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  1. Most Trinitarians pretend that such things do not exist, reasons why you never here them speak of those who were in control of the church and held religious office in said church. Apostle Paul speaks of the church, and he even mentioned Clement of Rome, as can be seen even in the Bible. Philippians 4:3 -Yes, I ask you also, true companion,help these women, who have labored side by side with me in the gospel together with Clement and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the book of life. Clement, like Paul, was a faithful Christian, in union with the Christ and his God, and was on Paul's side concerning the good news gospel hence their situation in Phillippi.
  2. Hell is not the lake of fire... Nor does God condone fire torment because he emotionally reacted to it as well as drove it out the land; punished people for it. If you want to slander God with the teachings of demons, I will not allow it and you will easily be refuted again and again, Deserter. And what he said is not hypocritical because Jesus as commanded the church do continue teaching, this is ever so evident of what can be read in Acts 2, but last I checked, Trinitarians don't like Acts 2 and pretend it does not exist. No wonder the MSC is dying....
  3. Witness knows I believe this, he only says I do not because what I say is indeed true concerning God's people. Witness' absurd claim that Spiritual Israel only consist of the chosen ones is false and there is no Scriptural support whatsoever, granted that God's people consist of ALL persons concerning the Christ. What puts Witness in Hypocrisy is because in the past, he made these claims, his only err was mixing them and twisting them about, namely Galatians 3:29. So in a sense, it shows that Witness slanders even in the face of Scripture and still holds claim to be a chosen one. A chosen one of God does not succumb to ignorance, stupidity and hypocrisy. True they are imperfect, but to stoop this low is jarring. That being said, I will always believe and uphold what the New Covenant represents. Shema Yisrael, follow the foremost commandments and all things that hang by it, adhere, obverse, apply, teach and preach until the Lord of you and I comes, until the Lord is tasked by the Father, Yahweh, to return a second time to bring forth justice and save the righteous and meek from wicked captivity. Witness does not have eyes to see because the truth does hurt when it is proclaimed. According to the Bible. God sent an Angel, referred to as an Angel of Death to take out the Assyrian Soldiers. This information is not alien to anyone and to atheist they pretend that this did not happen. God taking action saved Hezekiah and his people from the hands of the Assyrians who were really going to do some damage because of how Hezekiah and company resisted and held firm. The God of Israel had spoke with both Moses and Aaron, giving them instructions, and from said instruction, to be passed to the Israelites. They were to take a healthy male sheep or goat, to slaughter and take and splash its blood on the doorways, which can be seen here Exodus 12:3-7 3 Tell all the congregation of Israel that on the tenth day of this month every man shall take a lamb according to their fathers' houses, a lamb for a household. 4 And if the household is too small for a lamb, then he and his nearest neighbor shall take according to the number of persons; according to what each can eat you shall make your count for the lamb. 5 Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male a year old. You may take it from the sheep or from the goats, 6 and you shall keep it until the fourteenth day of this month, when the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill their lambs at twilight. 7 “Then they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and the lintel of the houses in which they eat it. In Hebrews 11:28, Apostle Paul later wrote of Moses. And going back to Moses once again, Moses knew that he can trust God and that God was indeed trustworthy in every sense, and he continued to and has built a strong faith in God and his promise, which involved the situation we see playing out regarding the sons of Egypt as read in Exodus 11-12 concerning the angel of whom God sent, the angel of death, otherwise known as the 10th and final plague: Death of firstborn: Ex. 11:1–12:36.
  4. Are you sure about that? And it is not the first time I mentioned this. That is funny because originally you only spoke of the chosen ones and solely them being of Spiritual Israel whereas the Bible tells us it is them as is with those who are in union with the Christ, granted what was stated by me earlier: For a so called chosen one, you sure are ignorant, foolish and quite stupid and contradictory to your own words. And as always, you mix verses, as well as not understand the hermenutics of what a verse and or passages conveys. That being said, Satan is indeed the Father of the lie, to which I agree with you on this. The fact you lied concerning me not believing in something I had proclaimed strongly, especially the foremost commandments makes you nothing more than an obvious slanderer, a demonic one at that, for it was mentioned to you and you blindly ignored and attest to a lie that holds no merit. Very unwise. The fact of the matter is God indeed saved King Hezekiah using an angel to take out the Assyrians. Why would Satan want to rescue a faithful servant of God, the same one who prayed to God for help as seen here? Then Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord, saying... Pretty sure Satan the Devil was not his Lord, let alone God would not said his own enemy to save his own follower, vice versa, Satan would want to destroy God's people, not rescue them. Your problem is with the fact that God being capable of taking out his enemies. God even stated in the Bible he is capable of destroying his enemies if need be, as well as rescue his people. The Assyrians themselves were the very ones to make fun of and even mock God's people and if God did not take action, Hezekiah would have been suffering before death and may end up with the Saul treatment. I suppose according to you, Satan took out Sodom and Gomorah as well and nearly Nineveh? Refuted with one link to a discussion of which you lost. I remember that one question you also avoided; of who gave Satan the key to his own prison.... But according to the Bible, the Son will come in the glory of his Father to take out the wicked. You said before you do not water down Jesus' Kingship, but you are still doing this now. That fact you do not understand what your Lord and King is capable of puts you being of the chosen ones to question, perhaps, nothing more than misguided soul who does not know what the Bible conveys. But you have made lies in the face of the truth, even more so that you make claims and use slander when someone spoke a truth in front of you. The truth is, Satan is not God's ally, of which you alluded to several times. And according to you, who destroys death and who destroys Satan? The Bible tells us who will remove both parasitic plagues to mankind once and fore all. That being said, I think your biggest fear is the fact of what God can do and what Jesus can do concerning the wicked. As much as I dislike the slander, the misguidance, and the demonic banter from you, I have more pity compared to some of the few. But the prophet of God as is with others, own word stands true in all things concerning what God will do and what he will put in place to deal with those who do bad to mankind. Psalm 94:23 - He will bring back on them their iniquity and wipe them out for their wickedness; the LORD our God will wipe them out. Psalms 145:20 - The LORD preserves all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy. Mind you, this is but 2 of many verses.... And to quote you there is.... My words, no, God's Word, concerning such. That being said, the questioned posed to you have not been answered...
  5. I am asking you WHO is the destroyer, I did not ask you to quote verses. I have reasons for asking you a question you avoided in our last discussion purposely. God would never give Satan the satisfaction. And according to Scriptural Evidence, God did not send Satan to attack the Egyptians as you claim, and, to quote you, there is no Biblical Evidence to such. That being said, that would make God's Adversary more of a friend than foe, according to your logic. Not really because concerning the question it is neither God or Jesus.... Nice try though, so I suggest you attest to the question rather than dance around what the Bible actually says. Which brings us back to the question. Who was the destroyer?
  6. This is Yacob/Jacob, not Jesus. Jesus himself as been called the firstborn of creation as well as the firstborn out of death (out of the dead), and evidence to such is that Jesus himself is the first of the Firstfruits. How so? Incorrect in every sense. The Textus Receptus is not the original, and or the later manuscript sources, which is known to everyone to have been corrupted. We have the original early manuscripts concerning such that proves your claim as nothing more than a fallacy, and it only too a single minute to point this out. 2 Cor. 4:4 and Hebrews 1:3 are also marginal references that also holds more evidence. That being said: The Father takes delight in the Son. The Son marvels and rejoices over the works of the hands of the Father.
  7. @admin Or.... They finally do meet the person, face to face or at a distance, and their thought process reads... (yikes, this is NOT what I expected). That being said, love always has it ways.
  8. Well it was bound to happen. But some people say it did not happen while the comic book community says it did. I guess Grace from Beyond the Trailer would have a word regarding this.
  9. That is why his claim can be evidently destroyed by means of what an Interfaith Dialogue is, as shown here:
      Hello guest!
    That being said, it is funny how he mentions this, yet he accepts God's Order being nullified by men and brazen conduct to enter the church. He speaks of ill doctrines yet he follows them. For he is a Satanic hypocrite to the highest degree in this sense. But it was a stupid and weak move on his part when he makes this claim against someone who has been proclaiming word and voicing themselves against the Interfaith, such as Kairos, Peak, etc. We never forget 2016, we never forget Ted Turner's words at the UN, for it is burning reminder that such ones, the powers that be are a threat to the people of God. He never clicked the link because he knew that claim of his backfired. Always, and forever, avoid the interfaith. He is too blind to even see that. That being said, this is true- the honest Bible reader can discern this for themselves, even if that reader is a child, they can see what is conveyed. The truth will always hurt, it will always sting and will always give scar to the ignorant one who does not know or is willfully evading truth.
  10. @TheWorldNewsOrg That is insane, and can you imagine that not in slow motion dare I ask? Looking at this, I find a video of something similar:
  11. Anytime, but that being said, you still need to voice your claims, and every single time you avoid and run from the very things you said. Ok let's see what you have to say. And I am a debater, not a judge of a debate, for what I link are tell tale signs of a losing debater, and only the loser. And I love debates, be it in them or watching, I mentioned this before... In a debate, even those on the winning side can spit a few insults, unfortunately I am not on the losing end. I suggest you look into some debates, a notable debater being Ben Shapiro, Br. Myatt, Masur, etc. The irony is in a debate, one can see who actually wins by means of 2 points: [1] Contextualizing what it means to meet your burden of proof, i.e. arguing in favor of a framing device that acts as an evaluative mechanism for proving the truth or falsity of the resolution or topic statement. [2] Proving that the topic itself meets that contextualization, i.e. that it meets the criteria you've set up for proving the resolution true. I even told you from the very beginning, even a seasoned debater can be unpredictable and can insult their challenger, but evidently not to the extreme, for me, I merely played on your Biblical Intelligence, for even the Bible speaks of stupid persons concerning what is true and what is false, what is wise and what is unwise, etc. Therefore, you can be called as such if you are making absurd claims that are not even Biblical. That being said you missed 3 points that fits you perfectly lol: #3: False equivalence aka comparing a counter-argument with something abhorrent #4: Tu quoque or “What about-ism” - straying away from the topic and saying “look at this”, “but what about that”; a diversionary tactic. #5: Appeal to motive - implying that the opponent seeks to gain something due to their stand on the issue You fit all 3 of such while being on the losing end, so much you cannot speak a single thing without using JWs to help you out. More so, you stated I am using articles, I am using Interfaith Dialogue (I got quite the laugh out of this one granted the source linked by me proved you wrong), etc, with no evidence to claim, therefore, if a debater can call you ignorant, or stupid, or silly, etc. Then what they are saying is true. You also show anger and frustration granted that A - you voted down someone who was speaking to me and only me and B - you had copied and paste your idiot filled claims elsewhere. The fact you willfully shot down a spectator/onlooker shows you have lost from the get go. That being said, the article is indeed correct, when a person loses a debate, such points showed by them by their words etc. And to this day, we still never found out your claim about donkeys preaching the Christ, the most sillies thing I had ever heard. This one is a nice one, also you do not even know what Deux [Deus] Ex Machina even is, which makes it all the more amusing to see you struggle in this debate. So I ask you this question: Can you point out and quote ANY of my fallacies regarding our debate? As a bonus, I want you to quote the so called "interfaith dialogue" I am speaking. as well as the "article" claim made by you. This I got to see, especially with my history of fighting the interfaith, I want to see from an ignorant person, you, of this so called claim you speak of. Let's have at it Srecko. I can quote some of your fallacies, here they are: NOTE: Before we start, let me tell you what a fallacy is. A fallacy is a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument. It also means a failure in reasoning which renders an argument invalid or faulty reasoning; misleading or unsound argument. Then show us this evidence regarding the Donkey and the stones preaching the gospel truth, Screko. You said according to the Bible, so surely to you, you may have something to say rather than run away from the very words that you said. I an assure you, even this claim of yours sounds very stupid when read out loud. So show us your evidence that a Snake was preaching some sort of gospel, Srecko, otherwise unfounded claims such as this shows us, no, it exposes you to be nothing more than an ignorant lair concerning the Bible of which you lack. The word gospel as defined: [1] the age concerning Christ, the kingdom of God, and salvation. [2] one of the first four New Testament books telling of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ [3] an interpretation of the Christian message As we can see, the snake has never preached about the Christ let alone speak of the good news gospel, more so, the snake was not spreading a Christian message and or a doctrine. The truth of the matter, according to the Bible, according to the book of Genesis (Torah) is that Satan had used the snake to deceive the first woman, Eve, resulting in her and Adam's disobedience. You said I suggested whatever it is you are referring to, this so called simplified edition article editions you speak of when all that I said comes merely from an ESV Bible, and my 2 minor sources being Wikipedia, and an English Dictionary (evidence of this is on page 2-4 of regarding our debate), and nothing more. Can you quote anything from me in this debate that I had suggested simplified edition articles as you claim? If not, you must make Satan very proud to add words to someone's mouth. As a man of God, I do not add nor do I take from God's Word, and had been very vocal of Deut. 4:2. That being said, show me, Srecko Sostar your claim. Let's see it, show me any of my quotes in this debate that shows "Interfaith Dialogue" when from the get-go I am only using the Bible. That being said, we can see earlier you tried to steer into the direction of the WT and JWs in order to not be focused on solely a Bible discussion, for you had been exposed for the simple fact that without JWs in your dialogue, you have nothing - and it shows. If you cannot answer what you yourself had said, well, that link only proves to everyone here that you not just started a debate, but you lost it by not in mere defeat, but throwing yourself into your own ruin and peril of depravity, so much so you resort to a copy/paste shenanigans elsewhere by means of your own fumes. That being said, address the questions posed in light orange. Check mate
  12. And what have you learned regarding helping the children concerning talking to them about such things? Information you convey here and give insight to those on this forum and any onlooker who is a guest.
  13. Yes that is true. Spiritual Jerusalem does not reject the Christ. Although Witness is as blind and misguided as ever so evident, Witness was aware of these despite confusing Earthly and Spiritual in the past, and did not make the correction even later on. The New Covenant is of HIGH importance, we should not belittle ourselves to the level of stupidity and or ignorance of what it entails, something the MSC does not understand, the interfaith among them twist what it means and tarnish what the Covenant even is. Copying and pasting I see; you had already been dealt with. Take your anger, your loss and your depravity, elsewhere, ignorant one. For are also unaware that the Bible supports Spiritual Israel. That being said, you are of no concern in this thread, for I am only concern with you in our debate, so I suggest you take it there because should you begin with Spiritual Israel, you will be burned and rinsed with Scripture verily easily.
  14. Clearly, I do not kid. So I suggest you answer the question, which I will quote again. The others can be addressed based on you not recognizing the heirs: Also in the link regarding the discussion about who the Destroyer is, you contradict regarding what is addressed here. What you do not get is there are people, lost ones out there who want to learn about who God is, questions like this they themselves will ask as they make progress to accepting the teachings of the Lord. As I told you in the past, you do not take up the commission with importance if you speak in this way, forever misguided who claims to be of the chosen ones, but ignore his brother and sister who are the stones of the house itself, let alone, you do not recognize them, but know this - Jesus recognizes them, as is Jesus' Father, Yahweh, and those in union with his Son. That being said, address the questions.
  15. @Equivocation I want to hear evidence from claim from him, this is a debate that is ongoing. @Equivocation @Srecko Sostar Also for the both of you, this is signs of a losing debate, as we can see what Srecko is suffering from.
      Hello guest!
    Apparently with little discernment, anyone who is on the receiving end of a debate is always angry, not to the point of becoming the hulk, no, but to the point of copying and pasting their stupidity elsewhere. That being said, there is another Christian media forum of which I linked this debate to, they are having a BALL with this one, especially the bit with Srecko and is donkey claims.
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