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  1. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    The 'Anointed'

    It looks like the GB is slowly adopting the customs, practices and organizational practices, piece by piece of the Catholic Church. As long as I can still eat Polish Sausages in Friday, and not go to Hell .... I'm good !
  2. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

    I just happen to have a spare "star in a stick". When you tap the star on something, glitter comes out. I will give it to him for free, as I control the glitter supply. BROUHAHAHAHAHAAA!
  3. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    From $4.5 billion to $0: revaluing Elizabeth Holmes' worth

    Hey ... they had "expenses" ! Yeah .... that's the ticket! "Expenses"
  4. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Pastor and five family members murdered in Nicaragua

    Things are thought of in Chicago quite differently ... it has a very long history of being a criminal hotbed, and unassailable corruption ... and the current Mayor, Rom Emmanuel ran for mayor (unofficially) on a platform of "let the murders continue .. it's good for business". (His being continually reelected). The thing you have to remember is that all crime is LOCAL, and all attempts at Justice are LOCAL. This is almost ALWAYS true. A "good" Leader" ( that is to say, one that the people will follow ...) is a person that gives those over whom he has authority permission to do WHAT THEY WERE GOING TO DO ANYWAY !! Trump has nothing ... ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the massive murders going on in Democratic Party controlled Cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia,, Detroit ... in fact, he has threatened to replace their police departments with National Guard Troops, the corruption and malfeasance is so bad. Chicago has a particular immunity to change as their political machine is, and has been since the early 1920's, been geared to to allow people long dead, to vote ... and vote OFTEN! They always vote Democrat. Philadelphia had several precincts where NOT ONE PERSON voted for Trump. A statistical impossibility. But of course, it's like Josef Stalin once said (paraphrased...) "He who votes counts for nothing ... it's only he who counts the votes!". What you are experiencing is not new, not even real news ... as it is the normal condition of human mis-rule. If you are not willing to fight to the death ... LITERALLY ... and are prepared to be the first casualty ... you have no natural right to freedom from tyranny. Freedom is PURCHASED through mountains of bodies and oceans of blood, and if your wallet cannot take the hit, a slave you will remain. For me, the simplest solution is sell everything you own, and move somewhere else. During World War II, many Jews in Poland did just that ... and many who did not ....stayed, were rounded up and sent on around the world cruises up crematorium chimneys. There are only three choices ..... fight ... flee .... or be enslaved.
  5. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Pastor and five family members murdered in Nicaragua

    We have more people than THAT, killed in Chicago. The Bad Guys do not have to register their firearms if they are violence prone criminals, because it would be a Government required violation of the "Fifth Amendment" to the U.S Constitution ... where a person is not required by law to "say" anything that would incriminate himself. 15 people murdered just makes you want to go "Hmmmmmm...." . I used to work in Atlanta, Georgia, and we had a map of downtown, with colored pins for murder locations. One tried to avoid bus stops where the body count was the highest.
  6. Of course there is NO POSSIBLE WAY TO KNOW .... but my best guess is NO. The Borg and Ferengi are fictional "Star Wars Universe" creations by the movie and TV series scriptwriters. That we can say for sure.
  7. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    The Holy Spirit

    I have a question for Space Merchant. Why wear that clumsy white Star Wars armor? It only seems to make you run like a girl balancing oranges, appears to be no protection whatsoever, even against hand weapons, and impairs your aim so you cannot hit someone directly in front of you ? I mean ..... What with THAT!
  8. Of course there is NO POSSIBLE WAY TO KNOW .... but my best guess is that Perfect People, in several thousand years ... would colonize the Galaxy.
  9. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    ‘Wash your mouth!’- Mussolini granddaughter slams EU’s Italy critics...

    The Italians have always been a peaceful people. World War Two U.S. Military Hero Audie Murphy, who as a an infantry soldier personally killed about 273 soldiers of the combined forces of Germany and Italy, said that the Italians joining the war on Hitler's side .... shortened the war by six months. They also invented Ice Cream.
  10. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Your daily reminder that you are not a predator

    A rope that thick, making a 90 degree turns in a small conduit, will bind ... the same way that a plastic wire tie binds ... apparently the lioness knows this but the wrestlers do not.
  11. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Police using smart glasses using facial recognition software

    A much cheaper solution would be numbered tattoos on the inside of a person's left fore-arm.
  12. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Meet the bicycle-CAR!

    You can save a LOT of money with a fabric car that runs on either electricity, or that you can pedal .... and spend it all on Hospital Bills when you get hit!
  13. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Meet the bicycle-CAR!

    In the United States ... with FOUR wheels, this would not be "street legal" ... but with THREE wheels , it would be. A bicycle has TWO wheels... hence the name "BI"-cycle A tricycle has THREE wheels ... hence the name "TRI"-cycle A car has at least four wheels, derived from the word "CAR"-riage , or "carriage" We have very under powered motorcycles that USED to have pedals in past years, and some few still do, , that need no license, tags, or registration, (in most States) and you can drive them in most States without a Driver's License. These are called "drunk-mobiles", and are used primarily by those whose Driver's Licenses have been revoked for driving while drunk.
  14. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Body language at G7

    Let's say you want a cover for an International magazine, that graphically depicts the fact that the Russian Federation is now in the business of BANNING BIBLES ! FIRST: hire some very creative photographers with the latest expensive equipment .. in this case a $50,000 medium format digital camera and articulated support, and a pot load of lighting equipment, and a studio ... and oh yeas... write a check for about $20,000. SECOND: Get a pickup truck and go down to your local big game taxidermist and rent a stuffed Russian bear. THIRD: build some supports under the stuffed bear, and figure out angles and lighting ... and get a copy of the specific Bible that the Russkies are banning ... in this case ... the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. FOURTH: Make claw marks on the NWT, using great skill and creativity. FIFTH: Make sure the photo is PERFECTLY lit, with a PERFECT background, and PERFECT angle. You are probably in your second day of taking the ONE picture you want. SIXTH: compose and crop the picture so that the magazine staff can add commentary, and of course their "mast", or name of the magazine. SEVENTH: Deliver the photo by hand to the editor of the magazine, get your check COD, and go to THEIR bank and cash it. THIS is the most important part!! Graphically .... it looks something like this .......