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  1. I focus on them because they are the official channels, not just hearsay. I have also given information to the IICSA and had direct emails from them and from Police departments. Perhaps I'm slightly more involved than most people think, but I don't tend to spread it all over the internet.
  2. Yes Srecko, hence I truly believe that an organisation needs to be guided by True Anointed ones that are inspired by God's Holy Spirit through Christ. But JWs here don't believe in such things ever happening. They don't believe that God can have a clean organisation. JWs here have no true faith in God at all. Their faith is only in the things seen, such as the GB, Warwick and Ramapo. They have proven that they cannot handle spiritual matters.
  3. It is so obvious. Rambo is attention seeking. so he starts his 'doom and gloom' again but with a different year now. Reminds me of a song. "In the year 2525" Um, actually half of them are still in the JW org. And the Elders 'spiritually murder' people. All JWs worship the idol JW Org and the 8 men that lead it. Sexually immoral. Yes pedophile Elders and MS and some congregants too. Adultery is common in English congregations. As for lying, the GB and their Lawyers are good at that. So, get rid of all of them and how many people will be left
  4. And the Watchtower / JW Org has the idolatry of Warwick and Ramapo, which can easily be destroyed.
  5. The truth is you have to kiss the butt of the Elders to be able to get baptised. The Elders rule over the congregations. The congregation i was in when I wanted to get baptised, was ruled over by two Elders, a father and son. The son decided that I wasn't ready, so his father agreed. They STOPPED me getting baptised. But I was humble then, I just said ok. Later when the son wanted me to get baptised i actually didn't want to. But once again I was humble, and I did as I was told, and got baptised. So I know first hand (from more than one experience) that the Elders have complete control over the congregants, and they love every minute of it. But of course they will be judged for it.
  6. Forgiveness of Sin is one thing. But the Elders cannot 'forgive' breaking the law. It is outside of their 'authority' to do so. A person could be forgiven by God for Sin, but should still serve the prison sentence for the Crime. Sin is spiritual. Crime is physical. God allows those 'superior authorities' / governments / legal bodies, to be in place to deal with Crime. Why would any Christian not want to serve God properly by hiding criminals.
  7. But I keep coming back to the point that here in the UK we have had two investigations. The Charity Commision and the IICSA. What are the authorities doing in the USA ? What investigations ?
  8. Mr Rook, you prove yourself to be mentally imbalanced so i suppoe I should forgive you, and of couse it would be the Christain thing to do. But here you are being a total coward, hiding behind the dog thing and deliberately trying to distract from the FACTS that the GB / Watchtower / JW org are WRONG in their actions on many counts. So getting back on track :- I suppose an important question here would be. Do JWs here honestly think that every person that leaves the JW Org, is 'no longer a Christian' ? If that is so then it would seem that JWs believe that only the people in the JW Org are able to serve God. So then JWs become anti-'non-JWs'. That would be in line with the Jews being anti-Samaritan, whereas Jesus was not. Mr Rook aka @Pudgy prefers to distract from the issue. So a question to you James, Did Jesus try to hide the truth about the Jewish religious leaders ?
  9. Well i for one have learnt a lot in the time I've been on here. I've learnt how totally 'unChristian' some JWs can be. That includes the GB and their lawyers. (With proof from court cases) I've learnt how people will deliberately twist the things i write. I've learnt that some so called 'JW' people will deliberately tell lies about me to get me d/fed from this forum. And more importantly I've learnt some things about GB members past and present, and about things the Watchtower have put in writing. So extra knowledge has helped me to make a decision not to return to the JW Org. But you don't really want to know this. You just want to side track from the main point of this topic. Can we talk sensibly about Disfellowshipping and shunning.
  10. But it's food for thought for JWs and non JWs. Sometimes people do not answer questions outwardly, but they do question themselves about things. As for people changing their mind, how would you know ? Extra knowledge can sometimes make a difference.
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    This is interesting reading. Lets start from those early Christians in the 1st century. When did they become known as Christians ? Was it whilst Jesus was still alive or was it after his resurrection ? Who was it that called those early 'disciples' Christians ? Did they call themselves by that name ? And now an important question. Did any human have the authority to tell another human, "You are no longer a Christian". Was being a 1st century Christian, being a part of a human Organisation ? So was it possible to turn a person out from it ? Did a 1st century person need permission to preach the word of God ? At this point we should remember the account whereby the disciples complained to Jesus that some 'outsiders' were preaching and healing in the name of Christ. Mark 9:38-41 Whoever Is Not Against Us Is for Us Jesus allowed others to do good deeds in His name. Just the opposite of disfellowshipping or shunning. So, when the JW Org / Elders disfellowship someone, what exactly are they disfellowshipping them from ? What scriptures and what authority do those Elders use to give themselves permission to disfellowship someone ? Do the Elders presume they have authority to judge a person and to say that such a person in 'no longer a Christian' ? Do JWs presume that only they are Christians, therefore anyone who is not a JW cannot be a Christian ? Jesus used the Samaritan man as an example of a Non Jew that did the will of God by showing kindness / mercy to a Jew that needed help. Jesus was speaking to the Jews who at that time hated the Samaritans. They were almost 'at war' with each other. But Jesus was showing that a Non Jew could be pleasing to God. Unfortunately the true meaning of that parable has been lost because people do not understand the hatred that was there. BUT, there is a message there for JWs. If only JWs would seek it and find it. So what about a person that leaves the JW org ? In the eyes of the GB, Elders et al, a congregant that leaves the Org is a deliberate sinner. So does the GB / leaders / Elders et al, think that the congregant that has left, is automatically 'no longer a Christian' ? And what about the congregation memebers where one has left ? Do ALL the congregation really want to SHUN the one that has left ? Exactly what scriptures do congregation memebers use to give themselves reason to SHUN a person that has left the Org ? I've been reading Watchtower quotes which say that each congregant must make up their own mind through their own conscience, to SHUN or not. But what action would be taken against a congregant that did not SHUN someone that had left the Org ? I suppose an important question here would be. Do JWs here honestly think that every person that leaves the JW Org, is 'no longer a Christian' ? If that is so then it would seem that JWs believe that only the people in the JW Org are able to serve God. So then JWs become anti-'non-JWs'. That would be in line with the Jews being anti-Samaritan, whereas Jesus was not.
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    The Jehovah's Witnesses has joined Australia's national redress scheme for child sexual abuse survivors under threat of financial penalties. It is one of 34 institutions signing up following rules brought in by the federal government to withhold funding from and strip the charity status of groups refusing to join. The Jehovah's Witnesses was initially named and shamed for holding out. It flagged its intention to join the scheme in March and has now formally done so. The other institutions include Tennis Australia, St John Ambulance Australia Queensland, Ipswich Girl's Grammar School, Youth Off the Streets and Scripture Union Tasmania. Social Services Minister Anne Ruston says this means a total of 37 redress applications can be processed. "It is clear that the powerful financial, reputational and legislative levers the commonwealth has used have been successful at ensuring institutions understand and recognise their moral obligation to survivors," she said. "We are also working hard to make sure that every institution with a history of working with young people joins the scheme no matter when a survivor comes forward to access redress." To date, commonwealth, state and territory governments alongside 526 non-government institutions are in the scheme. As of last Friday, 11,835 applications had been received and 6208 payments made totalling more than $529.3 million. It shows just what the GB will do for money.
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    Since the royal commission exposed the cruel treatment of victims of child abuse within the Jehovah’s Witnesses, little has changed. But in a landmark civil case, former member Amy Whitby is taking on the secretive religious group in court. Eight million Jehovah’s Witnesses around the globe believe that Armageddon is imminent, and the only path to survival is to follow the organisation’s strict rules. A US-based Governing Body of eight men sits at the pinnacle of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe these men are anointed as the voice of God on Earth. All Witnesses are expected to obey instructions and doctrines that influence every aspect of life: Women are considered subservient to men, higher education is discouraged and homosexuality is not permitted. Doomsday images from Jehovah's Witnesses publications. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania The organisation’s in-house production studio and publications pump out fear-driven content that keeps followers afraid that the end is coming and that they are being persecuted by the outside world. Witnesses are also taught to distrust everyone outside the group. Just another article about the Watchtower / JW Org, but it shows people's personal opinions. It's worth a read. So how do JWs expect to teach people 'truth' whilst people have this image of them ?
  11. Oh dear another doom and gloom picture, to frighten people. It looks like something from a scary movie And oh dear again. BR in back on the 1914 horse, but I think that horse died long ago. And now 2034 is no longer THE year, but a beginning of something ? And the 120 years of Noah ? Guessing again by putting thoughts into scriptures that God never put there. BR, it seems you are a scare monger wanting attention for yourself. Shame I'll never know, as I will be long dead before 2034 .
  12. I think you are a dreamer, but we've been down this road before and you will believe what you want to believe. If i remember rightly in one case, the Elders refused to testify against a fellow Elder, using that clergy privilege as the excuse. Maybe Zalkin or the judge is being paid off by the GB and their Lawyers. But tell me please. Australia had the Australian Royal Commission Here in the UK we have had the Charity Commission and the IICSA. The Netherlands had an investigation and report. So what is America doing ? Where is the investigation in the USA ? Canada, was trying to have a massive million dollar law suit, but I think it wasn't allowed. So what is Canada now doing ? Seems strange that the Watchtower / JW Org isn't being investigated in it's 'home land'. ( @Witness mentioned something about the Org making payment to a politician some time back ) The GB will do anything to keep their authority and power. I think they are paying off someone in America to stop an investigation from happening. But of course if you know different. If you know of an investigation into religion in the USA ???
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