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  1. After WW I, there was only one populated place on Earth that had no cases of the "Spanish Flu" American Samoa, in the Pacific Ocean ... because they locked down their borders 100%
  2. You're GUESSING! You yourself said that the GB has no idea how to account for donated funds (paraphrased). Let me know when you have hard data for either topic..
  3. My wife and celebrated the Memorial last night about 9PM ... I bought a bottle of Chianti wine, and she prepared the unleavened bread. THEN ... I realized that the wine bottle had a cork, and not a screw off cap. Who knew? I did NOT have a corkscrew, but did have a portable, battery operated Ryobi tire inflator, which had a fitting to insert into basketballs and such, to inflate the balls ... a hollow needle to insert into the ball. So I pushed the needle into the cork as far as it would go, and turned on the inflator.... pressurizing the wine bottle ... and the cork slowly pushed itself up out of the bottle, while my wife kept yelling "It;s gonna explode! It's gonna explode!", and retired to another room. We read the entire Matthew and Luke account of the Passover and first Memorial, and followed that example, and after the closing prayer, we tasted both the bread and wine. I ate the bread and shared it with my seven dogs, which several loved, and several ignored.. It is my understanding that all dogs naturally go to Heaven. ... cats, perhaps 5%.
  4. And the thought just occurred to me .... I have never, EVER seen a LOAF of bread at the Memorial ... its always as flat as a road kill squirrel.
  5. ...sometimes .... when they open the reports slip box, they will find a well chewed pacifier .....
  6. They will count baptized children, down to the age of three, or if they have been potty trained, down to the age of two.
  7. I have an observation now. For many decades occasionally I would express the wish that sometime, before I die, I would like to hear a Memorial Talk given ENTIRELY from the Book of Luke, who gives details found nowhere else ..... but in over 50 years that I have been paying attention, the complete account has NEVER been spoken of from the platform. This Tuesday will be the first time. if I make a recording of my own ten minute Memorial.
  8. The worst that could POSSIBLY happen is that Joe Biden wins the Presidency on a Joe Biden/Hillary Clinton ticket, Joe goes completely senile after two years of being Clinton's hand puppet, and BroomHilda, the darling of Benghazi, becomes President.. That WOULD be the Zombie Apocalypse.
  9. Sometimes ... you have to choose the lesser of two evils. My considered estimate was that Trump would destroy the United States economy in 50 years due to national debt. My considered estimate was that Clinton would destroy it in six years due to Liberal Snowflake corruption and mismanagement. With Trump ... I will be safely dead.
  10. Could be worse .... could be BroomHildaBeast, darling of Benghazi.
  11. Why spend 2.2 TRILLION dollars for something that kills less people than yearly influenza and flu? Almost all politicians are over 60.

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