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  1. Essentially the point, no Resolution/Charter defeats the claims. The irony of this is that this is the same game play last year, but this time corrected twice. The amuses me to see people who have no idea of the UN and it's history, explain it, mind you, one of these people say "they don't know nothing and don't make an effort to learn anything" pertaining to the UN. A lot of us knew the changes the UN has gone through as well, especially for the NGOs.
  2. Matt, this was brought up last year..... Paganism is paganism -PERIOD. Ever since then, more and more people stopped partaking in Thanksgiving, even more with the pandemic, so that tells you something. That being said, to dine with demons and charlatans for instant gratifications gets you nowhere, if all that food slows you down, being unable to recover and continue on to the path of the Kingdom.
  3. This isn't anything new... Since the whole Redress thing, JWs are still operating. Second, I recall claims the lot of you pointed out, which to this day is still unfounded, YET, some of the claims a subset of people are preaching as a truth, which proves it is more of a hate-a-raid thing going on instead of the focus on the ReDress itself. Elsewhere, some Aussies are not worried too much on this, but the actions of the police, as pointed out before. On the other side of the spectrum, you have children of violent abuse being ignored. That being said, not much of a win for anyone,
  4. Then if that is the case, do you have any information of an legitimate NGO Resolution and or Charter? If there is no Charter and or Resolution (something that majority of NGOs have) then the claim is nothing but a whistle in the wind, as you, have been corrected on this already. To resurrect the dead in terms of the current discussion, isn't good for anyone's health, unless you are trying to undermine newcomers on this platform. Everyone to this day know how the Guardian operates, which seems to be the case with recent events concerning the 2020 Presidential Election in the US That b
  5. So can you provide a quote of them saying the world is going to be destroyed in 1975? If an ExJW risk his own channel to speak this truth, why not give a quote? As of recent, this ExJW is currently against other ExJWs the day he posted the video of whom they forced Youtube to shut him down.
  6. It is also a faith killer. As is with others, your faith community isn't immune to this either. The influence of Philosophy and the teaching of it begins in the educational system; they are teaching the children, and when they reach college/university, that is when it is in full force if the student allows it and or unknowingly accepts it.
  7. Most people do not listen, which proves my point many times. The virus is also at play to be used as a ploy of fear via MSM and pinning it on a political opponent. All one must do is to take extra precaution (Proverbs 22:3), and not be consumed by fear. The virus will ultimately be a tool used to suppress the people in someway shape or form, even breaking down people, regardless of who is in power, be it Biden or Trump, yet both sides continue to point at each other like children, and WHO and the CDC acting up as usual. If you want to hear something to ponder on, there has been people say
  8. I am just seeing this now. Q Anon is an Extreme Far Right collective with an ideology that spawned alleged conspiracy theories. It was an idea started by a collective in 2016 into early 2017 due to the pedophilia rings intertwined with politics, it never started with one person, but as a group of people under the same name - "Q", however in 2017, it was eventually affiliated with a single person - Q Clearance Patriot, which is why some believe it began with one person. It is not a belief, but it is among their theories, they have a strong hatred against pedophilia within the Establishment
  9. But still, it is wise to remain vigilant at all times even if one is neutral. Because there are things taking place that is unknown to the majority, and it can hit hard. Remember, Satan is known to have dirty tactics. Some of these tactics can still hit you even while you are neutral; for as of now, these are just mild situations, nothing at a critical or grave level yet, unless you are an unfortunate soul.
  10. It isn't much of a rumor if we can see what is going on clearly, but if you are unware, if you are part of The Establishment, such behavior is not seen as a problem, especially, to most Leftist. As far as I know, JWs are not of the Left or the Right, they would not be in favor of pedophilia despite the fact that they are not properly trained to deal with the problem, this goes for The United States in general, as well as your country, the United Kingdom. That being said, the Left consider the pedophilia disorder as something that is OK, in fact, in the US, in some instances, an underaged
  11. This is indeed the case, but there is a dark form of persecution that, although rare, some people are unfortunate to be involved with, which is not a normal form of persecution, in a sense, designed to break people, an extreme version of Winston in Room 101 meets Hugo Strange type of madness. Granted if we are to enter into the Tribulation End Times, I have a feeling this version of persecution will be at play at a larger scale. I say this because of what I have learned over the months regarding Christian persecution that isn't too PG to be put on news articles. What you mentioned is inde
  12. What you have read into is simply the surface... Unknown to you is that there are graver acts of persecution going on that some people are unaware of, in some cases, in bloody fashion, especially during this pandemic. This results in men, women and children, who are unfortunate in these situations, suffer badly mentally and or physically. That said, keep a wild beast in captivity long enough to the point it goes mad, it will do far more damage to anyone or anything in it's surroundings.
  13. Wasn't this song played for a couple of dances before? Anyways, The only source that I cannot find anymore is the ExJW who was ran off of YouTube by the ExJW community (who got his whole channel deleted because of that one video despite 99% of his videos being strong criticism of JWs and what can be changed) who got his video deleted, likewise, with what was done to Mr. Cedars' friend. The irony here too is the claim is the JW said the world is to be destroyed in 1975, but no one can bring up a legitimate quote of this at all, in addition to that, every Christian knows that
  14. You really need to be very careful with Atheism... The Scriptures is quite clear on being vigilant and careful around specific philosophies. Regarding Religion, it should be known of "how" original and pure Christianity came to be, hence, the religion of Christianity whereas as this faith, of which being, a follower of the Christ with the God given name, Christian. Unfortunately, sometime afterwards, there was some councils and different beliefs that broken Christianity into many denominations over time, those who seek truth try to piece all the information together, to find out the
  15. Essentially some of the points I have made before. This is the same thing that a child aid group (which also deals with child abuse prevention and teaching), which explains a bit of my absence, I am a part of have been preaching, they want to deal with the problem itself, not destroy a community to tackle the problem because they know going about child abuse recklessly can result in ill consequence.
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