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  1. Thanks so much, my dear Brothers and Sisters Many greetings from my last weeks very very hot North Germany☀️😰🌹💚🌹 ( max.38' C.)
  2. Also thank YOU, dear Brother @Alzasior Lutor..... Many nice summer greetings to you, from our very hot North Germany☀️🌹💚🌹 PS. My iPad Internet Flatrate is perfect, but I need my Laptop for posting here.... hope, I work it with my son's help ! Wish you a nice sunday
  3. Hello all my dear friends :x

    I am away for ca.8 weeks, by Camping.....

    This year some mystery difficulties with my Internet :( 

    Tmw. I buy a special  Mobile Wlan Router,  ( Hotspot, LTE, Cat 4 )

    Then I hope,  be back here on our website ! :D 

    Greetings to ALL, from our this year VERY hot North Germany....  always 30 -38' C. 😰🚿😰  🌹☀️🌹

    ( more than on the Maldives... )


  4. Queen Esther

    New Light: Fruitage Does Not Refer to Results

    Thanks for your interesting comment, dear @wii.all.4.raro.... 🙏 Many greetings from my home country, North Germany 🌹💚🌹 ( just now a very rare, hot summer-time )
  5. Queen Esther

    Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Ahm a gonna be RICH!

    Yes, we'we some mystery users and members here.... I also got many different mails in good 2 years ! But we can't block Members I heard, sorry
  6. You was right, @Gone Away.... my type mistake, sorry Not she, but HE Greetings from our just very hot North Germany ☀️😰🌹💚🌹
  7. Anastasia Makivich says: "I'm new here. I was baptized at our regional convention 2018, Saturday -7th July. It was the day I will remember forever. I'm glad to be one of Jehovah's servants Thank you for sharing your Video you are welcome! Welcome our dear sister Anastasia ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
  8. They are born..... So many stars are born in the universe, And so small I feel before You! What glow is the dust of a verse, How much is Jehovah worth my life? How Jehovah is worth a star When galactics come out of your hand - Are you alive? Too Great God, what is my life? A moment from your eternal eternity! But your supreme gesture rages me, When for man You let him die, From your first universe Violin, The holy word for the first time! Everything you loved most, the first son, To taste death for everyone It is in spirit that man becomes alive And death to be ashamed! Your Jehovah's love barks me, And you give me power to overcome the fall, The pain worlds do not hurt, Taste Your Sweet Word Like Honey! ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
  9. Queen Esther

    With Jehovah we are STRONG !!

    From dawn to evening We are at the "harvest"! It's winter or summer It's asphalt or gravel! That it's cold or very hot, JAH makes us fears, Eyes in preaching burn, With Jehovah we are strong! The stress, all over the world, Can not stop the stunt! We preach in the "Dead Sea" And we have the wind from the back! Commitments, worries, and weaknesses, At Jehovah we put everything! By Jehovah we are good, By Jehovah you say, "I can!" IAH always gives us love, And proof of confidence! In "harvest" dedication, Tenders, provision! We are heading towards the end, The world is boiling! Jesus on the white horse, He asks for discernere, The signs have happened, The world ran out of dust, In an outdated system, We are in Jehovah's hand! The sun is in the dusk, For the world of Satan! Over the world of evil flows, Day by day and year after year! From dawn to night The "Good News" is famous! The fruits are all ripe, But the world has "otitis"! Her illness is heavy disease, Jesus the holy king, He does not see it and does not want it King over the whole Earth! Her serious, otitis disease, It destroyed the tympanum! Surprisingly she imitates, Satan, a dead head! "
  10. The Bible is a holy book, Jehovah's Word..... Want to have life part, In Paradise on Earth? Jehovah tells you clearly: Only the Word sanctifies you, And he gives life to his gift, Only to the one who loves me! You love dead traditions, "Babylon" being support Ignoring "My Holy Book, You have a "dead soul"! "Bunnies," "eggs," resurrection, Symbol of fertility, Jesus eternal does not ask, Symbol of futility! He said: "The supper dinner, It's my memory! " Dress up a "white coat" "And I will forgive you forever!" Rituals, baptism, drunkenness, It turns into profanity! The Bible is "living book" Do not be mistaken! Respecting Holy Scripture We respect God, And JAH of us endure, It includes us for His purpose! ❤.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•.❤
  11. Texas, USA..... This baptism took place in Edinburgh, Texas on 07/07/18 in a state prison. For the first time we were allowed to take pictures. She cries for joy because she has reached her baptism and in the picture they ask the 2 most important questions for the candidates to baptize ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
  12. NEW UNDERSTANDING, THAT ALMOST HAPPENS INADVERTED..... At the last meeting of the Watchtower, we were considering the article "Jehovah loves those who" bear fruit with endurance " In this article a new understanding on the part of the slave was opened to our mind. Paragraph 9 specifically says: "What is the fruit that we must produce?" Without a doubt, it must be something that we can all carry out, and what work has Jehovah commanded us all his servants? The preaching of the message of the Kingdom. Not many brothers and sisters captured this new understanding since they even came to quote me at the end of the meeting, an appointment that was made precisely the previous meeting based on a 2008 Watchtower, which says: 8:15. To be one of those who "retain [the word] and bear fruit with endurance", we must understand, assimilate and recognize the value of the Word of God. When we read the Bible and Christian publications, we need to pray and meditate. The first type of terrain is hard, the second is shallow and the third is full of thorns. The fourth, on the other hand, is a good land that produces fruit (Luke 8: 8). Remember that the sower of the parable can not control the results. Knowing this comforts all Christians and in particular those who have been many years, even decades, preaching faithfully without much apparent results. Why is that fact comforting them? The sower's fidelity is not measured by the results of their work. This was confirmed by Paul when he said: "Each person will receive his own reward according to his own work" (1 Corinthians 3: 8). What is rewarded is the work, not the results A sower of the word may not see that his work is bearing much fruit; however, that does not mean that you have been less diligent or faithful than others (end of quote) According to the brothers, what was said in paragraph 9 of the study of the Watchtower IS THE SAME thing that the Watchtower of 2008 already said. Even the one in 2010 and the one in 2015, said the same thing. BUT THEY ARE IN AN ERROR It really does not say the same thing. Let's look good. According to these ancient Watchtowers, what is called FRUIT? TO THE RESULTS, to the disciples. Therefore, the slave used to say that we should not worry if we do not get much fruit in the form of disciples. But now, the new understanding, makes us see that the FRUIT IS THE OWN PREACHING and that the seed that we sow, does not produce fruits, but more seeds. This understanding is more adjusted to Jehovah's way of thinking, where endurance applies more to the fruit of PREACHING, and is what our Father rewards.
  13. Queen Esther

    Some people say, *Dogs are my favorite people* ;-)

    SO cute pictures....
  14. One of the 7th biggest Conventions on EARTH, Lviv, Ukraine, July 2018 6 video's.... Enjoy
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