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  1. Hahahahahaha! Thanks Space Merchant, I needed that! It is so much fun watching snowflake liberal's heads explode all over the ceiling at the slightest thing that is actually funny! It is like watching the movie "Mars Attacks", when granny is listening to the radio in the nursing home, and yodeling comes on the programming. CNN was once my very favorite Cable News Network, for their superb coverage of the First Gulf War, but now they are pathetic, and a comedy show of utter and total cluelessness.. If they did not have contracts to be in most of USA Airports, supplying equipment and programming, I suspect ONLY Democrats who consider it the "Clinton News Network", (.. which CNN is ...) would watch it. I downloaded the CNN video from the YouTube link ... Don Lemon's reaction is PRICELESS!
  2. I rest my case ..... but of the two, Space Merchant ... you win!
  3. Hmmmmm .... and here I thought Ceres was a minor planet in the Asteroid Belt ... who knew I was really celebrating a grain god? I didn't. I think you have BOTH lost your grip on realty .... BIG time.
  4. I just woke up startled, from my afternoon nap. I had a really scary nightmare, about the Presidential Impeachment effort now going on. I dreamed I was a Democrat Congressman, and in the dream I thought I was possessed by a demon that controlled me like a puppet. And in fighting that double whammy of being a Democrat Congressman, and a demon, I was trying to fight the evil that possessed me. I thought "Could it be that we are just whiney bullies, completely divorced from reality, trying to railroad and frame a man for crimes that do not even exist, but are merely policy differences between adversaries?" I thought "Could it be that this is just a vendetta, for his unspeakable crime of making us and all out friends look like complete fools, in predicting Hillary would win in a landslide of historic proportions?" I thought "Could it be that our hatred for this man, and his continuous string of accomplishing what he promised to do in his campaign is making us hate him even more, giving us NOTHING to run on in 2020?" I thought " Could it be that this unfair sham of a trial to get him impeached is merely to mortally wound him so he will lose the 2020 Presidential Election, especially since every one of our candidates are either senile, or bat-crap crazy .... or both?" And then I came to the unconsious realization ( ... as I was in fact dreaming ...) that "NAAAAH! ... merely a spot of indigestion."
  5. You are going to have to do some serious explaining, to justify that statement, as it makes no sense at all. Further, if Thor is the reaction you get when eating a Thanksgiving Day meal, you need to take some Athpirin.
  6. OCD is in and of itself not NECESSARILY a bad thing. ...and not NECESSARILY a disorder. It just seems that way to other people who have to endure it .... when they are not interested in that particular application.
  7. In considering the thread topic "The Watchtower and the Colored people", how do you define "colored people"? I, am caucasian, but am kinda pinkish, tan color. Are we talking about everybody except Albinos, who are as white as a marshmallow? ... and if we label everybody "green people" to avoid discriminatory language, do the light green people get to sit in the front of the bus?
  8. I have carefully considered all of the above points, and concerning the willingness to die for one's beliefs, I have this to say about that: Actor, comedian, and film producer, etc., Woody Allen said it best when asked about one of his latest movies, and the body of movies he had made in the past, either as star, producer, director, or all three ... "Would you, through your movies, like to live forever in the hearts of your many fans?" He replied "I would like to live forever, in my apartment in Manhattan."
  9. One of three questions they asked me at my Reinstatement was (paraphrased) "What is your opinion of the Governing Body?" I replied (paraphrased) " I would have to agree with them in the February 2017 Watchtower, that they are neither inspired of God, or infallible.". I believe that if I had phrased that differently, all other things being equal, I would NOT have been Reinstated. By actual test, I would agree with you, Anna.
  10. The same Elon Musk whose red sports car sent to Mars was supposed to have batteries for cameras and telemetry that would last 12 hours and more. They failed at four hours.
  11. Ignoring reality. A Nation, even ours, that does not learn from its history, is doomed to repeat it. We cannot learn from our history, if we do not know it accurately, and in detail. Covering it up, or it being a taboo subject .... is why all civilizations, even ours, fail.
  12. .... TTH: So that is your better idea, eh? Again you miss the point of trying to solve a problem with a solution to a problem that does not exist. Furthermore, it is painfully transparent and obvious that you do this to avoid having brought to the light of day facts that are painful for you to admit, that would be exposed by following my suggestion. I already know the answers that you will get from my suggestion. You do too. We are BOTH ashamed of what we will learn as part of this exercise that would cost about $50 ... NOT the cost of a single stamp, and would require a full day to do it right. I have already done what I suggested several times in the past, with other issues, and as I sent my little "torpedos" out into the dark, what lit up on the horizon was not what I wanted to see, either. .... but it was IMPORTANT information. Information based on TRUTH ... not rumors, innuendo, legends, wishful thinking, and second, third, and fourth hand accounts from unknown or unverified sources. The question at hand was trying to get honest answers about a HIGHLY controversial aspect of our history, and the people involved, straight "from the horses mouth", INSTEAD of hearsay, which facts you consider heresy. Your suggestion would be a meaningless exercise, just as your attempt at diversion from an obvious outcome being documented in truth and honesty is a meaningless exercise, merely a political obfuscation for the sake of obfuscation, as we have seen recently in the News. .... merely a fantasy construct in an attempt attempt to wound reality.
  13. There is a VERY simple way to find out the REAL answers to all your suppositions and questions, TTH ..... and that is you personally actually DO write the Collective Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, as I have outlined ... and in about three months solid, hard facts will be available for you to make a rational argument for defending the indefensible, with cutesey, meaningless dialog. Be a sport ... get the forms from the Post Office for certified mail, and return receipt (the cardboard green card), write a check, compose your letter, copy this thread in its entirety, and fire that torpedo into the dark, and see what lights up! Then you will have a FACTUAL basis for what is the actual reality of the situation. .... and as a side thought ... your cutesy suppositions are not THAT cute.
  14. “Our study was a proof of concept in the laboratory,” Callaghan told USA TODAY. “One of the next steps will be to sample lakes with plastics and mosquitoes to measure this.” I wonder if I could get a multi-million dollar Grant to study if mosquitoes drink six cups of coffee a day, they will be unable to blink?
  15. I tell you what is REALLY incredible ! Thermos Bottles! I mean .... think about it ..... They keeps hot things hot, and ...they keeps cold things cold! ....how do it KNOW?
  16. I agree! Plantations are representative of the Confederate States of America, which kept men and women and children in bondage as human chattel from 1861 to 1865 in the Confederate States Of America, and although the people that owned the Plantations had to live SOMEWHERE, living in an attractive, large house, more than a hundred and fifty years later, evokes strong emotions in the minds of deranged Snowflakes, and those living in their mothers' basements as adults ... and we should have consideration for their feelings. It really grinds my gears to THINK of the Nazi's "Peoples' Car" and the insensitive dollards that drive Volkswagens today, insulting us at every corner, and those Imperialists that drive Mitsubishi Automobiles today, completely oblivious that Mitsubishi made the Japanese ZERO aircraft that helped in the destruction of Pear Harbor, on December 7, 1941, and sucking America into World War II. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THESE PEOPLE!?
  17. I tell you what all of us MIGHT do to get the straight scoop ... the low down .. the bird's eye view, and the real nitty- gritty on this caper. I have done what I am recommending to you, here and now ... several times in my life, on different issues of serious and pressing concern. EACH of us should write a letter to "The Collective Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses," in Warwick, New York, at World Headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses, with a print out of this entire thread, and in the cover letter ask these specific questions, in such a manner that they can be answered in a simple "YES", or "NO"., as well as in narrative form. They should have no legal objections to telling the complete and honest, and absolute truth in any reply letter, as the principals are dead, and legally, the dead cannot be slandered, libeled, or caused any harm. Besides, there is a clear and present and over- riding reason to tell you the complete truth, and that is: 1.) As men of integrity, their oath to Jehovah God demands that they tell the truth, when asked, and 2.) it will inspire confidence in any fact that the Governing Body DOES tell the truth, which currently, and for many years now, has been in legitimate and serious question. And there are certainly many other reasons that the average ten JWs could list, if they cared about the real history of how we got to be where we are today, and just basically want to know TRUTH for the sake of truth. After the letter is composed, written, and assembled with reference material, three complete copies should be made, 1. A copy to be kept at home as a permanent record, and 2.) The original sent by certified mail, return receipt requested to the Collective Governing Body at Watchtower Headquarters, and 3.) A copy sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the Collective Body of Elders at your Kingdom Hall, if you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses, or if not, to the Religion Editor of the local newspaper, and 4.) A copy to be kept unopened, sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to yourself. Enclose, whether you are a JW or not, a personal check for $25.00 as a donation. Now, sit back and wait , for in about three months, you will have all your questions answered. Over the years, I have actually done this several times for various issues that concerned me, ( before the Society relocated to Warlick, New York) . Results may vary, but at least you will know, that the GB are honest men of integrity, and devoted to TRUTH. ..... or not. Total cost .... a full day of your time, and about $45 ... as they WILL cash the check.
  18. I don't think he fared "poorly", as after three days of fake comfort anything they had to say was so irrelevant that it was not recorded in Scripture. They just had nothing to say to contribute to his dire circumstances in a positive way, even though that is supposedly why they were there. .... a VERY common phenomenon.
  19. The great thing about that, being Jesus, he did not have to use a 2x4" timber upside the mule's head to get him to talk!
  20. ...... some days you pick the strawberries ...... ...... some days the strawberries pick you ....
  21. You make a quote from the movie "Cool Hand Luke", and missed "Shakin' the bushes boss"? Reminds me of a cow, which you can hunt with a hammer.
  22. All Jehovah's Witnesses are equal. ... but some are more equal than others. They get the secret books.
  23. I am not here to entertain you, TTH. I am here to entertain ME. Only one thing scarier than a rabbit, and that is a rabbit taking an AIDS test.

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