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  1. Just because Charles Taze Russell wrote those words... it doesn't make it "gospel" so to speak. Obviously there have been many changes over the last century of which we are all well aware. And obviously... CT Russell was mistaken. Not the first time. Doesn't make his work, ministry and contributions any less important. Just my 2 cents p.s. - it is always unfair to judge the people of past decades and centuries using current knowledge. In that time period he was revolutionary and turning over quite a number of entrenched beliefs and eccliesiastical structures that were in place.
  2. Someone responded to me today with this quote re: Bitcoin... made me smile. 😉 I actually wouldn't be surprised if Bethel is starting to allocate some holdings in Bitcoin as a way of preserving their assets against local governments around the world after Russia essentially just stole the Branch office. Multisig wallets across continents with many wallet addresses and hidden directors from various countries would make sense. Lawyers would have a very hard time tracking assets they don't even know exist under corporate structures and trusts they also don't know exist.
  3. In a significant real estate transaction, the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses has acquired the sprawling 236,365-square-foot office building on a 20-acre plot at 750 Woodbury Road, Long Island, from GEICO for a sum of $27 million. The sale marks a pivotal moment for both parties involved, signaling a new phase of development for the Woodbury property. https://irvingjournal.com/s/354/Jehovahs-Witnesses-Purchase-GEICO-Property-in-Long-Island-Unveil-Plans-for-Redevelopment-into-Assembly-Hall.php
  4. Since these were "recovered" from an older Google archive (copies from the JW-archive)... I wouldn't be surprised if they degraded the resolution on some of them.... sadly. ;-(
  5. The last one I posted in this thread is somewhat fuzzy...... But this other one for example is not...
  6. I think it has to do with opening them up 'en masse' versus 'one by one'...... something about the "lazy loading" by the browser? if not, then I apologize.... ;-(
  7. This Youtuber has Phd in Theological Studies and offers his personal opinions throughout. I thought it interesting to see how others view us....
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