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  1. Hi Isabella, whats happend with Ronan Keating? I could read nothings in your post.... Thanks for an answer! Greetings from Germany 🌹💚🌹
  2. Sorry, that login was from my new mini iPad "2019" - Roland showed me my old passwords on my Laptop....  So I tried it next day and was happy, haha :)

    Soon more time, I hope it  - Camping is over and other things too --  Importend is, the endtime is very near !

    See us soon again :x


    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Glad you had a good time. 

  3. Its a gift from Jehovah, NOT a promise. Nobody can be sure....
  5. Thats so simple... You also calling FATHER and NOT the right name of your dad !! ITS NOT A LIE.....
  6. Ask our Admin here - or later on our website jw.org - By the video's, copy the link ahead and put the link on your page, then you have it.... Try it, much success !
  7. ......YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND MY WORDS - not your day, right ?? @Matthew9969
  8. @James Thomas Rook Jr. Haha, x-rays are not proof, right? I spoke today with a very competent brother. For Adam, Jehovah did not need a rib... and there is no Bible passage for Eve ;-( I also heard about some contradictory biblical passages, (there are miscellaneous ..) Jesus certainly did everything right, but the later ones Writers did not always have it easy .... My feeling is very mixed - and I'm sorry! That's it for today ... Warm regards from Germany ❤♥☼♥❤
  9. I still want give you my answer today, please a little patience, my time just limited.
  10. @Witness Some things are true, the many scriptures, but miscellaneous is unclear or wrong! Satan lies constantly, that's world famous. Please do not forget : In the 1000 years after Armageddon, in which only the obedient JW are led to perfection - also the MANY Risen, which then logically have to undergo the final test! Therefore the short release of Satan - and he becomes "billions" in the last, ETERNAL DEATH consequences. This quantity is in the Bible "like sand by the sea" described .... That's it! I'm not one of the daily commentators here. Brotherly Love, Agape ❤ ♥ ☼ ♥ ❤
  11. In the labors they are able today, making nearly all they want. They only need a hear, and some less other things. Yesterday I saw in TV, they already made clone horses... Jehovah made all, also Adam & Eve. Please read, that HE needed only a little peace from his rib, that was enough and Adam had all ribs soon again. Jehovah is the best Creator of all, I won't make jokes from HIS genious Masterpeaces! 🙏❤️ ~~ I also will read that once more in my new Bible! Good night for today 😴💤💤
  13. Henry Ford with his first automobile, 1896. WOW !! I like such of cosy old-mobils... haha
  14. Oh NO..... NEVER ! What's that for a question?? What I mean is written in our Bible. We learned that all in our Bible - study
  15. It does give alot more things of that in our old world
  16. My thoughts are with the victim and family of the killed people by the terrible attacks! I pray for Sri Lanka that the situation will stabilize and something terrible will not happen again! The people of the north have not recovered from the brutal war until today! Lets pray for Sri Lanka 🙏🙏🙏🙏 ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
  17. Satan and his demons become soon trapped for 1000 years! After that time, truly becoming EVEN smarter, they will be released for a very short time to once again take a huge part of humanity, JW, into final death. These people decide also for death - but then for Eternal !! (sorry for my not perfect English... ---)
  18. My thoughts are with the victim and family of the killed people by the terrible attacks! I pray for Sri Lanka that the situation will stabilize and something terrible will not happen again! The people of the north have not recovered from the brutal war until today! I pray for Sri Lanka 🙏🙏🙏🙏 ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
  19. @James Thomas Rook Jr. This answer corresponds, to say the least, to untruth! Jehovah needed only a small part of Adam's rib. She grew up again, read in our literature. Both, men and women have the same number of ribs from birth. - How perfectly done by Jehovah ❤♥☼♥❤
  20. We all knowing, Jehovah not took the whole rib ! When Eve was there, Adam's rib was grown again. So its only a joke by many people in the world, not more....
  21. It is logical that men and women would have the same number of ribs. The rib cage protects the vital organs within the rib cage. Surely a Creator could replace Adam's rib once he had made the point that Eve would walk beside Adam, not above him nor below him but she was of his flesh and was his helpmate. ********************************** One young German Celebrity Sophia Wollersheim, now VEGAS, had alot luck.... was removed for dangerous beauty reasons, 4 ribs !! She got pregnant and was very lucky - She gave birth to a healthy girl. Her bust is ca. XXXL and the waist was about 45cm / what a life.... The old world is often unbearable ;-(
  22. We all should see that video today ! I did it on Broadcasting, bec. a good brother told me from that🙏 To all brothers a nice Memorial ceremony at this evening. We start first at 21.45h, very late... Warm regards from Germany 🌹💚🌹
  23. I wish all Jehovahs Witnesses and the guests, a very nice MEMORIAL ceremony for today evening. We're 2 Congregations and start at 21.30h 🙏❤️🙏
  24. 19 Also, he took a loaf, gave thanks, broke it, and gave it to them, saying: “This means my body, which is to be given in your behalf. Keep doing this in remembrance of me. ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤

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