's. I have short posts and still not impressed none of you :))))))))) And of course, zealous for something what person doing or talking about can be viewed from some people as strong opposition (hate) to something what somebody take as sacred in own eyes.
  8. This people .... with feet on the ground ..... are they JW members or belong to some other "ideology"? After i have read your respond and @TrueTomHarley respond about my comment, and how you two agree with me on "control issue", I have to ask you: Does your feet on the ground? How is possible that you don't see how you willingly subject yourself under men control, all that under idea how that is God's will? You condemn "control" as morally wrong and as satanic qualities but in the same time you are ready to say how "JW opposers" are wrong and not worth to listen?! One of main reason why "JW opposers" are opposing human influence and power inside WT Society is exactly what you expect from Future under Kingdom. To have Total freedom and equality under God - this is the goal. Why do you want/wish total freedom and equality? Because you haven't it now under WT Society governing. Spiritual Paradise inside WT Society Organization about what JW members are proud about, according to what you have said, is not satisfied your expectations and need. Main issue is not about how this "world" and US, China and others suppressing our freedom, but problem is deeper. It is inside Organization/Religion you put your hope and trust and they disappointed you all, and you, in fact unconsciously, putting accent on that issue while speaking about outside world, external general problem between people and nations. In fact, absolutely same problem you have inside JW Organization. When will you come to be aware of it?
  9. Do you want to stay on this statement ?? Maybe my English is weak but it seems to me that you said how, insulting opposers is something what genuine witness is good to do.
  10. Not for defending China, but have to ask: Is that a crime? that China wants to control this or that?? All want to do that, to be in control of many things, over people, land, earth minerals etc. What history told us? That governments of all kind, past and present, wanted to be in control of own and other nations. World Power Nations doing that all the time. Why to be surprised, or be disappointed if China wants what other World Powers wants too?
  11. If i understand correctly. Some countries (western) giving you freedom of speech in a such measure to even criticize own government, persons who run the show on many fields (political, economic, religious, social) and situation in country. But in the same time State (administration and private persons) have mechanism "to silent you" in many ways to such measure that in some situations you would like more "to be dead" than in their hands. Some countries (not western democracies) suppress freedom of speech on many issues and are ready to punish almost all or most critics. Well, what is better? To speak what you want, but if you go to far in critics, no one would give you guarantee that you will escape "punishment" in democratically way. Or to be aware of fact that if you go to make verbal crime against particular establishment you will go to prison or loose your head. But, I am curious to understand; What US, China and other things have to do with those who oppose and critically making opinion or statements about/against WT Society? :)))
  12. Please, people, give more comments. I don't want to have "opposers" leading position in Top Posters :))
  13. If you allow me to say this way: Do not put your faith in interpretations of prophecies.
  14. While the United States has 707 incarcerated people per 100,000 citizens, for example, China has 124 to 172 per 100,000 people and Iran 284 per 100,000. ......."No other country in the world imprisons its citizens as we do in the United States," Haney says. - October 2014, Vol 45, No. 9 Print version: page 56 source:
      Hello guest!
    Perhaps Arauna has reminiscence on Cultural Revolution in China under Mao, from 1966 period.

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