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  1. It is, and has a greater depth of meaning.
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  2. It occurred to me, after speaking Jehovah's name in Hebrew out loud, just what a beautiful language it is and what a beautiful name belongs to Jehovah, in any language.
  3. 'Eh-yeh' 'Asher' 'Eh-yeh' The Hebrew verb Ha-yah' means "become" or "prove to be", what He will become towards others.
  4. I think we all have our individual preaching methods and there is no 'set' answer to all. If what you do works for you, great I'm not trying to make spiritual foie gras 🤣
  5. Time will tell but there seems to be 3 tiers active here.
  6. Jehovah will have His message preached to the extent He has foretold, there may be ways that reach those that have yet to hear, that we are unaware of. Who would have thought, as recently as last year, that we'd be carrying out that preaching work using electronic means. It is not outside of the realms of possibility to consider Jehovah able to 'know' how a person 'would' react had they heard the good news. That's not what I'm saying will happen, I'm simply saying all things are possible with God, and some of those things may fall within the following scripture: Isaiah 55:9 - "For as t
  7. The fundamental difference between many here is the ability to anthropomorphise Jehovah God. Jehovah has written what he will do and He will choose the manner in which He carries it out, best left for Him to decide. Jehovah is never wrong but humans have the tendency to become overly concerned about matters that, not only do they not have the answers to, but also undermine their own faith and for whatever reason, that becomes a stone on a slippery pathway to self-justification and the ruination of their faith. Let Jehovah carry out His will, He knows better than we do what He is doing.
  8. The title 'Elo'him' is used in the Hebrew scriptures for the following: Jehovah (the true God) Dagon (Philistine god) Nisroch (Assyrian god) ------------------------------------ The Greek term for God, Theo-os for: The true God Zeus (Roman Jupiter) Hermes (Mercury Novel) It is essential to distinguish the true God by the use of His personal name Jehovah.
  9. It is helpful to go to our site jw.org and library, online library, publications, enter topic and type in "Questions from readers".
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  10. James 1:13 "When under trial, let no one say: "I am being tried by God." For with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does he himself try anyone." It is a 'sign' of the last days.
  11. Soft-pedalling the Bible's message is not going to help people.
  12. To know God's name Jehovah, is more than just an awareness of it's existence.
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