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  1. Hmm! Let’s see. 4 and 8. What does that make them, children or an adult with a hunger for a child? That you (sod!) is meaningless rhetoric. Much of what you, TTH, JTR, and Anna are accustomed to. No different from those (ponce) ex-witnesses that have no life but to be here spewing their venom while JTR defends them against bullies while being a bully himself. Yet he has the nerve to question my state of mind when you people are worse, good one JTR. Everything a pedophile would think of.
  2. I don’t know, does your mommy let you use hers? When it comes to attacking the Watchtower you pathetic people talk a big game, but when one of you is as disgusting and pathetic as any pervert, then it’s get your mind out of the gutter and grow up. Why don’t you grow up and get a life. Better yet, go back to that pathetic church you go to and confess your blasphemous sins to get a peace of mind that they can wash them away, while knowing they cannot.
  3. Whatever you have to tell yourself. Personally, I was referring to the "optics" not the pathetic attempts you're trying so hard to justify. I guess that's what a disgusting pervert needs to keep telling himself to sleep good at night. Had he been 47, she would have been 7 years old or nonexistent, with a perversion in his mind by thinking of having someone that young or hasn't been born as a sex partner. There's no way out of the depravity and sickness JTR. I just hope you weren't married when you made the play. That in itself is disgusting. But given the environment here, not surprising.
  4. Hmm! Trying to justify yourself like a pedophile would by looking for excuses to say it's not wrong. The same can be applied to anyone with a huge age difference.
  5. It's good you can insult yourself TTH. If it was one in our group your hypocrisy would be apparent when someone would log in to find the word “Banned” deleted because of faceless witnesses not in good standing like Anna, JWinsider, JTR that even Matthew9969 considers “lukewarm”. They are not lukewarm but an affront to false prophets. Now show the world by censoring, deleting, or banning me, as is accustomed by you, people here. You can tell the truth about yourself, but others can’t. Remember, Anna hates bad grammar just like the pathetic commentaries made by JWinsider, JTR to make light of those mistakes as though anyone really cared about those pathetic comments. Let it go author, you’re not fooling anyone. You, Anna, JTR, JWinsider are too predictable now.
  6. I don’t believe anyone has said JWinsider wrote those books and that your grammar is lousy, even though your gang seems to "harp" on it, including you as I recall with a few people here, that's rich so let’s get off that deception and not change the subject. I believe the point is, your weak assertion that a witness not in good standing gave you input and you lied about it. Now you seem to imply you regret not listening to a person that goes against the bible principle and has unchristian conduct to say the least as his strength. I think that’s where “birds of a feather flock together” surmises. I don’t know who’s worse when it comes to deception. But then again, writers do have to stick together, especially ones that are not important and corrupt just like one from the other post. You are also correct when you state none of you here are true witnesses. If I didn’t know better, “Anna” quoted from a former member of the LDS in her remarks. I wonder if Anna and JWinsider are LDS disguising themselves as witnesses. Speculation, maybe far-fetched, maybe not. That certainly would answer a lot of questions, wouldn’t it? If I recall, JWinsider once said he couldn’t get enough of Ellen G. White quotes here.
  7. Ah! How sweet, TTH cares. They pretend to despise one another, but from author to novelist, the bond is greater between writers, that’s lovable. However, was JTR already married? The Oscar goes to!
  8. I can't remember JTR, which one did you give me? The (RED PILL) or the (BLUE PILL). Which one works in your fantasy world the best?
  9. Hmm! What you are saying, you would excuse your behavior just like a pedophile. Well! Well! How many 6.6 white males with your name on it are there in this world, expect of course senior. Maybe the 4th. Oh! No, wait a minute, that’s you too. I didn't want to embarrass you more by saying you would actually be 53 years old, while The Ukrainian sister would be 13 years old, at 66. A 34 year difference. 😎 If I was you, I would deny! Deny! Deny! Being a bully, advocate and all. That doesn’t make it any less factual. 😁 No! No! No! Computer hacking attempts! TTH, JWinsider 😉
  10. James Thomas Rook, Jr. I was just curious. You say you’re an advocate against bullies. You are an advocate in support of apostates that have dug in their pathetic heels about a global epidemic of child abuse to single out the Watchtower. 1. How are you NOT a bully here? 2. What would be the difference when you were 66 years old hitting on a 32 year old Ukraine sister? Keep in mind, when you were 32-34 years old, she would have been 13 years old. So forth and so on. Now I understand the defense, I didn’t ask anyone that young, she was 32 years old. I’m referring to the optics of the age difference had you been younger and wooing the same girl with that amount of age difference. My question is, how can a pathetic, sick pervert justify their mental state and defend themselves with that of a significant age difference that can’t be compared to how a pedophile views younger children? Wouldn’t the optics be the same in the heart and mind of said individual? What you are saying, You want a world with NO authority. You are advocating this system be run in chaos. You prefer to see humanity as it was before the flood. Check Please!
  11. TTH, I would go back to past comments and say it again with a straight face. Even I recall, when you mentioned JWinsider as the only one giving input.
  12. I would have to agree with you on this one. I just have to remember to include certain “witnesses” here that don’t accept God’s word as well. What I don’t appreciate though is being made an example of by TTH when he should concentrate on rebuking others or none of us at all. Where does he get off singling out someone before he takes a hard look at himself first? Just because I gave a reason why, certain governments are now looking at restricting access to the internet because of privacy and data breach concerns that will limit hate speech on another post, he goes out and insults me. Who in the world does this Christian think he is. To me, he is nobody. By the way TTH. We haven’t seen you communicating with JWinsider just like when a member of our group “Billythekid46” got banned because of both of you. We know how you operate, bronze. If you want to continue to pretend, that’s your bag of lies. I won’t respond to JTR narcissism and uneducated antics. But thanks for the inspirational message.
  13. It’s not anger, it’s responding to outsiders the way they talk about the Org. Interestingly, you only like to rebuke witnesses for telling the truth. I would suggest you look at yourself before you attempt to rebuke others. That way, you won’t seem to defend ex-witnesses like Anna, ComfortMyPeople, JWinsider, JTR. Even though you seem screwy and cantankerous. Don’t worry so much about Moses. Instead concentrate on what Jesus will do with the sheep and goats. Once again, if you are going to use me as an example, be prepared to put your Bible Knowledge to the test. If not, lay-off. I know, you are setting me up to be “banned” just like others that defend the truth. That's okay, you can't delete everyone in this world. Part of regulating data. It is to keep people like you that are biased, to treat matters on equal footing.
  14. Since you want to use me as an example and NOT an outsider, and since you want to defend outsiders because you’re too lazy to get your own material for your books, then accept the consequences when you and your kind exploit something that was supposed to be beneficial for all of us. It’s your kind that ruined it. You and your kind took the freedom of speech to a different level, it became acceptable to the devil. Why have someone call themselves “witnesses” when in reality they are, apostates. So, don’t push it off on The WorldNewsMedia. Deal with the consequences you and JWinsider made the WorldNewsMedia out to be. It then falls on you, which makes the Witnesses look ridiculous!
  15. I'm sure you know better between computer hacking, and literal hacking. Why would you demonstrate how you really feel about hacking to pieces, JW's. I'm sure there are laws against that in your country. At least for the time being. I don't think I need to show you the definition of computer hacking. Maybe I do. Computer hacking refers to the practice of modifying or altering computer software and hardware to accomplish a goal that is considered to be outside the creator's original objective. Those individuals who engage in computer hacking activities are typically referred to as " hackers ." No, I’m educating you on how not to argue silly things. Font size is irrelevant. If you have a problem with it, then speak, not to the “owner” of The WorldNewsMedia, but to the owner of this part of the site. TTH and JWinsider. It would be simple to conclude, JTR also has special privileges since evil and disingenuous people like him have to fight off other people that speak the truth. Once a leech latches on to suck the blood, it’s difficult to remove. I agree with Arauna, and Melinda, the original POST is JW OPPOSERS GROUPS. Let’s keep the “KISS” ideology on every subject you wish to degrade, without diminishing your opinion with silly things.
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