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  1. This has happened many, many times in the past, and is nothing new. Evidence is recorded in core samples from iron bearing sediments at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. This happens gradually, very unevenly, in local areas only, all over the world, until a threshold is reached, then the whole thing "flips", more or less somewhere around 160 to 180 degrees.
  2. Being a Surveyor myself, I can tell you that on the Gulf Coast around Freeport Texas, and other places, like the Outer Banks of North Carolina, around Kitty Hawk, the problem is not the sea rising, it is subsidence. The ground is settling, and sinking. Also, I am inclined to disagree with almost everything Jack Ryan writes ... but his post above, is exactly right in every respect.
  3. I do not think history will repeat itself to that extent in this case. We will just have to get smarter and not ruin a global economy every time someone declares the sky is falling. Years ago, a great Civil war was fought in the USA, where one in four men in the South was killed ...because the Southern Democrats (Dixiecrats), and the Northern Republicans (Yankees) were willing to die to preserve their ways of life. There is a reason its called "livelihood"..... and the deaths are merely the cost of doing business. Of course ... that was back when ships were made of wood, and men were made of steel.
  4. This coronavirus stuff reminds me of the story of the Grasshopper and the Ant. Everybody sthe story of the Grasshopper, and the Ant. The Grasshopper played the fiddle all summer, goofing off, while the industrious Ant stayed busy storing up food for the coming long, hard winter. When the first snow of winter came, the Grasshopper had no food, but the Ant had more than enough food for the winter. So ... the Grasshopper got in his sports car and went to Florida, ... and someone stepped on the Ant.
  5. We have had several instances of people in other towns using our Wells Fargo credit card numbers at Walmart and at a Victoria's Secret in Ohio or that area. Eventually it is corrected, but I have never had any problems with other banks. Also, I have had them change interest rates by a factor of 2, on loans, from the time the agreement is made and the papers were presented for signature. Ya gotta watch them closely!
  6. I don't remember ANYTHING that makes them go outside and mingle, against their will .... Freedom is ALWAYS less safe ... nothing new there ....
  7. All civilizations eventually collapse from internal fiscal abuse, often due to Mass Hysteria, or simply the stupid becoming the majority and able to vote themselves "bread and circuses". When already 22 trillion dollars in debt, sustaining a six trillion dollar fantasy is roughly analogous to getting your nations' throat cut. The American Civil War killed more Americans than any other war, and both Southern Democrats, and Northern Republicans were willing to sacrifice their lives on the battlefields to try and preserve their specific cultures, and way of life.... and ECONOMY . which allows life to exist and prosper. Today, cowards on both sides are willing to decapitate the best economy in the history of the World, to "save lives", when in fact it is done to advance their own political aspirations, which are many, and very complex. It appears they have been successful.
  8. In a time of global pandemic, which has the potential to becoming global anarchy, I seriously doubt that an intangible such as a cryptocurrency will have any value when the global Internet collapses for most users. Gold will not have any value, either, because you cannot eat gold. If I had the kind of money people invest in cryptocurrencies, and gold, etc. I would invest in small useful things that will ALWAYS have value, no matter how bad things get. That is why I recommend investing in cans of tuna fish .... and 12 gauge shotgun shells.
  9. This was the first public broadcast by RCA corporation, in the United States, in 1936. The first regular electronic television service in Germany began in Berlin on March 22, 1935, as Deutscher Fernseh Rundfunk. Broadcasting from the Fernsehsender Paul Nipkow, it used a 180-line system, and was on air for 90 minutes, three times a week. Very few receivers were ever privately owned, and viewers went instead to Fernsehstuben (television parlors). There is more to the story, worth researching.
  10. My first guess is that they are praying to a specific "god", that does not exist. If I write a letter to the President of the United States, Axel Beezelbroth, in Boogers Woods, Wyoming ... same thing.
  11. I understand that Jim Bakker's wife, Tammy Faye Baker, divorced him when he went to prison for fraud. She was known for crying on camera, through pounds of mascara, making her look like a racoon, and if memory serves, she died when a chunk of her makeup fell off, she tripped over it, and suffocated in a pool of facial mush.
  12. ... cut a piece of wire 11 inches long, and look at it. This is how far light travels in one nanosecond.
  13. It is my understanding that Microsoft was going to get into the environmentally friendly automobile business with a car powered by a small plutonium based nuclear reactor, which would heat water to make steam, which would power the car. Similar to how nuclear submarines are powered .... by steam. You would "fill up the tank", from your garden hose. I just upgraded my Windows 7 laptop with a 2TB hard drive, it works perfectly after 11 years ... but I digress. However, they scrapped that idea, because Microsoft's history, with the advent of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.0, 8.1, and 10, it became clear that every other production turned out to be a bomb.

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