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  1. Hi momtothree,

         My name is Teresa  and  I  would like to know if you  can  send  me  the  OCLM  WORKBOOK for  the  month of  December  2017. It  would  be  greatly appreciated  if you can. My  email address is: teresarchrdsn@yahoo.com. Thanks 

  2. Hi Librarian, My name is Teresa and I would like know if you have any of the information for this year's Pioneer Schools new text book ( Fully Accomplish Your Ministry " 2 Timothy 4: 5) I will be going to Pioneer School in August, and I feel that if I start to study before I receive my book I could be a little ahead. Along with all of my other studies I'm just trying to stay on top of it all. So if you have this information please send it to me. Thanks
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