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  1. I would have to agree with you on this one. I just have to remember to include certain “witnesses” here that don’t accept God’s word as well. What I don’t appreciate though is being made an example of by TTH when he should concentrate on rebuking others or none of us at all. Where does he get off singling out someone before he takes a hard look at himself first? Just because I gave a reason why, certain governments are now looking at restricting access to the internet because of privacy and data breach concerns that will limit hate speech on another post, he goes out and insults me. Who in the world does this Christian think he is. To me, he is nobody. By the way TTH. We haven’t seen you communicating with JWinsider just like when a member of our group “Billythekid46” got banned because of both of you. We know how you operate, bronze. If you want to continue to pretend, that’s your bag of lies. I won’t respond to JTR narcissism and uneducated antics. But thanks for the inspirational message.
  2. It’s not anger, it’s responding to outsiders the way they talk about the Org. Interestingly, you only like to rebuke witnesses for telling the truth. I would suggest you look at yourself before you attempt to rebuke others. That way, you won’t seem to defend ex-witnesses like Anna, ComfortMyPeople, JWinsider, JTR. Even though you seem screwy and cantankerous. Don’t worry so much about Moses. Instead concentrate on what Jesus will do with the sheep and goats. Once again, if you are going to use me as an example, be prepared to put your Bible Knowledge to the test. If not, lay-off. I know, you are setting me up to be “banned” just like others that defend the truth. That's okay, you can't delete everyone in this world. Part of regulating data. It is to keep people like you that are biased, to treat matters on equal footing.
  3. Since you want to use me as an example and NOT an outsider, and since you want to defend outsiders because you’re too lazy to get your own material for your books, then accept the consequences when you and your kind exploit something that was supposed to be beneficial for all of us. It’s your kind that ruined it. You and your kind took the freedom of speech to a different level, it became acceptable to the devil. Why have someone call themselves “witnesses” when in reality they are, apostates. So, don’t push it off on The WorldNewsMedia. Deal with the consequences you and JWinsider made the WorldNewsMedia out to be. It then falls on you, which makes the Witnesses look ridiculous!
  4. I'm sure you know better between computer hacking, and literal hacking. Why would you demonstrate how you really feel about hacking to pieces, JW's. I'm sure there are laws against that in your country. At least for the time being. I don't think I need to show you the definition of computer hacking. Maybe I do. Computer hacking refers to the practice of modifying or altering computer software and hardware to accomplish a goal that is considered to be outside the creator's original objective. Those individuals who engage in computer hacking activities are typically referred to as " hackers ." No, I’m educating you on how not to argue silly things. Font size is irrelevant. If you have a problem with it, then speak, not to the “owner” of The WorldNewsMedia, but to the owner of this part of the site. TTH and JWinsider. It would be simple to conclude, JTR also has special privileges since evil and disingenuous people like him have to fight off other people that speak the truth. Once a leech latches on to suck the blood, it’s difficult to remove. I agree with Arauna, and Melinda, the original POST is JW OPPOSERS GROUPS. Let’s keep the “KISS” ideology on every subject you wish to degrade, without diminishing your opinion with silly things.
  5. I would suspect this question to be for witness. That person goes out on every subject to see what will stick. Jesus's appearance that should be portrayed in the best light for Christians, has been a failure to argue, just to find another thing to criticize the Org for and backfire for non-Christians. Since you are the same, then both of you are failing by arguing nonsense.
  6. Since you are an uneducated individual, I will refer you to TTH and JWinsider on why the fonts end up the way they do. It’s their code on this forum. It’s their attempt to hack certain people to find whatever they are looking for. Don't subject yourself to childish posts.
  7. I will say, you are stretching the boundary of scripture in all your comments. I guess you were there to know, when Jesus went to the Temple, he was filthy, and unclean. Providing he did go after being in the wilderness for 40 days without cleaning up first. That seems deceptive and is an antithetical approach to what Jesus looked like. If you want to depict Jesus looking like an animal just like Nebuchadnezzar looked like when he went insane, and want to convince people you know better, just to win a failing argument, you have no faith, and you are no Christian. I suspect Jesus had more “respect” and “honor” for his father than what you are making him out to be. The Watchtower depiction of Jesus shows him as the Son of God, the Son of Man, and a Great Teacher. What does your depiction show, an erred perception of long hair, just like Christendom.
  8. Hmmm. No spiritual insight by you and your kind. You can show depiction of Jesus all you want. It doesn’t prevent the fact that you are wrong just like your former religion was wrong, just like your new religion is wrong. It is a futile endeavor to insinuate what you and science think Jesus looked like. The Watchtower just like everyone else can be confident, Jesus didn’t have long hair just like your depiction shows. His skin color was native to the Nazarene's. Olive color. Some stipulate Jesus was a lighter shade of olive color. What his eye color was, is debatable. What clothes he wore is debatable. If people had their feet washed, sandals were probably used. Another mistake made by you to justify your inconsistent message. Scripture does stipulate in 1 Corinthians 11:14 the roles in worship. If you can’t understand scripture, why bother with pictures. Today’s depiction of Christ by the Watchtower regardless of the criticism here by you is closer to being correct than how Christendom, still continues to portray Christ including yourself.
  9. Then your own sarcastic eyes deceive you since Catholics are the ones that started, Jesus was white, blonde hair, blue eyes through its early teachings of the Vatican. Don’t be deceptive to ignore your own failure as a human being if you consider yourself Christian. Writing, Jehovah’s Witnesses organization over and over to insinuate you’re more of a failure than the organization is telling enough. The same kind of information is found with people that support your kind of disingenuous substance by their submissions.
  10. Something that's often done to people here for the wrong reasons. Data privacy is one way to regulate hate speech. Now that I know you are NOT a JW, then I understand the "BAN" on honesty in which you prohibit certain speech, thanks. There should be no further inference TTH.
  11. Instead of sarcasm, try looking at the picture posted by that individual, and the time frame it indicates. Then Srecko can really laugh on how silly your post is, along with Anna that likes a demeaning and ignorant post.
  12. How did you see Jesus when you were young? Let's try to be a little honest.
  13. Why would you continue false information and hate to continue? Didn't you say you are a witness? The problem is, California usually sets a legal precedent for other states to follow. If anything, you should blame people like JTR, witness, Shiwiii, Srecko, etc. for having the government to rethink how much freedom of speech has, especially when it threatens the lives of people by hate speech. What should be advocated is the censorship of such people in websites. Since Webmasters aren't willing, then it's up to the government to take control. Then again, you should know being a webmaster.

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