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  1. I go on the website everyday to check what is happening in Russia with our brothers and yes it is JW website
  2. This one one idiot that that joins their mates 4 jahto me I have never seen so many idiotic posts like yours I hope Satan is very proud of you. Soon you`ll be gone from here for good because you too like them other little rats can not take the heat even when it1s on low
  3. To answer your question about someone knocking on my door, no chance I was in the forces and no civilians was allowed on base, I was in Cyprus at the time
  4. Witness the anointed are HUMBLE you are not, The anointed do not get involved with people who slay their master, you however come on this web site a back apostates who slander Jehovah`s name, You also slander that name, you quote scripture no application, YOU ARE NOT ANOINTED GET IN THROUGH YOUR HEAD. The anointed don`t tell social media that they are anointed either.
  5. The little rats who come on here they say they are the true witnesses, but the only problem they have they do not know what they believe and who they belong to, he`s a picture of your commander
  6. I wondered when that partner of witness would have their say now I can call you both the witnesses of your master of this world and NOT of the world to come
  7. You seem to be ok Cesar but please they can think for themselves
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