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  1. @Jack Ryan Not really dude. It's a matter of choice, no one his forced. No one is forcing you to eat coco puffs, wheaties or apple Jack's in the morning, you choose what to eat. True someone might tell you what is healthy or what is not, but at the end of the day hombre, it's a choice. It is high like Miami right now. It is my choice to dump bottles of water on my head and sit in the comfort of my own room with the AC straight blasting jajaja
  2. @Jesus.defender Not really. We are worshippers of Jehovah God. And we do what his son Jesus had commanded us to do, to preach the good news and to make discples. We also apply what qualities that Jesus expresses. For a defender if Jesus. Last I checked Jesus doesn't attack his fellow man, let alone a random stranger.
  3. Exactly. God's people consists of both the anointed and the sheep. All of them are worshippers of Jehovah and all of them are in union with Jesus, in a sense, a oneness in teaching and faith. That is exactly what Spiritual Israel is all about essentially. So I dunno why Witness thinks that Spiritual Israel is only the anointed class, which doesn't make any sort of sense because of all that we read that took place after Jesus' death.
  4. @Witness I do believe this. I think he believes this to because you can see this in his quote, in fact a lot of Christian's know what the New Covenant even is, not just us Jehovah's Witnesses alone. He said Spiritual Israel is all those in union with Jesus. This is including the anointed and the other sheep of the fold. How don't see how he doesn't believe it if he says exactly what it is about God's people. He even quoted Jeremiah too. It is kind of useless to bring up the whole abaddon bit because of that thread he linked. I read the whole thing and the quoted sources that lines up with his argument against you. Also, I don't understand how you think that Jehovah God's own angel is a pawn of Satan especially when you have verses about the Assyrian army. And he does have a point. Exodus 12 isn't Satan at all, but rather an angel of Jehovah, this is even brought up at Hebrew 11. 28 By faith he observed the Passover and the splashing of the blood, so that the destroyer might not harm their firstborn. The Destroyer here is an angel of Jehovah. That wasn't Satan at all. And why would Satan essentially be helping Jehovah?
  5. Well it is 2 different words. No one is talking about resteraunts jaja. No interfaith dialogue. The Bible tells you clearly what is said, for any Bible reader can see that for themselves. For instance if you go to the verses about the donkey, you don't see any donkey talking about Jesus, let alone that one donkey who was shook by the angel. Lol the donkey speaking isn't a doctrine or Jesus being figurative which makes your common more of a joke compared to your cedar ones. Jjajajaja Actually the definition of Equivocation is the use of equivocal or ambiguousexpressions, especially in order tomislead or hedge; prevarication. Also Equivocation was my fifa name, my pkmn name and and a list of other things. So I maintain that name. My name doesn't define what is said or not said in the Bible. Oh Frida, it is no surprise to anyone that you are mad. also speaking about Restaurants, you should go to clear up your mind, probably go have a long walk on the beach. You need it.
  6. @Space Merchant Also Spiritual Jerusalem. The one that accepts the Christ :). Nice nod to the book of Jeremiah also.
  7. @Witness Don't think he is [ever] kidding. He is asking you a question from the links he posted that was addressed to you. That was your quote that can be read. Also Jeff I think he is one of Jehovah's Witnesses, check his profile. But anyways, we do know about Spiritual Israel and how Spiritual Israel is God's people.
      Hello guest!
      Hello guest!
    The anointed and the crowd are all in Jesus Christ and apply the good news and teach it. United in faith, all of us praise, sing and worship Jehovah God. Also that one verse you posted. The destroyer that was sent to deal with Assyrian Soliders was an Angel of Jehovah otherwise known as an Angel of Death by some even in some translations if I am not mistaken. The title of Destroyer applies to others not just Satan only and it doesn't make sense for the Devil to protect the Israelites or protect King Hezekiah. So that is where the confusion is and probably that is why you are being questioned about it.
  8. Not even 17 yet, no hair on my face, but the freshman literally has a a beard and he is like 15. The dude's got a tree on his face jaja.
  9. @Space Merchant Frida once spoke about education elsewhere and have often criticized Jehovah's Witnesses when it comes to education. We go through education to provide for our families and or ourselves, perhaps one may want to start a family to support them. But we see here when it comes to being educated about the Bible it rustled his jimmies. I never been on a debate, but the only close thing to it was a discussion in class between 2 teams. It looks like being educated and understanding of the Bible is seen as something bad to some. Education especially about the Bible is seen as an offensive than a positive. To to correct him, According to the Bible, Satan had used the snake to trick Eve, which led to both her and Adam to sin and disobey Jehovah, resulting from what Jehovah has set in place by means if his Promise. According to the Bible, Balaam was on his way to do some crazy things until Jehovah sent an angel and caused a donkey to speak, and eventually had Baalam speak to the angel. According to the Bible, Jesus spoke of the stones figuratively, which isn't too far off from what is said about Jerusalem or cities.
  10. @Srecko Sostar But he is right on what he said, Frida. His point on vocabulary is what you said. Restoration and Restorationist are 2 different things, especially when you factor in Christianity. Also ya man's uphold Subordinationist because that is how Bible Unitarian role, I know this because we so converse with them wherever they want to discuss. But you are jumping around in many points, for instance. Both of you were speaking about preaching, then you said animals and rocks can preach, and you said, according to the Bible. Space Merchant made a strong point against you and he asked you for evidence and all you can say is that the word gospel and or preaching met someone else and you tried to change your lane by saying even people can be called animals when the focus was about a burro and peidras (a donkey and stones). For the point is clear, animals or rocks cannot preach about Jesus or the good news. Even in Balaam's case God caused the donkey to speak because of what Balaam was going to do and Jehovah had sent an angel to block their path. Nowhere in the Bible was the Donkey speaking about Jesus, or the Snake who Satan used to trick Eve. As for the verse in Psalms, you changed from before Christ to during Christ to after his return, yet you were the guy who said to me focused. Lastly, if you look up signs of someone losing a debate, you fit the bill for this because you tried what SM said, Appeal to Motive, in order to play him by saying to read your Christendom Bible but we see you are using a CEV Bible, a Christendom Bible. I don't wanna be the guy to say it, but why even start the discussion to begin with if you know you are going to get owned in the end? Jajaja I guess you do rely on us JWs because you bring us up when a serious dude is in your way. Same ol' Frida.
  11. In short, simply say in your head, is this the type of person to take home to mama and papa? My pops tell me, I can get married anytime when I turn 18, but says that get my experience up then look for the right sister. He is really strict on morality and education, but his lectures does help. Some people are desperate, they don't wanna pass the expiration date, or so that is what they think lol.
  12. @JOHN BUTLER Those who are Anointed are imperfect like us, mainly when it comes to sinning against the spirit. About forgiveness, the Bible tells us what it means and how that is practiced by us to apply what Jehovah's word and what his son Jesus taught us, mainly when face to face with people who does sin but doesn't repent for his or her sins. But my focus is those who exploit God's forgiveness. I told Billy of a school experience regarding a girl who was known cause people to sin, sexual sin and does so by seducing people, she tried this with me. Her idea of forgiveness is that no matter how many times she sins and causes others to sin, she think she will be forgiven when she knows what she is doing. I'm not trying to hate anyone, but I am uneasy with you after what you did last time, even then, I still forgive you but you said something along the lines that my forgiveness was fake. Normally a negative first impression with someone leaves a bad taste. Also people exploit the forgiveness of Christians, we cannot forget about that either. Like if they sin they will exploit a Christian's ability to forgive and pretend to repent, in order to stay in the community, but that person knows in their heart they'll do it again, self harm and or harm to others. Some negative actions can be very damaging leaving a scar on those effected.
  13. @Space Merchant I remember you said you were baptize in some waterfall area in islands. But yeah, Frida is always like this when he knows he is wrong he struggles to get out of it. Anyone who reads the Bible can see clearly what is said and and understand how some things played out. But I gotta admit tho, a lot of people will say we cannot answer anything because we don't rely on Scripture, but when discussing with someone who isn't in our faith they try to be a as smooth as a pearl to try so hard to not be wrong. Frida does what he does, and he took this L.
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