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  1. Hola damas y caballeros. The question on this topic's title. Had interesting conversation at school when some friends brought this up. No physical or digital Bible of any verison.
  2. Lol is that the best you can do? How am I racist because of a legitimate story that took place months ago? https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/07/05/man_rips_teens_make_america_great_again_hat_off_head_throws_soda_on_him.html This still doesn't hide the fact of you speaking the way you did and assume people in that pot are all from the hood. And your hood talk is indeed stereotyping and near the line of racism and YOU were the one who made that comment. Again, can you show me a legitimate comment of mine that shows any type of racism or pretending that contains racism? I can easily bring up you commenting on someone who is inferior because of their skin color. Surely you can't "Hood Talk" your way out of this one. The fact you didn't link my name shows you show harm to yourself, Johnny 5. And I know that this point about this thread you have no answer for modesty vs immodesty when it comes to clothing.
  3. @Witness Amigo, you are taking some huge leaps in the wrong direction. Not a whole lot of what you said addressed my main comment. So what do us JWs have to do with people using and preaching that the Bible agrees with and or accepts homosexuality? Ever since the Christian Bakery incident we had people come out from the wood works. These same preachers preach that both Jehovah and Jesus were cool with the whole thing, even rinse and twist Jehovah's dealings with the people of Sodom and Gamorah. On the other side, you have Transgender and support of it, who are in the same boat. And what is being taught by these people are now in the schools that are making parents uneasy. Us JWs know that Evolution isn't right and that it was Jehovah God that created everything, in the same sense as that example aside from Evolution you have people teaching that a boy can be a girl and a girl can be a boy. A grown man can be identified as a 7 year old girl, a dog, or a toaster. You don't have to agree with my faith, dunno if you are or formerly a witness, but seriously, you should be aware of this stuff going on. I'm not even outside of school yet and this stuff is everywhere. To make matters worse, my state, this link speaks for itself http://www.njfamily.com/Gender-Neutral-Birth-Certificates-Are-Coming-to-NJ/
  4. Some people just like to pretend rules from the Bible doesn't exist. Reasons why when it comes to modesty vs. imodesty you can see it in people most of the time. I see it everyday at school, even when family friends and I go out we see it. What some people don't realize is that in today's world immodesty is like royalty. One thing Johnny 5 brought up is attractiveness. Some people expose themselves to the point where anything or something on them is nearly visible. Others in this predicament sometimes give in. I can name one example of a guy at school, he is senior now, who takes things on another level. He is a prime example of how things in this system can push people off the deep end. You tell people but they'll think you are a not that bright for following the rules, especially when it comes to grooming and clothing.
  5. Yes I did say that. But that doesn't mean that guy is from the, to quote you, "The Hood". And I can see here with that little remark of yours you assume people from there are killers, a typical sign here that you take the misconceptions seriously even though its false lol. No one from "The Hood" who speak about Jehovah God to be OK with something that isn't from the Bible, reasons why this man easily gets frustrated. He was wearing shorts with a white polo shirt with short sleeves and sandals, not to mention his Yankees hat, tell me, that's a normal get up for someone from the "Hood"? Not likely. But I guess to you a guy in socks and sandals is a major threat. If you wanna know, this guy is like this to everyone and despite his threat towards me I was calm. You sure about that? Because of what the guy said doesn't mean he's from the hood. People in the US threaten others out of small things even road rage, doesn't mean that they are from the hood and you assuming such shows you don't have a clue, quite the foreshadowing of what was said in another thread. I've never used any sort of racism in any of my comments anywhere, nor did I attempt to speak the way you did just now to anyone about anything. You yourself accused someone of being inferior because of their skin color. Can you show the class where I used racism in my comments? I want you to link it because all I see is a man who was exposed and skip to nonsense to cover himself. But was said before still stands before you started with the personal attacks. What is modest and immodest to you and this tradition of men you talking about you haven't elaborated on that.
  6. That's exactly my point to what I said before. So what of it? What are you contributing to the preachin work when there is legitimate obstacles like this? I don't know how old you are, but times are different now verses the past. The peeps at school are teaching this stuff now and the state I live in has passed a Law that even puts Christians to the test.
  7. What are you talking about? I live in the borough, small quiet town. When we go to preach we go to another town and or city, the people at times who debate or confront are not even from the hood. What gave you the impression I live in the hood lol? My background wasn't rough or tough, my uncle on the other hand lived in his country, he never was in the United States. My uncle was murdered when I was 8 and reasons for it it was because of jealous unknown persons that hated him. He was a very good man and had morals and didn't care what others thought of him and what I can say his head was more right than yours because he wasn't the type to drop to your level. And nothing of that sort is my dream, remember what you said before and now look at you, Johnny. My only goal is to teach people about God and I haven't been in the "hood" as you claim, my other goal that is after keeping God's Kingdom first is to be there for friends and family. But that's lowkey stereotyping and near the line of racism. Not all of us Hispanic Americans are from the hood, as you claim. The Latino Community is everywhere, Johnny, even in our own countries. The irony you know nothing of the sort and act like you are, so don't pretend, Johnny 5 - you think I can't see that? But what you did here is messed up and it shows who you are and you are a liar because of what you said originally and here we are. Laugh at me? Even if I did go there or people at school are from there, they don't pay me any mind like that and if they did, it's usually small talk, youd be surprised of people wanting to change their lives and some who have, those who are from the hood. If they have to laugh at someone it will be you, not only by glancing at you, your picture, but how you are trying to "hood talk" youd be on WS, and possibly a meme. They also have a name for people like you. Gotta love how you attempt to speak like someone who's from there. May I suggest you get your starter's kit on Ebay or Amazon and give it a go? No? I thought so. For a grown man like you, that's lowkey silly, coming from you. Childish names? Buddy, Johnny 5 is a wonderful 90s movie. My cousins were 90s kids. Johnny 5 pretends to be human in the movie, and like you are doing here now, Johnny, you are pretending to be hood, when clearly you are not. And still you can't answer what has been addressed to you and skip to nonsense. Surely you can be more serious than that.
  8. Loss of words? My uncle isn't someone to be laughed at. Everything I said is also fact. You drive your head too far deep in the sand to not realize not everyone is like you or had the life that you had. Are you this ignorance of others outside the United Kingdom where you live? You must be the life of the party, Johnny 5.
  9. @Witness And yet my view and morals still stand on the issue. Have you changed anyone's life who supports such things? There's people out there who use the Bible to justify homosexuality, and this blew up since the day the cake shop owner threw hands before Court.
  10. At this point he could be a high school sex ed teacher's aid.
  11. Its Spanish for oh my goodness. I was around from time to time because I am looking for music from the dramas in mp3 format. One person who is close to me loves music from the song books, and asked if the dramas at mp3s of some songs. I am on and off sometimes because of school. Right now I am we have a day off because of cold weather. To be honest, the cold is more brutal than the snow this year.
  12. Well one thing I know there is another forum I go to, there is this girl who goes by the name Charade. What she does is mock and troll people and next day her name and avatar is different. We always know it's her even though she pretends to be someone else. She runs around YouTube also and tends to stick to memes and what is trending. For instance, she is pretending to be some guy name Maximillian who blew up a few days ago. I don't mean to be randomly curious but what who is tth? But what I tell John is true. Most likely we agree and disagree on some stuff, but when someone is bashing Jehovah God, or using his word to make transgender and homosexual is okay is not cool at all. There's people out there that threaten and say they want to kill you even though you speak mildly with them on what the Bible says. I spoke that time out of memorizing verses and examples, the guy was pulling some craziness from somewhere.
  13. I am 15 and I do not have disguises, why would I be lying about my age? Going on 16 in the next few months, and gonna work on my permit soon. I already get stressed out from period schedules with study hall being my time of rest at school. My words have importance because you are saying I have attitude when I do not. Those guys only care about slandering Jehovah God even saying bad stuff about him, others threaten me or others and I have proof of it. So if you were in my shoes, what would you have done? If someone said something extremely bad about God or misuse verses to fit the needs of worldly things today, would you speak and maintain mildness or would you explode like how you are here now? Pops, I can tell you now, these people I confront you wouldn't be able to handle em. I don't know who Billy is. Billy the Kid as in the 21 year old who took out 8 men before he went down?
  14. He knew what was right with God because as he was growing up be read the Bible and applied its teachings. People saw him as a hermit of some sort, but in reality he was the coolest guy I know before his death. The thing you forget about God is that one thing that can be pulled from his likeness is cleanliness. This also goes for being clean and being modest in attire. And what's your point on this? You didn't even describe the scenario as modest for there is no issue with that. Immodest dressing would be if someone goes to to the hall or assembly in clothing that is revealing, tight, or to the point of nuditiy. And modesty isn't not just with us, it goes for schools, businesses and other places that uphold this too. There are people whom we sometimes preach to at times will not speak or discuss with you if something's up, especially to us in the Latino community. There's no need to rush for marriage. No one forced marriage for anyone, if anything there are parents out there that rush some folks because they want grandchildren, others for different reasons. In my case I am far from marriage but my dad always tells me 18 is the age one can get married if they want to. My dad got married at 22, my mom was 19 going in 20. My uncle married at 34-35. How is seeking a marriage mate competitive?I didnt know there was a Ring Now: Marriage Edition going on, I never seen that in the channel line ups All that aside you never made your case of clothing being a tradition of men. This point you make was out of the blue and you never gave answer to that. I find it funny you are now comparing UK folks to everyone else. Pops, you don't know the Latino Community so stay in the lane you are driving in, remember what you said last time - you don't assume things, and now going against your word tells people something about you, papa bear.
  15. People can understand God's way of thinking also mainly when it comes to decisions and other things, Witness. An example would be making a choice of something that isnt of Jehovah God's thinking vs. Something of man's thinking. In School, they teach us that homosexuality and transgender is okay and these teachers encourage teens to teach children this. Clearly this isn't okay, and this isn't okay with God. Man's thinking will allow him or her to accept this whereas Jehovah's thinking allows us to make the right choice in this example and other things. I dunno if you are aware of what's being taught to toddlers nowadays. One group in particular I often see on media and social media is queer kids group, they often go after those who are against them. They also try to use the Bible to justify homosexuality. You and I both know God detests homosexuality and Jesus does not accept this either, reasons why these guys who support that stuff has time to turn a leaf, repent and change. I only preached to one homosexual once, but his buddies were Bible bashing weeks later and he stopped the discussion later on. Side note, Jesus' disciples and followers applied God's way of thinking. Why assume it was only Jesus lol?

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