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  1. $25,000 for one-day assembly in our area

    When I propose mindless fluff, I do not mind, AllenSmith, because I have YOUR mind in mind. By the way .... you just did EXACTLY what Matthew9969 accused you of. ZING! Is it any different from the mindless fluff, you, JTR, and others offer as tangible proof?
  2. Does the Governing Body live on-campus or off-campus?

    AllenSmith: I used to live in Malibu, California, on the Beach ... and in Hollywood, California in a "Hill House", overlooking Los Angeles lights and watched ships out at sea from my back deck ... from income generated by my own hand. You NEVER know what you are talking about, and this is no exception. You also never answer important questions, but attack the person asking them, as you have done here. You are possibly a very fine Brother, among some I probably would not get along with, otherwise.
  3. Does the Governing Body live on-campus or off-campus?

    ( JTR pauses to throw a brick through the plate glass window...) Remember the original question? "DOES THE GOVERNING BODY LIVE ON CAMPUS OR OFF CAMPUS? I would like to supplement that with: "Who lives in the Watchtower owned residence valued at 1.4 MILLION DOLLARS in Colony Park gated community, 35 miles from the Campus?" Hmmmm?
  4. National School Walkout

    There is a Klingon saying: "A fast man with a sharp knife, can slit a thousand throats a night."
  5. National School Walkout

    John: It is clear from my comment ... and what you got out of it ... which are completely unrelated ... that your reading comprehension skills are filtered through your particular AGENDA driven thought processes, or that you have no reading comprehension skills. I offered for consideration a rational POSSIBILITY in keeping with real current events ... NOT a desire that it would happen. I personally feel reassured when good men and/or women walk around town with loaded guns ... you feel threatened. I live in a ZERO CRIME neighborhood in my end of the subdivision I live in, because EVERYBODY shoots off their back deck, and the folks who own the farm next to my lot apparently have a LOT of money for ammunition, as on Sundays. it sounds like a target range. What you hear is a cause for fear .... I hear as the SOUNDS OF FREEDOM! I mow my lawn with gunfire on both sides of me without apprehension, because I know these folks are intelligent, safety conscious, responsible people. You need to associate with a better class of people, or teach yourself to become one... .... or live in irrational fear as you do now. These things happen EVERYWHERE ... you just are unaware of it. Knives are used more than 6 times as often as guns in murders ... and bare hands and feet about 2.5 times more than rifles. ... and anyone nuts enough to do so can ram a crowd with a 2,000 pound car at 60 mph and kill and maim dozens. I guess the REAL answer to your agenda loaded question is what always answers the various questions that are elusive. INFINITE VARIETY.
  6. Does the Governing Body live on-campus or off-campus?

    An old but interesting book to read is "The Gospel According to Billy". He had quite the mechanized operation, but he was loved by EVERYBODY .... because he paid list price for everything, and paid C.O.D. None of this "wait 120 days or four billing cycles..." When his operations moved to Charlotte, NC about a dozen years ago, it created a real estate boom. I often think that if he did not have a square jaw, and a Lion's mane .... but looked and sounded like Danny Divito, if he would have been as well received.
  7. $25,000 for one-day assembly in our area

    Sadly .... no. The first thing I go to when I visit someone at their house is their bookcases, to see what they read .... and all too often I have seen NOTHING but the Society's publications. It is as if ignorance is a badge of honor.
  8. National School Walkout

    John: That is a fair question .... ( the irony of me replying to you after the above, does not go un-noticed...) No, I never was. I was 18 during the peak of the Vietnam War, and was a Conscientious Objector. My file was about 4" thick at the Selective Service Office, and the committee assembled with me at the end of the long table threatened to send me to prison for five years, if I refused induction. They realized I was as serious and resolute as a heart attack ... and I was granted my "I-O" (Conscientious Objector) status, and was excused from military service. War is a political activity to force people to do things you want as a matter of national policy. I did not like "policy wonks" at age 18 ... and I do not like them now. That is one of many reasons that I appreciate the training I had as a 1960's era Jehovah's Witness ..... it saved me from killing a lot of innocent people. Personal Self Defense is NOT War. Oh, and because there are at least three "Tom"s on the archive, by convention and preference JTR works without ambiguity.
  9. National School Walkout

    When you are unable or unwilling to explain a simple sentence that you, yourself authored ... ... that in itself is pitiable. It was an honest question, and the response was evasion ... ... that in itself is arrogance and dishonesty.
  10. National School Walkout

    What does THAT mean?
  11. $25,000 for one-day assembly in our area

    We have gone a LOOOong way since we were simple Bible Students seeking the approval of Jehovah God and his Christ. lyrics to Mercedes Benz / Janis Joplin Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ? My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends, So Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ? Oh Lord, won't you buy me a color TV ? Dialing For Dollars is trying to find me. I wait for delivery each day until three, So oh Lord, won't you buy me a color TV ? Oh Lord, won't you buy me a night on the town ? I'm counting on you, Lord, please don't let me down. Prove that you love me and buy the next round, Oh Lord, won't you buy me a night on the town ? Everybody! Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ? My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends, Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends, So oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?
  12. National School Walkout

    ... and as far as being footstep followers of Jesus Christ ... there is NO RECORD of any children being Baptized in the Bible, and Jesus himself was age 30 when he was Baptized. We are baptizing children at the ages of 8, and up. Follow Jesus? Gimmee a BREAK! His example is being totally ignored.
  13. National School Walkout

    John: You are certainly entitled to your opinions ...... and the writers of the Insight Volumes were certainly entitled to their OPINIONS. Remember the Feburary 2017 Watchtower where the GB admitted for the first time what has been for so very long painfully obvious ... that they are " ... neither inspired of God, or infallible"? DUH! Get back in your Squad Car, Dick Tracy ! The fact of the matter is that it was common practice for Galileans to be armed at all times .... the ones who were not armed were often naked from being robbed, and perhaps dead in the middle of the road ... or worse. As Luke 22:36 points out ... the Apostles had the own PERSONAL swords with them in the room at Passover, and at the first Memorial ... or do you think the caterer provided swords, that back then were as expensive as a fine camera today, to cut their mutton? ... and it was not to protect themselves from 2nd story BEARS in downtown Jerusalem. My take on Jesus' words were that cutting off the ear of the slave of the High Priest was ENOUGH to demonstrate that their illegal arrest of Jesus at night would be "expensive" for them if they were really not going to take him to trial, but summary execution. Perhaps one day some nutcase will shoot up your Kingdom Hall with you inside. Please feel free to throw your cell phone at him, because it will be all over by the time you get a police response. Besides, I think it is IMMORAL to the extreme ... to ask a Babylonian Police Officer to put his life on the line for ANYONE ... if ... they are not willing to defend themselves.
  14. National School Walkout

    So, TTH ... who actually "lives by the sword"? I have carried weapons every day for over 50 years, and have never hurt or killed ANYONE. I have, however, encouraged some bad actors to behave themselves. ..... I had to stop typing for a few minutes, now I am back. My wife, Susan, was crying her eyes out at her computer about stories of people that were killed in Florida, wailing that these people "... never had a chance at life ....", spoken through racking sobbing. They never had a chance ... because GOOD MEN were forbidden to do what GOOD MEN do, and forbidden to have with them the tools they needed to do it. The two coaches who were shot down running TOWARD the gunfire were MEN. They too, never had a chance of surviving the encounter, but they did it anyway. MEN of honor do not have a craven fear of death.
  15. National School Walkout

    Germany for a hundred years has had EXCELLENT and almost total civilian gun control ... so had the old Soviet Union, and the Empire of Japan ... and now the Russian Federation. So does North Korea, and China. ... and as far as it is possible for a person to be peaceable with all people , we all remember 75 years ago what a comforting people the Germans and Japanese were.