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  1. SuziQ1513


    Dear Mr Butler: It appears you have more than enough "suggestions" on how to handle the above problem. Normally I wouldn't respond to a "cheeky" ex-JW (your words not mine). To give you some background, I am an American but I was married to an Englishman for 15yrs so I get the culture differences. Also I don't always agree with JTR (but I do get in tongue-in-cheek delivery) BUT you would do well to take his point of view. The main problem I see is your "trusted" friend who burdened you with this information about this boy. This (in my opinion) would be gossip since you had no reason to know this information. You have no idea how the Elders handled this situation, it could have been handled based on no outside parties being aware of the problem, thus privately and that's why it wasn't announced to the congregation. The Elders could have talked to the police, the father could have talked to the police or social services and been given advice. YOU don't know and that's the point - You have only been given the " secret" by your "trustworthy" friend. This friend of yours has the burden, not you. I would tell him/her he/she needs to go to the parent, Elders, police, social services or you will using him/her as your informant and then you decide the best course of whom to contact with your 2nd or 3rd hand information (well I ended up giving advice I wasn't going to). It's an unfortunate mess when gossip, it spreads like fire, people get burned whether its true or not. We all want to protect our children, that's not the point I'm making (I'm a mother of 4 and grandmother of 5). This boy could be a threat to the congregation or some intervention took place that will put him on the right path. Who knows, outside of the parties involved. It's regrettable that you are separated from the congregation so going to a trusted Elder is not an option, that would be the best way to just let them know you are aware of a situation via gossip ( I suppose you could write an anonymous letter). Going to the police or social services may be the way to go BUT then again, it could open a can-of-worms that would be more harmful than good in the end. Professionals are required to report these things, because they are just that, professionals. I would chastise your friend for spreading this information and forbid him/her from gossiping to you again. I'm sure you are aware of the seven things Jehovah hates, tread carefully. Sincerely, Your Ex-sister
  2. Recently (like this last week), I was attending to our JW publication cart at our local library. We (the sister with me) were approached by a guy dressed like a country music wannabe with cowboy hat and a plaid shirt with the arms torn off. His arms were flaying around as he talked about a Youtube vid about our "black dude" leader saying we need to cast our children out of our homes if they aren't following JW rules. The sister and I were perplexed since we didn't know what he was talking about and tried to reason with him. Now I know what got him fired up. The recording of Bro Herd is very hard to decipher what he is saying but I know from previous broadcasts he and Bro Morris can express their personal opinion like its scripture. They mean well but I feel they go too far sometimes. Casting out demons is totally different than dealing with a disfellowshipped child. The demons had been in Jehovah's presence as fully functioning perfect beings. They chose a course of rebellion with full knowledge and understanding not subjected to the influence of Adamic sin. A imperfect child does make their own choices but who knows what influences those choices. Being an imperfect human gets complicated. Every country on earth that I can think of has a prison system to protect their good citizens from the bad. As with Russia we can see that system has a hidden agenda to do just the opposite. As humans in or out of the Truth, we can have a hidden agenda and I suspect the BoE is not exempt if they are not careful. I pray for Jehovah to repair any damage done and to cause corrections to be made.
  3. "Has the Governing Body of Jehovah's WItnesses Put Themselves in the Place Of Jesus Christ as Mediator Between God and Men?" The answer is NO. Their blood cannot compensate for Adam's sin. There are many men and women who give their life for others such as military, police, emergency workers and rescuers. But none of their sacrificed lives can be laid on the alter before Jehovah to provide a ransom for mankind. I do believe in the past there have been GB members that were full of themselves and became haughty but that's for Jehovah and Jesus to sort out. Just as Moses, David and others who lead Israel were fallible so are the members of the GB. To their benefit, they have helped unite 8+ million humans in serving Jehovah thru Christ's blood- today thats quite a feat!
  4. Now now Mr Sarcasm this is an unfair statement. Jehovah's organization doesn't create an environment for pedophiles, the pedophiles take advantage and target the innocent. The problem is the 2 witness rule and pedophiles know it. The sneaky creeps know how to isolate a victim, abuse then threaten followed by a protest of innocence. It's ugly business all around. My step-father of over 50 yrs turned out to be a pedo and I had no idea what he was doing to my son for years (he wasn't a JW). The problem years ago was that even the police didn't know what to do when it's one person's word against another. Now it's turning whereby anyone can accuse another with or without merit and the courts have to deal with it. The WT organization is suffering; some such suffering is valid and some not. The whole of the western world is suffering from this plague. Satan has sexualized every aspect of our secular lives. And regards to calling us a cult.... you need to look up the definition. JW's are no more a cult than any law abiding citizen of any country, business or other types of human organizations that have a president, CEO or director. PS: Regarding higher education, I actually agree with some of what you said. I do think it's hypocritical to discourage higher education then rely on those that sought that educational level. The problem with higher education, is that it's been taken over by evolutionary doctrines.
  5. It was fascinating watching the making of pretzels, but all I could think of was "No Gloves!! " Regarding Mr Roger's religious affiliations, I always say the truth is the truth no matter who speaks it and a lie is still a lie no matter who speaks it. But I personally like pretzel sticks more than the original design, easier to eat and less messy.
  6. Point well taken, albeit sarcastically. I've done some digging on this subject and found that CBD from hemp (less than 3% THC) is legal in all 50 US states. It comes from a different strain of cannabis sativa than marijuana which is higher in THC (the psycho active ingredient). There is a lot and I mean a lot of confusion about this even in the medical field. One big problem is it's illegal to grow cannabis including hemp in the US by federal law (9 states allow it). Some believe the regulation law of 1937 came about because of the competition with the forestry interests vs hemp growers when it came to making paper. In 1970 all forms (4000 strains/varieties) of Cannabis (which included hemp and marijuana) was classified as a Schedule I drug. So you could be in a state that legalized cannabis but if you use it, you are still breaking US federal law. This could be different in another country. France is the largest grower of hemp followed by China, Japan, etc. Based on the letter you submitted for the BoE, it doesn't address anything about whether someone smokes marijuana verses eating it or taking it in another form. It doesn't address why a person needs it. I understand they could get into a lot of trouble if they interfered with a medical directive but given the how the laws are written so loosely (sarcasm accepted here) pretty much anyone could get a prescription from a doctor. It's Satan's crazy world and the poor brothers have to navigate through this mess for the benefit of the congregation. I would hope you would cut them some slack here and there. BTW: Do some research on hemp variety of cannabis, it's definitely not the devils lettuce. It's amazing how useful and practical hemp is, as well, as nutritious (I personally use hemp seed in my diet and plan on adding CBD oil to it). Jehovah created it for our benefit. Just be cautious of the country where the hemp is grown.
  7. SuziQ1513


    A couple of years ago, I was witnessing to a Jewish couple from Israel. They referred me to a Rabi on the internet regarding the "young woman vs virgin" debate. The Rabi was mocking the interpretation of the NT using "virgin" when the original word in Hebrew meant young woman. I did some research and took them the information (which I knew they probably wouldn't read), but I verbally explained that when the 70-72 Jews who translated Hebrew to Greek for the benefit of the Greek speaking Jews (Septuagint LXX), they had to take into consideration the difference in cultures. The Hebrew culture would assume a young unmarried woman would be a virgin, especially if she was living in her father's household and under his protection. But in a Greek environment, that assumption could not be made. They seemed to accept that explanation. I appreciate your (Sami) extensive research and logical conclusions. Thank you.
  8. Beware of predatory males. If she had on a pair of Bermuda shorts, would it be a big deal?
  9. Let's pray, pray, pay and then pray some more for our beloved brothers and sisters in Russia!
  10. I really enjoyed your commentary on the feed:  JW film Dangerous to children.   I too have studied ancient hebrew, however, I've not done so lately.  It was refreshing to read your findings and application on the subject of integrity.  Thank you.  SL

    1. sami


      Thanks, it's been a long time for me as well. I've had that saved in WORDS for quite a while.

  11. SuziQ1513

    Single Spiritual Brothers and Sisters Over 50!!!

    Hi Shirley, I'm not sure if you are still around given the sideline responses from the men who are prolific commenters but I thought I would respond since I'm a single sister over 50yo and can feel your pain. As we are all aware, Jehovah created men and women to have companionship and have an intimate partner to share our deepest feelings with, find support when we "fall" and some to share our joys and happiness. However, right from the "get go", that purpose was thwarted by Satan and human selfishness. That said, I know that lonely feeling and desire for close companionship, intimacy and a sense of security. My experience and observation is that marriage isn't necessarily the cure for the void one feels as a single person so caution is necessary. My moto is: Men are like parking places, the good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped (-: Don't get me wrong, I do think there are good single men out there but they are rare. Personally, I have accepted the fact that I won't find that "rare" one, however, I know sisters (over 50yo) who have found good partners and seem happy (but not problem free). My cynicism is obvious I know, but it helps me focus on outward things instead of inward feelings. I have a full life as a servant of Jehovah and have many interests that fill the "quiet times". I accept that statistically my chances of finding a compatible mate are slim to none (Satan has done a great job of culling the male gender through ions of wars causing an uneven number of males to females), therefore, I refuse to let feelings of loneliness consume me. I hope I don't come across as lecturing you or seeming insensitive, but I wanted you to get an idea of where I'm coming from. I do understand your deep feelings and know we all cope in different ways. As sisters, we can support each other by honestly sharing those feelings (which I'm glad you did), having a good cry and a good laugh ( I can be more humorous than I'm being right now). So I would say, "Hang in there sis! " - Agape - your sister in the Truth
  12. Hi Anna! Just a friendly correction to the above statement. Nehemiah Gordon is indeed a Karaite Jew (Kara means scripture) but not a Rabbi. His father is an orthodox Rabbi but Karaites do not recognize the Rabbinical system. They would be considered fundamentalist using scripture only and they do use God's name as required by scripture. I have enjoyed listening to his point of view and have learned quite a lot from him and have read his book: The Hebrew Yeshua vs the Greek Jesus. He has a likable personality and remains quite neutral in discussions cautious of not promoting one religion over another. He is well educated in the Hebrew language (both ancient and modern) but remains a humble man. He was associated with an American pastor named Keith Johnson but I think they have gone their separate ways now (which is good). Wishing you blessings - SuziQ1513
  13. When I was fairly new in the Truth ( 40+yrs ago), I lived in Salt Lake City, home of the LDS Church (Mormons). I was raised a Mormon but left on my own in my early 20s. Mormons always seem to have story about some "spiritual experience" (my family is no exception). So when I became a JW, I wasn't too surprised when the friends talked about things having demonic attraction. I heard of pictures that wouldn't burn when it was discovered it were possessed. There was a husband to a pioneer sister (I'm sure he was a JW or not), but whenever they were invited to someone's house he would point out something was demon possessed in their home. Friends were getting rid of things left and right I was told (this is purely hearsay and I didn't attend the same congregation). I had a copy of book by Kahill Gibran, The Prophet, that my husband gave me as a gift. I was told it was causing demonic activity in my apt when I was gone (JWs lived downstairs from us at the time and it was disclosed later they were involved in very bad behavior). When I was studying, a sister told me my wind chime attracted demons. I haven't heard of such things for many years now and I enjoy the soft sound of a wind chime and I miss the book I threw away. I tend to try reasoning on such things and not be gullible. But I do believe demons can be attracted to things and people, even attaching themselves (for lack of a better term). I played the Ouji board when I was young and super natural experiences scared the life out of me. From my experience in life, caution is the word I would use when it comes to buying some things.
  14. SuziQ1513

    Does a persons dreams have any meaning?

    I still remember a dream I had as a very young child (I'd guess I was around 4 or 5 yo). I woke up in a panic. It created great anxiety for years. As an adult, I have reconciled the meaning (I can still see the images in my mind) and realize it was a way for my brain to process my inner emotions that I could not put into words. Since the brain never sleeps and its attempting to create meaning and order to our experiences, dreams can be useful to understand that process. However, I've had dreams where I wake up and go, What the Heck! I've had other dreams that scare the Heck out of me. Years ago I took Melatonin to help me to sleep, but they caused terror nightmares. Some other dreams I don't want to end since they are very pleasant.
  15. Dear Young Struggling Brother, If I may, I will share my experience as a parent of a gay son. My son was in his 20s when you admitted to me he was gay. I remember it clearly. I was in the kitchen and my son approached me saying he had something to tell me. He is about 6'2 and I'm 5'7, after straightforwardly saying: "I'm gay" he collapsed on my shoulders sobbing with his whole body. I could tell this was a release of years of stress. I held on while he went from sobbing to crying until he could pull himself erect again. We were both crying and I assured him there was nothing that could extinguish my love for him. Later in a quiet moment we talked about it. I assured him that Jehovah and his family would love him but accepting behavior based on his "natural" desires would not be accepted. He asked me; "so I can't be happy?" I assured him he could but there are many who have restrictions on how they live their lives, me being one of them since I'm divorced. I explained I can't go out and have a fling or date with just anyone even tho I'm free to do so. I've been on a journey to understand why there are so many homosexual people. Form follows function and it's clear from the human forms man and woman were engineered to be sexual mates. I used to think it was a choice but seeing my son crying out, "I hate it" changed my thinking. I don't understand. I talked to a young photographer who told he was gay and said he doesn't understand it either. I heard a Dr state it was a nutritional issue at a certain point when the embryo was developing, We might not know until the new system what is causing this change (enviorment, nutrition, etc). I know of 2 elders who are gay. We older ones remember them growing up (they are brothers). One left the truth and lived the gay lifestyle for a few years but returned to Jehovah and strengthened himself spiritually. It's known by quite a few he is gay. I continue to try to understand the mechanism but love the individuals. My suggestion to you is your stress comes from hiding what you are. John Bradshaw (author) had a saying, "you are as sick as your secrets". Tell Jehovah you need to talk to a mature person and to please bring them info your life. It sounds like you are fairly young and going thru the period of your life when you sexuality is as its peak, as you age it will lessen. But what you need is someone to listen and care and accept you as you are. Also, keep in mind there are sisters in the truth that will never marry or have that intimacy you crave as well. We need close companionship that gives us honest and loving feedback no mater our gender. I will pray for you, my dear brother. Please don't give up, the world is sugarcoated and can appear as a solution but it's not. Keep your self-respect. If you need to send a personal email, I will surely answer. Much love and concern, Your Sister in the Universal Family of Jehovah

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