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  1. Thank you for posting. I had this talk on a cassette years ago but misplaced it or loaned it out and it never returned. So moving!!
  2. What a kind thoughtful gift. I'm sure it brings him comfort from the way he strokes it, his emotions are evident. Thank you for posting.
  3. How fun! Great ideas! Thank you for posting!
  4. SuziQ1513


    I'm in a relationship with a narcissistic mother who is 96yo, I'm trying to find my balance in caring for her. I'm the only family member that is caring for her, at least trying. She undermines and demeans what I do on a regular basis. Worse of all she gets into my head. I'm a highly sensitive person/empath so I know what she's thinking without her saying so. I ended up marrying twice (one covert and one overt narcissist) always trying to reconcile with "mommy dearest" through my husbands (not knowing that's what I was doing of course). It's taken me many years to figure this all ou
  5. Thank so much for posting this article. It fits me to a tee. I'm printing it out and giving it to those close to me. It seems more prevalent as I get older, I can't tolerate things like I used to.
  6. Dear Mr Butler: It appears you have more than enough "suggestions" on how to handle the above problem. Normally I wouldn't respond to a "cheeky" ex-JW (your words not mine). To give you some background, I am an American but I was married to an Englishman for 15yrs so I get the culture differences. Also I don't always agree with JTR (but I do get in tongue-in-cheek delivery) BUT you would do well to take his point of view. The main problem I see is your "trusted" friend who burdened you with this information about this boy. This (in my opinion) would be gossip since you had no rea
  7. Recently (like this last week), I was attending to our JW publication cart at our local library. We (the sister with me) were approached by a guy dressed like a country music wannabe with cowboy hat and a plaid shirt with the arms torn off. His arms were flaying around as he talked about a Youtube vid about our "black dude" leader saying we need to cast our children out of our homes if they aren't following JW rules. The sister and I were perplexed since we didn't know what he was talking about and tried to reason with him. Now I know what got him fired up. The recording of Bro Herd is v
  8. "Has the Governing Body of Jehovah's WItnesses Put Themselves in the Place Of Jesus Christ as Mediator Between God and Men?" The answer is NO. Their blood cannot compensate for Adam's sin. There are many men and women who give their life for others such as military, police, emergency workers and rescuers. But none of their sacrificed lives can be laid on the alter before Jehovah to provide a ransom for mankind. I do believe in the past there have been GB members that were full of themselves and became haughty but that's for Jehovah and Jesus to sort out. Just as Moses, David and
  9. Now now Mr Sarcasm this is an unfair statement. Jehovah's organization doesn't create an environment for pedophiles, the pedophiles take advantage and target the innocent. The problem is the 2 witness rule and pedophiles know it. The sneaky creeps know how to isolate a victim, abuse then threaten followed by a protest of innocence. It's ugly business all around. My step-father of over 50 yrs turned out to be a pedo and I had no idea what he was doing to my son for years (he wasn't a JW). The problem years ago was that even the police didn't know what to do when it's one person's wor
  10. It was fascinating watching the making of pretzels, but all I could think of was "No Gloves!! " Regarding Mr Roger's religious affiliations, I always say the truth is the truth no matter who speaks it and a lie is still a lie no matter who speaks it. But I personally like pretzel sticks more than the original design, easier to eat and less messy.
  11. Point well taken, albeit sarcastically. I've done some digging on this subject and found that CBD from hemp (less than 3% THC) is legal in all 50 US states. It comes from a different strain of cannabis sativa than marijuana which is higher in THC (the psycho active ingredient). There is a lot and I mean a lot of confusion about this even in the medical field. One big problem is it's illegal to grow cannabis including hemp in the US by federal law (9 states allow it). Some believe the regulation law of 1937 came about because of the competition with the forestry interests vs hemp
  12. A couple of years ago, I was witnessing to a Jewish couple from Israel. They referred me to a Rabi on the internet regarding the "young woman vs virgin" debate. The Rabi was mocking the interpretation of the NT using "virgin" when the original word in Hebrew meant young woman. I did some research and took them the information (which I knew they probably wouldn't read), but I verbally explained that when the 70-72 Jews who translated Hebrew to Greek for the benefit of the Greek speaking Jews (Septuagint LXX), they had to take into consideration the difference in cultures. The Hebrew cultu
  13. Let's pray, pray, pay and then pray some more for our beloved brothers and sisters in Russia!
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