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  1. Twyla

    Did something happen to the site? There are no scriptures for the end of Nov and beginning of Dec

    I hope you are OK.  Hope to hear from you   

    Fran Eggers



  2. Having problem getting the study articles to open A note comes up on page saying something about acrobt reader and having to download it  Do you know anything about this? Never had this problem before. If anyone had success with opening  programs and it if is possible could you send them to me  fae0425@gmail.com


    Thanks a bunch  Fran Eggers your sister in the truth

  3. Is there something wrong with study material site ? I'm trying to get on it for 2 days and it is not working I use it every week and never have problems
  4. Hi does anyone know if the one day assembly will be shown on this site or any where else I can't get there and don't want to miss it fran e
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