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  1. Hello, no I did not post the study material. My question was directed to Twyla, asking her about the study material for the next two weeks. Thanks
  2. Hello Twyla, when will the weekly study material be available. I am a member.

    Janice Lewis     lewisjanice84@gmail.com

    Thank you

    1. T.B. (Twyla)

      T.B. (Twyla)

      Hi Janice,  I just posted for this week and next week,  I was late getting it out this time.  So the next post will be March 20th.  and I post 2 weeks at a time.. but I will add you to my email list and it should come to your email address.  The weeks are in the subject line.


  3. I need the material for the weekly meeting sent to me. April 25, 2023- May 7, 2023. Thank you for your help Janice Lewis lewisjanice84@gmail.com
  4. Why is the weekly Study Materials is marked unavailable?
  5. All of your hard work is so appreciative and very grateful.

  6. weekly study material


    1. Janice Lewis

      Janice Lewis

      Please send me Meeting Workbook for the week of 4/25/23-May 7/7/23.

      Thank you        lewisjanice84@gmaile.com

      Janice Lewis

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