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    They are digging their own grave. This is not spiritual warfare. This is a lie.


  2. @Anna I’m glad she sued watchtower. I’m glad it’s public. You are right, she probably would have been like many of us has she still had ties to the .org. She would have been another silent victim. What would you prefer to have happened? This org is much too permissive of pedophiles. Won’t even let the congregation know- yet will give a local needs part about turning in field service time.
  3. @James Thomas Rook Jr. this article came from friendly atheist. Something stuck out to me that was so true: “Given Watchtower’s disrespect for the legal system, penchant for violating court orders and habitual disregard for the rules of the court from which it is begging for mercy, it is not the litigant to champion any allegedly important issue before this Court. This is not a case that warrants this Court’s time.”
      Hello guest!
  4. Yeah... my best advice is to let medical professionals do their job and keep your health care/treatment options private. Good of mental health to you! ☺️
  5. I was just speaking to a brother about this the other day. He had a sad look on his face and said, ‘Things have changed now. New light and we have a better understanding.’ ??‍♀️ One ‘prominent’ elder in a Hall was particularly hard on certain people. Today- his wife is schizophrenic. Doesn’t make any meetings. Even attacked his mother- fell down and broke her own leg! LoL. Now- why isn’t she publicly reproved for violence? Or labeled inactive? Or disfellowshipped for her crazy talking? ‘Back in the day’ She would have been kicked out on her broken leg. Or perhaps it would have depended on who she was/is related to too. Im glad things have changed. It’s been rough for some of our brothers. Very thought provoking question here.
  6. @James Thomas Rook Jr. only if you add HGH to your test injections will you at 71 become as a younger Arnold in his prime! LoL
  7. Omg. I don’t think this is what Jehovah meant when he said, ‘my name will become known’. I think sometimes we’re forgetting just how holy his name is. ‘Catch up with Jehovah’ though? See... A modern day Moses would go off. “I give you hotdogs and this is what you do!” LoL. ??‍♀️ Oh Jehovah, we’re really a mess. As a people...we need a rescuer forreal, but you already knew. You already saw it coming. ??‍♀️ Now I’ll never look at ‘catch up’ the same. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  8. @Chelita it’s in U.S. The person who sent me the picture is a family member NOT in the truth and he was shocked. He asked me, ‘Can y’all do that?’ So, it was an unfavorable witness. I’m certain they meant well but what is lawful is not always advantageous.
  9. No one is ‘judging’. It’s an opinion- your thoughts on the matter- kinda like you gave your thoughts and opinion. You call is a bold action that you give respect for. Okay. That’s fine. I personally think it’s a bit ‘churchy’ and a bit too much. The GB doesn’t even go this far. No one in Bethel would dare have this tag and I don’t think the organization had this in mind as a way to promote the website. Is it okay to hang a JW.og flag outside my home? Just sayin’. It’s just a bit much. As @Joan Kennedy said, ‘better not go 26mph in a 25mph zone.’ JW- the name comes with heavy responsibilities and driving a car with that tag can open JW.org up to harsh criticism, reproach and embarrassment. Imagine getting a red light ticket with your tag number: JW.org. Imagine folding that up to be mailed! LoL Oh my word! You’d better be the most courteous driver of all time! Or imagine someone else drove the car who wasn’t as ‘spiritual’ as this owner. Hmmmmmm.
  10. I understand the necessity and need and desire to preach the word and it’s urgency, however, would this be a witness if this person were pulled over by a cop? Or speeding? Or cut someone off? Or playing ‘worldlyÂ’ music? ItÂ’s a bit commercialized. I certainly would NEVER want to drive a car with that tag for ‘we all stumble many times.Â’ Driving in a neighborhood could be a ‘warningÂ’ instead of a witness. Idk. How far is too far?
  11. Bethelite Bobby Brother with a box of band-aids just isn't the surgeon you want working on your heart.
  12. @strawberrymermaidIm pretty late in responding but uh... Call your local Kingdom Hall. Any elder can give it to you.

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