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  1. This was the first public broadcast by RCA corporation, in the United States, in 1936. The first regular electronic television service in Germany began in Berlin on March 22, 1935, as Deutscher Fernseh Rundfunk. Broadcasting from the Fernsehsender Paul Nipkow, it used a 180-line system, and was on air for 90 minutes, three times a week. Very few receivers were ever privately owned, and viewers went instead to Fernsehstuben (television parlors). There is more to the story, worth researching.
  2. My first guess is that they are praying to a specific "god", that does not exist. If I write a letter to the President of the United States, Axel Beezelbroth, in Boogers Woods, Wyoming ... same thing.
  3. ... probably not nearly as much as the Bethel videos that inspired the recollection.
  4. Yikes .... restricted to a dorm room for several weeks! Perhaps for "the duration". ... and no .. I am not going to mention pillows.
  5. I understand that Jim Bakker's wife, Tammy Faye Baker, divorced him when he went to prison for fraud. She was known for crying on camera, through pounds of mascara, making her look like a racoon, and if memory serves, she died when a chunk of her makeup fell off, she tripped over it, and suffocated in a pool of facial mush.
  6. I wonder if all the Brothers and Sisters at Bethel, NY, are locked down, and have to stay in their dorms ... not even going to the cafeteria to eat, etc. Bethel Cafeteria closure .mp4
  7. When I was a teenager, as a Senior in High School, circa 1964-1966, I had a half-day part time job to 11 PM at night. I saved up $320 and bought a Nikon F 35mm camera., one of the best in the world at that time. They did not pay me to advertise, so I put a strip of black electrical tape over the logo on the front. When my wife and I go to "famous" restaurants that sell their logo T-shirts, I exclaim loudly "Oh Look!, they will pay me $15.95 to wear their advertising!" I get "looks" from the cashier, and cringes from my wife, who wants to hide.
  8. ... cut a piece of wire 11 inches long, and look at it. This is how far light travels in one nanosecond.
  9. I understand the greatest distribution of Bibles to the general populace, is Gideon Bibles, stolen from Hotel Rooms.
  10. For "plausable deniability" when being sued by relatives of those that died. We can in fact, according to the GB, take whole blood transfusions without congregational sanctions, if it is first fractionated into about 14 separate substances, and administered in separate intravenous tubes. I drew a cartoon about this years ago ... I will try to find it.
  11. It is my understanding that Microsoft was going to get into the environmentally friendly automobile business with a car powered by a small plutonium based nuclear reactor, which would heat water to make steam, which would power the car. Similar to how nuclear submarines are powered .... by steam. You would "fill up the tank", from your garden hose. I just upgraded my Windows 7 laptop with a 2TB hard drive, it works perfectly after 11 years ... but I digress. However, they scrapped that idea, because Microsoft's history, with the advent of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.0, 8.1, and 10, it became clear that every other production turned out to be a bomb.
  12. Your question is based on the false premise that what is shown has to be one or the other .... fashionable or abdominal. I doesn't. Now .... if you had chosen "tacky" or "frivolous", you might have a case.
  13. To understand it correctly, you need to watch the following video.... from another generation.
  14. I disagree: It is NOT loyalty to the GB. It is fear of reprisals, banishment, and social ostracism. I have never even met anyone that is "loyal to the Governing Body". They do try to be loyal to God ...by obeying the non-inspired and all to often fallible and flat wrong, sometimes goofy self-aggrandizing teachings of the GB. Sometimes that is noble and a good thing to do. Sometimes ... not. They alone are allowed to apostatize from their previous teachings, without severe punishment.
  15. ... and that was 2,000 or so years before the invention of deodorants! .... and flea powder!
  16. It's like buying gas during the Jimmy Carter Administration. You could only fill up your tank on odd number days if your license plate ended in an odd number, or on even numbered days if your license plate ended in an even number , or if you were an American Indian of Jewish descent and had SCUBA gear in your car.
  17. The only thing I consider when reading "..this generation will not pass away until all these things occur" ... is what did the Apostles understand it meant when Jesus said it to them? All else is FANTASY!
  18. It is very hard to get a chicken coop up to 88 miles per hour,, even with a 1.21 Gigawatt battery.
  19. In criticizing the above chart details are important. The MOST IMPORTANT detail is the false assumptions used as part of the flow process. It is important to critically analyze the PRESUMPTIONS used to set up any argument, treatise, or chart. Of all the charts I have ever seen, the one that NOBODY in my congregation understands is the multiple generation chart referenced by GB member David Splane The Elder in our congregation, probably the smartest person in the county, when I asked him about it, he was quiet for a moment and said "I think they are trying to do the best that they can ...", indicating to me that he can not make any sense of it. Perhaps TTH can.(?)
  20. Words are important! Words are the tools with which we think! Words are how we communicate with ourselves, and others! Should true Christians use the word "Disaster"? It is also important that we pay attention to DETAILS!
  21. Speaking of religious experiences ........ This morning I personally celebrated being alive with the contemporary emblems of Western Society ... doughnuts and coffee ..... and the memory of a sugar and caffeine high. I was a partaker. And no ... I don't want to get into a discussion about scones and crumpets, whatever they are.
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