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  1. Another shooting with an active shooter in Philly, 4 police officers injured and or dead, cannot make out the reports but I'd have to check again, other sources show the count to be 6, granted that this is live right now.
  2. There is a LOT of information that is not being conveyed to the public. I was quite busy with reading into all this even some documents that had been released. Hid death was oddly convenient, but the problem is, this angers people like me and the truther community, for now there would be no answer for his crimes, and the names we want, most of them, will be unknown, promptly it lets those in connection to him off the hook. Ms. Maxwell, Epstein's partner, is nowhere to be found, as it has already been meme'd and joked that she left planet earth. Epstein was about 6ft tall and it was said he hung himself off a bunk bed, with knees to the floor, however, this would be deemed impossible for the bed-sheets were as thin as paper and could not hold someone of his height and size, which was claimed, more so, before his apparent death, one of the inmates that was jailed with him had been removed. Screaming was also heard from Epstein's room, and it is now said, someone who is hanging himself, how was he able to scream. There was also a delay on the autopsy of his body, and the person who is said to have discovered his body was none other than Mark Epstein (whose wealth is also a mystery), the brother of the late wealthy convicted pedophile. Also there is talk about Naomi Campbell whereas Epstein's sex slave (Virginia Roberts Giuffre) was seen at a Birthday Party, perhaps the only underage girl there at the time as some are saying, and there is a picture: That being said, I was reading unsealed Epstein Docs before the claim of "Camera's Malfunctioning" was coined:
      Hello guest!
    That being said, still looking into this myself due to the fact everyone is all over this now, and ironically no one batted an eye years ago regarding this person.
  3. @Witness About John 2:19 (19-12) of this we know. This verse (or small passage), of which only Apostle John had recorded, John 20:19 is something of debate in the realm of those for/against Trinitarianism, such as the proclamation that spawns a pushed notion that Jesus Christ himself had performed the miracle of Self-Resurrection, which is false, due to that it was mentioned countless times that God had raised Jesus from the dead, more so, making him both Lord and Christ, which was professed by Simon Peter at Pentecost 33AD unto the disciples and evidently unto converts who accept both the faith and the teachings. What Jesus met by means of what he had said confused the Jews, for they assume he was talking about the Temple of Herod, which had been constructed in 46 years’ time. Later on we see when Jesus was under trail, his opposers, those against him began to speak his words, but clearly mix and twist regarding what Jesus had said, to spin the narrative, if you will (Matthew 26:61; 27:40 and Mark 14:58). But the factor of the matter is that Jesus was speaking figuratively as this is evident in John 2:21, for he was comparing his death and resurrection to that of destroyed/rebuilt temple. Jesus is also referred to as another term, the cornerstone, and both Simon Peter and Apostle Paul also a similar saying concerning the followers of Jesus. Regarding the that the body of the Christ is the Temple of God, of this we also already know, and in that temple there is the faith, there is the teachings. The verse you pointed to, Ephesians 2:21 has more to it. The outline [By Grace Through Faith] gives us insight of what this chapter conveys concerning Apostle Paul’s letter to the Church of Ephesus while he was in Rome. For 2:11–3:21 in full is concerning the change in the spiritual position of Gentiles as a result of the work of Christ, in addition to an account of how Paul was selected and qualified to be an apostle to the Gentiles, as is with talk of unity among those in the church of the same faith of which I had mentioned just some days ago in the Whitewash thread in response to the boy, which I will quote here: Around the time this letter was written, a similar letter was conveyed by Apostle Paul to the Church of Colossae. Both the Colossians and the Ephesians had similar issues, in the case of the Ephesians, there was a lot of paganism concerning them, especially their area, i.e. one of the wonders of the land of which was mentioned in the Bible. Regarding your source, “congregation” is the joining of people in groups, organized, etc. Said group of people gather together for a purpose and or activity (in this case, they congregate together to worship and profess faith in unity). In the Hebrew text, this term is often associated with The Nation of Israel (or simply put - Israel) whereas in the Greek text, it refers to people and or individual congregations of a body of Christians and or often a direct reference to the general Christian church congregation, however often times some translations the term Church or Congregation is often used in order to show the reader the difference of what is being referred to when and where, etc. The term associated with both church and congregation is "Fellowship" which in brief means the friendly association and or gathering; especially with people who share one's interests, more so, those who are of the faith, called, being in fellowship with the Son who is Lord – For Apostle Paul’s greeting and thanking God for the Corinthians he had mentioned this in his first letter to them. Said second source of which you pulled speaks of those who are not among the chosen ones who will rule alongside, it even makes the distinction that such ones are dedicated to God and Jesus, more so, being in the same church, having the same faith as those who deem themselves as chosen concerning the body. Pentecost 33AD and all events regarding it is shown and can be read in the book of Acts chapter 2 in full, its allusion being chapter 1 as is Luke 24 and other marginal references. Jesus’ sacrifice is also something of benefit for mankind itself outside of the chosen ones, especially the sheep that are loyal and faithful and accepting of the teachings of the Christ of which they accept and built their faith upon, which brings 1 John 2:22 to mind. The term “Body of Christ” has several main but separate meanings. We already see and understand that in Luke 22:12-14, the term refers to [Jesus' words over the bread at the Last Supper that in regards to his body] and in Apostle Paul’s case, namely in his Letter to the Corinthians, 1 Corinthians 12:12-14 and his letter to the Ephesians, Ephesians 4:1-16, [he links the term to the Christian Church (Congregation)]. This term is also in connection of what you are conveying by only small portions from said sources you are drawing from, which is [concerning the chosen ones who will reign and rule with our Lord – Christ Jesus]. For some also associate the term [concerning the Lord when he associated himself with the poor of the world and this is also called the Body of Christ.] Aside from that, why not show more from your source and or take into account concerning the church itself as I have a bit more? Of this we know (again... regarding the body of the Christ). We can also take into account of chapter 1 of Apostle Paul’s focus concerning both the chosen ones and the faithful servants of the Christ in the Church. God’s purposes concern his household, for they, the chosen ones who will side with Christ and they, the ones to have the eternal life and resurrection hope, are united with God our Father through our Lord, Christ Jesus. For it is not unknown to anyone that Apostle Paul addresses both, granted that he himself was very close and connected with the Church of Ephesians. That being said, would have said something sooner, but clearly I was far more focused on all things pertaining on big news that has spun the wheels of the truther community.
  4. Didn't the first century Christians baptized people in Jesus' name due to the fact that Christians were to take up the teachings of the Christ concerning God? I agree with the church as is with our church fathers of old concerning what Matthew 28:19.
  5. @admin Sometimes that isn't accurate, for it can be a little more or a little less of what is given to you. Reasons why I prefer all things in line with longevity, which works very well.
  6. @Arauna This can also cause an indirect consequence, which in of itself, being misinformed and or misunderstood can ruin someone's life, which seems to be the case in everything.
  7. That would have been the case, but I am the type of person who sees the things of this world for what it really is, and I am not the only one. Think about it, shootings will still happen, there will always be blame and a scapegoat, which will take place several days to a week later, there will be those who spin the narrative to bank and profit and shut down anyone who speaks the truth of the matter, there will always be fear mongering and insighting of fear, there will always be a push to disarm and or control, which will make anyone who upholds the second amendment be branded either a victim and or an enemy, and at the end of the day, government will have their say in regards of many parties who think and or say otherwise in support and or against.
  8. @BillyTheKid46 It may come down to how blood is removed from meat/poultry and how it is cleaned. For a majority of us outside of the US, and especially on the islands such as Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and some South American areas, when we clean meat, we do so thoroughly, with either vinegar and or lemon/lime being other items in the cleaning process which takes anywhere from 1-2 hours, and afterwards and again use either the same items we used to clean the meat and keep it chilled for several days after it is cleaned and after an X amount of days said meat can be used for whatever dish. What we also do during the cleaning process, granted that a majority of us reside in the US and or if outside have some meat products shipped to the countries, we before we undergo the cleaning process of blood, we clean out the chemicals - granted that some meat process is riddled with chemicals to preserve the meat products (one of the reasons a whole lot of us like grass fed meat products more). In the United States, there is a lot of people who cook their food without cleaning it, with either blood and or chemical still intact - one of my reasons I do not always like American BBQ spots, such as Famous Dave's, for I wouldn't get any beef or chicken there if need be. As for consuming/giving blood, culturally, outside of even religion itself, some of us do not do, we must not do, even in the face of insult, more so, we do anything and everything to not be in alignment with a common enemy in said countries, others, who do not take or give due to superstition reasons. As far as Christendom goes, some do not accept blood, for the saying was this was only a JW thing, however, in a heated discussion with an SDA preacher who spoke of blood and the stance JWs had not realizing it isn't only them who uphold such, for a lot of Christians, both JW and not, had colorful things to say regarding blood. That being said, for me, I cannot eat or take blood, not only due to what the Bible says, but also by means of strong cultural roots, in addition to what I consider the biggest enemy in my father's country, which has a way of traveling outside of the land. At the end of the day, what is said in regards to not take or give is there, but even though it is said, the decision is up to the person, for their decision is between them and God.
  9. And yet in what you linked it speaks of the chosen ones and several allusions to those of the church, as is, with what JWI and what the boy conveyed in the other thread which are in connection with this, especially concerning the church that Jesus built.
  10. @James Thomas Rook Jr. I am speaking in regards to anything as of recent concerning something serious, as is, perhaps an outcome.
  11. But you have the powers that be who say otherwise and push a narrative to draw forth fear, which can and has been disarming, even harming those who seek to protect themselves, and their families, even if you do everything by the book. Then you have those who take up influence to cause harm to those who are deemed enemies, i.e. the Patriots to Antifa, Antifa to the Patriots. Although a right, at the end of the day, you have no power to defend, but rather, what the Government and those in said power who says what you can truly defend and whom to trust [them] with your firearms. It isn't about ignoring, it is more about control. Government has their hands everywhere, in the schools, the banks, the churches, the stores and shops, etc. They do the same with whatever it is you use to defend yourself. But it seems the game that is on the table has changed, especially with the situation the United States is in now. But above all else in the world run by so called kingdoms and empires, the government has their hands everywhere. You are lucky enough to escape the grasp for a moment, only to be reeled back in for another big wave. What people fail to realize is the power they have on everything that stands tall, and everyone who roams cities and towns. We already have radiation forced upon us untested, causing people to speak up, likewise, the situation is similar with guns.
  12. @James Thomas Rook Jr. The term itself is accurate however. Think not that I am come … - This is taken from Micah 7:6. Christ did not here mean to say that the object of his coming was to produce discord and contention, for he was the Prince of Peace, Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 11:6; Luke 2:14; but he means to say that such would be one of the effects of his coming. One part of a family that was opposed to Him would set themselves against those who believed in him. The wickedness of men, and not the religion of the gospel, is the cause of this hostility. It is unnecessary to say that no prophecy has been more strikingly fulfilled; and it will continue to be fulfilled until all unite in obeying his commandments. Then his religion will produce universal peace. Compare the notes at Matthew 10:21. But a sword - The sword is an instrument of death, and to send a sword is the same as to produce hostility and war. Also see for commentary -
      Hello guest!
    We should always forgive them, despite how vile some of them are. But not everyone takes into account forgiveness and repentance of sin, instead consider it nothing more as a game, for endless relapse into sin and err. So as imperfect ones, some among us, are truly not all that forgiving, nor some of us are all that repentant, thus throwing away of what the Bible says regarding such.
  13. Also confusion and willful misinformation pushes those who dwell on anything false and or untruth to reap profits. In a sense, some profit off of fear of the world somehow ending by means of climate change.
  14. @James Thomas Rook Jr. And yet you have the government, the powers that be who seek to make things even worse, the real masterminds behind various things of their own design. I myself isn't someone for guns despite holding one once that was unloaded a very long time ago, but I have met people who had used and trained with them, especially, for instance, Steven Gern, he is a former US marine. That being said, the focus is in question if For Government Control and Not For Government Control concerning guns, and due to the march for our lives event when such questions are addressed concerning such, it exposes the fact that even the people do not know what they are fighting for and or are deeply confused, for example, the ban of bump stocks has not changed the situation of gun control and gun violence throughout the US, as is with the confusion of those, at said event who are in favor of banning assault rifles, but are somehow okay with handguns, for it is said over 80% of mass shootings are carried out by someone with handguns vs. that of assault rifles, regardless it comes down to not the weapon, but the person who is holding that weapon who commits to cause harm. I also remember someone pointed out that the US should do what the Chinese are doing concerning guns, making it as difficult as possible to get a license to carry, but since the US is in the state that it is, with guns all over the place, it comes down to people wanting to stand their ground and defend, but there are those who commit to hate and chaos that makes it harder for the good guy with the gun to actually take action. I get a lot of heat for speaking against lies against the police, for I am even called a police sympathizer, but the truth is the truth, not all policemen are evil, but today's world say otherwise. The head of police does can only counsel the people within the force, actions done by members of the force can either be good willed or ill willed, but it does not define all of them.

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