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  1. Jack Ryan I used to like reading your positive comments but now you swear and are so negative about the truth what happened to you Jack , You`re getting to be like the apostates on this web site, What happened to you Jack you need to get a grip of the life to come, May I see better comments come from you in the future. All the best.

  2. This letter was not too many for google to translate I get all my info on the Witnesses from jw blogspot, witnesses website
  3. How many more anti Jw`s are there on this site How many Hypocrites are advanced members they condemn the organization of Jehovah`s witnesses, and yet quote things what is good for them when it`s in their favour, I know for a fact there are at least 4 who will say " who are you to judge us, who appointed you to be our judge?" and yet they condemn themselves be the words they speak. Come on condemn the words I write down you who are supposedly to be on the side of Jehovah`s Organization on earth, advanced members or not you know who you are! Love to the TRUE brothers and sisters, stand up to these false brothers and sisters. Those who run this site need to clear these off and upbuild and not help to tear down the True Brothers. I wonder if you will allow this
  4. Why bring yourself to their level if they insult you, that`s what the world does not Jehovah`s people we don`t go down to their level
  5. Have you any talk outlines for this years convention yet

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      I don't. sorry.

      If you find them before I do let me know here. 🙂

  6. Let me put it this way 1975 cleansed out the organization from those who were looking for a date, those who fell away were not serving Jehovah how he wants them to serve him. The ones that stayed stuck with it. It`s like when Jesus was arrested and a lot fell away from following Jesus, some came back, some who fell away in 1975 came back. Are you looking forward to the end of this wicked system of things in 20??.
  7. So in no way did HE say 1975 was the end however She said it, while He talked about an end of this wicked system of things, She kept saying 1975
  8. How many people was on the earth when Jehovah destroyed the earth in Noah`s day? Do you think numbers of people make a difference? 7 Billion people on the earth today, how many are doing according to the written word (Bible)? Why would you keep bad apples among the good? those who do not understand or will not understand like some on here, who gave you the authority to accuse Jehovah of murder at armageddon, who gave you the right to question the ruler of everything! If Jehovah wants to He could wipe out the entire earth, He has the right to do anything He wants and no-one has any right to question His actions. Yes it`s Jehovah who decides who lives and who dies!
  9. I believe we are witnesses of Jehovah 24/7 if there is a request to wear badges at a meal in a hotel it is a witness to everyone who is staying at the hotel also it reminds us we are not on holiday we are there because Jehovah invited us to be at His table for the spiritual food that we need at this time, you don`t have to wear your badge if you don`t want to give a witness and say this is how we are when we come to Jehovah`s table, it may open the way for someone to give you the experience that you only hear about from others. If you moan about a small thing like the wearing of a badge at dinner at the hotel where you`re staying, then what are you going to do when we are instructed to do/go something that is not practical in our eyes, just not do it, Small things we comply with will give us the determination to do a bigger life saving thing in the future. Please don`t squabble or moan about the small things LOOK at the bigger picture keep your minds on what Jehovah will bring
  10. Jesus is the Judge for 1,000 years while he brings the earth to the Paradise conditions and mankind to Perfection, after that when he hands over the kingdom to Jehovah, those who pass the final judgment will have everlasting life!
  11. Some people really show theirs colours when making comments like the ones just said by Witness?

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