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  1. @James Thomas Rook Jr. Swords are sharp. Waaaaaaaaaay too sharp. The sword can probably cut an extra large pizza in BOTH ways too. Cowabunga, dude.
  2. @Space Merchant Well everyone needs to be educated. As for self defense, I wouldn't know all aspects of that. But yeah I don't know how it was for you guys, but in my case people today are only proving Prophet Isaiah's point. Isaiah 5 verse 20. Some kids are getting the oh so wrong type of education, amigo.
  3. @BillyTheKid46 Sometimes when people speak something that is true, there will be hecklers, haters and people who will flag videos in order to wipe them from view. And the haters are making quite the bread when they are pushing the right buttons.
  4. @Witness We concern people of all nations when it comes to the head of the congregation. Jesus and his disciples spread the message to the people and we are doing just that. For someone who says they are "you know who", how'd you let that one slip through the cracks?
  5. @Space Merchant That's because people believe some Christians who preach these things. It's not only the fact that they say they have visions, but they teach future prediction, when we know that no one after the Apostles is inspired in that level. But yeah, proclaiming the message and all that, this is true. Some would consider Christians to actually be prophets but as you said it comes down to who is actually speaking the truth. Also people consider or say prophets are preachers. And of course we have preachers who are saying things that are totally beyond what the Bible teaches.
  6. It's always Acts. I remember there was a guy who went on a rant, jumping up and down in total rage about it lol. 🤣
  7. @Space Merchant How fast is your words per minute? Back on subject. I see what you are saying about Baptism being a requirement vs. people who make the decision to be baptized. I just googled baptismal regeneration because I didn't know that was a heavily discussed term. You also make point about the origin of baptism, so from there the view you have is mostly clear.
  8. @Space Merchant Don't forget the crusader bunch. Some of these guys also say the same thing to, they also believe in the whole taking of the holy land. I met one of them only once half way through my last year of middle school when I was in the city.
  9. He does make a good point. Some groups can and will say they are God's mouthpiece or his spokesman, but at the end of the day, it comes down of who is doing things according to Jehovah God. I dug into Mario Martinez, he's someone who acknowledges he has the spirit and speaks as a Spokesman to God, but what he teaches which connects with the topic is not even from the Bible, not even a small little concept. Another group would be the crusader bunch who thinks God Wills everything even wanting to cause harm to others, not all of them but some actually do if they had the chance. Some of these guys also believe in and actually speak about these testimonies of Hellfire and torment.
  10. @Srecko Sostar We are passive. And we don't get any love letters from anyone I suppose, tends to be the complete opposite, other times just total disruption that results in a congregation meeting to temporarily be suspended for a short time or for the day. Yes we do send letters to people who are not one of Jehovah's Witnesses, an example would be greeting someone as well as doing so to preach the good news, othertimes letters to comfort someone.
  11. @TrueTomHarley Well there's the UK government. When it comes to their clique it's always secrets.
  12. I would add this was during the time when Saul was playing the round up game with Christians. And also people went to the Temple of Jehovah to obersve and worship. But yeah, what our official man of the hour didn't know was about the Christ, we see that the Eunuch didn't understand what that he was reading in a particular chapter Hebrew Scriptures, he needed spiritual guidance. An interesting note is him even trying to study something that deep to begin with, even reading it out loud, let alone having the book of Isaiah with him. What he was reading is the prophecy of Isaiah found in chapter 53 7 He was oppressed and he let himself be afflicted, But he would not open his mouth. He was brought like a sheep to the slaughter, Like a ewe that is silent before its shearers, And he would not open his mouth. 8 Because of restraint and judgment he was taken away; And who will concern himself with the details of his generation? For he was cut off from the land of the living; Because of the transgression of my people he received the stroke. When asked if he understood what he was reading, he didn't know unless guided and a-day, Philip gives the good news about Jesus. 35 Philip began to speak, and starting with this scripture, he declared to him the good news about Jesus.
  13. Thanks for the PM. I will read the linguistic article links since this snow day is bound to close up some NJ schools in the AM. No one should have to put up with this especially in this last days. But it is true people don't know what they're saying and they eat misconceptions like it's truth which is horrendous and sad.

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