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  1. The exhortation to hospitality is supported by an encouraging reminder that in times past some who were hospitable were blessed with entertaining angels without even being aware of it. This allusion is most likely to that of Abraham and Sarah’s welcome three visitors who brought the good news of a promised son. I bet you are wondering about past dinners you have presented and the attendees now. Be nice to strangers!!!
  2. Interesting that in Matthew’s version he omitted that the weeds were sown “while everybody was asleep” “Sleep” is a metaphor for spiritual sloth or neglect.
  3. The distinctive element in this parable is that it involves two sowings. What kind of soil are you? What does the seed represent?
  4. Jesus according to Luke

    Jesus looked for secluded areas to pray in contrast with long public prayers for the sake of appearance. One of his shortest prayers was “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit” (23:46) The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus “when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying” (3:21) and on and on... If following Jesus Christ in the gospel of Luke means doing as Jesus does, then prayer is a vital part of being a follower of Jesus. Have you said a prayer yet today?
  5. Comment doit-on réagir quand on nous traite injustement ? la source
  6. Joels Prophezeiung ist für uns heute von großer Bedeutung. Sie spricht vom kommenden Tag Jehovas und erklärt, wie man diesen Tag überleben kann. Quelle
  7. When we receive unfair treatment, how should we react? Source
  8. ORIGINAL SONGS | Look at Me

    Make the most of the time spent with your brothers and sisters. Source
  9. Joel prophesied about the approaching “day of Jehovah” and identified the key to survival. His prophecy takes on greater urgency today. Source
  10. Wie kannst du reagieren, wenn andere gemein zu dir sind? Quelle
  11. Wie kannst du reagieren, wenn andere gemein zu dir sind? Quelle
  12. Joël a prophétisé sur le « jour de Jéhovah », qui est sur le point d’arriver, et a dit ce qu’il fallait faire pour y survivre. Sa prophétie est encore plus importante aujourd’hui. la source