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  1. not sure which planet your from but i havent got a clue what your talking about and i never heard of allen smith maybe hes from your planet??
  2. My how all the apostates come crawling out of the woodwork. I dont think your comment is very accurate. SEE MARK 9 VS 40 TO 42. I will leave my fate in Jehovahs hands, Thanks.
  3. So let me see if i understand you. YOU PURPOSELY jumped from a ship into the rageing see of restless humanity and apostasy becouse you dont like way the copilot or some of the crew run the ship. Then say to everyone else FOLLOW ME becouse i know best. Reeally. There are only two sides and NO middle ground. You are either For or Against Jehovah. Looks like youve made your choice. Well done.
  4. You condemn yourself by your words and your ignorance, Its obvious to a blind man that Jehovahs spirit is with his organisation. You are the one sinning against the spirit in My view (but i maybe wrong, i often am,) by trying to mislead and lead astray the week ones who need to be encouraged not discouraged. THIER LIVES are in your hands. I too am disfellowshipped but would never stupidly bite the hand that feeds me or hopefully saves me regardless of my standing in Jehovahs organisation. People are imperfect and make mistakes if you cant move on and forget the past you have no hope for the fu
  5. Traitor. Keep digging, another 5 feet and you'll have yourself a grave. Well done.
  6. Looks Very likely at the moment. Who knows?
  7. Typical apostate reasoning. Taking words out of context and unable to apply scripture to themselves. Your the fool. Ive been disfellowshipped twice becouse I deserved it. But the last thing I would ever do is betray my creator Jehovah and his chosen organisation. Theres still time for you to repent but I think your to far gone. But I'm not your Judge. Good luck with that when the time comes. See you in Gehenna 👹
  8. Correct, choices have consequences, everyone needs to choose sides Now. Despite individuals imperfections including mine. Think your on the wrong one ?
  9. Good to know who's side your on, shame its the wrong one? Im sure your namesake the prophetess of old would feel differently. Anyone not sufficiantly convinced of there own beliefs should be helped not led astray.
  10. If you are genuine in your motives to start this post I appologize however you only need to remember ONE thing. STAND STILL AND SEE THE GLORY OF JEHOVAH. There will be no need to flee to some wilderness or desert. We God willing will be Witness to the greatest event this planet has ever seen since the flood. And it is obvious that some of the scriptures you quoted apply to the paradise and the anointed only so do some more studying and stop asking strangers for opinions. I think this topic is finished. All the best.
  11. Not strange logic at all. If I where the angel of death that had the order from Jehovah to put to death an unrepentant apostate in the battle of armageddon I am certain that a god who finds no pleasure in the suffering of humans would have him or her dispatched quickly. So it does make a difference both to the angel and the victim. However as an imperfect human who hates to see apostates using stupid questions to sow seeds of doubt in spiritually weaker brothers and sisters in an effort to lure them away and in the process malign Jehovahs name then if I had the command from Jehovah to dispatch
  12. Enjoy your trip to queensland, australia. When you get there find a nice big rock to hide under with all the other apostate cockroaches like you and just be glad that I am not the Angel of Death that finds you there, becouse I would enjoy the end of you life too much. Bon voyage.
  13. There is no need to flee anywhere, dont underestimate jehovahs ability to save each one of us in our own homes or where ever we may be at the time. Rahabs house was the only one to survive when the whole of jericho collapsed. That was no accident. Im sure there are more than enough angels to protect all those predisposed to everlasting life. And if we need to be rounded up in one place then jehovah can do that too when the time is right. The battle is his, so have faith and just wait for the vindication of his name, his way.
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