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  1. Hahaha! I just re-read everything and the ''stage" is not like it is Broadway! (Get tha Hook!)
  2. No worries. I have been 16....Eons ago, of course and I know for a certainty that Parenting is Not an Exact Science. Bottom line. If you have children then either you already know or will learn that this is so. Raising a kid to be a J.W. is a good upbringing.....my happiest times during my youth were in the association of the Fellowship. We had large picnics, played music, went out in service, traveled, we had a lot of fun. So....eh, I have no answers per se, just my own observations and experiences.
  3. I am not into "Combative" speech. If the kid....who is 16 yrs. of age does not WANT to go out in service....then eh, let said kid stay home and clean the place where they live. I am not going to overthink this one. I can smell Spoiled Children a mile off.... so to speak. Jesus did not FORCE the Truth on anyone. Are You....the kid who is angry? Of course, Anger is a Secondary Emotion many times....stemming from Hurt.
  4. @Shiwiii Let's just say that this person/kid is going out in service, and is leading a double life. Then they are subject to being reproved. That is all. It would be different if that person messed up and then went to the congregation elders for help. That would show a repentant attitude.
  5. @James Thomas Rook Jr. It is about keeping the Congregations clean...according to Scripture. What I meant exactly is that a 16 year young person is old enough to know that if that person is living a double life....then there is the risk of "reaping what is sowed".
  6. 16 years of age is age enough to know that if you cannot play by the rules, get out of the game.
  7. The hours are announce as a data reference. It is just that simple. Announcing the hours is an encouragement to the person going out in the field to witness and to the congregation. This is most certainly not "Boasting"! That is absurd. Some in here...@ John Butler are just trying to malign the congregations and the good works that are being done.
  8. @Space Merchant A "prepie...slurpie" Good on the girls!
  9. @James Thomas Rook Jr. So, if you are traveling at the speed of light, in your car and you turn the lights on....what happens?
  10. I do not understand how Anyone could believe in the pagan doctrine of the trinity. It truly is Not Biblical.
  11. If Theocratic minded people would spend more time in the Ministry or Studying from God's Word or JW.ORG, then there would not be time for all of this contention or the bantering of the "Highly Intelligent". "Children behaveeee"
  12. @Witness The first thing that my thought goes to is...that this is an artists depiction of a Mighty King aka Jesus Christ executing judgement. There has been such a skewing of scripture that I am almost askerred to answer...almost....giving ones fodder to jump in and well, "skew". As long as scripture is adhered to, it is impossible to misunderstand the Truth. I thank all of the contributions to this subject, for it has been quite the healthy banter. Again...Whew!

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