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  1. Did you note these paragraphs? Here are some of the websites that are not legitimate. "Furthermore, all four of the web sites use misleading web site names and URLs in an apparent attempt to trick readers into thinking that they were visiting a legitimate news source. For instance, the first USA News web site uses the domain fox-news24.com. However, this web site is not affiliated with the real Fox News. USA Television also uses a suspicious URL: ab.cnewsgo.com. Again, this web site is not affiliated with ABC News (whose URL is abcnews.go.com), or the real USA television network. The URLs for Houston News and the second USA News web site are similarly deceptive. Houston News uses the domain Houstonchronicle-tv.com, though is not affiliated with the real Houston Chronicle, and the second USA News web site also had a name unrelated to its domain: states-tv.com." Satan uses all sorts of means to deceive us. if this story is true, our brothers will tell us about it.
  2. Se llama Hno. Parkin. Lo conocí hace muchos años. El fue el superintendente de la sucursal en Puerto Rico hasta que fue cerrada.
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