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  1. To Nana Fofana: How am I guilty of this "quote mining"? His opinion is that everything written to the elders should be shared down to the minutest detail.
  2. Rationality is in the mind of the individual. You don't see it, therefore it does not exist to you. That's just how all humans are.
  3. Nothing wrong to expect others to agree with me; I just don't expect everybody to. Insisting that everybody agree with me would be wrong. Your error is that you expect (insist?) that everyone agree with you.
  4. Since I have already said that you can keep your opinion, tat already shows that I don't expect you to agree with nor adopt my opinion. As for why: It begs the question; Where is the limit? Or are you saying that it is O.K. to just post a facsimile of any letter to the elders? I guess that your opinion is yes, because you state that you " believe EVERYTHING that we do, down to the last jot and tittle of minutiae, should be public, open, transparent, and that we should be PROUD of it!". I will forever disagree with that!
  5. You keep your view and I will keep mine. A facsimile is inappropriate in my opinion.
  6. As I said, I have no problem with quoting the contents of the letter for the very reasons you all have stated. Notwithstanding that, my objection is to the posting of the facsimile. It is unnecessary and totally inappropriate to use the facsimile to give "greater credibility to the authenticity of the information being relayed". Whoever did that, please remove the facsimile and replace it with a quote; even if it is verbatim.
  7. Facsimiles of letter to the elders should never be posted on sites like this, no matter what the content.
  8. Notwithstanding the fact that every word of this letter has been made public, I am of the opinion that a facsimile of it should have never been published and request that it be deleted. I have no problem with the contents of of the letter being quoted word for word, but the facsimile should be deleted.
  9. David scooped me. I speak Spanish and studied German, so I know that both languages have words for lesbianism.
  10. Not even one Jehovah's Witness was in that crowd, yet the Minister of Justice wants them banned as extremists! :-D
  11. They can pray to whoever they want to wherever they want to as far as I'm concerned; just ask for permission if it's a religious building or private property.
  12. Very weird for me, a Jamaican, to read of racial disunity among the Baptists. Here in Jamaica, they were instrumental in our struggle for emancipation. ". . . two Baptist churches in Macon, Georgia, located less than a block apart but split by race" is so inconsistent with what I see here that, to me, it actually amounts to an oxymoron.
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