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  1. A Buffet of Biblical Banter. Whew!
  2. Just speaking for myself....on this Slanderous Topic....I have NEVER left my children...EVER "one on one" with ANYONE....besides My Parents. I don't care WHO they were....muchless, What organization they might be affiliated with. The "human factor".....
  3. @JW Insider I have that Antique Book!! There was a young lady named Ruth who vowed to tell only the truth She said she would die before she would lie and she died in the prime of her youth.
  4. I adjusted my inbox...to do just that. Thanks.
  5. Give it a rest, man. Again....WHEW!
  6. I know this is the Truth....i am not hurt. I see these wonderful posts that are based on logic...from others, not you. Your heart is seared...move on. Bottom Line. "England swings like a pendulum do" Pray about this....You have been jaded by Satan...the "Father of the...what??? Yes.....the Lie. And You bought it. I feel sorry for you, John.
  7. No offense to anyone, per se...but, what I am seeing from John Butler is attention seeking and spreading of Toxicity. Bottom line. I mean, this topic is just being mulled over again and again to the point of redundancy. Whew!
  8. It all boils down to Trusting Jehovah and His Appointed King. Therein lie True Justice. You have to know that.
  9. These "Wolves in Sheeps Clothing" that abuse children came INTO the truth...as Wolves do...To..abuse children. They just bided their time...waiting. A "True" Christian of course, would never do such a thing. Sign of the Times. Jehovah IS "Cleaning Up"! Trust in Jehovah with all your heart. His "eyes" are everywhere. He is not a God to be Mocked.
  10. RE: "Other Religions" Thank You, John ....for reminding me how Good it is to be in the "Truth". How good it is indeed, to be OUT...of Religions steeped in Paganism and Men's Traditions, and holding false to their claim. When I see the leaves turn...I know fall is near. When I am gathered with Love with my brothers and sisters who, although they have busy lives, they spread the good news. This Good News is spread by canoe, by word of mouth...well, you know. Maybe you do not. Best to you...but I...am Fully Convinced that this is the Truth. Absolutely. No question. I am sorry for you...that you let a "condemning heart" sway you. Jehovah is a merciful and loving God. You should know this. I will not respond to any more of this thread ....the redundancy is stifling. After studying the Bible...we KNOW that slander and persecution will befall God's True Organization. Our Lord and Savior was called a Seditionist. If He was persecuted...then the modern day followers of Christ will be also.
  11. If you have plenty of bucks...what are you beefing about? Let and let...that is all. Peace, Man. Simmer down.
  12. All dedicated servants of God know that Jehovah's Eyes are Everywhere. The GB is just doing the best they can. Really...they are Not immune to the ills of this wicked system, especially as it is escalating in badness. Why not Pray for mere humans who are TRYING to determine Gods will. Money is needed. Money talks...other "stuff...er, "walks". As this earth is growing more and more angry as the Mother is injured. Natural Disasters are pandemic, and the Governing Body, as is fashioned after the First Century Model....is keeping ME....(just speaking for myself now) in good viewing, and dramas and encouragement and literature, and lights on at the meetings and ect.ect. and it takes Money to function at all in this society. I do not mind forking over some dough. It is Worth it~
  13. I know "attention seeking" when I see it. I do not care that you "left"...>>>keep going. Jesus Christ did not shove the message on anyone. Geesh, how can you get any work done when you are on here all the time? You are just trying to spread Venom. Perhaps your seditionist attitude is Not the one that God Almighty Jehovah WANTS in His New System. Hmmm?

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