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  1. @JW Insider did some actual research into this.... Here is what he found:
  2. This was the oldest sister who attended. From left to right 71,103 and 93 years. All Native Mayan speakers
  3. Are those cupcakes made with Splenda? I love Splenda. What are the attributes of Splenda that you love?
  4. The photo dates from 1957 the horse and buggy from an earlier era. The Kingdom Hall Store was located in Burt St Boulder Australia
  5. Three years 23,000 volunteers Prayers, sweat and Holy Spirit The world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses has been built in a beautiful setting in Warwick, New York. Are you looking forward to visiting?
  6. What is the theme of your baptism year??Mine was... Kingdom Truth~1982(Although mine was at a Circuit Assembly in Natick, Massachusetts not a district convention)
  7. showing the letters of encouragement that he has received while in jail

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