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  1. These are Charismatic Prosperity Preachers, nothing more. Worse of all, they all connect back to Kairos and the Interfaith movements. Yes, everyone is on the path to God, some close by, some still seeking, some still learning, however, such ones need to be careful of those who belittle and trick them. That being said, don't change lanes for such preachers, you can see by their fruit, even whatever they gain, especially currency, does not truly contribute to any works concerning God and his Christ.
  2. Not the bad guy, but the good guy. Should the bad guy cause harm and or injury, it is up to the guy good to know how to use said tools to help out those in need, hence Pre-Assault Plans. The Bad guy, some, if not most, have nothing to lose in this sense, granted in some areas, some bad guys are far worse than another, depending on where you are in the world, in my case, I know. And here I thought I was the only fan of Old English. No, this method is in regards of helping anyone that the bad guy has injured. Techniques and tools of such should be used to deal with anyone who is injured, especially if First Aid is needed, how to care for and aid someone who is elderly, a young to middle aged adult person, and or even a child, perhaps and infant. The Bad guy just wants to take a life or two, at times, to get the satisfaction by any fanatic cultish high he or she is on. It is up to the good guys to do something, and since not everyone is green lit to get their hands bloody, at least they can help their neighbor out.
  3. @JW Insider One thing for certain, that reminds me of a time, a few years back one summer, I was on a small missionary tour with 2 other people, we had a call from a woman who wanted to do the Bible Study at her house and the subject matter was about the parables that Christ gave, more specifically regarding the Sower. The place she was dwelling it was called "The Tree House", and quite literally, the second you entered that apartment building, every corner, every turn, the stairwells, the elevators, the marijuana scent was there. Of course the only sign of relief was the windows, and the only person who had issue with this was one of the people that were with us, so technically, wherever there was an open window, we posted up there for a bit before continuing. Other than that, for me personally, I see marijuana as a danger, so for a guy like me, seeing it being legalized in parts of the US is both confusing and baffling, but the decision is for them to make, and sometimes there is always a price to be paid.
  4. @James Thomas Rook Jr. As of what I mentioned before, there will be an increase is things deemed nefarious, hence this political chicken run craze. Second, no man is inspired, but are deemed spirit led, there is a difference. And Third - that language man, remember what I mentioned before to Butler?
  5. In short, there are those who strive to seek truth and wanting to learn the truth about God, of his Christ, and of the Kingdom, the right and pure way, and all are welcome into this fold. Such ones vary, different race, sex, backgrounds, etc all with the common goal when it comes to being united into the faith by worshiping God, and accepting the teachings of his only-begotten of whom he sent and made Christ - Jesus. On the other side of the spectrum, There are those out there who think they have all that is known about God and Jesus, but ascribe to creeds and other things that do not pertain to the true church. Not only that, there are those who shift God's Word to fit their own narrative by means of their feelings and opinion over Scriptural Insight and understanding, as with some, they attest to merging God and his Word with things that pertain to falsehood, paganism, and other things that are not even remotely close. Better for a man to continue seeking everywhere he is vs. a man who accepts something that is not of the Church of the Christ. That being said, there is strong tension concerning Christendom the past couple of weeks. Mainstream is to blame due to it's openness professing that enabled things which will result in coming and unforeseen consequences.
  6. Just seeing this now due to it showing my name on recent notifications, but to be quick and swift - clearly, you do not know what I stand for, and you haven't even bother to see what I actually stand for and what I told to as to being true. As is with me and my culture, I detest slander and falsehood, as is with falsifying anything pertaining to God, the Bible, and a neighbor, etc. But I take you on your challenge (and I love challenges, as is with ALL of us at The Christian Exchange) to explain yourself by taking anything I have mentioned, and quote it here. As all things concerning God, we are to learn who he is and who his Son is, as Jesus professed in his final prayer as seen in John 17:3-5. Yes, Jesus is of mercy and we follow his example and his teachings, but never once Jesus taught to make a slander a truth and or pertain to falsehood and shamery. Yes, we have to be the best we can, although we are imperfect, but nothing in God's Word pertains to belittling and putting down someone who is trying to, let alone being a bigot in all things in the realm of faith, as is with being ignorance and openly embracing customs that do not apply to God (I can easily find where you stand on this and quote it here, in another interact you lack in all sense concerning God vs false gods). Yes, we are to obey God, and what he puts forth, as is with what Jesus stands for and what he has entrusted and taught his followers to teach the people of the Christian Church Congregation, and or new converts, being ministers of truth, making disciples, etc. That being said, you are probably the last person to speak of obeying God, granted, our last interaction concerning false gods, but by all means, I am open for you to quote anything pertaining to me by means of your claim, granted I have a reasoning behind every response I make.
  7. Well one thing is for certain, a mainstream lukewarmer, a claimer of being of God, but truly is of the world, coupled with idiocy, will not be missed. As the Warrior of the Christ had once said, as is with Solider of God, ignore those who make no effort to reach God and his Christ, especially those who mock and to not take the Almighty's Word seriously.
  8. The irony of it all is the mainstream media do not speak of such an event, several of the sources I followed had been barred from speaking on this due to strike downs. This is another example of teaching people to be vigilant, likewise to teaching our children, reach one, teach one concerning things that can pose as a danger, older folks should be trained too, not many of them are for guns, so the alternative is to put in place some work arounds. Any institution of any kind, should have First Aid, Trauma Response Actions, as well as a Mass Causality Plan if worse comes to worse. Such people should also be trained in chest sealing, using homeostatic gauze use, and tourniquets, etc. Teach the people and train them to stop bleeding, etc. Plus, there needs to be a meeting and or gathering of those who are taking the lead on such matters to talk about pre-assault indicators, as well as have a one or two people with full responsibility of and being designated 911 callers should things go from 0 to 100. Important things lead to solutions for the betterment of the people, especially those who congregate in any institution.
  9. I mean, coming from an islander standpoint, there's no problem in this, especially when one needs to get on his feet, work on him or her self before going on their own and or if they are dealing with a situation, they have relatives to fall back on. Some cultures have no issues with this, including mine, but we do encourage the person to take some steps to try and do something, however, I can't say much for the American culture in this regard, not everyone is the same.
  10. This is the conquest of Peace that is on it's current course, it's journey to fulfill it's purpose. I speak of this multiple times. You have to pay attention to anything pertaining to religious news because next thing you know, some action can be taken against you directly and or indirectly, i.e. Children being barred from using Scripture and or reading the Bible by means of a shift and change in the Education System of Educational Institutions, in doing so, makes young ones, even college students think less about God and his Word. That being said, no one pays attention to the Educational System because of their drifter-based mentality. Thus it puts a danger on our younger ones if the shift effects them to leave and or neglect God. Those in the conquest of Peace and the other faction in the conquest for Security is a MAJOR THREAT to real faithful God fearing Christians - be on your guard whereas on the other side of the spectrum, there is brutality and violence. @The Librarian The UN and connected allies who are on their side are on the Conquest of Security. Which was evident with their members in the past, examples such as Nikki Haley.
  11. No false god is powerful than Yahweh, the problem is is the fact people pay homage to these Gods and or turn a false tradition into something that it is not, therefore makes one defensive and or become an agent of Satan, and or someone of this world. Even before the JWs existed, Christians held a STRONG stance against paganism. If the Apostles knew about false gods and spoke against them, and the traditions that connect to them, why is it a lukewarm mainstreamer like you cannot get that through your thick skull? Video citation(s): To quote a fellow Christian who made a strong point:
  12. @James Thomas Rook Jr. The Democrats are snowflakes, and crybabys. Although I have no side, but rather, of God's, watching the absurdities of the political clown theater reminds me of watching cartoons of a child, something to make you laugh before bible study or going to school. Not sure if you are aware of this, but there was a meme that angered some Demos, even the people of CNN:
  13. And such ones like myself should be offended by this? A Ha and a clap to that.... The boom of Christianity during the time of racial tension, most likely going back even further when the Bible was used by certain folks.... No one is oblivious here... That being said, the only issue the Black Community has is with Christians who do not take up to Scripture and do the work, especially the spreading of the gospel (which is a BIG THING some look into concerning the commission), and such ones know the history of past Christians during an era whereas racism was somewhat prominent, and over time, the tension between groups began to decrease and the people began to come close and embrace. Ryan, you should be far more worried about today's Atheists, your peeps. @Arauna Apparently, people do not know the history, especially back in those days. I can assure you, racial tension coming out of the late 1800s into the 1900s is not alien to the Black Community, especially regarding Christians, in which it took time for racial tension to decrease and people to connect. However, on the other side of the spectrum, there are those, I would not call Christians, who are among the community itself that is sparking and or pushing a false narrative concerning race, and I have dealt with them a few times. That being said, to any honest reader understands the history, but an ignorant person barks and too weak and feeble to even bite. Reasons why verses like Proverbs 10:19 comes to mind concerning people who convey without reason and or backing to their word.
  14. Unfortunately, Thor would not be able to help him when it comes to the judgement seat of Yahweh, the last time we someone used a false god to go against Yahweh didn't end to well - recall the story of Elijah (1 Kings 18)? Technically a hares not having a chance in a den of foxes. Matthew simply exposed himself for siding with the goddess Ceres, likewise, to him siding with the other false gods, Tammuz and Saturnila, as past discussions show. That being said, mainstream Christians always want to justify Un-Christian practices. The baffling thing is, WHY?
  15. My response was not directed to the Thor comment, it was regarding something else, clearly concerning Thanksgiving. For it you wanted it to remain a joke, you should have chosen your words very wisely in your next response, so you walked into this one - classic Matthew. This just shows your ignorance, and it shows how you, among the mainstream, do who propose yourself as Christian, cater to traditions of men. As far as I know JWs do not consider Yah as a pagan God, however, they consider, like the rest of us, you should be among the fold, that the pagan god in question concerning Thanksgiving is all about - That is, if you care enough for Yahweh to understand how he is about false gods and worship. In short, concerning what @4Jah2me said, which clearly cannot be defended; the issue here is not with having dinner (a household practice among families), the issue is primarily on observance of paganism. You and 4Jah can fool around to your heart's contend, but I say to you this, a serious man or woman of God doesn't mess around or succumb to lukewarmness in situations like this, more so, giving ammunition to people like Jack Ryan and Atheists cohorts to clown Christians. True Christians recognize that we do not need one day or a government issue day to give praise to God, for Christians praise and thank God everyday, however, we should not be like the Romans, to interject paganism into Christianity. Concerning Thanksgiving, it is an annual harvest that stems from a very old tradition known to man. Thanksgiving was celebrated originally in early October as some would say by the Romans and on that holiday, the celebration was solely dedicated to The Goddess of Harvest, Ceres (which I mentioned this to you before, but evidently, you shy away from it), in addition, the holiday itself to it's very roots is called Cerelia (not to be confused with Floralia) - An ancient Roman religion, the Cerealia, was the major festival celebrated for the grain goddess Ceres. It was held for seven days from mid to late April, but the dates of said celebration are uncertain. Eventually, the Christians who took favor it such eventually took over the Roman holiday and it soon became a well established tradition in England, where some of the Roman customs, as well as Roman rituals for this day were observed. Also as a side note, the King of England proclaimed days of thanksgiving during the American Colonial Period, and in doing so without the influence of either the Pilgrims or Puritans. Now it is not unknown to anyone that JWs as well as the Restorationist community do not celebrate pagan festivities, more so, perhaps use to do so perhaps in the past, as many have, until they discovered it's roots vs. earlier Christians who knew not to mess around with paganism, let alone show some form of observance of such days. As for us, majority of us Unitarians (most if not all Unitarian denominations) do not partake in such things, and in my case, the culture I grew up in, such observance is discouraged and frowned upon, to please God we do not partake in the sins of what some traditions bring, so to speak, therefore, it is wrongful in the eyes of God, for a Christian, to incorporate anything originally used for pagan worship and practices and combine true religious worship to Yahweh and or related activities concerning Christian practices. Although you have a choice, just not every choice and or decision comes with some sort of outcome, even one that reaps consequence. Information of the Goddess of the Harvest, or Thanksgiving - Ceres What is, and I quote you, the word specifically, You are right at some degree, however, your own words points the arrows in your direction, shooting yourself in the foot, or set flames to your own tent, so to speak. You say you are a "Christian", numerous times, but now we see a foolish display of hypocrisy on your part (this isn't the first time, nor the last), and using JWs as a shield will not help you at all, so that JW badge, pin or whatever I figuratively removed from you and cast it aside, in addition, without said shield and or appeal to motive, the Bible can now be used against you and your spirit can be tested (1 John 4:1), a verse I love very much by the way. Now, to be blunt, God, you know, the one you said you pray to, tells us "clearly" in the following verse Exodus 20:3 - You shall have no other gods before me. So we see here, God is very clear, quite elementary and straight to the point. I'm sure you have a good reading comprehension, so the reading difficult is practically non-existent. God tells us that we should not have ANY other God besides him, and no, it is not just a single verse if you are not aware, that would be way too easy, rather, this is stated numerous times, countless times in Scripture concerning God Yahweh and false gods, take a read at the good book, knock yourself out -
      Hello guest!
    Let's not forget about what Jesus said to Satan as well (Matthew 4:10, Luke 4:8) Jesus said to serve only who? Yahweh, the God of Jesus, the God of me, the God of you. I do not know about where you lay, mentally, but Jesus Christ, the savior himself, God's only begotten, was as clear as the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and an honest reader can pickup and understand what is conveyed. Question to you, if you partake in the festivities of Ceres, no matter how hard you try to Christianize it, how to do think God views what you are doing? Let's continue to unravel your hypocrisy... Next verse. Amos 5:21 - I hate, I despise your feasts, and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies. Now, The Most High, Yahweh, clearly do not show approval for festivities that has roots connected in the soil of false religious practices that condone such ill conduct, i.e. paganism... We shouldn't be dwelling in unclean things (Isaiah 52:11; 2 Corinthians 6:17), and the Scripture makes it clear as to such, especially on what we must do concerning worship. As Christians, we should be against such things, upright even, and profess the truth of the gospel to those that either do not know any better and or lost in the murky seas, conjured up by the Great Harlot, Babylon. For if people like Apostle Paul and countless others can stand up to what is wrong, what is preventing you from doing the same? That being said, you can clown people with your idiocy, but you cannot clown God for showing who you are, and a 3rd time, I was right to include you among mainstream Christianity due to the fact you think such a practice is OK... Reasons why True Christianity will ALWAYS be above mainstream Christianity, for we not only know the teachings and the Scripture and what Jesus had taught about the gospel and God, but we do so much in our power to put the application, hence, that is what makes US Christians. I leave you with this - Who are you for: Yahweh or Ceres? There's no middle ground according to what is read in Deuteronomy and the marginal references, which you should know - It's mentioned in the Bible itself, in which, Christians read day and night. I know where I stand, but you... You do not have any type of Holy Ground to stand on, nothing at all perhaps... If anyone is committing blasphemy - it is you, in this regard. Clearly, there's no explanation and or refutation to something that you know to be indefensible, but you can torment yourself to try even though there's no backing to defending something that I can boldly say as God is my witness, unclean. Your so called spirit has been tested... "Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world." The more you know when it comes to researching into things a bit more, mainly the root of something. It happens to the best of people. What is consider harmless gatherings is at times harmless, mainly when it comes to the Creator vs. his Adversary and who is on whose side. That being said, I have a grip on reality, more so enough to drop the truth bombs in hopes the mainstreamer finally chooses to repent. And yes, everyone knows about that planet, but the name, not so much.

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