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  1. For the first time I'm encountering problems downloading the current material for the Meetings. 😱😫😫 

    1. T.B. (Twyla)

      T.B. (Twyla)

      Scherryl, send me your email. TB

  2. Well... seems like we're gonna have another year of putting up with this wicked system 😢😢😢 But on the bright side we have another year of looking forward to your wonderful posts filled with spiritual gems. It makes my days, and weeks, a little tolerable😂🤣 Scherryl
  3. Thank you T.B.., And before I forget "Welcome To Fall"!!! (I'm late...., I know)??
  4. Greetings from Alabama T. B., Thanks for the meeting materials, as always.? Do you have the transcripts or excerpts for the part on: "The Prodigal Returns" Scherryl✌️
  5. @Tennyson Yes.., I noticed it missing too ? But I appreciate the other Meeting Materials.., Thank you T. B. Scherryl
  6. Thank you T.B. (Twyla) They say: The best way to overcome sadness or depression is to get out in the Ministry, or so something for the better good of others. And this you are certainly doing - thinking about others - at this sobering time while you are dealing with the death of your mom. Aside from these beautiful Weekly Workbook Material that you put out I want you to know "I am here for you" if you ever need to TALK. Just shoot me a personal email ANYTIME!!! Remember: As Proverbs 27: 17 states: "As iron sharpens iron, a man sharpens the face of his friend." Agape' my friend Twyla, Scherryl PS: Just wanted to ask was there a transcript for the part: "Follow Christ's Steps Closely" Jehovah's Name is Most Important?
  7. Scherryl

    It's just me TB.

    I will definitely be thinking of you all and praying that your mom gets well. Do not worry about the Meeting Materials and getting them together, focus on your family at this??
  8. Thanks Twyla.., as always Hope you and your family enjoy the Memorial this weekend. #Reflections It's always good to reflect on what Christ sacrifice means to me now and the New System to come. Scherryl
  9. Thanks Nicole, I know this family very well.
  10. Thank you T. B. (Twyla) This week everyone should be getting the dates for their upcoming Regional Convention, Yayyy!!!! (seems like the "Meeting Workbook" is missing a pdf format)
  11. Scherryl

    Watchtower Library CD-Rom

    @Cheepcheep Thank you very much, I will check with others, probably around the first of the year and at the literature counter.


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