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  1. Every statement you make, Billy, proves my working theory about what you are all about.. You are your own worst advocate.
  2. For about a year I have been trying to figure out how you think, Billy ... whenever you come up with one of your arrogant, condescending, agenda driven posts, and I believe the idea just occurred to me with this last post of yours. The last time I saw such lack of reasoning ability, and lack of logical thinking and such immature petulance was in Elementary School, in the Third Grade. With this last post of yours the puzzle is complete. As smart and as educated as you obviously are ... it is also painfully obvious you never grew up. My condolences.
  3. Here is an Interview the BBC had with "Watchtower House", in 1968. The only topic of discussion was 1975. The Bethel representative WAS THERE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT THE 1975 ARMAGEDDON PREDICTIONS. 1414645491_JehovahsWitnessesina1968interview_Armageddonand1975_LondonWatchtowerrepspeakstoBBC.mp4.026b006ace4894d775768f67434b3ad6.mp4
  4. In the 'run-up" to 1975 I WAS THERE, AND PAYING ATTENTION, and thought everyone had gone nuts. I drew cartoons on the inside covers of my Society's books ridiculing the idea ... and in that approximate ten year period, from Richmond, Virginia, to Hollywood California, to Kinshasa, Zaire, where I lived and worked ... THE STORY WAS ALL THE SAME. I was in the Congo in 1974 and it got so intense that I reasoned (incorrectly) "How could I be right, and EVERYBODY else be wrong ?", so in a spasm of intellectual cowardice, I caved in to the peer pressure, and quit the best job I ever had, full of adventure and excitement, to return to Virginia to be with my parents, WHEN THE END CAME. Don't give me any crap about "it didn't happen". 1975 is what didn't happen. And it generated literally TONs of money for the Society to keep that fear going at an accelerated pace for a decade before 1975. that is why this issue will never die ... until after the people like myself who WERE THERE, are silenced by the grave.
  5. Every account I have read about where Catholic Priests molest children, its always boys . ALWAYS boys. This leads me to believe it is a homosexual problem FIRST.
  6. This canvas painting was found in Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion, prominently displayed in a large waiting room near the entrance. It was in the news for about three days. Could be worse ..... .... could be Hillary in a Ferengi outfit. I understand Hillary and Bill still share the same bed, but he sleeps on top in that "Monica Blue" dress, and she hangs from the bottom upside down with wings wrapped around her body.
  7. I went to the web site you posted, but apparently missed something. The only thing I could find was a button where you could donate money. Do you have a link to a SPECIFIC set of videos where I can see a REAL plane taking off and landing? I used to build model airplanes that could fly, but if you took every part and scaled it up to a real-life airplane, it would NOT fly. It seems to me that ground resistance and wind shear would make such an under powered real life aircraft no more airworthy than a cast iron boat anchor. I can patent an aircraft that is powered by the fires of hell (if there were any, and there are not ...). Can you post some real life videos of a ion powered aircraft taking off and landing?
  8. Several years ago four Sisters out in the Ministry were traveling in a car in Grand Prairie, Texas, just west of Dallas, Texas, and as they were going through an intersection, they were T-Boned by another car, and all were instantly killed. How would that relate to what you have posted above?
  9. Several years ago four Sisters out in the Ministry were traveling in a car in Grand Prairie, Texas, just west of Dallas, Texas, and as they were going through an intersection, they were T-Boned by another car, and all were instantly killed. How would that relate to what you have posted above?
  10. Perfection has to do with fitness for a particular purpose. I think the person that invented Vise-Grip Pliers should have gotten the Nobel Prize.
  11. Of COURSE I would defend you TTH. That's what I do. THEN, I would chew you out for being unarmed, and not doing it for yourself!
  12. I do not have any parking spaces at my house for Hillary's broom.
  13. It's not all that bad .... if Bill Clinton goes to prison for this ... Hillary gets to date! She is apparently immune to prosecution for espionage!
  14. As many things are , Billy, it is available on YouTube ... just type in "Diagramming Sentences." Being able to analyze EXACTLY what a sentence was saying, and be able to prove it .... whether or not the writer intended it to be that way or not ... has served me well my entire life, since the 7th grade. After a while you develop instantaneous analytical skills when reading ambiguous text. or even in normal conversation. .... and although I did not count then, there are PERHAPS a hundred videos teaching someone how to diagram sentences.
  15. Exactly Right ! ..... except back then, as now, weapons were used for many reasons ... not JUST to support "the state". It was recognized as a NATURAL right that existed before all political considerations. ...like the NATURAL rights of cats to have retractable claws ... or *coff* the rights of Bears to bear arms. This "natural right "... which has existed since the beginning of humans, already existed before someone declared it shall not be infringed upon.
  16. You are a truly amazing person, Billy ... with your own words you continuously prove against yourself of what you accuse others.
  17. To stay alive in this mess, you do not have to hide from everybody .... just Bill and Hillary Clinton.
  18. In the 7th grade I was taught how to diagram sentences to be able to ascertain exactly what a sentence was really saying. How should your words be used ultimately? And when you say "Don't spoil it!", what do you mean? What is "it"? If I printed out what you say, should it ultimately go in the filing cabinet .... or ultimately go in the shredder? As one guy in the Army from Alabama once said ... "Spreek Engrich Thoops."
  19. In MANY court cases the Society's Lawyers have argued, under oath, that Jehovah's Witnesses ARE Clergy .... AND that they are ENTITLED to the respect and privileges OF clergy. Unless like on Orwell's "Animal Farm", we are all equal ..... but some are MORE equal than others.
  20. Arrogance and Narcissism run amok. .... When people self appoint themselves as God's representatives.
  21. More appropriately, does one think it is right to contact the POLICE about criminal matters FIRST? ...... and then as a follow up, contact the Society's Legal Department! The Elders will NOT tell you what is going on. Bypass them!

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