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  1. Don’t be naive. My writing doesn’t resemble his in the slightest degree. He writes like a castrated toad with all the analytical skills of a fruit fly. He boasts that he has identified one of the contributors here as crocodile, and the only proof he has is that another ridiculed him for his crocodile tears. He is a blaggard who uses the science of speech more to blackmail and swindle than teach. I made it the ticklish business of mine to once and for all eradicate this swine. I happen to know that they had to reshoot that Jurassic Park scene repeatedly because every time the woman reached into the gigantic dinosaur turd, she accidentally pulled out one of his books—this one:
      Hello guest!
    That is exactly where they all belong, but it was irrelevant to the movie
  2. How can he not insult himself, that slopbucket of maggot intestines? He writes like a cow. Of him, the verse might read: “For they say: “His letters are like forcefeeding to all who must endure them, his presence in person is weak, his speech contemptible, and that goes double for his writing.” Be glad that you only know him from afar. He gave a talk at our hall and afterwards someone said—yes, I heard it myself—“Brother, when I hear you speak, I marvel at the wisdom of Jehovah’s organization in shortening public talks from 45 minutes to 30!” And he has the gumption to come right here on the World News Media Forum and hawk his crummy book?! This one:
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    “TrueTom vs the Apostates!” he calls it? HA! The real title should be “TrueTom IS an Apostate!”
  3. That is all TTH ever does is lie. I am sick of it. He is a disgusting despicable offal-like creature masquerading as a human bean. Yes, “bean” is not a mistake. It is deliberate. I cannot bring myself to call him a human being, he is that repulsive. He reeks with B.O and bad breath. And gas? Tell me about it. Even those of other species know it. Recently I happened upon him walking his pet pig. “Hey, where did you get the pig?” I greeted him. ”I found him at the marketplace,” the pig replied.
  4. As Chickenman said to the ill-tempered Miss Helpinger, when he woke her out of a dead sleep over the phone and she had seen through his muffled voice instantly: “Who’s the Winged Warrior?” Very well. If Arguis cannot get the job done, it may be time to send in Cantanqueronius. He doesn’t take so kindly to being outed.
  5. Yes. It is time for the real owners, JWI and TTH to reveal themselves once and for all.
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