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  1. It works the same way for computers when they are moved ..... bump 'em at your own peril.
  2. ... looks like a terrific setup for the two brothers to pull some some hilarious practical jokes !!
  3. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    JW Weddings

    I understand that close to Bethel there was a disco bar named "Club Baby Seal", which did not, for some reason, "catch on", and went out of business.
  4. If health is a human right, so is a decent place to live, and clean water, and electricity, and a car, a good paying job, and suitable clothing, and freedom from war, and good wholesome food. So .... who is going to pay for all of this? In the history of the World, every time Socialism has been tried, it has failed miserably ... either through greed and corruption, or just simply running out of OTHER PEOPLES' confiscated money. Socialism does in fact enforce equality for everyone ... poverty and destitution is equally distributed to EVERYONE. ... except the administrators.
  5. James Thomas Rook Jr.


    I would like that ... it is just TOO MUCH WORK to mix the Ketchup and Mayonnaise together on a sandwich !!
  6. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Spider webs have existed for at least 100 million years, amazing! (video)

    When I made the observation, I was ONLY considering the tensile strength of single strand of spider web, and the tensile strength of an equivalent weight of steel strand. Obviously you cannot use spiderweb material to make a cantilevered load, such as a swimming pool diving board, a shelf attached to a wall, or make an equivalent weight steel filing cabinet made from equivalent spider web, or build a steel spring.for a screen door. My original statement was about STEEL WIRE ... NOT structural steel beams and columns, or plate or sheet steel ... as referenced here: From the reference Queen Esther supplied: To quote the above reference supplied by Queen Esther, which completely agrees with my original observation: "On a per-weight basis then, silk starts to look more interesting, with the ratio of strength to density exceeding that of steel." I think I will do a Snoopy the Dog "Happy Dance" across the monitor !! YAY! I still have 1 out of 4 "being wrongs", still in the "bank". Hopefully, this will clarify several different perspectives and viewpoints ... tensile strength is how much weight you can hang from a wire, or rope, or spider web strand or other support ..... before it stretches and breaks. Ever try to push a rope across the floor?
  7. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Spider webs have existed for at least 100 million years, amazing! (video)

    The qualifications in this sentence was "... for how much it weighs ..... I have never tested it myself, but it is my understanding that if a strand of steel wire was as light as a spiders web, it would have to have a much smaller diameter than the web strand, and therefore be weaker. I suppose if I had about $40,000 ... I could actually test it. Once in a great while, I am wrong ... I used to tell my children I knew everything but four things ... and they caught me on three of them. This may be number 4.
  8. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Spider webs have existed for at least 100 million years, amazing! (video)

    Think of it this way .... what if only ONE cow in a hundred thousand is as smart as humans .. is sensitive ... and ponders her own mortality .... even so, that is a LOT of cows! .... and they still end up as steaks and hamburger. It's worse for people.
  9. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Spider webs have existed for at least 100 million years, amazing! (video)

    Agreed .... for how much it weighs, spider web is stronger than steel wire. During WWII the gubberment made the Bomber targeting bomb sights cross-hairs out of spider web single strands. A large spider web is also good for putting in bullet holes to stop bleeding .... the clots form, and are held in place by the web material. I hope at the end of my life ... knowing all kinds of stuff like this ... will have been a complete waste of time.
  10. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Spider webs have existed for at least 100 million years, amazing! (video)

    Like Spiderman says: "With great power comes great responsibility", quoting Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman.
  11. I was the founding member of my former family. When my children were very little, they wanted to do "something" that was either too expensive, or dangerous ... I forget what ... and I said they could not do it. My eldest Son sez: "Hey Dad ... don't we get a vote?" It would have been three against one... and I could see the "look of victory" on their faces as they realized that .... I replied "Yes, everybody here gets to vote, but we vote by how much you weigh ... and I weigh more than everybody else here". Same thing.
  12. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    This metal has jumped in price as tech companies look to secure supplies of it....

    ...and remember, Munimula spelled backwards is Aluminum! ... and that transparent aluminum actually exists now, makes a GREAT body armor, even though it is mostly nitrogen.
  13. starting? Starting? STARTING? This just proves it is immoral to let a stupid investor keep his money !
  14. Oats are more expensive, and MUCH better quality ..... BEFORE they have been through the horse.