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  1. Your comment reminded me of one more thing. Namely, "prophecy" and, in a broader sense, understanding of God's plan and biblical text may not be reserved only for a certain class of people. That choice who will be given a "gift" goes beyond the set structures of a certain society or group of people who believe that they have a "right" to something. I may be wrong, but there you go. The record that follows, sets the time frame using the term “last days”. We know how JW interprets the term "last days" and associates it with 1914. For Peter, "last days" was his days, time when he lived. Did he interpreted wrongly events he witnessed? Also, both sexes and almost all age groups and social groups was "inspired" to "prophesy", not just few who have meetings in Warwick and who refuse to be "inspired". Act 2 - Then Peter stood up with the Eleven, raised his voice and addressed the crowd: “Fellow Jews and all of you who live in Jerusalem, let me explain this to you; listen carefully to what I say. 15 These people are not drunk, as you suppose. It’s only nine in the morning! 16 No, this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel: 17 “‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. 18 Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.
  2. WTJWorg has an interpretations in the form of a claim, in the form of “accurate knowledge,” which in the ultimate sense they call it “ the truth”. That "truth" is that "Babylon the Great" is a conglomerate of all false religions, and that the "image of beast" is the UN. Maybe something changed after I stopped being a JW, so I don’t know the “new light of truth” and possible novelties in the interpretation of this topic. Either way, Satan is a bigger seducer than GB and it wouldn’t be surprising if the devil convinced GB that their interpretation was correct, when in fact they themselves are the bearers of the “mark” while at the same time claiming they are not. Therefore, gaining accurate knowledge of the truth as taught in the Bible is a key to salvation. We cannot afford to rely only on the knowledge we initially gained when we accepted the truth. -
      Hello guest!
    Without such reliable knowledge, our faith in Jehovah would be like a house of cards that could topple over with the slightest breeze. Paul encourages us to render sacred service to God with our “power of reason” and to ‘make our mind over.’ (Rom. 12:1, 2) -
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    Did they believe that they had all the answers, the full light of truth? To that question Brother Russell pointedly answered: “Certainly not; nor will we have until the ‘perfect day.’” (Prov. 4:18, KJ) Frequently they referred to their Scriptural beliefs as “present truth”—not with any idea that truth itself changes but rather with the thought that their understanding of it was progressive. -
      Hello guest!
    Questions arise: Do JWs have “accurate knowledge”, “progressive knowledge”, “progressive truth”, “present truth”, “progressive understanding” ... and the like? After more than 140 years of WTJWorg's existence, don't you still have an "accurate knowledge" of what truth is, and what truth is not?
  3. Do you? I wanted to be positive and give everyone encouragement that this can be seen. Someone before, someone later.
  4. I hope that, in making this conclusions, which does not have to be wrong in general, you also have in mind WTJWorg GB which has an organized hierarchy and we can all see who is leading and who are being led (who the followers are).
  5. It just seems (to me) that if that was the case, then Jesus has been riding and conquering for nearly 2 thousand years without having achieved much! In fact, apostate Christendom had been flourishing and the true Christian congregation stopped existing. Yes, there were individuals that fought against the Catholic church and fought for the truth, and died for the truth (for example Jan Hus who was burned at the stake) but it seems like it was a small victory. I guess a lot of things, including this one, are about what our expectations are and what they are like. We have our own perception, we have visions that come from other people. We have a mixture of both. Did Jesus accomplish much or little? The assessment of this should not come from our expectations of Jesus. Because he promised nothing he did not intend to fulfill. At least we, or you, believe so. By this, Jesus is in a position to best judge whether he has fulfilled his own expectations and the expectations of his Father. Our ideas, often times wrong, lead to multiple self-deceptions. Most often, these deceptions come from religious leaders, who create "collective expectations". When “collective expectations” fail then mantras like; "if we don't understand something we should be patient and wait for YHVH" ... etc. come to surface. Religious leaders reportedly “understood” so they placed their own vanity that became a “collective expectation” and then a “collective disappointment”. JW members should stop having expectations that are a product of GB, or that are their own interpretation of the interpretation of GB. Because, in both cases, a void is created.
  6. Herbert is known for another idea. Namely, when it comes to praying for food, he expressed the view that it is not obligatory to pray for food that does not cost more than 1 DM (Deutsche Mark) ....... blink blink ?? Here and now I have shown my primitiveness. Instead of talking about ideas, I talk about people. How sad.
  7. That’s right, sometimes we are burdened with internal conflicts. That’s right, sometimes we’re hypocritical as we expose other people’s mistakes. That's right, sometimes we publicly advocate general / social justice and truth, and yet something inside us tells us that it's not all exactly what it seems. And what can be done about it? It can get out of an organization in which people are not really ready to face their own and other people's conflicts about what is true and accurate and what is not. And to stop speculate.
  8. Oh I didn't know they mentioned wearing a suit and tie in the scriptures. The Elders really did kick off at me when i used to attend meetings in an open neck shirt and no jacket in the heat of the summer. The summer weather that God himself created for our enjoyment, but by rules of men, people are made to suffer. One elder from Bethel and from the former congregation objected that it was wrong for me to go to the podium without socks. Namely, in the summer I would sometimes wear summer shoes, but without socks. It bothered him a lot and he gave me sermons / litanies about it several times. Maybe he did it because he was originally from Germany. So; order, work and discipline. ;))
  9. Is there any obstacle, that the “seven times” (or if you want 2520 years), starting to count, if you really have to count, from the year 70 AD, because that destruction of Jerusalem is more significant than the first one. In fact, Jesus himself prophesied the destruction of the temple and the severance/ending of the religious system. The Jewish religion has not disappeared, let's be clear. It still exists today. But the city of Jerusalem and the temple are in a completely different context today than it was during Roman times or before the Romans. We can conclude rightly; adding a certain number of years to a certain event in the past or future, as they did in WTJWorg, can be also done by another logic of choosing an event from which one then wants to count something and draw various ideas and conclusions. Perhaps we can wait for the year 2590 AD to see whether something will happen. :))
  10. Thanks. I seem to have reversed the meaning of the words (uncircumcised vs circumcised). :))) But it is always good to look for a supplement to some statement, even when the statement seems logical. Creative moments in the formation of something or someone can be challenging for all those who did not attend the act. So, it would not be strange if God created Adam beardless and gave him the opportunity to feel his beard grow day by day. Of course the question arises as to how Adam trimmed and shortened his hair and beard or whether it grew to the floor/ground in the first 40 years. :))
  11. Some proof for such statement/claim would be nice to provide, please. If you gave only opinion/view, that is ok. Then, you don't need time to search for Bible verse :)) .
  12. Yes, in the hierarchy it is important to give everyone (primarily male members) their share of power participation. A very well-touched topic about our “dark” side of character and how that need for power develops in controlled conditions. Of course, anything that is tried to be controlled can always become uncontrollable.
  13. What is good to notice here? Beards were mandatory and circumcision was mandatory in ancient Israel. Jesus came and did not express his clear position on beards and circumcision issue. In fact, no one knows if he wore a beard or not. Given that he was the originator of the reforms in the Jewish religion by laying the foundations for a new way of worshiping God and breaking with the forms and traditions that were part of the "legacy of Moses", it would not be surprising if his appearance showed the direction of future change, that is, that external features are not proof that the individual is a member of a movement, organization, religion or ideology that represents "the only and true worship of God." Was his beard, if he wore it, the beard of a “real, true Jew" or did his beard deviate from the fashion and trend of other Jews? What if he trimmed her more than was allowed to be done - Lev 19 27? He “violated” many other norms of Jewish tradition and law. Jesus (the child) was circumcised at the behest of his parents. I am not aware of any biblical verse that says that Jesus supported or forbade or was neutral about the matter. But some of his followers, and later many other important members (apostles) of the congregation, preached and taught that circumcision was not an obligation. What is the situation in WTJWorg today? Beards have become banned since the time of Judge Rutherford (with some indications of a relaxation of measures, today), and circumcision is not banned if one wishes to do so. Issue on beard is in a way still a religious issue in WTJWorg. But it should not be because it is a meaningless dilemma and has its causes in the personal attitudes of WTJWorg religious leaders. Evidence? In the past, God determined forbidden things and punished people for things that He later marked as completely unimportant. If these things have become unimportant to God, the question is; Why are these things important to some people today ??
  14. There have always been and will be people (angels in heaven) who will answer questions/issues about God in various and opposite ways. If these questions have already been answered, through those who have been or are now faithful to God, then there is no longer a need to prove it over and over again for every individual and for every new generation. Because that's how we could go on indefinitely. Every new born person on Earth should be able to choose between good and evil. So, according to such idea, evil and good would have to exist constantly in order for people to be able to choose and thus prove that they have "free will". According to the current interpretation, WTJWorg's answers to questions about evil and why God allows evil to exist to this day, questions about God and the Devil, Good and Evil could be debated as long as there are people. So infinitely into the future. Because every new generation thinks it knows more and knows better. And since no generation lives forever, the evidence dies with them. Written books and recorded films and which often times live longer than the people themselves are often not sufficient proof and lack the strength and persuasiveness for the new generation to accept all that people before it concluded about life and death, good and evil.
  15. Agree. Simple proclamation of doctrinal interpretations and group or individual understanding of Bible text is not act of intolerance. On the other hand, the religious animosity that develops in the feelings of members of one church towards another, on a global level, is certainly a display of intolerance. And that is the reality in all religions not just in the JW church. So the question that is still relevant is: What do the leaders of every church do to reduce and curb religious intolerance, especially while publicly announcing the suppression of every religious option other than their own? To which group of tolerance does ignoring former members belong? To not say even simple hello on the street is strong proof and evidence how majority in JW organization are not only intolerant but show lack of everyday polite. Of course, there is JW members who don't obey every GB instruction in this matter or in some other. And that is nice to see. I "like" it, even i disagree with and don't "like" their religious belonging/affiliation.
  16. Please, go on JWorg library and you will find publications that support conclusion and speak clearly how, in fact, JHVH will destroy all elements of "Old System". Where does JW's tolerance of members of other religions begin and end, also about tolerance of own members in JW organization who changing their "spiritual vision/view"? How do you show tolerance for different religious beliefs or opposing beliefs in general? Massimo Introvigne is in focus here, about his interpretations of "tolerance" toward WTJWorg and defense of JW members in Russia and elsewhere.
  17. When you say; "given by HS to say", that is so close to idea of "been inspired by HS". Don't you think the same? Bible verse about such experiences in 1st century is about that "miracle". ...for the holy spirit will teach you in that very hour the things you should say.” Lk 12:12 nwt ...for what you are to speak will be given you in that hour;+ 20 for the ones speaking are not just you, but it is the spirit of your Father that speaks by you. Mt 10:19,20 nwt You used the words of Jesus written in these two gospels. The manner and appearance of HS action has nothing to do with the intellect and learned things that an individual adopts through life. Here we are talking about the ability of HS to act directly on a person at a given moment. This is also called “inspiration, influence, leadership, guidance”. And it happens outside the action of our will and consent or demand.
  18. Well said. Although, the topic gets heated from the moment you send 8 million people to preach that all religions will be destroyed because they don’t believe the way they should believe in God, and that’s the JW way. At such a moment, the alleged tolerance of another’s religious belief becomes an empty phrase. On one side JW gave picture of how tolerant they as people are, but in same time preaching how they worship intolerant God who will destroy them/other people because of their religion. Does a JW member "like" someone else's religion? If he liked it, he might become a member of such a religion. But the JW member only likes his religion, and towards others he does not have such a kind of tolerance nor does he have it in such quantity that he would “like it”. Please nicely, let us explain what this might mean at all if a JW member have feeling and attitude; "I like other religions and I am very tolerant of them, but God will destroy them one day and i am glad that He will do it"? If it is so as you said what Massimo Introvigne stand for, then that is not JW way/model of "religious tolerance". OT records speaking about God who have no tolerance for false way of worshiping Him. Neither to worship some other God in different/opposite religion. And JW members also using such Bible verses to enforce and empower own religious attitude about this issue. By that, it is questionable about what sort of "religious tolerance" is about, here and now, inside JW Church.
  19. Are Voltaire's texts a recommended read for JW members? Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.
  20. It is well known that JWs do not consider themselves as a cult. But they are not considered self to be a “new religion”, also, because they claim their roots go all the way back to Abel. The cooperation between CESNUR and WTJWorg is based on which premise? That the JWs are a “new religion” but not a cult, however, also with a strong belief that they originated from the faithful Abel, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, which put them in the "oldest religion in the world? It follows from this collaboration with CESNUR that WTJWorg is willing to put JW in the status of a “new religion” because of opportunism, and thus renounces its supposedly unique origins dating back to the first days of man’s origin. The question of evil is not only a theological question, but also a philosophical one. From the aspect of the interpretation of the Biblical writings we come to the idea that the so-called "universal question aka issue" about which (1,2, or 3 "issue" or questions in WTJWorg theology about evil*) has long been answered by both humans and angels and by the Only Begotten Son. Well, the JW doctrine of why evil exists and why God allows it to this day and to an unknown day in the future is neither a satisfactory nor a solid doctrine. It is "light" that sometimes is in collision to other Bible records and events and even to some promises made by writers in God's name. *The Issue That All Creation Has to Face -
      Hello guest!
  21. With me? Almost nothing is wrong. What is wrong withe their "evidence"? Do you have some link, that we be able to look at those "evidences"? No, it is not. But you mentioned M.I. tolerance about religious ideologies. And we are witnesses how WTJWorg teachings promote how religious coexisting is not future for human society, but contrary, that all religions, except JW religion, will be destroyed by JW God. Well, is it question of simplified "interpretation" or is it JW doctrinal, cultural and social standpoint? Not necessary. And not in this circumstances we living now. But in "New World", GB members gave interpretations (spoken and written), how they will get power and be delegated, by God JHVH, that they as Kings and Priests will be able to do such things. Today, GB is able and in power to complete spiritual sort of "punishments". .... triangle of historical friends and enemies
  22. In your world of your reality, does this statement also apply to GB and doctrines they promote? According to GB interpretation of Bible text, GB would not allow any faiths (in this system of things nor in the any future system), that is not under WTJWorg, to exist. WTJWorg GB is not voice for religious tolerance between religions. They also stifle any religious tolerance within their own church toward those who have different interpretations of the biblical text. How is this different from the WTJWorg organization and its teachings? GB claims to be the only mediator / channel for the communication of truth between God and people on earth today. They preach that they are the only true religion / truth in the world. GB stand on same position. ---------------------------------------------------- I am of the opinion, and @Witness also spoke about it, that the German court did not deal with reading and interpreting the WTJWorg editions (published for the public and the one for internal use) which speaks of the disputed elements. WTJWorg, I presume, simply made a statement in court that FECRIS was telling lies and slandering. Does FECRIS have studious investigations and knowledge/insight of WTJWorg such as ex-JW? It takes decades of working, reading, and linking events so that one can see what GB is teaching, how it changes instructions, and how the various BOE bodies and individual elders operate in a variety of circumstances. In ARC various depositions of JW elders + GB member we see good picture how "truth" becomes a lie. But such a lie works wonders. It liberates.... and fulfills Jesus' statement: "You will know the truth (will see the true face of your religious leaders) and the truth will set you free."
  23. Dear Tom, when GB members call listeners on JWTV and in literature; "Trust Us because JHVH and Jesus have full trust in Us...", don't you think how GB statement is enough twisted (distorted) and how GB lives in their twisted world with twisted reality they constantly creating in JW Church? What ideology is behind the GB claim? For sure it is not about Idea, but about Ideology! Thus, we have a question; What did Jesus promote? Idea or Ideology? What was promoted by (what is behind) Massimo Introvigne, the German court and FECRIS? Ideology.
  24. quote: That defamatory statements about the Jehovah’s Witnesses come from Russian official documents does not mean that organizations in democratic countries are free to reprint them. -
      Hello guest!
    Is this, above, German Court ruling, opinion or something else? Or is this M.I interpretation? According to JW interpretations about Bible and Romans 13 in particular, every secular government are equal before God. No matter is it about more or less "democratic countries" or or about other political ideology. In such point of view, all good and bad decisions aka "official documents" made by "democratic" or by "not-democratic" countries have same value. And people are free to choose to obey or not to obey, to trust or not to trust in such "official documents". With various outcome made by individual or group decision. In case of Russian JW they made their choice with knowing in advance what could and would look like going against "official documents". We can "reprint" (copy/paste) WTJWorg official site articles or videos and say what we think about it. Or do M.I thinks we have to be silent about it/them? WTJWorg publications (especially in the past) were full of freedom of (hate) speech against other religions, especially the Catholic Church. So, what's the problem now? Maybe the difference is that JW’s attacks on other religions are justified in JW’s eyes? Because other religions are false and their doctrines are false? And their traditions are wrong? So it's free to attack them? Catholic priests told their members not to read literature from JW. What do JW elders and GB tell their members? The same thing, not to read anything that comes from other religions. Today, “hate speech” in WTJWorg concentrates on former members. Who wants to deal with such things as listening to arguments from both sides and giving opinions? Maybe the German Court? It seems to be interesting to them, so maybe they will deal with it in the future as well. :))
  25. Unfortunately, I can only comment on an article by M. Introvign, and M.I. it is known to us from a particular and specific context from before. It would be good to have court documentation, so that I would be able to give a clearer "opinion". The article shows a detail that includes Russia and its judiciary with the JW and with "Western democracy." In this case, German democracy gives an opinion on Russia and its domestic policy towards the JW. This creates a problem and doubts the objectivity of the German court. On the other hand, we have the example of American courts that do not want to enter into theological debates and evaluate what and how which religion teaches and how it disciplines and guide its members. It does not discuss the internal rules and methods of church bodies. According to the article, this is also about such things. quote: The court also found that FECRIS distorts the theology and practices of the Jehovah’s Witnesses with the intention of defaming them WTJWorg in Germany seeks the opinion and approval of the court that certain JW theology and practices are correct. From whose point of view should it be correct? Court view? They also ask the court to declare certain observations of external observers to be false. It is possible that someone at FECRIS did not do a good research so he said the inaccuracy. ... quote: (Sometimes, it is unclear whether FECRIS activists, who claim to be experts on “cults,” are in bad faith or simply incompetent. They published the case of a 17-year-old Dutch girl who died during a measles epidemic in 2013 after her parents had refused vaccination for religious reasons and implied she was a Jehovah’s Witnesses. In fact, she was a member of a Calvinist Christian Reformed congregation, i.e., belonged to a church known for being a staunch opponent of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.) How the elders (and JW lawyers) in the Judicial Communities working, is evident from some other court documents and videos. If the elders were to make their notes available, (if they were written) rather than destroyed them as instructed by the GB Legal Department and representatives, then perhaps this “story” should be different. quote: The German Jehovah’s Witnesses asked the District Court of Hamburg to examine 32 statements. The court found 17 of them defamatory, one partially defamatory, and 14 non-defamatory. What is the content of these 14 and 1/2 ? They are true, right? Can you find out what this is about?
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