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  1. An expression used for those who take the Bible 100% seriously. Others tend to take a Non-Christian approach by taking literal action of extreme proportions. In this case, it is following the bible's principles by means of lifestyle. That being said, you have the serious Bible readers, mentioned above, and now we have the Extreme Bible action takers, most common and or majority originates with New Agers and Oneness believers or that of the KJV-Onlyist Movement. You never really know which one you will confront, you'd be surprise some people can and will beat you up with a Bible, literally, or even throw it at you while shouting a verse. So when met with an extreme Bible thumper, prepare to shield yourself and or duck for cover, because they will use a bible as a mallet to, as they say, cleanse you. Picture it this way, but literally as in, having a Bible thrown at you should they be in disagreement with you:
  2. Space Merchant

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    Yes, but these are not my own words, these are literal facts. I think the letter is a bit much that is why I linked it. 35 pages is a LONG list of information. That being said, information is key and knowing information brings for accurate truth to this matter, and this one fits the bill nicely, mainly when said information was of ones who lived during that time, in my case, I was not even existing let alone in the womb of my mother. But hey, for me personally, the 90s was a good time to live in, mainly in the Caribbean islands were no high tech tom foolery was in play at all, just a chilled, cool environment and nothing else, and then.... we moved to America, although the environmental change, as time progresses, things before more tech-dependent. That being said, it is not that much, usually what I go detailed super power mode I make a page, word after word in seconds. The facts coupled with small bits of information is basic stuff. Furthermore, no one really mention the 6,000 part too, so that has to be said.
  3. Space Merchant

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    Other than that, the whole letter thing is not a political move, nor was the Soviet Era people or others who were well within the realm of Civil Disobedience. @Srecko Sostar And no, as stated, it was never a political move in their case, even the Russians do not consider it as such. The only political move that was done in regards to Mevedev and the Kremlin was this, in addition, we also have the big Anti-Corruption Protest that was around the same time as the JW ban and the uproar going on in Ukrainian Churches, more than 1,600 Russians have been arrested Now if JWs did do any political move, they would not be stamped out prior to the election, they would not be targets by professors who know of their neutrality, hence what took place in Russian schools, they would not be said to disrespect the Nationalist Day held by Russians every year and a list of other things, most importantly, they would have been listed on the FSB website, at least the remnants of it, but all you can see there is political actions being done by Alexei Navalny (Алексей Навальный) followers and others political advocates who are not for the Kremlin and are against it. Lastly, the French NGO would not have robbed them dry prior to and after the Pope's visit with Cyrill. As for Dmitry Medvedev, he cares for no one but his inner circle, nor is he a religious man (but gives a show for Cyrill), but he is a man who has a strong addiction to the Ducks. FYI, the woman on the thumbnail is dubbed an extremist, but she is a professor of a school who had nothing to do with anyone.
  4. Space Merchant

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    I will put some information here that would clear up of which I have gathered. To be brief, nowhere does it state on the Jehovah's Witnesses behalf that 1975 is the end of the World, and with the information at hand, we can see that the difference between JWs and their opposites, only one side is telling the truth. 1975, however, was in regards of being vigilant, granted the whole 6,000 of creation since Adam. Plus it would have been hypocrisy on their part if they did in fact state that 1975 is the depend and yet they still continue to preach prior to, on, during and after that specific year, granted the Bible did say a time will come when the spreading of the gospel would cease, and then the end would come, which we can see JWs had never stopped preaching any given point during that time. I will start with a quote: Other information we can turn to is a message written, 1 out of 35, date of origin is March 9, 2010, name Paul Leonard, all messages in this regard can be found here, I will post a book of info, granted I am already lecturous as it is:
      Hello guest!
    Further information, I had to go to the Arabic channels of where I debated with a Trinitarian before, knowing that Arabic JWs tend to show up there at times, one of them who made a response to the 1975 comment directed us to information, of which can be read below, and clearly all of us, even me, read this information of which I will copy/paste here: In what I received from him, there was more information: There is more information in this regard, a whole lot, but you have to really trend those seas to find it. There was also a video that could have put the final nail in the coffin, for this video had shown proof what is addressed, but former JWs took down the video that was made by a non-denominational Christian who exposed the truth, of what was actually said in 1975 vs. that of what former JWs or disgruntled ones have been saying all this time, since his video is removed due to being flagged by former Jws, you have to ask around and dig up this information itself, at times requires forum grave digging which is a hassle to do. The video was named Response to anti-JW video concerning 1975, however, this video had been hunted down by former Jws and flagged for removal, even alternative sources they went after to remove the video because it would make JWs in the right and former Jws who had spread their message, in the wrong, proof of alternative link not existing anymore:
      Hello guest!
    Here are some other facts: With regard to 1874: It should be noted that ‘The Watchtower’ was not published until 1879 and Russell himself did not become aware of the 1874 date until 1876! So it was hardly a matter of a failed prediction. With regard to 1914: "We are not prophesying; we are merely giving our surmises . . . We do not even aver that there is no mistake in our interpretation of prophecy and our calculations of chronology. We have merely laid these before you, leaving it for each to exercise his own faith or doubt in respect to them" (emphasis added). With regard to 1925: "The year 1925 is here. With great expectation Christians have looked forward to this year. Many have confidently expected that all members of the body of Christ will be changed to heavenly glory during this year. This may be accomplished. It may not be. In his own due time God will accomplish his purposes concerning his people. Christians should not be so deeply concerned about what may transpire this year." With regard to 1975: ‘What about the year 1975? What is it going to mean, dear friends?’ asked Brother Franz. ‘Does it mean that Armageddon is going to be finished, with Satan bound, by 1975? It could! It could! All things are possible with God. Does it mean that Babylon the Great is going to go down by 1975? It could. Does it mean that the attack of Gog of Magog is going to be made on Jehovah’s witnesses to wipe them out, then Gog himself will be put out of action? It could. But we are not saying. All things are possible with God. But we are not saying. And don’t any of you be specific in saying anything that is going to happen between now and 1975. So at this point, it is safe to say who is really in the right, for anyone can say they were there that faithful day, surely some of us youngens weren't, I myself was born and raised in the 90s and had only a Bible while living on the islands growing up, but there are those who actually paid attention and took note of what was said and done from 1974-1976. But yes, real information can be found out of a sea of conspiracy and or claims regarding this year people are parading around in falsehood when there is actual truth to this matter. That being said, anyone can be anywhere at any given point in time, the real question is, did so and so take in the information fully and or did the action correctly?
  5. Space Merchant

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    @James Thomas Rook Jr. But the problem is here is anything pertaining to God being hindered in some way, shape or form, Civil Disobedience of Spiritual Warfare is indeed in use. In some sense, it also is in regards to the whole Bible issue going on in Russia, which a bit of that has spelled over to some areas in the EU and Western US,but as we can, Civil Disobedience is at play in this domain also.
  6. Space Merchant

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    @Srecko Sostar And yet you do realize as to what caused the ban to begin with and what prompted such to take place, for if they were indeed in politics they would not have been suppressed months prior, granted if you are well aware of Alexander Dvorkin and everyone in connection to him. Letter writing isn't political just as people who come to defend a memorial area such as a cemetery from those who seek to change it. Now, you listed the following: As well as: Would it make more sense to address 3a first and then 5a? Indeed we are humans living on earth, all of us who roam the earth and those of us who use to, thus being buried in Sheol. As for point 3a, as the following reads: And as to what political affairs? Asking someone to not cease one's primary source of worship is not political, let alone religious rights. What is deemed political if if the faith was in affiliation with groups similar to the other churches in Russia, mainly the Non-Orthodoxy ones. For if we have to speak of this as a political issue then it can be said Apostle Paul's dealing with Artemis followers is seen as political or Christians to Niro, when the reality is, it is not. The only thing political that was taking place during the time of religious distress was in regards to the Anti-Corruption Heroes who are in direct and indirect confrontation with The Kremlin, as well as the RoC Church, due to a number of reasons, for more than 1,000 arrests have been made and a sheer twist of using Yarovaya Law (Закон Яровой) against anyone they choose. On the other side of the spectrum, there has been a non-political/violent movement to save Soviet Era homes only for the State Duma to deal with them, physically, but unfortunately, they too lost to the Kremlin. There was also no form of competition, if you know the motto of the Russian Orthodox Church (RoC) they consider others as competition and will do what is necessary to deal with them, be it other faiths, or anyone playing Pokemon in or near a church, to even some child quoting Shakespeare, for anything inciting of hatred tends to trigger the church greatly. That being said, the other factor is Bible bans, that effects all persons and subject them as suspect, we know this because of the tracker site formed by the FSB, so far one has been recovered, but the reason, mainly targeting religion, has been hidden and or changed on Russia's side, only after the State Duma made made new laws about a year ago. Again if you REALLY understand Apostle Paul's writing, which seems to be an issue already, you'd realize the Civil Disobedience of Spiritual Warfare, for we can see that a faith's action for worship and or anything connecting to God is being suppressed., cut of, if you will. Other then that, go to Russian side of things to actually understand the situation. At the end of the day, what these people have been doing and or doing is wanting to continue their faith, nothing more, no leadership or competition and or political interest, simply trying to keep their faith community going for what they see fit is in connection to worshiping El Shaddai. Also it should also be point to claim that one shouldn't be ignoring of what was informed to such one before.
  7. Space Merchant

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    @Grey Reformer Well it is said by a majority of Russians I have seen and what is seen in the discussion with those shut out by the duma, Russian Church does not like competition. They will go after you for anything, they went for a Librarian and a Pokemon player, they went for many others and it will not stop as long as the triads of power remain. Outside of religion, people also fought for their homes and other things in Russia. The Russian Church had gotten stronger since the day the Pope met Cyrill.
  8. Space Merchant


    People come up with different things to add on to what is there. But none of us should be letting your guard down. Another thing we should be watchful of is those who distribute ill content regarding children for I believe one Priest was caught having been receiving and distributing pornographic material regarding children. The dark web is usually where such material is often in distribution, in this priest's case, his action eventually led to his discover, as are for those who do the same. Other than that, it is indeed an issue, but those pushing to make it normal are only adding more to the fire and such a fire cannot be put out.
  9. Space Merchant


    @JW Insider Ms. Heine’s information and what she has presented at the TED Talks has been taken by and is used by those who had seen it being for what she says in addition to what they see vs. those who are against the ideas of those to take the information to begin with. Those who speak of Ms. Heine are usually the ones for and wanting to make pedophilia legal in terms of sexual orientation and such has been going on for quite some time in a constant back and forth on this pedophilia. She herself may have another prospective on the matter, but those who have heard her and used her information on the TED talks platform, even going as far as to salvage the full video itself, think otherwise. Yes, TED talks are not the type to be in support certain messages, but it does not change the mind of the viewers. Other than that, the video can be found here on this link. But yes, it has received a lot of backlash and a lot of us have seen it, but at the same time it blusters those who are for pedophilia to be not looked at as a disorder, bur rather, a sexual orientation. There is a bit of involvement from the LGBT, not all of them, but there is quite some in regards to pedophilia, for I wanted to bring forth an example here in the past, but it is a bit too much to be posted here as to what it actually is, granted with what was seen of children's involvement in the groups by a good portion of people from the LGBT community. Although no sexual abuse had been committed, for we do not know as of yet, but a bit of inappropriate events involving some from the LGBT community and children is seen as pedophilia, at times be it the parents and or others in connection who are also at play in such events via support while others sound off and are against it. But yes, LGBTP may seem like a smear campaign but the there are things that are not being shown or talked about news or other media, one instance being a specific group who is of the LGBT community who teach children to express themselves and even explain to them they can be a boy or a girl, at the same time, mainly for boys, they have them dressed up in such a way that is not normal and have them parading around, in some instances, with group adults, something of which is never brought up, so it may not come as a surprise as to the whole Pedosexual thing. Some may see it as fake news, but it is too obvious to see such people from the LGBT community who have children who do these things, mainly inappropriate dances as to which the child is cheered on for doing. But pedophilia as well as having some of their own in the LGBT community who are for pedophilia being a sexual orientation, granted with what is already seen. I was looking into things 2015 and onward, mainly for those who are making the push to make it a sexual orientation and such ones do not see it as a disorder. I would have to go back further to see just to connect all the dots together, for I had read such had been removed from being a disorder, but a soon to be accepted sexual orientation dubbed pedosexuality. For me, personally, I hold to the fact that it is a disorder and such ones need help, but at the same time, it is bizarre to me that there is a lot of people who want to make it a sexual orientation, which will eventually lead to problems, for this is both a concern and a fear hat many, even me, tend to be worried about because when a small problem continues to grow, it will become big to the point it cannot be contained.
  10. Space Merchant

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    Letter writing isn't politically no matter what anyone says, so I will put this out here because some people still not fully aware of the situation in Russia and or the EU. What they fail to see at times is in an act where one's faith is hindered and or ANYTHING pertaining to God is being affected, Spiritual Warfare and or Civil Disobedience comes into play, and it comes in many forms. Telling a government official to stop bothering people and allowing worship to continue is not political and granted of how much we already know of Russia, well some of us to dwell in this information, such can be said otherwise among truth vs. claims. If one deems this as political, then they have to do the same with Christians vs. Satanist at a conference and or a cemetery, or perhaps the whole Bible ban in Western US an the like. Christians resort to Spiritual Warfare and Civil Disobedience should anything or anyone hinder their faith and or ability to worship God the right way, or anything pertaining to God such as spreading the gospel, reading the Bible, talking about, praying in schools, public or even in your home, etc. What can be said is since Christianity is on the decline, it will be far worse than Russia or the Middle East. For we already see how Christians are in the US due to some forms of worship and or study has been banned or ceased, they react in a crazy way such as a school girl finding out the boy they like does not like them back, and will go on being enraged angsty warpath until either calmed down or something goes their way to fill that void.
  11. Space Merchant

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    @Srecko Sostar This has already been discussed, you were even in the discussion in regards to OSCE: Learn what it is if it didn't get through the first time: Mind you, you agreed with everything said in the end, but here we see that is the complete opposite and the clear expectation that no one would realize it til now.
  12. Space Merchant

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    @James Thomas Rook Jr. Granted we have the Lucis Trust, the people of the Grove, E.I.I., the Shadow Government, democracized media, The Global Mafia, Soros and friends sit around watching their money go to work on the Left and the Right fighting, a 2nd Civil War looming around as well as talks of WW 3 depending on a certain ally of the US, the UN taking notes on trying to shift the amendments, and a list of other things, you'd be surprise of how many people are not a fan of government, mainly if you take the time to go to the deepest and darkest areas to find information. One of my very reasons I do not take kindly to politics and politicians, mainly when you actually find out the truth of things out of the wave of mixed social media and conspiracy. For all things must be carefully researched and analyzed to see the real conclusion.
  13. Space Merchant


    Well it is only going to get worse. People spend so much time on churches and schools without looking at those who are pushing to make pedophilia legal, with majority from the LGBT community in support the movement for LGBTP, the P at the end is refers to Pedosexual, the end result would be as told before, pedophilia will surge and more of them will break out the floodgates and hit institutions even harder. That being said, this should not be a surprise, granted how easily one with a pedophilia disorder (they removed it from the list of disorders some months ago and the reason is obvious) can make their way to children by gaining trust, authority, respect, reputation, etc. So it is very tough to catch these kinds of people if people do not know the basic signs, one of them is if someone is way too close with the kid and giving way too many gifts and or other, keeping secrets and whatnot. So for some it isn't that easy. As for the 1,006 count, the number is far more lower than that granted some were pointed out as allegations, mainly unproven ones, I believe the numbers have been posted here some months ago. Other than that, pedophilia is a big problem, for if no one is going to tackle the issue the right way and the smartest way, the problem will continue to grow and now we see a big fight with people pushing to make it legal to the point the teachings of making such a legality has been on TED Talks already. In a simple sense, one is too bust getting his house rid of termites, but never goes for the nest. But the way I see it, the whole sexual orientation movement has already got a head start in that fight while all of us are lollygagging around.
  14. In parts of the country, some people are backed by laws and regulations and preaching to someone, mainly if they are of Islam can land you in some serious trouble, for some people, it is considered justice to exact punishment, some on the other hand thing silencing someone for good is the viable option so one has to be very weary about whom they speak or read the Bible to because you may just win the jackpot with an individual who takes the message the wrong way and thinks a consequence must be in play. In this guy's case, he dodged a bullet, or for this situation, a sword swing for he was informed of what these people who were not a fan of his conversion and what the had to say and these people were going to do something serious, but before they could the man in question was long gone. Long story short, one has to not just be careful of the area they speak the gospel in, mainly if you are a regular and or live in said area, but one have to be very weary of whom they speak the gospel to, especially those who are not a fan of the gospel, to the extent they would actually do something about it, from minor things to major that is deemed dangerous and or confrontational. For, persecution is like a bag of Skittles mixed in with M&M's. you can pick one and get any color, and you might have one that is a fruity taste or chocolate, so it is down right random and can spin out of control fast for some people in certain areas.
  15. It can get worse, but luckily it did not, I know a girl who lives in Egypt, her father was nearly beheaded because he spoke of God, for he was learning. Apparently speaking of God or of one's faith, mainly at this point, Christianity should spell disaster for some people, but it seems the Coptic Church is exempted from that madness. It can get far worse depending on where you live from minor to major things, even being subjected to occult/black magic and other forms of craziness and gruesome brutality.
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