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  1. Quite simply put he believes that god is just energy, well I have some very disturbing news for him, God is love energy is not, God loves energy does not, need I say more
  2. I have all these books and also books going back to study of the scriptures (all)
  3. Picture is them singing God save the Queen English national anthem
  4. Jehovah`s witnesses began with Adam & Eve, then came Abel, and then Seth and it grew from there Truth started before these other religions
  5. I think some are going off the topic, bringing in all sorts of things, originally this conversation was talking about a once sister who was a JW for 28 years, then after that found someone outside the truth to love and marry , and then turning her back completely on Jehovah. all I see now is an excuse for her, why oh why not drop this conversation before the topic even goes down more and you yourselves start to question the organization and fall away from the TRUTH.
  6. It`s not just one person who will suffer if the judge takes notice of the false witnesses ! It`s at least 175,000+ would you like that number on your conscience?
  7. No one is pressured into doing anything they don`t want to, Jehovah wants willingness not forced
  8. She said that she had to leave her job, she didn`t, she said the witnesses told her to leave off a family because doomsday was near, she was baptized at about 33 yeas old, when she left she was about 60, ever since then she and her now husband persecutes JW`s
  9. more information The source is at the beginning of the transcript of the court case Look at the transcript at 9:30
  10. 3 congregations disturbed during memorial in Russia
  11. derek1956

    Matt 24:14 Fulfilled?

    Matthew 10:16-23 mentions about the time we live in and in verse 23 it says we would not complete the circuit of Israel until the son of man arrives so you see the preaching is to Jehovah`s satisfaction not to man`s
  12. derek1956

    Matt 24:14 Fulfilled?

    The Brother said HAS been fulfilled NOT being fulfilled this is why I ask for the information
  13. derek1956

    Matt 24:14 Fulfilled?

    I would like to hear the full talk and the name of the brother who gave it and where
  14. Every medic in a war zone fails their comrades because they do not carry enough blood with them? I don`t think so! thanks to Jehovah`s witnesses all they need to carry is fluids and not every A,A+, B, B+ and so on to save a life


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