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  1. Further Example for illustration and argumentation: Does the Bible support or condemn slavery? Does it approve of it somewhere in the text or is it neutral on that issue? The OT text regulates slavery, meaning, it supports it as part of the social circumstances of the time. In the NT the matter of slavery is still relevant and nowhere is it described to be unacceptable to Christians. In fact, Paul also advises slaves to return to their master and be obedient (Ephesians 6). Isn't Paul "Christianly enlightened" so that he comes to understand that it is wrong to support slavery? Or did
  2. Bible not condemns birthdays as it is clearly visible by few records in Bible text. Also, what is "birthday"? Start of new period of life, for kid and for family. And people wish/want to be reminded of that happy day. What is wrong with that? Celebrating a wedding day is allowed in JW religion, but celebrating a child’s birthday is not allowed. A complete absurdity!
  3. ... each member agrees to "disagree without being disagreeable." :)))
  4. Thanks for respond and opinion. If you pay attention to this down, it is clear that this JW Open Club and Forum as such, not advocating WTJWorg as "only true religion". Even G. Jackson said that in crystal clear way in ARC testimony (perhaps/for sure that was for public only). I underlined a few sentences in Guidelines. What the Forum stands for is completely contrary to the hopes that are ideologically promoted in WTJWorg. A) WTJWorg argues that there will be no coexistence of religions in the “New World,” for there will be only one religion known today as "Jehovah's Witnesses"
  5. What do you think about the “group dynamics” on this Forum? :))
  6. You said, unbalanced. What is/was unbalanced about her? You said, brilliant. In what she is/was brilliant? After your explanation i would be able to better understand her "interesting observations"... and perhaps "an old cowboy type" reasons to not stop her "individual dynamic".
  7. ... video ends with "....will help you and your team make better group decisions". In WTJWorg GB makes group decisions for all JW's in Organization. Lower levels of "groups" stays in Abilene Paradox, until individuals comes to state of "rebellion" and spiritually or literally trying to get out of "group dynamics". Conscience is involved too.
  8. ....first flash on this is: GB+Helpers invented "new light" and offer it to rank and file to see reactions ...
  9. Motu Tane is beautiful and whole video. Have some idea how to earn 39 million or even more? Of course, according to individual "conscience" :)).
  10. Congratulation! For going there and for good thoughts about all those, so called, "worldly people" who are there.
  11. emotional incontinence .... I found some of your wording, vocabulary choice here and in other places as strange. some internet explanations are: Pseudobular affect (PBA) goes by many other names—pathologic laughing and crying, emotional incontinence, emotional lability. It refers to a condition whereby patients display brief, involuntary episodes of laughing or crying, which may be emotionally congruent or incongruent and are typically provoked by seemingly trivial events. -
      Hello guest!
  12. I completely agree with what was said .... ... also, I am of the opinion that “blood fractions” cannot enter the realm of conscience. Because of the "do not eat blood" itself, as a commandment, it is essentially set as a prohibition, not as a moral dilemma. "Blood transfusion" has become a dilemma (religious, doctrinal, moral dilemma, etc.), because the question arises whether receiving blood for the purpose of a medical procedure can be reduced to just "eating" something that is prohibited in Bible . “Blood fractions” are not a matter of conscience because there is currently no
  13. I watched so called "basement" video made for Convention program JW had before few years. Are you speaking about that? .... or about urban dictionary definition that say: A male over the age of eightteen, usually with no formal education, who continues to live at home with his parent(s) and has no ambition to move out or contribute to society.
  14. I like this new look at things. In fact, the interpretation, that GB has the task of producing spiritual food in terms of interpreting the Bible, is completely wrong. GB is not an FDS that should exist as a “channel” through which “food” comes. For “Food” should not be an interpretation of what was said thousands of years ago, but simply just work, i.e. preaching what was said by Jesus. Should, what Jesus has said, be interpreted several times, because every previous interpretation has turned out to be wrong? It turns out that “food for GB” is not preaching, but making, constantly, an int
  15. Amazing! Who force you to argue with people you called "scum" in your angry mind? Form your own Forum and put any alerts you want, for reason to not misleading people. I have nothing against putting “warnings” here, which would let JW members know that WTJWorg does not support (endorse) any Forum, not even this one, (because it is not under GB control) ......... but every “well-informed” JW already knows that. :))
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