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  1. You can tell it's from a few decades ago because it doesn't mention WWII and lists the USSR as a power at the end. The width of the color blocking is relative power at that time.
  2. @JW Insider is this actual "news" that I'm not aware of yet? Or what am I missing? @Witness Is there any proof that this is going on right now? Do we know the source?
  3. Interesting.. I never knew she was raised as one.... I do remember her famous "Piano in the dark song" or something like that. I've added her to my ever growing list: Thanks
  4. That is not how the law works in the USA. If there was a plea bargain, arraignment or even a plea entered there would be a record of that. You are making stuff up out of thin air at this point. All that can be seen at this point is the arrest and the charges.
  5. Window please.... LOL. Puts down the bucket.
  6. "law enforcement officers raided the homes of 1,166 worshippers’ families, the Jehovah’s Witnesses said" Somebody probably knows better than me... but I'm sure Russia has bigger problems than a perceived infestation of JW's? Big tough Russian Federal agents practice arresting and threatening bible toting preachers..... while American special forces are actively trying to take down ACTUAL TERRORISTS like ISIS. Something doesn't add up. Putin must have a grudge or just not have control of his own thugs. Or maybe he is too busy trying to learn hockey?
  7. "E-Tell is believed by some scholars, led by Prof. Rami Arav of the University of Nebraska in Omaha, to have been Geshur’s capital and is also thought to have been, centuries later, the village of Bethsaida, which features prominently in the New Testament. " ... "The preliminary analysis of the pottery dates the fort to the early Iron Age, specifically the 11th or 10th century B.C.E., Tzin says. This, according to the biblical chronology, would have been the time of the great united Israelite monarchy of David and Solomon, and Geshur is mentioned several times in the holy text in con
  8. Looks like Joe Biden won... NBC / AP are calling it now.... the next few days should be interesting to watch.
  9. U.S. daily coronavirus cases exceed 129,000, third day over 100,000 - I guess you were right.
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