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  1. Ah ha ! You should use that to describe the GB of your many 'orgs'. Or, in fact to describe all the leaders, past and present, of your W/t CCJW JW Org et al. But the reason you use it on me is because you are full of hate. Hate for me and hate for truth. Keep quoting your lady friend if it makes you happy. You seem hung up on her. I'm laughing at your weak way of playing the Emperor's New Clothes idea. Your way of thinking is, if a person doesn't agree with everything you say then you just say that person is stupid. But the things you say are so weak and false. I remember bei
  2. You are showing yourself up here Tom. Showing your desperation. I've explained it all very clearly so that anyone that really wants to understand will do so. I hate what God and Christ hates, and that is to hate hypocrisy, lies, deceit and to hate the words of dishonest greedy men, which your GB are. And you know that the CSA is only one problem within the W/t and JW Orgs (plural). But God through Christ will have a True Anointed and true 'earthly' Christians before Armageddon. Luke 8 : 17. Luke 17 : 1 & 2.
  3. I gave my exact reason for my name change. Thanks to @xero for a link to an article about God's name, and to @César Chávez for jolting my conscience on the matter. But you Tom seem to need to dig at me for any reason. And when a lawyer posts specific information about cases that could be verified, it is not trolling. Yes they are after business just as you are. Oh look tom must be trolling on his every comment because he is advertising his ebooks.
  4. Yes, maybe the GB / W/t Leaders spent too much time reading about it and it perverted their minds.
  5. So because I don't hang on to every word of certain women that seem important in your eyes, what does that prove ? Am i supposed to see those women as important ? I don't think so. You moan at @Witness because she is female and she says she is anointed. Yet you hang on the words of women that don't seem at all spiritual. You like those women and what they say because they 'serve your purpose' Tom. Tom, you are really making yourself look stupid here. You are desperately hanging on the words of 'worldly' women. You and i both know there is nothing that we can do to solve
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    Coroner blasts Jehovah's Witnesses for failing to stop 82-year-old man killing his wife, 80, after he told church elder that he was planning to stab her to death Ronald Mowbray, 82, from Warwickshire, stabbed his wife 49 times last February Pensioner had previously told a church elder that
  6. Would I even want to do that ? NO. But if it pleases your mind to see such rubbish so be it. you Americans are strange folks
  7. Changed from 4jah2me to Patiently waiting for Truth. It seems more fitting as I am sure Jah is not God's real name.
  8. I have changed my name from 4jah2me to Patiently waiting for Truth. Nothing hidden, just a name change.
  9. Tom, this is the kind of stuff that makes you look a tad stupid. In plain words what is this sentence of yours supposed to mean ? You seem to be pretending, that i think JWs cause all CSA around the world. But in honesty you know that isn't true. I am only interested in the CSA within the W/t, CCJW, JW Org, and their other orgs / titles. The reason being that the GB et al keep spouting that 'God and Christ trust them' and that JWs have the ONLY true religion / way of serving God. And you think I will learn anything of the real TRUTH by listening to pop stars, movie queens, or poli
  10. Yes you win on that one. I needed a name in a hurry and that old brainwashing just took over. I should change it really.
  11. Ye Ho Wa YHWH. Um, but is it just the words of men or are they inspired of God's Holy Spirit ? Whichever, it is not Jehovah is it ? No J, no V. Yehowa, maybe
  12. @WyattEarp aka Billy the Kid etc etc etc... so funny. @TrueTomHarley still comparing the W/t / CCJW / JW Org to the rest of the world, instead of comparing them to GOD'S STANDARDS. Yes of course we know how bad Satan's wicked world is. We've answered all this argument before. BUT what you people are proving is, that all the JW Orgs (plural) are part of that same wicked world, because they are no better. As for Billy the Kid bringing up the history of the W/t, yes we know the Leaders of the Orgs kept records. Australian records going back 50 years it seems, but um, American re
  13. It hard to know if tom has lost his common sense when he calls truth venom. I loathe them for disobeying Almighty God and Jesus Christ, and for misleading thousands of people. What complete rubbish this is. Only mild when compared to the rest of the world. NOT mild when compared to God's standards. What an over reaction tom. you do make yourself appear silly here. Unnecessary accusation here. Shows you being over emotional Tom. The Early Christians were not JWs Tom, those early Christians served God through Christ, not through any other organisation.
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