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  1. My wife just fixed me some popcorn ... I think I will just sit back and watch this one ....
  2. 4J; You need to go back, and carefully read what you have written. It is ENTIRELY based on false assumptions, and on how you FEEL surely what must be the case.. Just as an interesting aside .... not related to my trying to answer the the question of "Why ... ?", is that the development of atomic energy to make an atomic bomb contributed more to medical technology, by a factor of at least 100 to 1, than the human cost of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, since 1945. Every hospital in America, and my cardiologist, uses radioactive materials to diagnose and treat, and often cure disease of every sort. She gets canisters of short lived radioactive material every morning from a Pharmacy that daily creates and dispenses radioactive materials, because their half-lives are so short, by late afternoon, they are expended.
  3. ...if you keep your left thumb on the edge of your monitor, as you read ... you will not lose your place.
  4. Again ... we are talking about two ENTIRELY different things. OF COURSE it was not a righteous trial. OF COURSE Jesus did not get Justice. You live in a fantasy world of fantasy expectations. Jehovah God does not. That is why when considering the foibles, and limitations of all secular society ... he does NOT consider warfare to be the same as first degree premeditated murder. What I am trying to figure out is exactly WHY? I think it is a fair statement that you need to catch up on your reading or pay attention to what I have ALREADY said, which makes your indignant comments superfluous and immaterial.
  5. Jesus willingly walked into a known death trap ... but it was constructed by the Jews, and sprung by the Romans after an unfair trial .... but it was a legal trial ... and it was done by the Roman government having military occupation of Israel.
  6. It seems that here James is, in his two SEPARATE sentences .... referring to murder in one case.... and fighting and waging war as being something different. That makes sense to me, as all the examples in the Bible show the same thing ... as well as that being the understanding of the entire civilized world's sovereign governments. Further, Jesus was executed after a trial by a sovereign government, and it is NEVER referred to him as having been " murdered ".. . anywhere ... by anybody .... ever.
  7. Hmmmmmmm.... that brings up an interesting question ... for those angelic forces that war against God ... are there any mortal casualties on either side ... or is it just a big shoving match? If two angels fight ... does one get killed and the other perhaps only seriously wounded? It seems to me that the term "war" would result in massive casualties ( ... that means DEAD, for those in Rio Linda ...) on at least one side, and possibly BOTH sides ... otherwise it would not be a war at all. Here is where I might insert a joke about them ripping each others' feathers out .... but I will refrain.
  8. CC: EVERYTHING you said in the above post is true .... but is completely beside the point ... and completely misses the POINT of the discussion. It is similar to me asking why automobiles are manufactured in the United States ... and you give a dissertation of the nitrogen cycles of various soil conditions, optimized for corn production... all interesting discussions, and somewhat related as to whether of not corn will grow well, but all the verbiage, charts and graphs, and stuff, related to corn. have NOTHING to do with the question of car manufacture ! NOTHING you have said above ... NOTHING WHATSOEVER, has anything at all to do with answering the ONLY question I brought up... "WHY .... doesn't Jehovah God consider warfare ... murder?" My best guesses looking at how Jehovah has acted, what He has done, and what He has said about BOTH types of homicide, show that he DOES NOT view them the same way There are irrefutable facts, that can be directly observed, from the Biblical record. What I am trying to codify, and correctly understand ...is NOT what ... that can be clearly seen ... what I want to know is ... WHY? I want to Grok. THAT is my agenda. Your agenda appears to be to defend something that was NOT disparaged, completely off topic.
  9. Arauna: You misapply what I am saying in every way. I am not saying that warfare is acceptable for Christians .... I am saying that to the best of my knowledge ... warfare is NOT considered by God to be murder. That is my best guess looking at how Jehovah has acted, what He has done, and what He has said about BOTH types of homicide. There are irrefutable facts, that can be directly observed. What I am trying to codify, and correctly understand ...is NOT what ... that can be clearly seen ... what I want to know is ... WHY? I want to Grok.
  10. ... and they have rendered a comprehensive judgment, which is being fought, tooth-and-nail.
  11. Apparently you do not understand Scripture enough to FIND ONE that states whether or not Jehovah specifically views warfare as murder, or not. remember the original question I posed? "WHY .... doesn't Jehovah God consider warfare ... murder?" Try THIS principle on for size: Jehovah engages in warfare. If I am right, Jehovah is NOT a murderer. If you are right, Jehovah IS a murderer.
  12. Micky has another dog friend that walks, talks, wears clothes, and white gloves ....... what's with that? That's just Goofy!

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