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  1. It is true that Satan is on the warpath because he is soon to lose his kingdom. (Rev 20:7-9) But what happened in 1914 was not because Jesus became King. Satan was accommodating a false prophesy. Jesus became king in the first century. (John 18:33,36,37; Matt 21:1-5; Luke 17:21; 1 Pet 3:22; Matt 28:18; Eph 1:20; Ps 110:1; 1 Cor 15:25; 2 Pet 3:8; Mat 12:8; Isa 60:22) The literal signs of the end times that you and Wt state are the result of Jesus’ kingship, happened in Satan’s realm. Jesus said his kingdom is no part of this world. (John 18:36) Why then, would the signs of his kin
  2. I don’t recall the apostles conforming to the belief of three major meetings per year. Their goal was to make the effort to move away from such traditions. (Col 2:16,17) I use to swallow down the idea that three yearly meeting were “biblical”, but with the coming of Jesus Christ and the “new” way to worship – in spirit and in truth – I now see the organization reverting right back to beliefs before Jesus came to earth. Is Jesus the organization's stumbling block? Is it caught between a hybrid of worship involving the nation of Israel, and its temple worship and traditions, while refusing
  3. It is hard to face truth, is this the real reason why you have decided not to peek? So, Your GB member A. Morris is totally sane about expressing what Armageddon will be like – people dead along the streets, looking like “charred hotdogs”. This said in a mixed audience of adults and children. If I was to wager, I would say A. Morris who has a very boastful appearance before all, most definitely has a demon causing his mental illness; and it doesn’t necessarily come from a bottle. Of course, his character in these matters probably doesn’t come up too much in conversation among JWs
  4. This reminds me of Jer 5:30,31 which sums up the GB/false prophets, and the elder "priests" who "represent the royal priesthood"; and whose authority to do so, cannot be challenged. “A horrible and shocking thing has happened in the land: The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?"
  5. Although Jesus was labeled as the apostate, the great apostasy was committed by the Pharisees and those who remained under their rule. Jesus said, “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” Matt 7:13 Jesus is the gate, the door to eternal life – NOT an earthly organization full of 8 million or so people. (John 10:7-10) How do Jesus' spiritual words transform into an earthly organization that contributes to the world of corruption? (Job 14:4) His words are pure and true. (John 17:17) We are
  6. Where does the greater number lie, in apostates, or in the number of JWs worldwide? Who comprised the greater number in Jesus' day who was treated as an apostate along with his disciples; the Jews, or the Christians?
  7. Interesting that you brought art fraud up...and not by accident. I should be thankful for the reminder, since there are always new ones checking in on this forum.
  8. You can read minds? Or, do you have a crystal ball where you can watch all anointed in the organization where they go? You know the history of those who have left the organization? Again, the "good news" is preached to the "inhabited earth" - God's "land" - "Israel", as a "testimony to all the nations". You're barking up the wrong tree; or I should say, you are knocking on the wrong door. Okay, I'm leaving scriptures which I know bother you. Just copy, and paste and them on biblegateway. Perhaps you can see who receives the message in the last days. I so wish you could. Ez
  9. I know I'm the last person you want hear from again, but I hope you just reason on a few things. You are saying that everyone who abandons the organization are deceived, while everyone who remains in the organization; and listens to doctrine that out of necessity, must be changed…calling it “new light”…are not deceived. Does this make sense to you? Were you never deceived into believing in a doctrine, that eventually was replaced? Of course, all JWs have experienced this. Do you remember what D. Splane said about the locusts in Joel? The man obviously had to cover over for the inabil
  10. Each anointed one in the organization should stand up for Jesus Christ and speak truth when they see errors made in teachings, and cruel acts committed. This is what is called following in Christ's footsteps. God expects that of them. God is not going to expect people to sit on their haunches until He fixes the errors. The apostles took Jesus' lead and "fixed" the errors. Our hearts are judged by our stand for righteousness, or unrighteousness. If we "shrink back" out of fear, where do we stand before God? Does God LACK TRUST in JWs? Are they defending Him, His Truth and His Son?
  11. You misunderstood me. I was only replying to Srecko's comment, in particular.. Contrary to what you think, the WT is very much bothered by exjws and "opposers". That's why they send out their sharks, to report back to the wolves about what's happening out there, with both exjws AND JWs. If they weren't "bothered", they wouldn't be up in arms about "despicable apostates". They wouldn't attempt to shut down exjw youtube channels. You're really into the lawyer stuff and how necessary it is to guard your "watchtower". Jesus condemned the lawyers in his day, be
  12. The GB would not bother giving the warning, or forbidding JWs to "go there", if they didn't have their sharks hunting the waters for them, who then report to the wolves. Or, maybe in their spare time, in the privacy of their own room, the wolves also visit the forums, and listen to videos. So, the sharks and the GB are immune to what happens on the forums. They can thwart any demonic persuasion that they may read, while the rank and file are too ignorant to protect themselves? "I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. 30 Men will r
  13. One more thing. Decades of full-time service are enough to call oneself the “faithful and discreet slave” appointed over God’s household of saints. Is this correct? Sheesh. If that’s all that matters to you, why don’t you just join the Mormon Church? All of their leaders are “apostles” and there are 12 of them! You know, in Freemasonry, dedicated service can lead to an "anointing". And they wear pinky rings also. Didn't he lie about the child abuse issue? Yes, he would lie. Look how easy it is for you to lie.
  14. So, you're checking in 3-4 times a day? What are you even doing there? You're quite the liar, Tom. 3-4 "diatribes" per day? I'm glad if I get anything posted there once a week. Surely you remember who calls apostates "despicable", don't you? Upstaging? Your wicked slave has upstaged all anointed in the organization and you don't see it. Your elder body has upstaged the anointed priesthood, and you don't see it.
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