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  1. ONLY if YOU PERSONALLY have intellectual integrity ... will you follow the TRUTH ... wherever it leads. No human on Earth that lives, or has ever lived, is exempt from this. OTHERWISE ... you are subject to theological hallucinations ... And everything you see, think, and do will be duplicitous ... and as you stated above ... The fact that looking straight at it .... AT IT ... you declare you do not know .... perfectly illustrates my point.
  2. Billy: I agree with all you said above ... BUT... We should all be united in what is true, what is honorable, what is fair, what is equitable, what is righteous, what is good, and what is wholesome. BEING UNITED just to have peace involves a THOUSAND compromises ... and is a slippery slope that slides to error, intellectually dishonesty, self delusion, theocratic hallucinations, the abandonment of JUSTICE, and dishonors both ourselves ... which intellectual integrity is where someone always has to start ... AND the Brotherhood ... and most importantly, Jehovah God. It all starts ... here on the dirt, where the rubber meets the road ... is the determination, without compromise ... to achieve intellectual integrity . FIRST You cannot have TRUTH ... without intellectual integrity. OTHERWISE ... we may be the finest "Brother Watchtower" that walks the Earth ... but we will be intellectually dishonest ... like a plague, that takes a 30 year incubation period for the consequences to show up. You cannot have TRUTH ... without intellectual integrity.
  3. Each one has to obey the dictates of his own individual conscience .... that is what makes us, US ... and not merely, only, and very, very sadly ..... just animals. NOTHING MORE
  4. From my perspective, ... Intellectual Integrity, or the lack thereof ... is what this ENTIRE thread is actually about. We have Liberty, and Freedom, and opportunity as Jehovah's Witnesses ... unmatched in the history of civilization. It breaks my heart to see us turn ourselves into a nation of delusional fools.
  5. Billy ... you are asking the WRONG QUESTION. You should not be asking how did the photographer got so close to the building ... he walked through the gate. The video does show him walking around inside the perimeter fence. The question should be, how did he get past the heavy steel bars on the WINDOWS to put the flag BEHIND the metal bars and glass. I have a Canon SX60 Camera that I can zoom in and take pictures of the SIDES of the mountains on the Moon, as they curve around the other side of the Moon. I could take a picture of a small bug on that window from the center of the street, through the fence. It's NOT what can you possibly imagine .... It is about what a non-agenda driven person, a reasonable and rational person ... a person who is not suffering from WDS delusions would consider MOST probable. We all bet our lives on how we interpret facts .... and the bill, either has to be paid mentally, emotionally, intellectually, or with blood and gore. The REAL Universe does not indulge our delusions. Intellectual INTEGRITY has to come FIRST. ... or nothing else REAL can we see.
  6. WDS - (Watchtower Derangement Syndrome) - The double edged sword that cuts BOTH ways. Agenda driven fantasy rationality from the "outside, looking in.", or from the "inside looking out". The sword cuts BOTH ways.
  7. Define "hoopla". If I take your bet, for, say $200.00, what unambiguous specific criteria is necessary for one side or the other to prevail? This can be either (EITHER!) gambling, or a sound investment strategy Otherwise, while placing bets, or making an investment ...... pistols on the table.
  8. I’m not saying some of the pictures aren’t true, James. Because they are. I have more credible evidence on video. The point I’m trying to make, the length opposers will go when they see an irregularity within the organization. For one, the Country of Chile is not entirely democratic. There is communism that still stands in Chile. Opposers argue the brothers did it as not to pay a fine. Was that what really what happened? There are 3 Kingdom Halls in question. Were those kingdom halls in control of an opposition party that forced the brothers to comply? For all we know, there could have been a group of patriots with threats of bodily harm in the name of the government to make someone comply. How many times don’t we see exactly that on the news? That would lead me to believe, more in the weakness of a group of Elders, but I wasn't there. In the case of the Spanish letterheads and English wording. If that indeed was submitted by the Branch office, did some Elders misunderstand or comprehend the letter? Or were those Spanish BOE letters translated into English by opposers, then posted that way. There are 1 or 2 photos that are photoshopped. They didn’t have to be, but that’s the length some opposers like Lloyd Evans will go to distort an issue. Therefore, can we say, it’s 100% factual under those circumstances? This issue started in 2014. In 2016-2017 the flags were displayed on 3 Kingdom Halls. Was it voluntarily, by choice, or forced. Does anyone have concrete evidence the Elders willfully complied to meet the demands of the State, or do we know if any Elders were removed for not understanding the Watchtower guidelines? According to the latest pictures, those KH in question seems to be clear of any State-sponsored propaganda. That’s the point of probability. There are too many unknowns to make a claim of absolute. Of course, 98.8% is an exaggeration James. That doesn’t mean that a lot of things floating out on the internet is NOT fake. I believe Anna and JWinsider just proved that point with the pole shadows. Did opposers need to muddy the waters even further by that exposure? NO! Therefore, until someone comes up with something more tangible, the reasons why still remain with those Chilean brothers, not the Watchtower. I am quoting your ENTIRE last post, , as I don't want it to be edited or "disappear".. I know for a certainty that you are agenda driven ... NOT TRUTH DRIVEN ... as you have just proved with your considered, but off-point, rambling, reply ... assuming vague possibilities for which there is NO credible evidence .... or any evidence at ALL. Your entire thought processes are governed by wishful thinking, and agenda driven fantasy constructs. After your forced admission of " Of course, 98.8% is an exaggeration James". , and " I’m not saying some of the pictures aren’t true, James. Because they are. I have more credible evidence on video." That says it all ..... in your own words.
  9. The above is what you get when you have Robots read the News.
  10. ... its been a long time, but if memory serves, the "Official" and only letterhead at the Zaire Branch office was in French, as that was the official national language.
  11. In a Spanish Speaking Country, I find it nutty to have letterheads in French, English, and 20 other languages. I do NOT believe that is the case. To the best of my knowledge, his is NOT done in business, ANYWHERE . If you know different, please provide REAL examples ... not your personal fantasies. I did notice that you do stand condemned by your own words, unless you CAN justify the 98.8%, and 1.2% irrelevant fantasies. As of this posting ... you IGNORED the simple challenge to prove your relevancy. When you do, I will apologize... if what you have to say is based on FACTS.
  12. Since you have libeled me, please indulge a little in-kind response, at least in tone. I was in the Congo, years ago, and at the Branch Office on the Aveneuda des Eleephants the Brothers would get a letter from anywhere in Zaire, as it was then called, in any one of perhaps 50 different languages, the offical national language being French, and the Branch Office reply staff primarily English. I was there, I slept there, and mowed the lawn, and packed boxes while waiting for a flight back to the United States.. They had many little black Brothers who spoke several languages, and sometimes a letter was translated five times from the source language to the target language. The reply was composed, and it was translated back the OTHER way. If the original query was in Swahelli, Tshiluba, French or English, Spanish, Vietnamese, or what have you ... the reply was sent in the originating language. Nobody forced anyone Billy. If I replied to you here in Standard Klingon, your point there would have validity. IMNSHO, you points rarely have validity, on any level, because they are based on your agenda of defending the indefensible. Then why spend Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and College studying how do do grammer well, and express yourself clearly and unambiguously? There is a whole different level of skills needed to convey complex, nuanced ideas correctly. The results of YOUR philosophy is the apex of human communications would be " ... you want Fries, with that order?", and then give the wrong change. Billy, what you say is drivel, as it is based on agenda driven policy and misplaced loyalties. Your loyalty and concern is defending the indefensible, when you are plain, flat wrong. A PERFECT example of this is your quote ... " ... I would say 98.8% of the Watchtower stuff on the internet is fake. The remaining 1.2% is misrepresented or misinterpreted by people such as you, James, Witness, and many others that are fake members or members in name only" A perfect defense for my accusation will be you to tell us, HOW DID YOU GET THOSE SPECIFIC NUMBERS? You are living in a fantasy world of your own construct, Billy. This means, that your OPINIONS are NOT based on fact, and your opinions are completely irrelevant.
  13. Just as in a total LUNAR eclipse, you can see part of the Moon by light that seeps around the Earth through the atmosphere layer, albeit very dimly, the light DOES tend to fill in the shadow, so you are not looking up and cannot see the Moon. In similar manner, the metal rod on the top of the flag pole is THIN enough and has such specular reflectivity that light has seeped behind it, and filled in the shadow a great deal ... ON THE NUBBIN. Redraw the parallel red lines from the top of the blue CLOTH, to the top of the shadow OF the CLOTH I suspect the FOLD in the flag, is pointed DIRECTLY toward the camera. In a darkened room about 20 feet long you could duplicate this with a flashlight with a focused parallel light beam, by holding your hand perpendicular to the wall, and having someone 20 feet away demonstrate the effects by moving the light up and down, and from side to side. And the angle examples I gave were only to illustrate the idea .... grabbed out of the air based on a rough guess.
  14. The shadow will be bigger than the flag if it is spread across an oblique wall with the Sun at the shown apparent angle, say somewhere around 45 degrees above the horizontal, and 35 degrees to the left. ThIs is called the "cosine effect", which I am well familiar with, as for decades I had a photographic darkroom, and worked with this with my very own developer chemical stained fingers, and light meters. The light from the Sun is radial, from the Sun, but after traveling 93,000,000 miles across Space, it is for all practical purposes of this discussion, parallel rays, and easy to predict. It's called "ray tracing". BillyTheKid46 may (may) be a good agenda driven Watchtower Lawyer ... but agenda driven thinking is ALWAYS delusional. The problem is.... ... IT'S HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS ! Write me a super-BIG check, and when it clears the bank, I will send anyone a 30 page report.
  15. John: Short if vigilante justice, which often is not even remotely connected to Justice ... your job is DONE! I am proud of you, after all these month's of discussion that wandered the known universe of thought, to "pull the trigger". Sleep well at night, and forget about it. You earned it!
  16. I enlarged the photo, and compared the flag pole to the flag and pole projected shadows, onto the Kingdom Hall's wall. The photo MAY be a complete fake, but it is NOT probable, in my considered and educated opinion. The larger and higher flag in the picture (there are two) is definitely behind the fence at the sidewalk or curb, and it projects exactly correct at the right angle, and the shadow on the Kingdom Hall wall at the address numbers "2925" shown, is the right size and shape, and SPECULAR ALBEDO that it should be. WHAT IS TRUTH SHOULD BE THE AGENDA ... NOT what is the agenda.. Sometimes, we just have to bet our lives, on the best guess, according to how we see the Universe.
  17. Agenda driven thinking is ALWAYS delusional ... whether you are on the "outside looking in" ... or the "inside looking out". WDS - the sword that cuts BOTH ways.
  18. The preponderance of evidence, as I saw it then, and as I see it now, as shown leads me to believe that it happened EXACTLY as Jack Ryan just posted. It is consistent with the fact that for 50 years in Mexico, Jehovah's Witnesses were a "cultural association", until the law was changed so they could own REAL ESTATE. Straight from "central casting". When I was a younger man, I used to bet my life that I understood parachuting as well as I understood that hitting the ground at 220 miles per hour is NOT GOOD ... A series of ACTUAL life or death "leaps of faith". I am USED to the idea. It's all about how you rate the probabilities of this thing ... that thing .. or the other thing .... whatever it is, as being true, false, or somewhere in the middle. Sometimes, the credibility gap is compensated for by a gullibility fill. Sometimes the truth really hurts. WDS - the sword that cuts BOTH ways. The preponderance of evidence, as I saw it then, and as I see it now, as shown leads me to believe that it happened EXACTLY as Jack Ryan just posted.
  19. This is a fallacious premise .... reading some of her statements she actually says SHE IS NOT, a "staunch Jehovah's Witness". (massive paraphrase ...) I get the impression she is not even baptized ... ( anyone REALLY know?) She agrees with some stuff ... and not others ... sorta like eating parts of a fish. "But frankly, Scarlett ... I don't give a damn." - Rhett Butler - "Gone With The Wind"
  20. The picture I saw had the Chilean Flag behind the metal bars in the windows, behind the glass, inside the building, facing out, and there was a high steel rod fence with a gate around the property, with the flagpole on the property, on the grounds. It may have been put there by Eskimos for all I know. ... but that is not probable.
  21. I don't know anything other than what was in the news several years ago ... that on a particular national holiday, Chile requires Churches to display the National Flag for that day on their building or flag poles ... and the Elders put one inside the building, showing through the windows, and put one on a flag pole (what's a Kingdom Hall doing with a flag pole ...anyway..?), to avoid paying a fine, somewhere around $240. I have several photos on my hard drive somewhere, from several angles. That's all I know.
  22. It allllllll boils down to this .... do we allow ... and overlook ... a certain amount of BAD ART ... in order to have harmless FREEDOM AND LIBERTY? I will. ... rather have harmless Freedom and Liberty AND good art ... but like the singer "Meat Loaf" once sang ... "Two Outta Three, Ain't Bad".
  23. You would be completely surprised in many cases if scriptures were read in CONTEXT .... a half page before, and a half page after.

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