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  1. An interesting note: In EIGHT PAGES of this thread (unless I missed something ...) the FIRST menntion of something new coming from a regional "Love Never Fails" convention is John Butler's Wife's completely believable account! But, even that .... is not even new.
  2. Because of Cain intermarrying with a woman naturally evolved, eventually (by the time Jesus arrived) the blood lines would have been completely intermixed, and ALL men and women could benefit from that Ransom. (?). Remember ... during the time of Abraham, if you were NOT of his blood line, all people of the Earth were pretty much ignored by God, and were NOT a special possession of God, so salvation has not always been for all people ..... It's just an example to keep in mind as we try to figure things out. The unsubstantiated story of Cain and Abel, before he was murdered, having sex with their sisters, who were NEVER mentioned, to progenate the human race always seemed silly and contrived to me, and there is no Biblical support whatsoever for that idea.
  3. They already know this deep into their souls, Srecko Sostar .... but their AGENDA of defending the indefensible will not allow them to admit to it.
  4. By the way .... if you ever wonder WHY God created mankind ... "Homo Theocraticus" .. only about 6,000 years ago ... to me the answer is quite simple. For billions of years the Moon has been moving away from the Earth, getting smaller and smaller as it moves about two inches away further each year. Only at the time we are living in RIGHT NOW is the apparent size of the Moon and the Sun EXACTLY coincident, which because of solar eclipses you can see how starlight bends around the gravitational influence of the Moon, and by recording that on photographic plates, as was done circa 1918, you can PROVE Einstein's theory of relativity, and give us an understanding of how the Universe REALLY works. At the EXACT time we were ready to become Spacefarers on the seas of light! Jehovah wanted to create a people that would live FOREVER, for the first time ... so that they would live to see their destinations, when they became Spacefarers. It's a BIG physical Universe out there, folks, and Jehovah does not need ANY of it for himself.
  5. Lessee ... um ..... there was Adam ... uh... Eve ..... and, uh ... Cain (who killed Abel), so that would mean that 1/3 of the directly created "Homo Theocraticus" humans alive after the murder .... was a murderer. Only four of the "Homo Theocraticus" family created by God, on the Earth, and one of them kills his brother. That leaves three people. One in three is a murderer. (Stops to count on fingers, just to verify ....) (1/3 = 33.3333% for those in Rio Linda) That does not take into account all the evolved humans that were NOT a part of "Homo Theocraticus", Those humans who already lived outside the Garden of Eden, all over the Earth, all the way to Australia, and beyond, who left extensive hard irrefutable evidence of their civilizations. The ones that Cain feared would kill him, no matter where he went on the Earth. The ones from whom Cain took a wife, and bore children, that eventually became us. Take my word about the 1/3 = 33.3333%.. It's based on REAL MATH!
  6. You know Bubba, at one time, when there were only four people on the Earth, one of them killed his brother, and that meant that 33.333% of all people on the Earth were MURDERERS! That's probably more than where you live!
  7. Tell you what Billy .... I realize you may possibly have been distracted by TTH's story of him traveling to an Odd Duck convention, and getting arrested for stealing Cartoonists Scott Adams car ... Tell ya what I am going to do, Billy ..... how about a THIRD CHANCE at this ?
  8. You posted NOTHING NEW that you learned at the Convention, Billy ... only quotes from old publications. You choke EVERY time you are challenged. It's a wonder you can get enough oxygen to sustain life.
  9. Possibly, but there is also such a thing as delusional lying ... and if that is your answer to my challenge, you have just convicted yourself. Since you were obviously NOT paying attention, I will repeat the challenge .....
  10. To avoid the very reasonable assertion that you are delusional, TTH, please tell me, and the audience watching at home, just how you learned that Cartoonist Scott Adams is peeved at me. ( as if I care ... which I do not.)
  11. This is what happens, TTH, when you are so agenda driven with WDS (Watchtower Derangement Syndrome, "The Sword That Cuts BOTH Ways" (tm) ), that you forget to have your Prescriptions refilled. To expand on your analogy .... "If it looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck, and sounds like a Duck ..... it's a Duck!" All that you have stated in the previous post is just quackery.
  12. BTK46: Remember the theme of this whole thread ... and that which you, yourself quoted, above? Where the rubber meets the road .. EVERY TIME you have been challenged ... YOU CHOKE! Prove me wrong, Billy, or stand CONDEMNED by your own words. Well, Billy here AGAIN is a real world test to see whether or not you know what you are talking about, or just a pompous, agenda driven, scripture quoting wind bag ... WHAT DID YOU LEARN THAT WAS NEW AT THE 2019 "LOVE NEVER FAILS" REGIONAL CONVENTION ? Hmmmmmmm ? That means, you personally, Billy.
  13. Chuck Connors was a punk

    1. James Thomas Rook Jr.

      James Thomas Rook Jr.

      I know nothing about the man other than he was a professional baseball player before he got into the movies, was married three times, divorced three times, and ended up living with some woman named Rosey, if memory serves.

      What makes you think he was a punk, and how do you define "punk".????

    2. Bubba Johnson Jr

      Bubba Johnson Jr

      Rosey O'Donnell? Oh, he was a punk alright! Believe me!

    3. James Thomas Rook Jr.

      James Thomas Rook Jr.

      Where I come from, a "punk" is a piece of rope that you have set on fire, and blown it out, and it continues to smoulder, and you use it to light the fuses on sticks of dynamite.

  14. Well, Billy here is the test to see whether or not you know what you are talking about, or just a pompous, agenda driven, scripture quoting wind bag ... WHAT DID YOU LEARN THAT WAS NEW AT THE 2019 "LOVE NEVER FAILS" REGIONAL CONVENTION ? Hmmmmmmm ?
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