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  1. A grieving mother broke down in tears after she found a Jehovah's Witnesses pamphlet asking 'Can the dead really live again?' left at her son's grave. The woman and her daughter were visiting the 20-year-old's grave at Penrith Cemetery in western Sydney during the first Mother's Day since his suicide when they found the pamphlet. 'Can the dead really live again?' the pamphlet read on the front cover, with the options 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe'. The man's sister said her mother was already struggling to cope with her son's absence on Mother's Day before they found the flyer. 'My mum had been trying to hold it together all morning. It was always going to be a hard visit (to the cemetery) that day, but the flyer was a bit of salt in the wound,' the man's sister, who wished to remain anonymous, said. 'It's harder to console your mother in tears on Mother's Day who just misses her son than it is to pick up a piece of paper and throw it in the bin.' The woman said there were flyers left at every grave in her brother's section of the cemetery. 'Overall the whole situation was inappropriate... being that it was Mother's Day... there's no scenario you could have in this situation that makes it any ''better'' it's just horrible from all directions,' she said. 'That and also the choice of words. Leaving a flyer is a bad move regardless, but posing a question to friends and family members of ''Can the dead live again?'' is just so morbid. 'But even then, if they left a flyer saying ''We're sorry for your loss'' would it make the situation any better? It's still preying on emotionally vulnerable people.' The woman said she called the Jehovah's Witness head office in Sydney, where someone acknowledged leaving flyers at the cemetery was inappropriate. 'But I wasn't given an apology... they referred to it as ''passing on the enquiry'',' she said. 'What annoys me is that no one seemed to notice these people coming in - with a bag full of rocks to place the flyers under - and leaving all these flyers around. 'Plots in that cemetery are going for up to $4000 plus, you expect some kind of security in this place. 'One of the graves I removed a flyer from had the flyer underneath a little dog statue that was sitting beside the tombstone. 'All I thought was, imagine if that little dog was a family heirloom that meant something to the decease and was damaged because it was being carelessly handled by a church that wanted to get their sales numbers up? You'd be pretty livid.' A Jehovah's Witnesses spokesman said the choice to leave the flyers at the cemetery was 'an individual matter' and would have been carried out by someone from 'one of the local churches there'. 'Some write letters, some do it over the phone,' he said. 'It's probably just an individual doing the work... It's an individual, personal choice when it comes to preaching.' The spokesman said he could 'understand' resistance to their message, as they sometimes receive the same feedback when they go door-knocking to preach. A Penrith City Council spokesman said the flyers were an 'isolated incident'. 'Council was advised on Monday afternoon of leaflets that were left in the cemetery and a sweep was conducted to remove the material,' he said. Daily Mail Australia has contacted the Penrith Central Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses church for comment. A Jehovah's Witnesses spokesman said the choice to leave the flyers at the cemetery was 'an individual matter' and would have been carried out by someone from 'one of the local churches' in Penrith
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  2. From the article: "In Australia a review of the book The Battle and the Backlash: The Child Sexual Abuse War commented on child abuse by clergymen and others in positions of trust. It said that the organizations involved appeared to be concerned with limiting the damage to their own image and protecting themselves rather than protecting vulnerable children... Yet, many children who are abused never report the matter—a fact that child abusers rely heavily on. "
  3. At least three or four times a month, someone will post something like: I am proud to be a JW Seriously, what is up with that? I am not trying to be disrespectful. But I never see anyone here post "I am proud to be a Christian". If you are "proud" to be a JW, it almost sounds like you are boasting about having accomplished a goal, that you were able to do something that others can't do. It almost sounds like you are saying that your salvation is because of something you accomplished on your own.
  4. Sturgeon was with Russell went he died on the train in Texas. According to the Watchtower article after his death, at Russell's last request, Sturgeon dressed him up in a Roman toga.
  5. A summarized list: 1st secretary: M.F. Russell (1884-1897), left the religion and separated from her husband (Russell himself). 2nd secretary: E.C. Henninges (1897-1900), left the religion in 1909. 3rd secretary: A.E. Williamson (1900-1908), left the religion in 1908/1909. 4th secretary: F.H. Robison (1908-1914), left the religion between 1920-1922. 5th secretary: M. Sturgeon (1914-1916), opposed Rutherford and left the religion in 1917.
  6. And what if you were baptized before they changed the wording (from dedication to Jehovah to dedication to organization)?
  7. Question: how does a membership contract apply to a minor? Wouldn't such contracts be null and void - if not illegal because a minor can't sign such a contract?
  8. 2019 BRD Newsletter
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    2019 BRD Visitor Center Newsletter
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  9. House search at Jehovah's Witnesses headquarters in Belgium The police carried out a house search on Thursday at the Belgian headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Kraainem. The federal public prosecutor confirms the search of VRT NWS. The raid came in the context of an investigation into sexual abuse within the organization. The police invaded Thursday 25 April at the Belgian headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Kraainem. The federal public prosecutor does not want to communicate about exactly what they were looking for. An investigating judge is currently conducting a major investigation into sexual abuse within the organization at the request of the Federal Prosecutor's Office. The raid comes a month after our research magazine Pano has revealed in a report how the top of the Jehovah's Witnesses have been covering sexual abuse through an internal legal system for years. The report showed how the top is aware of perpetrators but does not go to the police. Ex-elders, who are men who act as internal judges within the organization, told how to solve abuse facts in their rooms. Victims also witnessed how they were silenced. There was a fear that evidence would be destroyed after the Pano report. That said MP Stefaan Van Hecke, member of the working group investigating child abuse at Jehovah's witnesses, at "Van Gils and guests" last month: "The first complaints were received by the Justice Department in September. From January 9, the federal public prosecutor has the case People are working on it, but I hope that the judiciary now takes action very quickly. And that should be possible with these new elements. " Pascal Mertens, the chairman of the Reclaimed Voices Belgium reporting center, is pleased that the court is taking the matter seriously: "After the Pano broadcast, we already know about eighty people who are involved in various facts and we hope that Kraainem will cooperate. give the house search and that they will be open to the judiciary. " Louis De Wit, spokesperson for the Jehovah's Witnesses Belgium, does not want to respond to the searches for the time being. Reclaimed Voices can be contacted via their website
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    , where you will find a number and address. Original (Dutch) article at
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  10. The switch from residential to commercial construction took place around the same time they officially took over ownership from local congregations. Around the same time as the very confusing and drawn out switch from RBC to LDC
  11. Built by volunteer hands, so that in a short time, it will be sold for commercial use
  12. JW is not banned in Malaysia. They just agreed not to preach to or admit Muslim members.
  13. There seems to be a quiet drift towards removal of any claim of inspiration or infallibility. When the Feb. 2017 Watchtower did this, it must have been for a reason, almost certainly legal. There's no benefit in admitting their lack of Divine direction otherwise, it's a fundamental part of their scam. What does the Legal Dept. foresee? Is this change designed to steer towards a deeper legal claim of a contract, as against EU regulations?
  14. The main change is this: Old : ... identify you as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in association with God’s spirit-directed organization? New: ...identifies you as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in association with Jehovah's organization? This is a really strange move. They are moving away from saying that they are "spirit-directed by God" to simply stating that they are "Jehovah's organization..."
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