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  1. Does he have a mailing list or something that corporations can't just ban or block?
  2. Bitcoin miners have been making more than $50 Million per day for the past month. Put into perspective: A year ago this number was around $12 Million – that's a 4x increase, despite the block subsidy being cut in half. Important datapoint!
  3. Bitcoin provides native auditability the likes of which no traditional asset has ever seen. This allows it to be analyzed in more depth than is possible for any traditional asset.
  4. IMF: Worlds needs a Monetary Reset 'to stop runaway climate change' We’re having one - it’s called #Bitcoin
  5. "Exchanges now hold less than 2 million Bitcoin, with this number declining every month. Hodlers and institutions are taking the BTC and putting them into cold storage." - Christopher Wood Head of Equity Strategy at Jefferies
  6. Kanye West – 2/1 Jeff Bezos – 5/2 Bill Gates – 3/1 Lebron James – 6/1 Kim Kardashian – 50/1 Donald Trump – 50/1 George Lucas – 100/1 Steven Spielberg – 100/1 Kylie Jenner – 200/1 Who do you think is next?
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