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  1. @4Jah2me Well amigo, if you scroll up, the discussion between you guys is clear. Going back to JTR, he is well aware, me even, of how people like him take child abuse in general, counting everything. That is not true. Be it you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses or not, especially if you are someone who has been teaching children to fight against child sex abuse, you'd know. Child sex abuse is really a big problem around the world, this includes The United States of America where there is a type of culture that promotes pedophile like behavior and over sexualize children. I don't know how old you are, but in my case, I see it all the time in social media and the idea being promoted and embraced. Not sure if you are into social media tho. Well that is your experience. Like what Spacey said, you will have some Jehovah's Witnesses that are not aware or even trained on child sex abuse so if a case does come up, they don't actually know how to handle it compared to those that do, and in my case, my congregation is a blessing because we not only worship Jehovah together, but we do everything we can to pass on lessons to be applied, likewise with the Latino culture. So our Elders and your elders, although the same faith, differ from each other when it comes to handling things. As for your experience, it isn't mine and if it was an negative one, sorry then, but I don't know how a lot of the people in your country do things. Well from the day he challenged JTR and me, it was all Bible based when it comes to helping children, only about 5% was from protection services on helping children. Helping children does not mean going into the world, you really have to double check what being part of the world means. Anyways One thing he did point out is the abuser often target specific children, points on safeguarding was brought up, in short, knowing how to fight this problem you have to be knowledgeable. I figure this is the same case with the number of child abuse cases in Australia. Also What I said to you was not to disrespect you, but it is the common way people tend to me regarding problems, be it the gross sin we are talking about right this moment or other things like violence, confrontations, etc. For instance, if you, me, tom, spacey, and the others dealt with a child abuse situation, I can guarantee you that the outcome would be different for each of us, mainly if the abuser is extremely stuble with his actions unless you are aware of the signs such as constant gifting, grooming, etc of the child, the practice of keeping secrets between the abused and the abuser. Well that depends, there are some Jehovah's Witnesses in your country that does help out. We don't ignore our neighbors, we do what we can to help them. But like I said, I cannot speak for everyone, and what Spacey brought up, it applies to them too because there's no telling how someone would respond to a situation and how yo handle it verses not knowing anything at all, so in a sense, a fight, freeze or flight type situation. So child sex abuse, some people, even some Jehovah's Witnesses, can deal with the problem in a correct manner whereas others can't, whether they know about abuse or not. What Spacey is pressing is Scripture based wisdom, which is indeed a weapon against child abuse. In my case, there are people who know about child abuse but are not one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and they pass their wisdom to, others, if they want to know how to fight it, I simply give them information from a publication. It is up to the person on how they want to use the information and if they truly want to or are fighting to reduce child abuse in every pocket on the globe. Well disfellowshipment does cut congregation ties, as for your family, that is a blessing, it is always a blessing to have people close to you. Well I don't know them, however, if you knew the Jehovah's Witnesses I knew, they would take the time to understand where you are coming from, granted, some Jehovah's Witnesses cannot do this verses those that can. Well I am talking you lol, however, I can't really provide you with much other than what is being talked about, I'm a kid compared to all of guys here. You have every right to speak your mind about child abuse, however, like what Spacey pointed out you can do whatever you can to help out as well as confront child abuse in the right way. Looking at your comments, I don't know what happened at the Hall you were in but you are packing a jar of anger that stretches even outside of child abuse. I only talk about child abuse when the subject is brought up, but since I am well aware of it and understand the signs and all that stuff as well as comfort people, that is what I can do, that is all I can do. Errr.. What do you mean going out into the world? 🤔. To be no part of the world means to not participate in anything that involving Babylon, we have to maintain neutrality as to not take sides, i.e. Republican/Democrats and a list of other things. I don't see how you are getting thing idea, can you elaborate and be more clear about it please? Thanks.
  2. Jajaja, I remember this dude from the show Sister Sister. My cousins grew up watching this guy, along with other classic shows 😁 But of course, sometimes we had to watch it in our language.
  3. @Space Merchant The thing is not everyone puts things into application. Like the example from a while back you mentioned to JTR and I about teaching child about strangers. Application is a plus, there's no doubt in that and concerning child sex abuse is a problem, I cannot speak for others, but helping out does play a role in reducing it. I don't understand as to why 4jah2me gets aggy about something that is positive. Also people ARE like that when it comes to critical issues, even child sex abuse. Those publications are just random examples, but I am sure people can find more information on jw.org, if not there, other available information found on the internet with a simple Google Search.
  4. @4Jah2me I don't think Spacey is blinding anyone especially the fact is that due to a lot of the things he says covering child sex abuse, he so speaks of his experience, i.e. helping children to learn what child sex abuse is and how to see the signs and all that is a major plus👍🏾. So what he is saying is 💯 true and it is not just with Jehovah's Witnesses, but people in general, all over the world. We can take you for example - You practically mention child sex abuse all the time, but you haven't taken action whatsoever, well, from looking at the conversation between you and spacey, you ignore the very point he made, then you went on to say that someone who has experience with helping the general public know about child sex abuse, knows nothing at all, although false, but that is what you pressed. Spacey is the opposite, he not only speaks on child sex abuse, but he has done something about it by teaching not just children, but adults about child sex abuse and his actions actually caused positive growth. So in short, both of you speak about it, but only one of you, in this example, spacey, has and continues to take literal action on child sex abuse in general, heck, he even challenged me and JTR on this a while back. So as for the publications, like what was pointed out, people who read them understand what child abuse is and understand the signs of both the abuser and someone who has been abused. Even outside of the publications, this is something that is practically, especially in different cultures where the bond between a parent or guardian and child us strong. Likewise with us Jehovah's Witnesses, like the general public, some of us know and take action, others know but don't take any action because they don't know how to execute a plan against the problem, and then you have those that clearly have no idea of anything at all. By the by, our elders at our hall are capable of dealing with the issue, so to throw all elders into the same basket is kinda silly. Don't know why you voted down something that is true 🤔 unless you have something to say that would be much appreciated, 4jah2me.
  5. @Space Merchant Well these are examples, random ones, but people can choose to read them, of course they don't have to read any of our publications, but the information isn't too far off, and there is a lot.
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  6. Yahweh and Jehovah are fine for the English speaker. Some people also prefer Yehovah, Jahweh and other names that points to the YHWH. You can say whatever, Jehovah knows who is calling his name in prayer through Jesus. 😁👍🏾
  7. @Space Merchant @4Jah2me Tbh, some people in general think that, well since we are talking about child abuse, they think that oh this happened to this family, luckily it didn't happen to mine or they merely do not get involved. A friend of mine said that anyone who abuse their children in some way, they will suffer consequences, if sex or violence abuse, well, the person pays for it with their life, and sometimes getting involved is risky, but it depends. Some people will think I don't know about child abuse at all, it's a real thing, and as someone pointed out, even for us Jehovah's Witnesses, some of us are not oblivious, we know things. While preaching, I did run into someone who did mentioned child abuse and he was not pressing about it, he told me what am I doing so it doesn't happen in our congregation, I told him straight up on what needs to be done, and we do teach people about it, we even had a talk about it and a Watchtower study a while back and we often get together to talk about subjects too. That same guy, I did give him a publication regarding not just about child abuse but teaching children. I don't know how you guys were raised, but I come from a strict Afro Latino household lol, this was before I became a JW. 😁 Can't speak for others tho. And I am sure you two are aware we do have publications on the subject.
  8. I second this. Even during the pandemic, there are those we preached to still contact us via phone or letters, having some Bible based questions answered. Also sometimes, it opens room for studying and doing research. Some of the most common things we run into in our ministry is today's situation, the economy, the pandemic, and the protesting. Sometimes we are often asked on why Jehovah's Witnesses maintain neutrality, and or they tend to ask you directly, so we, by means of researching, studying and knowing these things, we can give answer, as well as show them examples and explanation of things from Jehovah God's Word found in the Bible. Preaching may not be the same, but hey, we are still doing the work. The only cons of this pandemic is I ran out of magazines and tracts in Spanish, so I usually ask if they want it digitally, they accept, but for the people who are not tech savvy, they also accept print outside of a magazine or whatever subject they want to know found in other material. All and all, there are a lot of people who want to know more about Jehovah God, his Son Jesus and the Kingdom, in addition to what God's Kingdom will provide for mankind.
  9. Well Black Lives Matter is everywhere and their influence spreads like quickly like free coffee hand outs at the local wawa lol. But seriously, even before the pandemic, before the home schooling and what not, their influence affects even students. Although I don't take sides like this extreme far left or right business, I do shed a cookie of opinion, but saying something that is right doesn't sit well with some folks. My buddies pop's store got looted and ransacked when the riots broke out, it is both crazy and tragic, now the man has nothing, the only thing that holds him is friends and family. Also class of 2020 was fun, was busy and I can see it is the same old same old on this foums jaja 😁 But about in all serious tho, situations like this reminds me of the Luke 22:9-11, 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and a few more. Closer to the last days, but you have to endure and build up your faith. 👍🏾
  10. What confuses me is you have news corp saying stuff, but others are talking about arc. Also I don't recall JWs surpassing others who had a talking to by arc. Surely, there is more information out there, or is this still ongoing? The more information that comes out we can see who is telling the true, what is correct and what is incorrect but dudes out here making assumptions too so that needs to be watched, being cautious and all 🤔
  11. Someone mentioned this book to me and even recommended it. The person told me it was something that Jehovah's Witnesses must read. Just from a quick glance, I could already tell that is was 100% apostate material, not to mentioned the heavy content of false teachings and convoluted information. To spacey's credit, it is exaggerated from start to finish. She also says she's an Evangelist, however she has some colorful language in her book and horrendous remarks that is enough to make Jesus shed a tear. Lastly, at the very end, she is trying to promote as well as recruit Jehovah's Witnesses and or anyone who is reading her book. No disrespect to the woman, but she's lost her marbles lol 🤣
  12. @4Jah2me Que? We, I myself included, have faith in what Jehovah's Kingdom will bring. I have faith in God and recognize him as the Father of the one we put faith in his teachings, Christ Jesus. I don't want to be rude, but welcome to the forums, also it does get a tad bit crazy here. Second, I don't think it is a good idea to assume such a thing when despite all of us being in the faith and truth, we are, each and everyone of us as an individual differ from one another, even by action and what we can and cannot do, etc.
  13. @Matthew9969 Christmas is not a Christian holiday and or tradition. Jesus gave us only one command in which we celebrate, his Memorial. Santa Claus, Yule Trees, etc has nothing to do with Jehovah or Jesus. Wise up, amigo. Jajajaja. You know some activist did that a while back in New York in public. The police didn't know how to catch the guy because he kept running away until he fell.
  14. @Shiwiii No, I was only encouraged to seek Baptism, even my late uncle who had no religous affiliation, but was very hard on applying the Bible also encouraged me and others in my family Caza despues del bautismo y se salvo, as he puts it. But as I grew older, I took the steps necessary torwards Baptism myself, especially during my early preteen years. I made thos choice because I firmly accept what the Scriptures teach about Jehovah God and his Christ and I took the time and effort to put the teachings of the Scriptures first, even as far as to mold myself to be a better Christian, and a declaring that I myself want to serve God fully, and in doing so, I go about with the tools that I have been given to teach what Jesus taught regarding the good news and what the Kingdom would bring - caso y punto.

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