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  1. Good morning trust you are well. Thank you very much much love from Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Is South Africa just starting with this pandemic now? Just curious.

  3. @T.B. (Twyla) Good day Twyla, trust you are well? Would you by any chance have the kids notebook, please. Love from Cape Town, South Africa Kind regards
  4. Good morning from a wet, windy and cold Cape Town, South Africa. Trust you are all well? Thank you for the notebooks, your efforts to compile it for us, is very much appreciated. Have a lovely day.
  5. Thank you! Good morning, Anyone have a Maintain Faith in Jehovah notebook please. Kind regards Abegail
  6. Good morning, trust you are well? Would you know where I can find the notebook for the Maintain Faith in Jehovah assembly, please?
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