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  1. Space Merchant

    Les Miserables. Man's inhumanity to man.

    @JOHN BUTLER I'd also like to point out that the link about UCA/GAUFCC is in connection to Interfaith as seen on the website linked by you which can lead to here: https://www.interfaith.org.uk/ You should also realize that Interfaith based things is of Apostasy practices, of Babylon the Great, for mainstream Christendom had given themselves up yearly to such, those who do not are seen as martyrs. Avoid anything to do with or connected with Harlot's main practices anything that is supporting of or by action to the E.I.I. and Lucis Trust. This among many things is one has to be very very cautious of.
  2. Space Merchant

    Paradise earth or Paradise in Heaven?

    @James Thomas Rook Jr. On the bright side, you can live anywhere you want. Governments and the IRS will no longer be an issue, or the Mailman. Until then, we wait, we endure, we remain vigilant because we do not know when everything will play out, if anything end time tribulations will be obvious.
  3. Space Merchant

    Les Miserables. Man's inhumanity to man.

    No worries, but you have to remember there is many, many denominations in Christianity, even among Unitarians who are also under Christendom, and among them some do not believe that Jesus pre-existed before he became a man, while others do as well as a list of other things. My views are very simple, especially regarding God and his Christ - 1 Corinthians 8:6 and I take and adhere to the teachings of what the Church teaches her people as is done in the early days of Church whereas our early Christian brothers and sisters use to gather, all of them, in union with Christ and His God, adhering to the same gospel, the same teaching. That is why when t comes to all things true, be it the Bible, Christian history and so forth I tend to be somewhat pressing, even strict, for what is spoken of in Galatians 1 I follow to the letter.
  4. So how will they fair in areas where it is banned and frowned upon, granted in some countries and or by some groups of people in a nation a beard is considered disrespectful?
  5. Sometimes it is the other way around. But yeah, people need to understand the origins of that holiday, examples like the whole Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas, many people do not realize it is based off of a guy who slapped/punched someone in the face. Although the guy he punched was not a heretic, for both Trinitarians and Modalist just wait to find a way to get rid of someone, and they eventually did in the most grotesque fashion.
  6. Project Ambrosia takes anyone from 16/18 to 24/25 regardless of race or sex, according to Faloon, it will make you healthier and live longer, no wonder Project Ambrosia is referred to as the Vampire/Dracula. The other one, the illegal Black Market targets blacks and latinos, but race does matter in this one, as for sex, it is anyone, even any age. Such is taken from young ones as young as the age of 7. It would be wise to understand how grim the blood farming and organ selling is in this regard and how much of a scar it leaves to such ones effected. You cannot Space Jam your way into the NBA by means of illegal black market blood that came from a 8 year old child. That being said, the things that is never talked about, the things taking place in the United States of America, it is unknown to some, sadly with all that going on, meanwhile....... you got Babylon the Great who is about to make a pit-stop in Texas in a few days, 4 days to be exact and it will last for 48 hours.
  7. Space Merchant

    Les Miserables. Man's inhumanity to man.

    Musicals and Stage plays are fun. I recall one that lasted for 6 hours. Other than that the one you mentioned, I like this one, but I seen it for the first time in my language, French. Then wait for the Christ to come and you will see for yourself. The best thing to do is remain neutral at all times, for one shouldn't paint others as enemies when they do not teach accursed things. To be brief, God's name is the 4 letters from the tetragrammaton יהוה which is YHWH or YHVH. The Jews later on, seeing the name as sacred and should be protected changed YHWH/YHVH to adonai, but later on as we advanced in our language YHWH/YHVH comes out to Yeowah, Yahveh, which in modern tongue is Yahweh or Jehovah, especially in the realm of transliteration. Yahweh/Jehovah for short is Yah or Jah and Jesus' name (which was also transliterated) means Yahweh/Jehovah is Salvation or simply Yah/Jah Saves. That being said, God understands all who call him, be is Yahweh, Jehovah, Hashem, Abba, Allah, El Shaddai, Elohim, etc. For God isn't ignorant of speech or language. It isn't difficult. Granted that the mystery of God is revealed - His Christ. I'm not a Universalist Unitarian. You are aware that even among Unitarianism there are other denominations, right? This link you have here I see UCA and GAUFCC, (including the UUA) both of which in regards to Unitarian Universalism. What you did here is like trying to equal Dr. Michael Brown to James White, in this sense. Not even a Oneness/Modalistic Believer either... Depends on the denomination, Universalist Unitarians tend to be 50/50, some would go to war to kill others do not, granted the views and practices of that Unitarian denomination. Catholics do go to war, as do most Christians, even in the past, you have such ones who claim to be, and affiliated with that of the Crusade and the Ku Klux Klan, Christian Militants, and so forth. But I gotta attempt, trying to equal to me that of a Universalist Unitarian based off of a top search without added research was a failed attempt, mainly when it is direct to a guy who studied ans is knowledgeable of religion, but I am solely a Christian, unlike my UUA counterparts I do not embrace all faiths, I merely speak of and correct the wrongs people speak of them, nothing more. The last guy who tried to pull that off regarding Unitarians being unaware of the different denominations never showed his face on this forum again, backfiring his comments and making use of John 8:44 against me when it was met for him in a heated discussion about church fathers. I can give you this advise, you do not want to fill his shoes if you are seeking to go down that path. I will tell this to you so it sticks, I am a Biblical Unitarian Christian who believes in pre-existence. We are imperfect, the Bible makes it clear as to when such things will indeed end, for as stated before, it is not difficult to understand God or his Word. According to the Bible, God does not speak in secret, several verses on that.
  8. Space Merchant

    Jehovahs witnesses and higher education

    Indeed, granted most areas are considered Soft Targets, anything can happen at any given time, on the other side of the spectrum, there are those who are haunted by and experience and the like. Indeed you have the choice, but the fact of the matter doing such would hinder any connection with God or not. The only thing you cannot have a choice about is the type of people you will be around, a stoner, a sex addict, someone who is seeking you out, a manipulator, etc. I have been down this road before. And no, the teachings are not dogmatic, as we have examples in Scripture already. The bottom line is not losing one's connection and or relationship with God, which is something that can easily be lost in things that tend to take up time. If you want an experience of mine, 3 of my professors had issues with being overly religious, one of the 3 attempted to fail me because he felt that me reading the Bible was disgracing him since he was homosexual, and assumes that I 100% hateful towards gays of which I am not. I simply told him I do not hate him as a person, just not someone in favor of his conduct and I simply pulled verses in Ephesians. For when he, came out of the closet, so to speak. Clearly it didn't change his view of me, but it is evident that he was clearly not a fan of the Bible, on one occasion he tried to test me, to show me in the Bible homosexuality was not sin, that Jesus would have accepted it,but he failed miserably. A good thing that semester, that was a war zone, had been done away with and completed. Our Church Fathers were educated, and if one did the research, they'd look at their backgrounds, I explained this to you months ago already. What? Religion and or our faith is the best education we have, who does not want to read and understand things about God and his Word? And because of faith by means of Christ-like practices to be in application in our lives, it helps a lot, examples, a man who is of Christ knows not to commit a type of sin in regards to desire of the flesh vs. someone who does not - very simple. That being said, it didn't take religion to see how the system in the realm of education is seen being played out by others, hence the rate we see today.
  9. Thanks for the concern, Matthew, but I already have a life (not sure if you are joking or not but what I said is serious and true). Another thing is I am aware of what is going around me rather than hide under a rock, not thinking about how critical things are getting, mainly due to the fact that the general public and people of all kinds are unaware of what is going on, it would seem you are out of loop yourself, I would suggest you start looking into things your news media doesn't dare to say in order to maintain their democracy. The Christians of which I speak of is of those within the realm of the conversations/liberal, especially those who reside in Silicon Valley; support it even, their cause regarding such, so to speak. And what is mentioned is actually true, this Project Ambrosia. Project Ambrosia was founded by Stanford graduate Jesse Karmazin, medical school graduate without a license to practice medicine. It is regarding young blood from those in the ages 18 to 24 range, for this young blood of which is spoken of is something on the menu for wealthy folks who believe that the blood of the young can someone prolong their lives. According to Bill Faloon, the 63-year-old former mortician (also the founder of The Church of Perpetual Life and a speaker at The First Transhumanist Church), he even stated himself that such ones can prolong their lives and become more healthier, in his on words he said: “Not only do you get to potentially live longer … but you’re going to be healthier. And some of the chronic problems you have now may disappear.” Now we have Project Ambrosia who began a clinical trial that had about a sum of 80 people over the ages 35 and older with a pay out of $6,000 to $8,000 range, most sources say $8k, to get an plasma infusion from young donors around ages 18-24, other sources say around the ages of 16 and 25. Project Ambrosia wants to publish this information later on in hopes of positive review. Other connections to Project Ambrosia: Alkahest and The Young Blood Institute Links: https://www.businessinsider.com/inside-the-worlds-first-transhumanist-church-2016-2 https://reason.com/blog/2018/03/02/the-young-blood-cure-for-aging https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/young-blood-transfusions-are-on-the-menu-at-society-gala/ https://www.businessinsider.com/young-blood-transfusions-launching-first-clinic-new-york-2018-9 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_blood_transfusion https://nypost.com/2018/03/06/young-blood-is-worth-285k/ There has been a lot of vocal Christians who are against this, such ones like Soulja of God, who he and his crew kept bringing up verses from the Bible, ones like Leviticus 17:14, even that of Acts 15:20 and 29 and several other verses to this regard. Now on the other side of the spectrum we have Voudou, otherwise known as Black Magic. First things first, the Bible forbids such practices, and it is something that God detests, just as his view on ritualistic practices, fire torment, brazen conduct, etc. In the Caribbean, islands such as Jamaica, Haiti/Dominican Republic, even Cuba, in addition to some Spanish countries, such things are present, but it is far worse in the islands mentioned by name. Vodou is 100% denounced and hated by all Christians here, however some, including the Roman Catholic have merged the practice into their faith, as we can see not only they adhere to Traditions of Men in this sense by adding in something accursed, but, they include Satanic like practices to their practice, hence such ones are not followers of Christ at all, and if you see people who where 100% all white garbs, it is a clear sign you have a devil worshiper in front of you. People like yourself would never know such things because it is never spoken of, but speak to an elderly person who was born and raised on the island, they will tell you, a few of the young ones will say something, which includes me, who is telling you this now. That being said, an American Christian Youth Group I know of back in 2016 were met with such ones who practiced such, those who believe in the Loa, which is part of the Vodou doctrine. As for blood, such ones tend to use actual blood from both humans and animals for ritualistic practices, the common targets is usually children and people are at times kidnapped in the dead of the night, either by rebels who were paid to kidnap or kill or by demonic practitioners of such a detestable thing, the worse of the worse is a Lugaroo, in your language it is referred to as a Witch, that comes to snatch up or kill someone, for these demonic persons are spoken of as being influenced and or actual manifestation of demons, as some may claim. The aftermath of any of their actions tend to be very very grim, mainly when they kill their victims, and I know from experience because even those of my own, people from my family, a few of them have been victim, one of which who was partially drained of her blood. I myself know the country well and we have a saying, Si ce sont pas les rebelles qui vous attirent dans la journee, ce sont les demons qui viennent vous chercher la nuit, meaning if it isn't the rebels that get you in the day, it is the demons that come for you in the night. The only good thing is that such ones who practice this keep to themselves, but the most extreme among them tend to be in parts of the islands that is forbidden, this is the same even in Africa whereas such is also practiced. That being said, anything they do, anything they practice includes blood and idols, the very reason why majority of folks on the islands do not partake in blood transfusions due to superstitious reasons and the very threat of practitioners of sorcery being an adversary to them. One of the reasons I believe that God will soon pout an end to this madness once and for all, hence why the view of blood, especially in my case, is very clear. Now you have the Black Market, blood farming and organ selling. To be brief, those who fall victim to such usually have their organs and blood removed from their body, to be sold and used as if it is something normal. The common targets are African-Americans and Latinos, in some cases, anyone of this background ends up missing and never found, no trace at all, similar to the situation of the missing DC girls, 13 open cases involving missing teenagers in DC, as of 27 March 2017 to now and onward, all of them, black and several Latinos. That being said, I myself is still digging into this and trying to get more information, at least you are aware, slightly of what is going on - for this is one of many, many things that is never spoken of in mainstream news media, granted the African American Community in of itself speak up on such things themselves.
  10. Space Merchant

    Woman Falsely Accuses Child of Sexual Assault

    The video has gone viral and it is being talked about It is begin talked about even more among the black community also:
  11. Space Merchant

    Jehovahs witnesses and higher education

    @Srecko Sostar By no ones recommendation. Granted if the care for God and giving oneself up to God in Sacred and Devoted Service is an option to such ones, it isn't a crime to do that. God's Son gave command to adhere to the Great Commission, it is a command not to be taken lightly, let alone being like that of a living sacrifice in terms of total service to God. So it wouldn't be stupidity, granted with if one is aware of the situation with higher education in the US itself. No one is going to stop anyone however I think the concern is being spiritually weak and the possibly to being open to what the Freemasons are doing in the schools regarding prepping young ones via frat houses and the like if such are selected. Another fear would be sexual immorality i.e. You can have a daughter going to Rutgers and she will possibly be a target, granted a lot of things of the like is taking place, and lastly, Gang-Stalking, it does not only happen to people of color or racial background, nor does it only take place in the churches, it happens in the schools too.
  12. @Gone Away Most of British Youth tends to use the term occasionally, the older British folks, sadly, tend to be unaware of what their children are doing and saying.
  13. Space Merchant

    Paradise earth or Paradise in Heaven?

    @Jack Ryan God's original purpose was for man to fill up the earth, and his purpose and will will be accomplished.
  14. Where I was born if you speak of vulgar things, you will get a zoklo in the face or somewhere in the head, and it will hurt, badly. It is an act of a zoklo pushing and or sometimes hitting your knuckles hard against someone's head, usually used if someone says something absurd and or speaks of vulgar things in the presence of others. It is the equivalent being slapped in the face in America. That being said, the Snowflakes and Shills has to be taught a lesson sometimes for such ones tend to be ignorant of truth themselves, like their view of other culture and that of their own government.
  15. I know who Allen is, but no one has confused me for him, I am also aware that Anna and JW Insider can spot him easily. Other than that, I tend to do this because long time ago when I was younger, writing in English and French we would get big points taken off for run on sentences and not using commas and periods more often. It is second nature to me. That being said, I am only one Space Merchant.

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