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  1. Oh, buenas noticias hermano, noticias falsas. 🤨 Abstenerse de sangre. Meanwhile...... it isn't even 3 days yet and I am working on an essay when I see this.
  2. @James Thomas Rook Jr. 3 arms jaja? Is the technological breakthrough legit? All jokes aside, no one is actually forced to wear a badge or required to, it is choice..... Unless...... 🤔🤔🤔 Unless.... You are part of some Police Department of some city or county that yeah, 100% you better have that badge on deck lol. People gotta know you are one of the boys in blue jaja.
  3. @Matthew9969 pillow what? I don't know if you hard this or got the memo but even outside of the hall, there are peeps out there that take issue with beards. No one is forced to shave, the decision is up to the individual, but the thing is we have to uphold modesty and cleanliness, as well as show respect to those we preach to in our community. If you preach around you'll run into people like this, well, some parts, for each area is different or far more/less diverse regarding race/groups/communities.
  4. @BillyTheKid46 Probably because Law is too difficult or too much for some people to comprehend. Especially with how things are going all over the place, some people don't really trust Law and some who knows Law and do good are often overshadowed by corruption fellas. Just a few weeks ago for us peeps in Jersey about Judge John Russo. But at the end of the day like I said, there is people who know the law even the basic stuff and those who are literally not knowing anything about it when it comes to crime and other things. I can honesty say I don't know all the high stuff besides the basic things, no texting and driving, buckle up it's the law (buckle up or get locked up), I seen billboards for this one, drive sober or get pulled over, and this one, when driving at night, always stay right.
  5. Wow... I guess when people say "Do it for the Gram" they literally do it on a HIGH level jaja. People do anything for likes.... Sadly...
  6. I see my name lol, but confused on how and why I am mentioned jajaja.
  7. Someone in our congregation had recently been reinstated. Not going to go about the what she did because that is on a "What'chu talkin about Willis" type level. But even before that she always attended and whatnot. But yeah, we welcomed her back with open arms. For us Latinos it is, well some of us, it is as if it is a reunion party of some sort. What's wrong with that? Also you maaaaaaay wanna look at the article as a whole..... yeaaaahhhh jajaja.
  8. @Witness But Witness... It wasn't just priests in the Temple, or in this case, the people in union with Jesus Christ. Remember, Paul was writing to the Corinthains. The temple itself was the congregation as a whole and that Jehovah God was in, or a fancy word for it, dwelled in the people. It's actually clearer when you take a good read at the marginal references, especially the one verse from Ephesians. But yeah..... A congregation of Priests only? It's kinda odd, especially with what is actually read in the passage and the other passages about the people Paul wrote to, their congregation(s). Someone brought up Chloe. She wasn't a priest, she was a member of one of the congregations Paul wrote to. It is small stuff like that you have to take into account, there's no shame in slipping up tho, especially this one.
  9. The funny thing is that what he was saying is a legitimate Christian belief, even we Jehovah's Witnesses believe this too so it is not only us so that teachings isn't soley exclusive to Jehovah's Witnesses. The fact that the quote of his was actually from some dude who wrote a lot about the New Covenant (Don Stewart) can easily be found (BY THE POWER OF THE INTERNET lol) shows that to be true also. As far as I know, Stewart is a Theologian, well from what I can see, he isn't one of Jehovah's Witnesses but he knows what the Covenant is about and said the same thing about what was said here. I don't really have much questions because I read, meditate and apply what I learn from the Bible. If that is a problem for you then you really need to check yourself. I rather not read any less because I apply what Joshua 1:8, we studied about this today actually. Oh Frida, oh Frida, intentas esforzarte solo para parecer tonto... Seeing you are denying the name given to you by the Athiest fellow from that very old discussion, to which you deserved it after irritating him. That's cute and all, but that name is your brand, and it sells, and you legit, actually have a family member linked to you by that name, tu mejor amigo. But yeah bro, worked that brand, do you. As for my participation, it was related to what I made a comment to. What you just say irrelevant. But seriously, bro... You had a chance to say something wise, but you ended up taking out your own ankles outside of a basketball court, epic fail mi chico jajaja Come on, amigo, surely you can do more than shed some chuckles, ah if you don't like Frida, Chuckles is another good one.
  10. @BillyTheKid46 lol. The Assyrian King is also mentioned as the Destroyer too. But the thing with him is the Destroyer will/has been destroyed by another Destroyer. @Space Merchant What are the other beliefs that people have about it?
  11. He isn't lying tho. He posted the verses on page 1-2 about it, starting with the book of Jeremiah and into who mediates in the New Testament. Even mentioned Jehovah's Promise to Abraham. Pentecost 33 A.D. shows you what went down after Jesus' death and ressrrection in Acts 2 and throughout the New Testament, especially about Paul, it talks about people being in Christ, it isn't just the anointed class, but everyone. Plus, you said in your other post about the great crowd. So either you met this or you slipped up. If he was lying, you'd have to show what he is lying about or how he is lying, majority of what he said is legit, like, brand new nikes not sold in stores legit jaja.
  12. @Jack Ryan Not really dude. It's a matter of choice, no one his forced. No one is forcing you to eat coco puffs, wheaties or apple Jack's in the morning, you choose what to eat. True someone might tell you what is healthy or what is not, but at the end of the day hombre, it's a choice. It is high like Miami right now. It is my choice to dump bottles of water on my head and sit in the comfort of my own room with the AC straight blasting jajaja

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