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  1. Just a note to say I am taking at least a one year vacation from the JW-Archive and its successors starting this Sunday night, December 30, 2018. I have been gathering data to write a series of Science Fiction Novels for over 30 years, and my wife will need the money after I go up the chimney. Besides, I have been on for something like seven years, and it has evolved GREATLY from the silly pablum it started out as, so my irritant is no longer needed. I will still get emails of course, when somebody posts something. If Robert A. Heinlein can turn out his masterpiece "Starship Troopers" in one week, on a typewriter ... and he did ... while infuriated by Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on the table at the United Nations, I, with a word processor and Dragon Naturally Speaking voice to text software ought to, with practice, emulate that. I intend to "write by the pound", six hours a day, five days a week. I may even get up every morning, , and put on a suit and tie before sitting down at my workstations. Hahahahahaa! Just kidding.
  2. That is why in my original objection, I said I would need TWO (or more) competent Russian speakers .... It's like going to a Doctor and when he tells you something you suspect is not right, and you mention that you will need a second opinion. He responds thoughtfully and says ... "OK ... you are also ugly." If he was a Russian Orthodox Priest, I would assume he said "persecute". In my considered opinion, the President of the Russian Federation would NEVER use that word, as it carries the connotation of being arbitrary and capricious, petulant and evil. For those and previously explained specific reasons .... I reject that he used the word "persecute". It is obvious that he never read a single letter of the 6 million or so sent him by Jehovah's witnesses, (although he probably enjoyed the $56,000,000 dollars the Brotherhood via the Universal Postal Union gave him for NOT delivering them), so perhaps if you would write him ONE single letter, via the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC, he or the embassy will answer. After all .... it's YOUR topic, and YOUR thread. Be a sport .... do the homework to its conclusion.
  3. So ...um ... what happened in Virginia that might warrant U.N. intervention? I was born and raised in Virginia, and we did not even like Yankee tourists.
  4. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    UN Compact 2018

    Well Arauna ... you've done it now ! With my apparent OCD I have latched onto a new fixation ... which is actually a continuation of my many years ago reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn " The Gulag Archipelago " series of books. I watched several episodes on YouTube of "Uncommon Knowledge", about Joseph Stalin, one of which you posted, above featuring the Author Stephen Kotkin, and am downloading everything I can about this ( pant! pant! pant! ....) I also plan on ordering Kotkin's three books and reading them. I strongly suspect that my perceptions that everything Stalin is accused of as far as quantities of mass murders, etc. will be born out, but JWInsider has raised questions that need to be resolved in my mind. Thank you for giving me the key to the door to find out. I find Solzhenitsyn and Kotkin absolutely credible at face value .... so far.
  5. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Watch your children. (JW Fork)

    EXACTLY. One time in Western Virginia, circa 1966, there was a race riot and people filled the streets, blocking traffic ... and I came upon them unexpectedly. They stopped my car and I could not pass. VERY angry people. I just took out my revolver, and put it on the dashboard of my car... and BEHOLD! ... the crowd parted like Moses marching through the sea ... and I went on my way.
  6. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    UN Compact 2018

    I read three of Solzhenitsyn's books and found them completely and totally credible. What did I miss?
  7. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Watch your children. (JW Fork)

    People that have poor decision making ability, and never plan ahead ... are NEVER "somewhere else". "Stuff Happens".
  8. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Russia is "The King of the North"

    I hope that when the "slave class" finally decides on who the "King of the North is THIS time, they will say in one short paragraph, with NO scriptural artillery barrage to back it up. The theocratic landscape has acquired more craters than the surface of the moon. They have ALWAYS gotten it wrong before, and I have been trying to pay very close attention for over 50 years, now. .... but have had DAYS of us sitting all day at Assemblies to hear the scriptures and reasoning, and nuanced referencing ... and years of Assembly talks, and Watchtower articles, and hour long public talks ..... to absolutely PROVE, without any shadow of a doubt ... just WHO was ....... the "King of the North". Many times. ...and every time it changes, the cycle repeats. They have ALWAYS been wrong before, so personally I would appreciate when the NEW explanation comes out ... it be something you could email me on a single page. ...or even better ... HALF a page. Or even better ... a single paragraph. Since it cannot POSSIBLY affect anything in real life down here on the ground ... that I can do anything about ... I would be HAPPY to accept ANYTHING the Governing Body says , at face value. ( I would even accept Caleb and Sophia as patron saints ... but PLEASE, spare me the "process" of why this would be true. ) Our Assembly Hall is in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and at my age, after a long Assembly in a hypnotic tone of voice, I risk falling asleep at the wheel after a long drive, each way. Getting "New Light" could LITERALLY ... kill me and my wife! To borrow a phrase from World War I .... I am shell shocked,. ... but I don't want to EVER hear any more about "Gog of Magog".
  9. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Linear Aerospike Engine

    Yes, and the reason is, at low altitudes the less effective jets of burning fuel are pressed against the main jets by atmospheric pressure, and their own momentum, and the main jets "wall of fire" layer of friction imparts velocity to the auxiliary jets, because although the main jets are being ejected at many times the speed of sound, the hot and explosively expanding gas flow is turbulent. What you are doing is trading the inefficiencies of the main jet (thrust = velocity x mass) through friction and the Bernoulli principle to the mass of the auxiliary jets' mass , but there are limits to everything. I would imagine they are still trying to get that balancing act correct, and with the energies and fluid dynamics (the hot gasses) involved it is quite a trick. They need some white haired old guy who knows to just come in and set aside the 20,000 pages of calculations and just tell them the answer, but then progress would not always be repeatable, and adaptable to new applications. Sir Isaac Newton was a one time human phenomenon.
  10. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Is the Boeing 757 engine overpowered?

    Not as long as you value performance over fuel costs.
  11. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Linear Aerospike Engine

    The coanda effect is simple to understand, and it will make a big, hot fire .... but thrust is another thing, altogether. Imagine the following video, with hydrogen gas being sucked into the fan, and burning along the outside of the disc ... reaction (thrust) is a function of throwing stuff behind you that is heavy, or light stuff going very, very fast. But, it has to push against a surface 180 degrees from the action, to have an efficient and strong reaction. The Coanda Effect (version 2013).mp4
  12. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Commentary on 9/11

    Not many crash sites have extensive video coverage ... and little or no aircraft forensic evidence to look at. Think about it.
  13. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Linear Aerospike Engine

    It's all about money. The reasons Smart Phones have made a hundred years progress in ten years is the opportunity and reality of "OUTRAGEOUS" profits. The current designs are too hot, and too heavy, and like a bullet, produce a drag vacuum behind them. Merely a matter of engineering ... but GOOD engineering takes hundreds of highly motivated engineers and highly motivated companies. So ... what motivates most engineers? MONEY. LOTS and lots of money. You would be surprised, if you do not already know ... how motivational being grossly overpaid is... and how much it is inspirational. Several times in my life, I was paid three times the going rate, and paid in advance ... and I finished projects scheduled to finish in six months ... in six weeks. Not only that, I could walk down the beach with two buckets full of money, and didn't even have to suck my stomach in.
  14. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    The behavior of people is affected by bodily sensations.

    I find that if strapped in a chair with dozens of large plastic wire ties, and someone is trying to remove my kneecaps with pliers, it makes me very anxious, panicky, sad .... and VERY talkative! I hate that ...... don't you?
  15. Because they have the mental disposition to be ENTERTAINED by drama. ... like war.
  16. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Peace - Can it Last?

    Putin on the dog, eh?
  17. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    What do you think of Kevin Spacey's YouTube video?

    Great Acting .... but he had an opportunity to make the "facts" of his accusations clear .... and did not do it. Smoke and Mirrors to distract. Had he addressed his accusers ... either through confirmation ... or denial .... and been specific .... the PRINCIPLES espoused in the video would have had real traction ... as they are sound principles .... but without solid facts about what happened in the non-drama REAL world ... they are in this specific case ..... INVALID.
  18. James Thomas Rook Jr.


    ... and now, fer yor entertainment .... SIX SCREENS OF THE BEAKER! YAAaaaaAAAAY! SIX SCREENS OF THE BEAKER .mp4
  19. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Watch your children. (JW Fork)

    How about "Be somewhere else" ?
  20. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Watch your children. (JW Fork)

    A man being unarmed is like having a car without gasoline, a flashlight without batteries, an uncharged fire extinguisher, and a camera without film or an SD card, or run on gravel without shoes. And Yet ....some people EXULT in their determined incompetence, and un-preparedness. Throw your cell phone at them!
  21. James Thomas Rook Jr.

    Watch your children. (JW Fork)

    Ignorance of the future is what gets people dead, dead, dead. Ever notice that one man with a knife, surrounded by police with guns, often gets shot to death? That is because THEY KNOW that it only takes 3/8 of a second for a determined man with a knife TO KILL YOU, from a distance of 21 feet away. It would be embarrassing to look down at a mortal wound, and before fading to black, say "OOPS! ... guess I was wrong!".
  22. James Thomas Rook Jr.


    They are both related by adoption to Morris the Cat, and have a very "close Social Relationship", and whose cartoon kittens have taken up with Caleb and Sophia, in a LOOOOooong series of ...... *coff* ...... "overlapping generations". Behind the Scenes_ Morris the Cat (1985).mp4
  23. If my understanding of the Russian Mind ... and Putin's mind is correct, he is going to reverse the prosecution of Jehovahs'a Witnesses, before 2020, as I stated two days ago on another thread. He thinks like an adult, when all around him, on BOTH sides, everyone else is thinking like petulant children.

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