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  1. Wouldn't the Jehovah's Witnesses have that information and or some brief info in connection on their website? If not, probably some people may have posted something equating to that of which you are seeking; mainly if you look up The ["Liaison Committee"] with the quotations.
  2. Essentially it defeats the purpose to the claim coined - I don't follow or need approval any man. People often hide behind this statement in order to shield themselves from what they are really doing. People need to get all the facts regarding a subject before jumping to a conclusion, which some fail time and time again ironically for years here. Even for a man of God, not doing so can lead to a dangerous path, thus making the Christian in question blind. Most information such follow is often a repeat over and over again at times, and yet, unlike what I said about Rook, they do nothing to bring some sort of resolution to the matter, even at times, they make assumptions of many things, or going as far as to accept even a false teaching, with New Ageism, even from Atheists because it justifies their clouded judgement. This is why before, I realized how frustrated Kosonen was when some claim to be chosen on here which in turn discouraged him, and he himself was very neutral; can hold a middle ground with some people here. The only good thing out of this, the common onlooker who has no experience in the Bible or in Faiths, they themselves have the common sense to understand and have reason, despite agreeing and disagreeing with some folks, they can also see the root of misinformation, and being all knowing that misinformation can spread through groups, institutions, and organizations because of a disgruntled few - this is strongly evident even now during the pandemic, mainly for the fact early on God's name and Jesus name raised a few eye brows on vandalized property throughout the US. Before this train derailed, Rando in the beginning didn't speak of groups, just the Bible only in the beginning of this thread. Just like in the days of Noah, in relation to some people around the globe, you can proclaim the message to them and there will be a subnet of folks interested and some who are not, likewise with today, same outcome, but during this time misinformation can prove to be problematic, but it should not deter someone from spreading the gospel, one of the very reasons why Matthew 24:37-39 is applies today, even with the notion of the United Nations and Babylon the Great. That being said, people who do not have the facts will eventually go forth with bad assumptions and decisions, thus opening a door to bad assumptions (Proverbs 19:2). The funny thing about this is much misinformation was even posted on this forums at times by those who didn't have all the facts, so I guess I will start to quote more often.
  3. I told you before, you even mentioning me, it will only yield a response. Rubbish as in how? If you are going to make a claim, provide evidence - to that I will wait. I find that as a bold claim because everything I post is always Bible related or to the subject matter, even secondary subjects, and at times I quote and or paraphrase people if need be. In fact, half the information I pulled were some of the things you said actually in the past. That is the irony here, you were the one asking these things, and it didn't take long for you to repeat yourself. The subject matter was solely about Noah's day, and how today equates to that, however, you simply brought up the similar narratives. But you do follow certain things to cloud your judgment, hence your reaction in regards to the same people, even when correct, you react, even when a minor joke, you react, the very reason you were always, and will be linked with JB because the reaction and responses are always identical, in this case when it comes to Greek Grammar of not realizing religious office within a church, even of the first century. But you have not changed, expect the fact by name only, which I discovered recently until now after quoting you; only one person refers to me as "S M" with a space. And this is the problem, it is already known that you stand alone by me and of God and Christ, but you still fall victim to many things, even misinformation. You can disagree with some notations, which no one takes issue with, but it is added information that equates to nothing at times, which results in you dealing with, what I can assume are rivals and even now, after return I still see that has not changed, this show proves me case. Yes, no man needs approve from any man, but even a man knows they can be checked and or counseled at times. Since Paul is mentioned time and time here, Paul himself publicly rebuked Peter regarding public sin, which caused Paul to speak to him, both men of God and of Christ, and one is giving the other one counsel regarding his mishap - keep that in mind. That being said, in regards to the Steward comment, it was 100% correct. No violation to the Greek text, therefore, it does not go around what is written (Deut. 4:2) - that command, by no means, is rubbish.
  4. @PudgyDogecoin is considered a meme, however, misinformation can lead to people avoiding it. Doge and it's community has done some pretty nice things. It was pushed by Elon Musk and whales have been holding it a while. The Media has been pressuring people with FUD to sell out, and manage to cause people to sell, but to those who believe in the coin, hodl. Doge also has some similar coins such as Shiba Coin, Baby Doge, etc. However believers hold on to the original. Despite the media calling it a joke, there is a high expectation, even a probability that Doge will go up in a few years. That being said, the prime focus in the market of crypto seems to be Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, to some extent, Ethereum Classic, the original over Ethereum. The value of the dollar currency is depreciating over time. So Crypto and Gold/Silver are being bought out.
  5. But not even here most people accept fact. Many examples presented, even solutions, of which was ignored for even the most sensitive topics, as is with claims at times made without merit, especially towards others. On the other side of the spectrum, those who ultimately fall victim to a left vs right paradigm. So people need to check out everything, turn all stones, and not to just accept something just like that. This even stems outside of rumors, but misinformation about the Scriptures itself.
  6. This was due to Lawlessness among the Christian Church. TL;DR version - Mishearing something or speaking about something differently can open a door to misinterpretation and misinformation, as well lead into one succumbing to rebellion, and or apostasy, i.e. you can say, for example, a non-religious one, Brando checks Rook's car and tells him he isn't going to take a look at the car and a professional needs to check it out. Pudgy, seeing this, assumes Brando worked on Rook's car, the next day Rook gets into an accident and Pudgy thinks Brando was out to get Rook. Pudgy - I think Brando did something bad to Rook's car, and Rook is almost got into an accident. Srecko, hearing this, calls the police on Brando, making an assumption without having all the facts. Brando opens the door to see police, being confused on as to why they are here - *Surprise Pikachu Face* Jesus put in place those to take charge in the church by means of God's Structure, overseers, servants, etc. Capable figures in the church who can maintain peace, some of which who had no education, for all rich and poor were welcomed into the church. This brings us to Paul. Apostle Paul associated the coming God's Day with the presence of the Christ as we know in his letters. But the situation with Thessalonians was among unique situations Paul dealt with. Regarding of what can be read in 2 Thess. chap. 2 about disobedient ones, and eventually to chap. 3 regarding a warning to such persons. Paul spoke of, as is foretold, man of lawlessness who would eventually develop the mentality of an apostate, thus falling into apostasy. Apostle Paul was able to discern lawless folks due to the fact they spoke of God's Day - This situation is noted as The Great Revolt (Great Rebellion), something of which can easily split the Congregation. Which brings us to the formation of the rebellion. For Apostle Paul due to the fact he had the spirit on him, as did others, prevented apostasy from then becoming a problematic thing inside the church for a time. So essentially, Paul having the spirit was like that of a shield, using it as a defense for the congregation from incoming attacks. However, the shield cannot be maintained. When Paul, as with the other Apostles having died out, apostasy was able to thrive, to grow. That being said, into our century, this still happens. Someone would speak of a different ideology in the church thus coming into apostasy, even using misinformation, or misheard what was spoken, thus coming to their own conclusion, i.e. should someone speak of God's day in such a matter "The Time is Now" could be utter, and someone can mistake that for it happening at that very movement and thus spread the word, hence misinformation is spread. There is no question God's Day is near, but to mistake people's words can often be problematic, at times, people also use such misinformation against the latter to demonize them, a sad tactic used by most today, even outside of religion. Groups are very aware of what is taking place in most cases, however, at times, people in this regard can receive, like that of Paul, letters or electronic information, this is the case with rumors and misinformation, this excludes genuine true letters with concerns, and or suggestions. That being said, Apostasy can be very dangerous. At times, those who call out others to some degree, are usually the ones consume by apostasy - for misinformation has lead to death and injury, even if said information is a glitch. A wise person would: Read the information carefully. Gather all the facts, figure out the why, when, and reason. Come to a conclusion Thus should the topic is coined, speak of such reasonably. FACTS is always KEY.
  7. They won't change. I even challenged one in particular in this regard - and the fact I return here, months later, the person did nothing - ironically. At least at the time, Rook, himself actually did something about a sensitive topic mentioned time and time again here, and I commemorate him for that, and the community of which I was invited to and helping in the time of absence included his input with what was gathered originally. The problem is, those who are so boiled in their emotions cannot truly be reasoned with. At times they will mix and or use events thus becoming one sided at times and can never hear both sides, or even try to come to a common ground and or conclusion; hence similar topics over the years. They come to assumptions, even from stupid things, only to shy away like church mice when they cannot prove something, and if proven incorrect, they wipe their evidence by deleting their threads and or posts. They rejoice over something, and do not realize a problem that they didn't see coming, and should you ask them about it, they say nothing. It is one of those issues that even the one who calls himself chosen took issue with here. That being said, because of all this, intertwined with the pandemic, as I, Rook, and the one who claims to be chosen were correct - Their numbers who be reduced because they make up that branch of folks spoken of in Mainstream Christendom, as is with former members; all reduced. Edit - as you can see, the latter even laughs at what he speaks out against - a sensitive topic. @TrueTomHarley Perhaps more hate than Darth Vader himself. When one succumbs to hate, they are beyond reason.
  8. Apostle Paul did more than just write letters, and had done many things for Christians. Again, it is unfortunate you do not grab the context of Acts 15, so I understand why you laugh about it because it is unfounded by you - a shame. The irony here was I used your own words, JB. So to that I laugh with you.
  9. Unfortunately people do not understand the "why" as to which terms derive from, elders, pastors, deacons, servants, etc.. Not only the passage from Acts 15, but the history itself. It is also the body of apostles in the first century of which many debates take place concerning Christianity today, mainly in the Trinitarian vs Anti-Trinitarian arena, even about Paul, as is with those who try to dismantle God's Structure with some teachings not met for the church when the Bible tells you exactly of how the Church is structured and by what in terms of God's Order. That being said, the New Age teachings has been quite the thorn to those who
  10. By word, no, by root and or expression, yes. If there was no root then it would have been a violation. The Apostles and a few older men are one of the governing bodies in the church hierarchy, can also be referred to as a Council. It is most likely based on Acts 15 and all references concerning such, primarily verses 2, 4 and 6 within the passage itself whereas a group of older men who lead the Christian Church Congregation as is with settling matters, as well as give council, hence by some they are referred to as a Council or a council of men. It is rooted with the terms that does not violate the Greek text, mainly towards those who hold religious office within a Church Structure. They can also refer to those who are servants, otherwise known as servants. Stewards are those who are taking the lead, examples being the apostles and other Christian teachers, elders (Presbyteros) and bishops/overseers (Episkopos), as is with servants/ministers/deacons (Diakonous) of whom either holds office and or make up the body. There is also the terms a freeman or a trusted slave/servant. An example of this would be Abraham to Eliezer of Damascus, for Eliezer is the steward of Abraham, and or his servant/slave. (Titus 1:7 and 1 Corinthians 4:1, 2, as well as connected verses) Abraham and Eliezer - see (Genesis 13:2, 14:14,15:2, 23:17-20, Acts 7:4, 5) In Peter's case (1 Peter 4:10), he points out that Christians, Overseers and others are all stewards of God's undeserved kindness, which is expressed in a variety of ways - being in God's arrangement in which faithful servitude and or stewardship is carried out. Peter points out to all Christians, overseers and others, that they are stewards of God’s undeserved kindness expressed in various ways, and he shows that each has a sphere, or a place, in God’s arrangement in which he can carry out a faithful stewardship. So in short, the word itself does have a connection to the Greek expressions noted above, and such terms in various translations do not violate said terms. The remark "True Anointed" however, it never utter even by expression for both those words are never joined together. Aleipho is often found by itself, be it if translated as Chosen, Anointed, etc. There is never a word tagged along with it that who violates the Greek grammar itself. Alas, another person who knows about the Constitution on this forums: Other then that, the principle itself is pretty much adopted by most in Law concerning judicial actions and or groups in the committee who take action based on decisions, i.e. Chair, Ranking members, vice chair, etc. The only difference compared to Abrahamic Religious and or early Christianity is that it is only men who hold such office in the church, this is all in accordance with God's Structure of things. One thing for certain, going back on an old example I used, imperfect men differ from one another, so decisions can vary in some instances, so mistakes can be made, in some cases, mainly if the person within these committees are unequipped to handle certain situations.
  11. @Arauna Yes, Genesis 3:15, the original prophecy, the Edenic Promise, first Promise of God. The Fallen One's act in Eden did not know about God's contingency, a hope for mankind by means of this promise, for this Fallen One is to be crushed by the offspring of the woman (Revelations 12:1), as a minor note, some people seem to forget Galatians 4:4, which is in connection to that, let alone Isaiah 7:14. For some they confuse the woman with being literally Sarah or Mary, which is false, when in reality, it is Heavenly Jerusalem in this sense; and to Apostle Paul's credit for using Sarah as figuratively in his allegorical statement. The Christian Congregation itself, as a group (The Church), is also spoken of as woman, the one of whom you speak since the Promised Seed was mentioned. Moreover, just by John 3:16 alone, it is very evident to whom God sent to crush the Fallen One, The Devil and how it will be done (Revelations 20:1-3, 10, 15). For during Jesus' preaching of the gospel, Jesus himself identified the serpent/snake from Genesis 3:15 as Satan and his seed to be that of his ill influenced followers (Matthew 23:33; John 8:44). When all this comes to fruition, in turn, this will give mankind itself hope, and what is to come, for our early parents have lost such - of which everyone here seems to be in agreement upon, living forever by means of eternal life. Some other points would be, which I do not think anyone brushed up on was although Jesus was with his Father, the fact that God himself caused his only begotten Son to be born through Mary, a descendant of David, hence Galatians 4:4/Isaiah 7:14. Mary was an imperfect young woman, however, Jesus, did not inherit imperfection from Mary, for he was God’s Son. For at this point, Jesus was noted as The Son of Man, an expression used in Scripture for several, including, Jesus Christ due to being born in the flesh, becoming human. The term also indicates that Jesus would fulfill the prophecy found in Daniel 7:13, 14. From there, which was mentioned, God giving the spirit to Jesus during his baptism - which in turn, the verses in question, points directly to Galatians 3:16 regarding the Promised Seed, as is with what the sacred secret is in connection to, hence 2 Timothy 1:10. Now what I find a bit of a half truth said by some here is that in regards to the Kingdom itself in regards to Luke 17:21 (one of those verses people get duped by via textual violations), which was already mentioned in the other thread, but here concerning hearts, this condition stems not from within (for they are touched by God's Kingdom for the heart) Christians themselves, but God’s Kingdom as shown in Scripture is shown to have a true location - Matthew 4:17 - From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” So the latter was incorrect in the remark towards you, hence textual violation of is in view. As we can see, in the Bible, it identifies it has having a location, even going as far as to refer to it as by calling it the kingdom of heaven. And it is known that God's Kingdom in of itself is an established form of government that operates it's ruling authority from heaven and that with any kingdom, it has its people who serve God (Psalms 2:4-6;Daniel 7:13, 14; Isaiah 9:7). More so, Jesus himself is the one to begin the preaching of the gospel concerning the Kingdom itself, not to mention the fact that the kingdom itself will indeed have enemies that wants to destroy it as we read in Psalms 2:1-9; and 110:1, as well as in 2; 1 Corinthians 15:25, 26, plus references. In addition to that, concerning the kingdom, Jesus declared that in Luke 22:28-30, Jesus the Apostles that they will soon join him in the Kingdom of heaven and to be seated on thrones, so those that speaks of it being just only a in our hearts fail to see the bigger notation of what God's Kingdom truly is, to mankind even, such ones also misuse said verses in Luke and Revelations as well, thus going upon their own exegesis. As you can see how those who mentioned such via textual error of the verse in question results in the latter response. Now, another factor I am seeing is everyone already agrees on the fact Jesus pre-existed, hence him being around when God himself created everything, mainly through him (which KJV has butchered by adding words unrelated to the Strong's). At this point, we can see that Jesus had not been born in the flesh yet. He was still with his Father, our God.
  12. Meaning alone or the way the verse is worded in their NWT? Because the wording itself there is no violation in regards to the Greek text.
  13. If one does not change, they remain the same, and eventually they start to complain.
  14. If it exist, it will eventually be found elsewhere. This is why some owners and creators try, and at times, cannot get through all forms of media to deal with their creations. That being said, that website has a history. Just be careful to not click on a specific link, mainly if the users name is Korean or Chinese who are bots. There was a spill over from that website to YouTube a while back resulting in channels being strikes, terminated and or flagged as is with being prime targets of strike warriors, a nd to some degree, as of recent, Hedge Funds. Which explains
  15. They're working on more than that. Some of which is not being spoken of in most media outlets. Big Tech is more so a pawn, in this sense, as for the second faction in the UN itself with the opposing powers, they are a threat. Among the many groups the UN has affiliated with it, 2 superpowers, The United States and the United Kingdom has the spotlight on them. That being said, the blind ones who succumb to fear will fall in line, and expect the government to "help" them, be it in the US, the UK, and or any of their allies like France and Canada. I remember I've mentioned an extreme level of persecution, in a few years that tension will increase, mainly with what transpired from 2016 to now and what is going to take place soon. It would not be a surprise if people break under said persecution, even in the social media space.
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