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  1. No worries mates just head on back to your room and take it out on that massive pillow of yours. Remember the Greek word porneia stems from the Latin derivative of pillow, it’s an overlapping translation....anyways you don’t need to concern yourselves with these deep matters of spiritual concern. Leave that to us, the channel, we got this. Just shut up and look the other way, it’s better for bethel....
  2. Imagine putting that on a child. 😔 Also, what a prissy, over sensitive asshole Jehovah sounds if the actions of a wee kid can affect his temperament in those extremes. Cults will cult.
  3. If the love you have for your children is predicated on their beliefs, you don't love your children you love YOUR beliefs
  4. Actually Cain, Adam's son married his sister after he murdered Able. False information in this meme. Also Genesis 5:4 says Adam had other sons and daughters. Lots of incest with the first family.
  5. That is one idea of why it was created. Another is that it was a symbol of good faith or a bond between people. The earliest depiction of the handshake is from the 9th century BC when Assyrian King Shalmaneser III is shown shaking hands with a Babylonian king as they formed an alliance. Likewise, Homer used the act in his works to display pledges and/or trust. In Ancient Greece, funerary art would show people shaking the hands of the dead signifying a final farewell and eternal bond. In Ancient Rome, it was a symbol of friendship and trust. In the 17th century, Quakers used it as an alternative to bowing or tipping your hat, which became the most common use of the gesture by the 19th century.
  6. West Philadelphia, burned and razed Lying in the street is where I spent the last of my days angels smashin and crashin all fools And shooting some fireballs outside of the school at a couple of guys dressed in leather And a man in a trenchcoat shooting at the weather I got hit by one little meteorite right in the head And that's how Jehovah God made me all dead
  7. Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, turns the tables on Atheists by doing what conservative theists do best: Speaking for God.
  8. "The Universe's most powerful placebo"... LOL "Don't ask how... just ask often." "it only works if your parents already have the $" .... HAHA "You'd all be in my prayers if I only had that kind of time!" - Classic

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