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  1. Whistleblowers, if honest, should actually FACE their accused .... it is a right all accused people have as a natural right. Because the accused has a right to face his accuser and answer charges, face to face, the whistleblower has NO RIGHT to anonymity.
  2. Every time I hear any counsel against "running ahead", I think ... running ahead of what ... or who? It's important that we differentiate from "running ahead" of the words of the Bible, which results in "old light", touted as "new light" ... until "newer light" comes out, of which many of us old-timers have seen so much of that it seems like a disco lounge strobe light. I think running ahead of the pontifical pronouncements of the WTB&TS management is quite a different issue than running ahead of Jehovah God, or completely unambiguous scripture. But ... it seems to me, as individuals, that if you are in the race for life, which should be secondary to serving Jehovah God just because he is worthy of service, and obedience, and honor .... that it's better to be ahead of the race, instead of behind the race. Why not as an organization? Because If we as individuals are wrong, only we "pay the price" of being wrong, and have to bear the consequences.\ If we as an organization are wrong, we as individuals STILL have to pay the full price for being wrong .... times 8 million people ... and the perpetrators pay NO PRICE WHATSOEVER. Everybody knows that in a horse race ... ONE of the horses is going to win. Which one, makes all the difference in the world. A three legged horse with motivation, spunk, desire and the best behaved horse in the whole pack of runners may be all of that and more ... but for sane people, that is not the way to bet. There is also the issue of intellectual integrity ... but that is another topic. In over a hundred and five years of recorded experience of watching "OUR" horse run ... what track record do we have to use as a basis for credibility? For core truths discerned ... arguably about 95%. For mountains of drivel, false prophesies, bogus types and anti-types, and silliness and pronouncements that defy all common sense, perhaps somewhere around 85%, with 15% having real value, or at a minimum, even making some form of common sense. And of course, being obviously flat WRONG, when simple human common sense could have avoided that. SO ... basically the WTB&TS position is that THEY can run ahead all they want, and if we do not believe what they come up with, we can be disfellowshipped and have our and our family's lives ruined ...... but if WE run ahead we can ALSO be disfellowshipped and have our and our family's lives ruined. .... and no matter what they do ... no matter how egregious ... the money keeps rolling in, and they NEVER apologize for anything.
  3. To prove my previous point .... please give an example of any evidence YOU SEE, that I am insane. You have over 5,000 of my previous posts to use as a solid example. Be a sport .... make your case.
  4. divergenceKO: I think you are a windbag of Graf Zepplin proportions. Why? Because you accuse others of "going against scriptures" ... without EVER giving an example. Actually, it is YOUR opinions that have no value, because without backup ... they are ONLY your opinions, which have even LESS than normal credence, because of your opinions that people that oppose YOUR viewpoint are "nobodys". You may want to look up the term "Narcissistic Personality Derangement" for some insight as to how you present yourself to everybody else. Anybody that disagrees with me on this (except you, as your opinions are not worth considering), please speak up and defend divergenceKO from my observation.
  5. divergenceKO: I think you are a windbag of Graf Zepplin proportions. Why? Because you accuse others of "going against scriptures" ... without EVER giving an example. Actually, it is YOUR opinions that have no value, because without backup ... they are ONLY your opinions, which have even LESS than normal credence, because of your opinions that people that oppose YOUR viewpoint are "nobodys". You may want to look up the term "Narcissistic Personality Derangement" for some insight as to how you present yourself to everybody else. Anybody that disagrees with me on this (except you, as your opinions are not worth considering), please speak up and defend divergenceKO from my observation.
  6. Here is the "Rosetta Stone" of American politics. Hillary Kills Weinstein Story.wmv
  7. Agreed; Watching "mainstream news" is like being stabbed by an angry clown while drowning in a septic tank.
  8. I have found that if one is inclined to be gobsmacked, to always wear the same color shirt (or blouse ..) as your toothpaste. I has the added advantage of always being minty fresh, and you NEVER have to change it.
  9. I used to be involved in "out of town" adventures, and I told my family that if I was captured and held for ransom, that it was NOT to be paid. Not even a single penny. We ALL die, and there are NO exceptions ... but you can't let the bad guys win.
  10. ....Someone might even make the case that Josef Stalin did as well as could be expected with a large, ignorant, undisciplined peasant nation.
  11. The reason the United States has many more prisoners than other countrues is that FREEDOM is allowed for people that have not grown up enough to handle it. Also ... we count the WHOLE person. In other countries they count less because of missing hands, and sometimes even missing heads. You probably don't need to imprison a thief that has had both hands cut off. And of course, public executions do tend to cut down on the repeat offenders, quite a bit.
  12. 12 hours ago Foreigner said: Man's Got To Know His Limitations.mp4
  13. Somehow, when I visualize being banned, I think of Roll-on Deodorant.
  14. Mr. Rogers was very inspirational. Here it is 2019 and he STILL inspires people! Mr. Rogers Sexy Costume.wmv
  15. It's easier when you actually see lipstick on a pig. NOW ... here is the question of the day ...... When you read the above line ... how many people instantly visualized Nancy Pelosi?
  16. ANYBODY can make a medical diagnosis at a distance , and the older you get, and the more experienced you get, the better a person will be at it. At least that is the usual case. With enough experience, you can go to an "Indiana Jones" movie, like "Raiders of the Lost Ark", and when the Nazis show up, a flash of brilliance will cross you mind, and INSTANTLY you will know in this story who the Bad Guys are. When their face melts off, it gets even more evident.
  17. I thought one of our missions was to "overturn strongly entrenched things"? I know that when I do, it is not a waste of MY time, as it proves, in trial by combat with REAL enemies ( not some sham fantasy) that my theology is correct. There is no substitute for victory!
  18. People that have "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" will go to great lengths to prove, with distorted logic and reasoning that their viewpoint of the Universe ... centered on them ... is correct. You can prove them wrong a hundred times on any one subject, and they will NEVER accept it. I would not be surprised if Foreigner would ban himself/herself/themselves, just to appear to be correct, and then reappear as another entity, and say "see, I TOLD you so!"., thinking in their own mind that they were forced out by others. Whatever happens to NPD people who irritate, insult, disparage and malign everyone around them who think rationally ... is NEVER their own fault. ... except that in reality ... it always is.
  19. That was my very first thought when I read the headline of this topic.. I have listened to four of his rallies it their entirety, and see no hate whatsoever. Trump does call a pig a pig, and points out that lipstick on a pig does not make it acceptable as a date, but pigs are pigs ... and it is not necessarily "hate" to correctly label pigs as pigs ....... etc.
  20. The following was translated by DEEPL Translator, as it was too many characters for Google Translate. " Open letter The governor of the Kaluga region Artamonov Anatoly Dmitrievich From a remand prisoner in remand centre No. 1 in Kaluga province Makhnev Roman Sergeevich, born 04.02.1976. Dear Anatoly Dmitrievich! Since 1990th years I confess views of Jehovah's Witnesses. In 2017, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation made an unprecedented decision to liquidate the legal entities Jehovah's Witnesses Management Center in Russia and a large number of local religious organizations, including the Jehovah's Witnesses WRO in Kaluga. I have never been a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses WITSEC in Kaluga. I worshiped the God of Jehovah both before and after the appearance of these legal entities, and after their liquidation, on the basis of Article 28 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation as the fundamental law of the country. My quiet life as a law-abiding resident of Kaluga ended on June 26, 2019, when a criminal case № 1190729000100000019 according to part 1 of article 282.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation was brought against me. In the house where I live with my wife and minor daughter, the FSB of Russia conducted a search of the Kaluga region. As I stated in the search report, several publications "found" in my house do not belong to me and were planted during the search. I demanded to conduct "flow-fat studies" of these things in order to establish the involvement of me or my relatives in their presence in my house. However, this was not done by the investigation. During the search, which lasted until half past midnight, I was constantly handcuffed like a dangerous criminal. After that, I was taken to the FSB building, where they left me chained to a radiator until morning and did not feed me for almost two days. On 28 June, the Kaluga District Court remanded me in custody for two months. The court considered that I was caught up in a crime. What really happened? When the search started, I was repairing the washing machine. On 26 August the District Court extended my detention for another 2 months, although the investigator did not present any additional facts other than a positive reference from the pre-trial detention facility. According to the incriminated article I face up to 10 years of imprisonment as a dangerous criminal! For what? For praying to God and reading the Bible in a different way than someone else? At the same time, I can avoid punishment if I voluntarily stop believing in God. This is like the inquisition of the Middle Ages. Law enforcers confuse the ban imposed by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on April 17, 2017 on legal entities of Jehovah's Witnesses with the possibility to freely express their faith, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. I have not created or resumed any activities of the Jehovah's Witnesses IRO in Kaluga. Dear Anatoly Dmitrievich, I am not asking you to interfere in the course of the investigation and trial. But I see the following picture. The criminal case was initiated in a hurry (in 20 minutes). Court hearings are held in closed session as soon as they are stopped. Human rights activists are not allowed to attend them. The court of two instances of search ignored numerous violations by the investigation. These actions do not testify to the impartiality of the judicial system and the objectivity of the investigation. Residents of the region, including people of different faiths, including Jehovah's Witnesses, cannot calmly observe such facts. The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation clearly indicated that its decision would not affect the ordinary practice of believers. In fact, everything turns out differently. And this happens despite repeated calls from human rights activists to change the situation. Even the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin spoke out in defense of Jehovah's Witnesses. I ask you to pay attention to what is happening in our region and to encourage law enforcement agencies to be objective in investigating this case. Makhnev R.S. 28.08.2019" Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator APPARENTLY, FROM HIS OWN WORDS, HE DISAVOWS BEING ASSOCIATED WITH JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ORGANIZATION, AND DOES NOT ENGAGE IN "FIELD SERVICE".
  21. I don't know why people are afraid I will slay them, unless it is in the context of telling a really , REALLY good joke. I have not slain anybody in AT LEAST three weeks! I have noticed that people around me are generally very well behaved. Those that are not well behaved, and considerate ... seem to "disappear mysteriously".
  22. Srecko Sostar: You have to understand where Foreigner and his alter egos are coming from. Every one of them has a severe case of (and this is a real thing, you can look up ...) Of "Narcissistic Personality Disorder", which governs every aspect of his/her/their thinking.. There are people that have SOME of the symptoms, but he/her/them has/have consistently displayed most or all of them. It is compulsive, and they cannot stop being who he/her/they are, any more than a Watchtower Lawyer can work for Justice, and not his client's fiduciary interests.
  23. Another solid proof that in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia, the inmates are running the asylum.

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