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  1. The impossible burger contains a couple of oils, also an ingredient that they use in laxatives. and Heme that was discovered using stem cells (human) to replicate the juices in the patty. On the other side, I’m sure Burger King has a policy to clean the grill between real meat and plant based material. Anyone know if Beyond Meat is the same?
  2. In northern Russia, seven men have come forward to claim they were tortured by police because of their religious views. The men are all Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their organisation was banned by Russia’s Supreme Court in 2017 as extremist and dozens of Jehovah’s Witnesses have since been detained across the country. Officials in Surgut initially denied the reports of torture, but now say they will investigate. President Vladimir Putin has called the prosecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘utter nonsense’ and asked the Supreme Court for clarification on how the law is applied. BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford reports.
  3. You know how they always make jokes about how "any trained monkey" could do this or that?.... Well..... here is your trained monkey: getfvid_10000000_2770717826306973_1345826056581414912_n.mp4
  4. Look at the Harlot!!! (An even bigger one than Stormy Daniels) "Get out of her my people! ..... Here we see "Babylon the Great" (false religion) whoring herself with the "Kings of the Earth"...... her hands literally stroking the President. This will be a photo for history books.
  5. getfvid_76150449_426536118259953_1398161422789115904_n.mp4
  6. “As for me, in my integrity I shall walk.” (Psalm 26:11) "Divine Will International Assembly" of Jehovah's Witnesses held in the Yankee Stadium and New York Polo Grounds simultaneously1958 Watchtowerg-E * Awake yb-58E * Yearbook of Jehovah’s WitnessesFrom Paradise Lost to Paradise Regainedbi-isa * New World Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures IV: Isaiah – Lamentationsgr * God’s Kingdom Rules - Is the World’s End Near?yw * “Your Will Be Done on Earth”Branch Office Procedure of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of PennsylvaniaLearn to Read and Write (Spanish)Report of the Divine Will International Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses1958 Photos Part of the archive:
  7. "Divine Will International Assembly" of Jehovah's Witnesses held in the Yankee Stadium and New York Polo Grounds simultaneously, July 27-Aug. 3rd. On Aug. 1st. an audience of 194,418 adopts the resolution, which from paragraph 5 onward calls attention to the wicked world build up "since the founding of the city of Babylon." On Aug. 3rd., a public audience of 253,922 hear the Watch Tower Society president speak on the subject "God's Kingdom Rules - Is the World's End Near?" On July 30th. 7,136 were baptized, also the president released volume IV of the New World Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures to a crowd of 150,282. [653,273 publishers with 164 countries reporting in 1957, 10% increase over the 1956 service year, 16,883 congregations.] see w58 vol., pgs. 28-30. getfvid_10000000_2213169195642208_6198202385874026496_n.mp4
  8.  image.png the sprout is the Hebrew letter B Beth the arm of God and it represents Christ, the only begotten the alpha and omega (A to Z in our alphabet) the one who was, is and is to come. The B in the Hebrew is the first born of A - Aleph and B gives A a voice in this world by making the first word. The Word mentioned in John 1:1-3. The symbols were only a way to communicate like we could make the letter F out of a fork if we didn't already have the alphabet. All the letters of the Hebrew Alephbet were either farm tools or animals.

    "The Word" AB father, without B, or Beth, there is no house for Aleph to speak. Aleph is a silent letter until it has a chosen prophet. B is therefore the Beth, the house of God called Bethel, which is pronounced as such but is spelled Beth-al in the Hebrew. the Aleph, looks like an N,(א Aleph) The original symbol for Aleph was the head of a bull, see the confusion in Exodus, the golden calf. answering your question of 2016,

  9. getfvid_56954634_2397320196974264_7895197926492733440_n.mp4

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