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  1. The great thing about that, being Jesus, he did not have to use a 2x4" timber upside the mule's head to get him to talk!
  2. ...... some days you pick the strawberries ...... ...... some days the strawberries pick you ....
  3. You make a quote from the movie "Cool Hand Luke", and missed "Shakin' the bushes boss"? Reminds me of a cow, which you can hunt with a hammer.
  4. All Jehovah's Witnesses are equal. ... but some are more equal than others. They get the secret books.
  5. I am not here to entertain you, TTH. I am here to entertain ME. Only one thing scarier than a rabbit, and that is a rabbit taking an AIDS test.
  6. So....who decides? You? ... by the way ... I heard that joke from a black comedian, Eddie Murphy. I had the frame of reference to find it EXTREMELY funny! OH! ... and I thought it was funny your attempt at black pronunciation. You have real talent there! Lighten up! ... you will live a LOT longer. People with no sense of humor ... it just FEELS like they are living forever. Especially if you have to be around them.
  7. Sometimes it was even WORSE ! In the haunted house would be someone with no sense of humor! Now THAT's scary!
  8. I expect a posting soon from McDonald's alluding to Ronald McDonald's ginormous size 220 yellow patent leather shoes, and his large hands in white gloves, and why he needs those super-baggy pants. As a retired Engineer ... we have jokes that only we appreciate ....
  9. Oh, I dunno .... the Mormons nowadays that are single, not only do not have a wife ... they do not have FIVE or more wives.
  10. ... and even more interesting is the Society will hold to the 607 date in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary. THAT's what makes it interesting !! The rough equivalent of saying the Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1930, or Obama saying "If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan."
  11. From what I have seen in movies, many black people are smarter than many white people. Back when I was about ten or eleven years old, they used to have a TV show on at Saturday midnight, called "Shock Theatre". They used to show "Frankenstein", "Bride of Frankenstein" the "Werewolf", "The Mummy", and lots of haunted house movies, and stories of Edgar Allen Poe.. I noticed that groups of white people for some reason would go to a haunted house for some reason, and it would be some seriously creepy castle surrounded by thick fog, with wolves howling in the background, with cobwebs, bats, and in the entrance foyer would be a column of ice cold air. and the furniture would skittish across the room, and fall over all by itself, and a moaning voice from somewhere around the ceiling would say " GEEEEEEET OUTTTTTTTT !. Then, blood would start pouring down the large circular staircase, and some stupid white guy would say "Hey!, lookit the blood coming down the stairs .... let's go upstairs and INVESTIGATE!!" ...turns out , this was a very bad idea for everybody involved. Meanwhile, a black person would have been three miles away, running as fast as he can!

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