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  1. Why go to the meeting if you are going to sleep through it?

  2. This explanation makes Perfect sense to me.   It really does.

  3. John Butler thinks of himself as smarter than the average bear.....all of his comments are to disparage the organization and to put a "cog in the wheel"......if this is a JW site....then, where is the Knowledge ?   I am sure that were the Apostle Paul here...seeing this,  then there would be some Severe Discipling to the most of you.  ( You as in the Plural).

  4. Learn kitchen science. Add organic coconut oil to eggs and have the pain well oiled with said substance. Geesh! How old are you?
  5. @Space Merchant A "prepie...slurpie" Good on the girls!
  6. @James Thomas Rook Jr. So, if you are traveling at the speed of light, in your car and you turn the lights on....what happens?
  7. Hence, this "Opioid War"...to lessen the public dependance upon said poppy, (the Rich was always...have relief). A very chemically burnt solider tells of the US Military is bringing plots of grown poppy over to US via cargo...pending such action.

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