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  1. Hi Momtothree

    I really miss the activity sheets for the young ones. Did I miss February?  If you are no longer making the activity sheets for the young, is there anyone who else may be ?

                                           thank you your sister katony

  2. Hi momtothree,

         My name is Teresa  and  I  would like to know if you  can  send  me  the  OCLM  WORKBOOK for  the  month of  December  2017. It  would  be  greatly appreciated  if you can. My  email address is: teresarchrdsn@yahoo.com. Thanks 

  3. Thanks so much for helping my little one be more prepared for meeting. I appreciate your labor of love and your willingness to share. 1 Cort. 15:58. Thanks again. Your Sister

    1. momtothree


      You're so welcome...I'm glad to help the littles! <3

  4. 2017/18 Convention or Assembly Coloring & Activity Sheets - (5 yrs and under) DON'T GIVE UP - Theme Can be used for: DON'T GIVE UP! Regional Convention DON'T GIVE UP IN DOING WHAT IS FINE - Circuit Assembly DON'T GIVE UP IN FULFILLING THE LAW OF CHRIST - Circuit Assembly DGU_under5.pdf
  5. Activity book for the "Don't Give Up - In Doing What Is Fine" Circuit Assembly 17/18 Available in EnglishFor aprox Ages 6 - 12+ ** Program Included ** Files Attached: Activity Book Teens Notebook Extra "My Notes" Page DGU_DoingFine17_18.pdf DGU_DoingFine17_18_teen.pdf DWIF_notes.pdf
  6. Re posting this activity book after some revisions - My kids found and pointed out some mistakes in the first one at our convention last weekend! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Attached is a 64 page Activity Workbook for kids for the 2017 "Don't Give Up!" Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. Includes: - Cover - 3 Day Program - Day Dividers - Notes Pages - Activity Pages 2017_RC_Kids.pdf
  7. Hi Marion, unfortunately I do not have it in word format. I created the books using Adobe Illustrator and did not save the text. I'm so sorry, I wish I could be of more help!
  8. Thought this might be the best spot for this since other convention downloads are here My FB group asked me to make some Caleb & Sophia badges for kids! Thought I would share here also. I am working on activity notebooks for the convention also. Will upload when they are finished! Kids17RCb1.pdf Kids17RCb2.pdf Kids17RCb3.pdf
  9. I have uploaded one for children! Found a couple regular ones on this site as well.
  10. Found and (edited) a kids activity notebook, thought I would share a FREE one for download and print/bind More for kids in the 8-12 age range. Also attached are extra color sheets activities for the smaller ones. 2016RCKids.pdf c_m.pdf

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