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  1. For who? This all conversation is about GB statement; We are not inspired, Our study on Bible is not inspired, Our articles are not inspired. We can err. Than ... How they could/will be leaded, guided, learned by God and/or by his Spirit if even little piece, little measure of spirit through Inspiration was not/are not "shadow" them? If they not receiving Inspiration from God...All their hard spiritual work is of human source, and result of human inspiration. Or we can go to use this logic. If 20%, 10% or 5% of teachings in WTJWORG is indisputable truth, reason for that is because holy spirit revealed that truth to this human. Revelation comes through Inspiration, i guess. Or, somebody can give other perspective?! If 80%, 90% or 95% of teachings in WTJWORG is harmful chatter, reason for that is .....:)))) we all know the answer, or at least can give a assumption. :))
  2. Ok, but in His case, it seems how He wasn't need to follow advice "He gave" 2000 years later to His FDS aka GB in WT magazine, the 3 step model: empowered by spirit - assisted by angels - guided by God’s Word?. You using gospel reports to show how He Received holy spirit. When someone Received is that same as to be Inspired?? Received=inspired??!! I don't mind and can join you in this idea. But, problem stays with GB and WTJWORG. Did they Receiving holy spirit in the same way as Jesus did? Again, you state how JW's and GB not need formal education because THEY also like Jesus are Received, are Guided, are Learned, are Empowered, are Lead by Spirit of God. If it is so and If we want to believe that it is so...., how then this same spirit who acts in the same way with the same effect on people of blood and flesh (Jesus and FDS) bringing so different results?? Why you or somebody else want to eliminate negative results "of god's spirit" that is visible after GB left the conference room at Wednesday, and releasing error teachings for Jesus sheep worldwide?? And please, don't say; Jesus was perfect, GB is not. Because if you think so, you would claim, in fact, how holy spirit is not strong enough to help imperfect people. :))
  3. justice, mercy, love, humility, etc. This beautiful things you mentioned ... for sure are something that is effect, output (or in Bible terminology Fruit of Spirit) of Inspiration made by Spirit on Human. And also it is something that can Inspire people around you or around somebody who shine with this beautiful wealth/richness. And as i mentioned before, we can look, I am looking, on this in two way. One is: Divine Inspiration in Direct way and in Real time moment made by Power Above. Another is: Divine Inspiration that already Existing in us, in our blood in our cells, from long time ago and waiting for our permission, our will, the right moment of our readiness in our deep soul, to be expressed and to be seen on day light.
  4. You made comparison of this kind: He didn’t need to (learn in schools), just like we don’t need to. Well, let put subject again: Because, according to your words, JW's in general and especially all elders with GB as Top Management not need formal education in religious matters, because as you made statement, this people is like Jesus already equipped with needed credentials, questions are: Does this way of getting knowledge, understanding and good fruits is because that all was been result of Inspiration by spirit OR is it result of 3 step model (empowered by spirit? assisted by angels? guided by God’s Word?) ? Because, WTJWORG explains that this two is not the same. And here you said how Jesus and JW's archived all this spiritual quality and quantity in the same manner/same way. I found this view, if it is yours too, as wrong. Was Jesus "Empowered" or "Guided" or "Inspired" by holy spirit. In fact, because Jesus came to Earth from Above as Firstborn who already have ALL Power and Authority and All Spirit, in fact He can spread that Spirit as holy spirit onto, into, on others around Him. What is difference when WT magazine say: empowered by spirit and guided by Word? But also using terminology "we are not Inspired by spirit but we are Guided by spirit?! Who or What doing what ??? influence on GB? Somehow, according to explanation they made, to Them, sometimes inspired and guided have different meaning, sometimes the same. And in this WT magazine they put new terminology - empowered. Very confusing, but perhaps they have such intention to confuse people. :)))
  5. We, ex JW's, were all been part of this, and told to people in preaching service things that we now consider untrue and in fact lies (no matter about motives of those who generate some teaching, doctrine, dogma, instruction). As to "make sure of all things". I think, at first thought, how this process in individual, personal work (study, deeper thinking, searching ...etc) about something, some religious subject, has been limited by/because of our exposure to WTJWORG influence, our naive trust in people who "knew more", our believe and too much confidence in interpretations made in publications. Well, in fact we are making our selves to be sure of - in all things presented in WT magazines and books :))) To do this "make sure" work, JW's should go in all directions for searching to answers and for pro et contra argumentation. It is Wrong Idea/Perspective, how JW already found The Truth, so Why going uselessly to spend time and effort in additional verification, when Bible Scholars already done research in Betel? So, when from platform they say, by quoting Bible verse - "make sure of all things", they don't encourage you to go for INDEPENDENT sources, but to reading more and more of WT publication. Somehow, John, You and I, get out from this Circle. :)) and some other people here too, to not forget to tell. :))
  6. You highlight very good, important thing. If somebody truly believe in some idea, own idea or idea from other source, or if somebody "read particular idea" from other people words, statements, views and so on... then, if he individually spread such idea to other people in "good faith", he is not "lying", but he can be one in a chain of those who unknowingly/unconsciously spreading misleading/mistake. Because he thinking about that same (false) thing as truthful and real, as something good and worth to have. What happened when this person repeatedly doing this "unconscious spreading" of same Principe (Principe of various errors in different time point, through his life time)? If he never come to flash of light and come to be "conscious" about such repeated (spiritual) behavioral pattern in himself and in other to whom he show respect and trust, than he is deceived and blind to see. But if source of errors and if the receiver of the errors continue to doing this, and in same moment something inside them/him sending warning signals, this is time to make A/The Stop (or simple to STOP). Because if he didn't ...it can be said how from that Point he/they begins to spread a lie, on purpose /even with various levels of power and strength of persuasion.
  7. He, Jesus, didn't need formal education to be a formal rabbi. You sad well, because Jesus has never become Formal Rabbi. And He obviously has never made plans to be one of them. :)) But he was .... What? Inspired by spirit ? or Guided by spirit? If we said how He was "Inspired", than we agree with WTJWORG unique way of interpretations about word "inspired". If we said how He was just "Spirit Guided", than we agree with WTJWORG way of idea what mean to be Guided But Not Inspired. By THEY It means how Jesus read "Bible" every day and rowing about spirit behind the word, and with angels help he was been successful in all that.
  8. Also it's not correct to say that they claim only THEY can give instruction to God's people. If you allow me to say, somehow it can be correct to say that THEY thinking how only THEY can give Life Saving Instructions, and no one else but THEY. :)) Every publisher is allowed to present the good news of the Kingdom to those who may become God's people. Every speaker from a platform can be giving instruction to God's people. Yes, they can present, but inside boarders that is Authorized by THEY. Every older sister who encourages a younger sister, every younger brother who encourages an older brother, etc. All the congregation feeds one another by building one another up and encouraging one another. "Encourage" is broad term. In relation to Religious Matters, and what is said previously, perhaps this specific sort of "encouraging" you mentioned, is about encouraging To Stay Firm in Temporary Teachings, until some of this temporary dogmas would not be changed by THEY. :)) In the end, it is not question about who is inspired, but who is Guided by THEY.
      Hello guest!
    Is Christendom the Antitypical Jerusalem? In the past, our literature has referred to Christendom as the antitype of apostate Jerusalem. The conditions in unfaithful Jerusalem—including idolatry and widespread corruption—certainly remind us of what is happening in Christendom. However, in recent years our publications, including the one you are now reading, have not taken the type-antitype approach to prophecy except where the Bible provides a clear basis for doing so. Is there a solid Scriptural basis for referring to Christendom as the antitypical Jerusalem? No. Consider the following: Jerusalem was at one time a center of pure worship; later, its inhabitants turned apostate. By contrast, Christendom has never practiced pure worship. Right from its inception in the fourth century C.E., Christendom has always taught false doctrine. In addition, after Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians, Jehovah restored the city to his favor and it again became the center of true worship. Christendom, on the other hand, has never had God’s favor, and once it is destroyed during the great tribulation, it will never rise again. In view of the foregoing, what may we conclude? When we examine Bible prophecies that were fulfilled on unfaithful Jerusalem, we may say, ‘This or that reminds us of what we see in Christendom today.’ But there appears to be no Scriptural basis for referring to Christendom as the antitypical Jerusalem. First, perhaps is about Lexicon, Vocabulary in JW Culture. When JW Church and members talking about "Christendom" they refer firstly or mostly to Roman Catholic Church and all Churches and Denominations that believe In Jesus Christ...but in wrong, false and idolatrous way. But JW consider themselves to be Christians too, but not part of "Christendom" (by this they quote can be consider as Christendom. "....we are Christians who do our best to follow the example set by Jesus Christ and to live by his teachings." -
      Hello guest!
    Why this linguistic distinction is so important to JW? To be, sometimes, called with name "Christians" but want to run miles away from word "Christendom"? Christendom -
      Hello guest!
    noun - English Language Learners Definition of Christendom : people who are Christians : the part of the world where most people are Christians But another thing is of bigger importance. Do you remember how many articles and books and magazines taught you all, over such long period of decades, on so many meetings and congregations baked up with so many Bible verses and Study paragraphs about who is Jerusalem and who is Christendom and all that stuff??!! And now they figured up, they rowed deep, Under Spirit Motivation and Guidance, to tell you how Now there is No Single One Solid Scriptural Basis to believe in that teaching, doctrine, dogma! Do You really believe how Church Leaders and Guardians of Doctrine in WTJWORG know what they are talking about , as those who watch for your souls?!
  10. It is very significant that numbers 6 and 66 are numbers in relation to Bible. Because Bible said how 6, 66 and 666 are numbers in context to something evil, something that is in opposition to God. Who inspired or what inspired people who put 66 letters, books as parts of Bible? The Catholic Bible has 73 Books. (7 more than the Protestant Bible) The Protestant Bible has 66 Books. GB decide to accept Protestant Bible. Were GB inspired, sorry, i mean - were GB guided by spirit in this decision?
  11. One more thing makes this Authorization and Transfer of Power complex. In Romans we have: For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen. In Colossians we have: For in Him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities. All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. By this verses, and perhaps some more, we see how He, Jesus Already has ALL Power and Authority from some far point in the past time ( Day One or similar) much before (long ago) any sort of rebellion described in Scriptures. Well here arise another question about voluntarily made decision of giving up of Own Authority (from The Word aka First Born, Jesus) and His permission that His Power, Authority over All Things will be given to The Third in Hierarchy (i guess third) even in limited scale.
  12. I have question: In what moment, period of time and under what circumstances was all this authority handed to devil? Next is: what "all" in fact means, to what extension, to what level? Does this quote, made by satan and written by human (under inspiration), suggest how Almighty God HANDED His Own Authority (full or partial) to devil?? In other words, does JHVH with all knowledge about future and people, humankind, gave to satan licence to deceive, to torture, to kill, to ruin and to destroy life and everything else on Earth, as he wish and like ??!! In case of Job He done exactly that (except death). In next step we have another quote made by Jesus and written by human (under inspiration) - 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. WTJWORG confirming doctrine how devil has all Power and Kingship over all Earth, Kingdoms and people, also above angels in heaven, and it seems, my opinion, also Universe space, partially or somehow else. At least, satan was in the Heaven with his influence in spiritual space and perhaps physical space too, until famous year 1914. It is interesting how this verses about Power over Earth, and Heaven, were written in similar time in two gospels. By that this two Sons were/are Two Kings over same Things. If so, idea how Jesus began to be King in 1914 is not in harmony with his claim about: All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. In both cases, about wording "authority", something missing. About what sort of authority is about? And for what period of time? By this two Bible verses it looks how One Father gave same or similar Authority to both of His Sons ??!! Does someone have some thoughts about it? :))
  13. Interesting. How do you explain this, please.
  14. Question: Is @Foreigner real person or someones clone just for purpose of down voting? :)))
  15. Inside WTJWRG Institution one thing is of crucial importance. Who are those people who have authorization to govern, rule, lead this organization and people who are members/believers? Who are those people who represent JHVH and Jesus and their Will? In this WT article authors tried to explain history of this.
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    Why this article is interesting (again) in connection to topic? Here is some quotes from pages of this article: CAN YOU EXPLAIN? In the first century and today, how have those taking the lead among God’s people been . . . empowered by holy spirit? assisted by angels? guided by God’s Word? .... Jesus had given his followers a commission: “You will be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the most distant part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) How could they possibly complete that assignment? True, Jesus had assured them that they would soon receive holy spirit. (Acts 1:5) Still, an international preaching campaign required direction and organization. To direct and organize his people in ancient times, Jehovah used visible representatives. Famous paragraph 12: The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. As we can see from box in WT magazine under question Can you explain? author AVOID to use direct word "Inspired" and instead this explicit sort of spirit manifestation as it is commonly viewed while reading Bible (for example, to write holy scriptures, to tell something as prophecy or command from God, to heal the sick....etc) author put word - empowered by HS. And now author give factual example from 1 century: Holy spirit was poured out on all anointed Christians, but it specifically enabled the apostles and other elders in Jerusalem to fulfill their role as overseers. For example, in 49 C.E., holy spirit guided the governing body to make a decision regarding the issue of circumcision. Author highlights 2 things. First is ROLE of OVERSEEING. And second is about MAKING DECISIONS. In contrast or continuation to this 1 century example, author of article later emphasized this: In 1919, three years after Brother Russell’s death, Jesus appointed “the faithful and discreet slave.” For what purpose? To give his domestics “food at the proper time.” (Matt. 24:45)...... Evidence of holy spirit. The holy spirit has helped the Governing Body to grasp Scriptural truths not previously understood. For example, reflect on the list of beliefs clarified that was referred to in the preceding paragraph. Surely, no human deserves credit for discovering and explaining these “deep things of God”! (Read 1 Corinthians 2:10.) Here we have just statements of author who firmly say that FDS aka GB been appointed by Jesus in 1919. But another thing is something what call on more alarm. As Evidence of holy spirit is, situation when this Body grasp something as Truth under holy spirit helping or empowering. In this explanation one thing is very questionable and somehow danger. In period from 1919 (we shall not talking about 1 century GB or about Angel Assistance today) this entity who "share" food under title: Bible Truth, with supposed help of holy spirit, in fact they had spread "Fake Truths", they later changed into "Real Truths". Some doctrines they produced in few steps as yes-no-yes ... truths. Here we comes to possible conclusion how reason for that errors, according to this article, was not in Human Representatives of Jesus here on Earth. No, reason and cause for that is in holy spirit who has "empowered" them in that confusing way and direction. Because other two elements in this equation (assisted by angels + guided by God’s Word) was not been sufficient and powerful enough to correct wrong direction made by empowering influence of holy spirit. :)))) Here we see how "blame" for errors and imperfect food can be found in the same reasons why food can be good and eatable too, after some period of time (in refrigerator :))), of course. The way how this article try to prove the credibility of GB for task of sharing the food, becomes nonsensical. But, pay attention to this: empowered = having the official authority or freedom to do something
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    having the knowledge, confidence, means, or ability to do things or make decisions for oneself
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    Here we see how this definition changed our view on issue and article. Why they used word EMPOWERED in connection to spiritual food? In fact, according to Dictionaries, WT magazine talk about Power of GB Over People. Here it is not ISSUE about Food Quality, Truth or Lie, Perfection or Imperfection. IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL.
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