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  1. Jehovah's Witness Organization Redefines Shunning to Falsely.mp4 Every JW visiting this page should MORALLY comment below and publicly state that this JW Lawyer is LYING through his teeth to the Canadian Supreme Court. If you don't, YOU participate in this gross sin. Because you ALL KNOW this is a false statement. Remember as well that this JW Lawyer is also an Officer of the Court. What the courts do not know is that JW's consider outright lying in court a part of "theocratic warfare" just like Muslims do. So it is a virtue to them. SMH.
  2. The pictures above is today's printed edition of the Norwegian newspaper Fædrelandsvennen. They have published the result of two years journalism where they have been digging deeply into the issues of PIMO life, the struggle to break free, and the consequences for mental health. Today they printed the first of seven articles as a result of this work, the story of "Fredrik" who is a fader, a story a lot of you will relate to. The next six articles will be in print the following days to come. All seven articles are now published online for subscribers. I will eventually provide translations of all articles into English here on this sub, but for now they have to stay this way. I would really appreciate if some of you would subscribe and read the articles through Google Translate. It will give you a better story, a complete layout with all the pictures and references. You can subscribe for only 1 NOK the first month, that is just a dime, 1/8 of a dollar. Just remember to unsubscribe after you register, so it doesn't keep running, you still keep your first month. If you need help subscribing, please feel free to dm me. This is the seven articles: https://www.fvn.no/nyheter/lokalt/i/zL2Q5w/-Tenk-om-jeg-mister-datteren-min 1- The story of "Fredrik" a fader who is struggling to find his way and keep his children away from the Cult. Also talks about the mental breakdown he had while waking up. https://www.fvn.no/nyheter/lokalt/i/Ond27E/Psykolog--Helvete-er-slett-ikke-det-verste 2. A psychiatrist speaking about the mental damages done to all of us because of the way JWs raise their children based on the threat of shunning. She speaks out about the impact this has on children and the way the brain works when it is pushed on this. She is "Fredrik's" healthcare professional and have followed his journey the last three years. https://www.fvn.no/nyheter/lokalt/i/e1gRb9/-Savner-en-far_-men-ikke-pappa 3. "Rita" , a df'd woman, telling about her story, being df'd at 19, then reinstated just to be with his family even though everyone knew she didn't believe. Tells the story about how her elder dad fixed the reinstatement. https://www.fvn.no/nyheter/lokalt/i/Rx0X35/Geir-har-forlatt-Jehovas-vitner_-men-foreldrene-har-ikke-brutt-med-ham 4. "Geir", he left as a youth before he got baptized, so he is not completely shunned. Tells the story on how this has affected his life, being an outcast from the rest of his family. https://www.fvn.no/nyheter/lokalt/i/4dwKAg/Barnevernleder-om-Jehovas-vitner--Dette-har-vi-for-lite-fokus-pa 5. A childcare professional speaking out after reading the other stories. Says she is shocked and says that this needs more attention from professionals. Promises to take this up the system. https://www.fvn.no/nyheter/lokalt/i/L07Bxx/Hemmelig-lederhandbok-om-hvordan-medlemmer-skal-dommes 6. A massacre of the Shepherd-book. A PhD in Theology walks through it in detail and comments on the way they micromanage the life of JW's. https://www.fvn.no/nyheter/lokalt/i/kaVLrj/Han-hjelper-tidligere-medlemmer-i-Jehovas-vitner 7. The afterlife, an article about people who help those who have left. And for those who have bothered to read this post this far...."Fredrik", the dude on the front page, is me...
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    The coolest car ever....
  4. Evidently this is "Normal family relations" according to Watchtower:
  5. “Do not be anxious, for I am your God.” - Isaiah 41:10
  6. Anyone know where this inventive church is?
  7. "Sunday, December 30 Asa’s heart was complete with Jehovah all his life.—1 Ki. 15:14. Each of us can examine his heart to see if it is fully devoted to God. Ask yourself, ‘Am I determined to please Jehovah, to defend true worship, and to protect his people from any corrupting influence?’ For example, what if someone close to you has to be disfellowshipped? Would you take decisive action by ceasing to associate with that person? What would your heart move you to do? Like Asa, you can show that you have a complete heart by fully relying on God when you are faced with opposition, even some that may seem insurmountable. You may be teased or ridiculed at school for taking a stand as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Or colleagues at work may taunt you for taking days off for spiritual activities or for not often working overtime. In such situations, pray to God, just as Asa did. (2 Chron. 14:11) Remain firm for what you know is right and wise. Remember that God strengthened and helped Asa, and He will strengthen you. w17.03 3:6-8 " https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/dt/r1/lp-e/2018/12/30
  8. Experiment talking to apple about JW app I was curious what would happen if I did a web chat and talked to Apple about the JW IOS app. So it went like this: • Hello. I would like to report an offensive app I found today in the IOS store • 1:17 PM It links to literature by the organizations web site that is anti gay. . So the organizations app is a portal to their many books. • I understand and will be happy to assist with this issue. • I am here to help. • You said you want to report an offensive App. What App is it please? • https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jw-library/id672417831?ls=1&mt=8 • I am sorry, here at work I cannot click on links. • JW Library Jehovah's Witnesses • I thank you. • If you install it and search for the word gay you will see what I mean. • It will open a browser to their publications • 1:22 PM I gotcha. I understand. I am glad you took some time to let us know. I appreciate that and so does Apple. I will get this up to the folks above me. I thank you a great deal. • No problem • You are all set on my side. Again, many thanks. Thank you for being the best part of Apple! That is all. I have no idea if the info will really be seen by higher ups . But that was how it went. - Via Otnar1 Will you help us spread the word?
  9. Jack Ryan

    Caleb and Sophia at JW.org

    "...In telling children Santa Claus is a real human, we are not engaging children’s imaginations. We are simply lying to them..." Awake! 1993 11/22 p. 3-4 The image above: From a Watchtower video called 'Caleb and Sophia Visit Bethel' https://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/children/become-jehovahs-friend/videos/caleb-sophia-visit-bethel/
  10. Two different women came forward in 2018 with stories of repeated sexual abuse during their childhood by adult members of Jehovah’s Witnesses. One woman, Romy Maple, said she was repeatedly drugged and sexually abused by the same man starting when she was 4 years old. She said other members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses ignored her efforts to alert them to the abuse. Years later, Maple appeared prominently in the A&E documentary series, “Cults and Extreme Belief,” which brought her story to national attention. Maple has since launched a nonprofit, 707SAFE — which stands for Sexual Assault Fighters Elite — offering “coaching, transitional and transformational support” to fellow survivors of child sexual abuse, according to Maple’s GoFundMe page. Another woman, who gave her name as Sister Star, said she was drugged, filmed and sexually abused at a Eureka hotel by a family friend and fellow member of Jehovah’s Witnesses. She said her grandfather and other men did the same to her months before, and further said her stepfather sexually abused her throughout her childhood years. Sister Star came forward with her story of sexual abuse in August. (Jose Quezada — The Times-Standard file) As in Maple’s case, Sister Star said elders of the Jehovah’s Witnesses took no action to help her. Jehovah’s Witnesses World Headquarters offered the Times-Standard the following comment earlier this year: “Jehovah’s Witnesses abhor child abuse and view it as a crime. (Romans 12:9)” the document states. “We recognize that the authorities are responsible for addressing such crimes. (Romans 13:1-4) The elders do not shield any perpetrator of child abuse from the authorities.” No criminal action has been taken in either Maple or Sister Star’s cases due to existing statute-of-limitations laws. In 2016, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill dismissing the statute of limitations for crimes of rape, sexual assault and other sexual offenses committed in 2017 and onward. https://www.times-standard.com/2018/12/30/no-2-women-say-they-were-sexually-abused-by-jehovahs-witnesses-members/
  11. Jack Ryan

    'Our First Day In Heaven'

    A friend of mine saw this picture on her facebook with the caption "Our first day in heaven. What a day that will be!!!" It clearly isnt heaven, however, and I'm 90% sure based on the art style and sense of familiarity that it's from a JW publication. Anyone know which one?
  12. Jack Ryan

    Did You?

    Less than 4 years after the failed predictions regarding the year 1975, the Watchtower Society urged its followers to put faith not only in Christ but in an earthly Organization, which, by the way, was far from being "victorious".
  13. "Inaccurate points" = LYING (aka PERJURY) on the part of Jehovah's WItnesses to none other than the Supreme Court itself. It can't get more "officially LYING" than that.
  14. @TrueTomHarley Sadly what you write is the problem with this religion: It ignores Jesus strict counsel to "Stop Judging Lest Thee Be Judged"...... Check yourself before you wreck yourself...... You wouldn't be the first religious zealot to feel that he is doing a service to God when in reality you are just being plain EVIL.
  15. Jack Ryan


  16. That is why Jesus said: "Stop Judging"
  17. Not indexing to inflation is a sneaky way of boosting taxes. Lawmakers can count on growing federal revenue without the politically uncomfortable act of repeatedly voting for those increases. The taxes are based on combined income, which is a taxpayer’s adjusted gross income, plus any tax-exempt interest (such as interest on mutual bonds) and half of her Social Security benefit. Based on that: – Single people with combined income over $25,000 a year, or couples with over $32,000 a year, face taxes on up to 50 percent of Social Security benefits. – Single retirees earning over $34,000 and couples earning over $44,000 may pay taxes on up to 85 percent of benefits. Because of the way Social Security benefits are taxed, many middle-income retirees face a “tax torpedo,” where their marginal tax rate can more than double. (If you’ll have retirement savings of roughly $200,000 or more, consider talking to a tax professional or financial planner about how and when to claim Social Security benefits to minimize the tax effects.) In many cases, we’re punishing people who saved for retirement. That isn’t fair, and it isn’t smart. So we should demand Congress index Social Security taxation to inflation, right? Based on the 1983 threshold numbers, that would ensure that only singles making over about $64,000 year, and couples making over $82,000 a year, would have to pay taxes on their Social Security income. If only it were that simple.
  18. Mayne do it also on google play and let them know it’s been reported to Apples App Store and they are sending it upstream to be looked into. Basically let each one know of the other looking into it. I can’t imagine either of them wanting to be behind the 8 ball with not pulling it if the other decides to.

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