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  1. Yes, I've caught wind this as well. They're calling it a pilot something or another for about two, maybe three months. For the most part, we can assume that children say under what I believe to be 12 years old, won't be attending these meetings because they have not been vaccinated for Covid-19. Being vaccinated is part of the requirements as far as showing up at these Kingdom Hall meetings. So unless the age limit changes to a lower age for receiving C-19 vaccinations, we can pretty much assume those 12 and under will not be in attendance at these Kingdom Hall's. So although I have concern about the members returning to the Kingdom Hall's for their meetings, something's just not right about this whole thing. I my share my concerns later. But I agree with you Space Merchant on becoming more educated on CSA. Especially on how this organization has set things up on how to handle CSA case's. Unfortunately it is because of lack of Education on CSA that the Elders will remain absolutely ignorant regarding how the leadership of the Org is going to keep having them do their dirty work for them all the while intending for the elders to take the fall as they keep getting thrown under the bus by the leadership of the organization. The leadership will then claim that they had nothing to do with how the elders own conscience had lead him to take care of their own congregation reports of alleged CSA case's. Much like in the Montana CSA case where when the perpetrator admitted guilt when questioned by the elders, changed his mind and skipped town down to Mexico. In the Utah case where an elder decided to display his own infinite wisdom by taking it upon himself to make an alleged victim who was 14 at the time of her alleged rape, listen to an audio recording, that the alleged rapist, who was 18 at the time that he had allegedly raped her, had made. This audio recording with which he had recorded without her consent nor her knowledge, of her very own alleged rape was handed over to the elder so as to confirm his innocence. This way the elders could listen to it and determine whether she was a consensual partner as the 18 year old had claimed or not. She nor her parents were made aware that this audio recording even existed until after this judicial meeting had started. Five hour's, I repeat, FIVE HOUR'S of her having to listen to this audio recording as the Elder would repeatedly stop and ask her questions such as, "describe what was going on here?" She begged him to stop making her listen to it and to answer to him. Everyone in this judicial meeting could see how she was visibly shaking and crying while being made to re-live this alleged rape that she had originally reported to the elders. Her parents were informed either before or during the beginning of this judicial meeting, that they were not to interrupt this meeting under any circumstances otherwise the consequence would be their daughter's disfellowshipping. As I recall, I believe the parents were threatened with the consequence of disfellowshipping as well their daughter, so all three of them were in fact being horribly traumatized. Yet Mr. Infinite Wisdom Elder would start up the recording, play it for a bit more and then stop the recording to make more inquiries of her. Yes, she continue to beg the elder to stop through her tears. Actuality, aside from a few cases like these two above case's, the elders do exactly as they are instructed to do by the leadership. They make that phone call to headquarters for them to receive their legal advice. Which they ( the elders ) are basically there to stall the rank and file members from ever opening up any CSA case's with the secular Authorities. So when elders tell alleged victims of CSA that they have every right to tell the police, these elders have no intention to cooperate with the police when asked to. The elders will also add that by starting a case with the secular Authorities, it will only drag Jehovah's name through the mud. This statement alone is often a successful deterrent on the part of the elders to avoid the rank-and-file members from filing any charges with the secular authorities. In my opinion, all of this "dragging Jehovah's name through the mud" is a sorry explanation of an excuse used for the reason of stalling their members to not go to the secular authorities. But it works, so they'll continue to use it. How about Jehovah take some responsibility for his own reputation rather than making it the rank-and-file members responsibility. This is truly an unfair and uncalled for burden to put on alleged victims of CSA as well their families,
  2. The foot note to the the scripture @John 11:26 will never die at all: When Jesus spoke about not dying, or of living forever, he clearly did not mean that his listeners back then would never experience death. Jesus was making the point that faith in him could lead to everlasting life. That conclusion is supported by what Jesus said earlier, as recorded in John chapter 6, where he connects exercising faith with gaining everlasting life.—Joh 6:39-44, 54. All due respect, BroRando Why would you use this approach with PwfT? "why don't you go for it and call him a liar too?? You know what Jesus says about Hypocrisy? " John 11:26 isn't even being taken literally by jw.org. Please! Check out the above footnote. Look it up yourself. "When Jesus spoke about not dying, or of living forever, he clearly did not mean that his listeners back then would never experience death. Jesus was making the point that faith in him could lead to everlasting life." We all here know that within the culture of the Watchtower, the Org has taught that there would be some that are living during the time of the end, or just before the Great Tribulation, ( other times the Org has use the term Armageddon or The great day of Armageddon which I will now in this discussion thread use G.T. for Great Tribulation & The Big "A" for Armageddon ) who would be able to live through it and walk right on into the new system of things. This has been big thing within this culture of the Watchtower, even way back in the day when Rutherford was the president. Wasn't it he that established that there would be what is called, "a great crowd," spoken of in Revelations, that would have an Earthly hope rather than a Heavenly hope? If so, when did he established this? The goal or hope of "the great crowd" was to be able to survive going through these times. I'm sure we can agree that within Watchtower theology, we were taught that those who did not survive the time of the G.T. or The Big "A" had no hope for a Resurrection. This surviving Armageddon And/or the Great Tribulation is a big teaching of hope. This teaching of only IBSA's or the JW's surviving through the G.T. and/or The Big "A" is, I thought, THE whole REASON for the preaching work or the ministry work. I can even remember it being spoken of as our spiritual act of worship. So what could possibly be a problem with PwfT saying, "So it would be good to know exactly who Rutherford expected to 'continue living," ? So Patiently Waiting For Truth asking about this seems like a reasonable question to me. But hay. IDK? Is this, was this doctrinal change even a thing? A thing worth acknowledging and/or even discussing. Was there a chang? An add on to those with the Heavenly hope? I mean if not, and that's the case, why would someone not just say so rather then comparing the words Rutherford to the words of Jesus and then proceeding to accuse Patiently Waiting For Truth of calling Jesus a liar. ( BTW, during the reign of Rutherford there wasn't even 1 million members yet, so might he have been talking about those who were not yet members, and not of the 144.000 Heavenly hope that might be potential future members that had not yet been recruited members of the IBSA yet "that will never die?" ) I don't understand the hesitation here to have this conversation.
  3. I know that I wasn't directly asked this question by you, but this looks to be the same person in both of these shots. Would that be correct?
  4. When you say, "none of them went back to their churches," are you speaking of the alleged perpetrators or the alleged victims as being the ➡ "none of them [that] went back to their churches?" So the churches you are referring to would be the Kingdom Hall's, correct?
  5. Now that you mention it, Uncle Donald sitting with his nephews would be wise to have this conversation being that on this occasion of once yearly, these bird's are in fact eating other bird's in the traditional manner of Thanksgiving dinners here in the U.S., otherwise the cognitive dissonance his three nephews Hewey, Dewey and Lewey would most likely be having to deal with would obviously be a fowl experience for them. This too makes sense.
  6. I wish I could argue with you on this, but it makes too much sense. Especially, "every public statement is a lie, or a deemed lie." Oh dear gauuuuuud! Something to eat, of course.... Thank you for clearing that up for me Pudgy
  7. You would think so. But from what I have come to understand is, if JW's even attempt to judge the GB / Watchtower writers, that will automatically put them in the position of being viewed as one doubting that Jehovah God is using this organization. Unfortunately, this sort of questioning is not welcome as if they are going by the example of the Bereans by doing their due diligence when it comes to the rank-and-file members. No, It goes against what they have publicly declared to hundreds if not thousands during their baptism ceremony. Yes, members are baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but within this public declaration, it also includes in their 2nd question confirming that they believe that this organization is the one that Jehovah is using. If a member judges, scrutinizes or finds fault with any interpretation of the scriptures by the GB or Watchtower writings, that one could be considered "running ahead of the chariot." Reminded who taught them the truth in the first place? ( which in actuality, is a swift reprimanding statement that is pretty much saying, know your place kiddo, & how dare you question mother Org! ) this is if a member is getting kind feedback if they chose to go to the elders with any doubts. Otherwise that one is declared an apostate, and when that happens, it never turns out to be a good day. From what I gather from this latest summer symposium is, if there are gang members in your neighborhood who are killing your neighbors and harassing your own son on a regular basis, it would be wrong to own a gun for the protection of your family and home. ( I Linda, am not advocating for whether or not anyone should own a gun. ) But on the other hand GB member, brother Splane has declared to the members, that we are at war [with them their apostates.]
  8. Might anyone here know anything about the requirements needed to be on "The Liaison Committee." How they are chosen. How they are trained by the organization. What are they equipped with to be of support for the JW patient in crisis. Is part of the responsibilities of being on "The Liaison Team/Committee" require updated training to be made aware of knowing what the latest up-to-date forms of alternative bloodless medicine are available to the JW?
  9. I had never considered this in regards to that slip of paper my mother handed me when I was a teen. She told me to check the box's off on it that applied and to write out the rest and turn it in to a custom sized open slot at the back of the hall. I didn't even realize that at this point, the specifics I had given regarding my activities, had made me an unbaptized publisher. I simply did what I was told to do. Now after connecting some of the dots while watching this video, I must say, that was quite enlightening.
  10. These arsons of the churches happening just after the discovery of all those children found with out even the the dignity of their names being placed on a small marker has been a devastating blow to the first Nations, but committing acts such as these arsons is very very out of character for Native Americans.
  11. Yup! That's exactly where I was going with this "Story," in the direction of "continuing it." I do hope that everybody can "get it." And maybe join in.
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