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  1. Watch Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's address to the U.N.

    I can't bring myself to watch it... sorry.
  2. Film show: 'It', 'Loveless', 'Nothing to Hide' and 'The Party'

    It looks scary.... Stephen King is demonized I think. The man's brain is too warped toward pure evil to not be.... just sayin'
  3. Now why would Turkey want the Kurds to stay under Iraqi rule?
  4. He will need support for the ball and chains he will drag around in prison soon.
  5. France: Planned Obsolescense taken to task

    This is egregious!! The US needs to take this practice on.....
  6. Save the Children CEO on Rohingya crisis: 'Children are being shot at'

    I honestly had never heard of the Rohingya before this crisis....
  7. Save the Children CEO on Rohingya crisis: 'Children are being shot at'

    Nobody should be "shot at" ....
  8. Why was he not arrested before even stepping up to the platform?
  9. British PM expected to make offer to Brussels in upcoming speech

    "I have an offer you can't refuse"
  10. 'US threatens to totally destroy North Korea'

    I'm surprised they haven't already honestly....
  11. Puerto Rico Governor: "Major damage is inevitable"

    I hear the entire island is 100% out of power
  12. Israel PM Netanyahu: "Thank you President Trump!"

    US Alliance w/ Israel has never been stronger... never been deeper....
  13. How do you threaten total destruction to an entire country and NOT appear "bellicose"?