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  1. There is nothing wrong with cameras, granted cameras are non-lethal and many have benefited from them. Not everyone has to have a firearm for security, that is, unless you continue to press groups and or institutions as soft targets to a crazed person. As for the 2nd Amendment, that is correct, someone who knows a section within the amendment; the constitution. That being said, the focus on the the Capitols as of recent, since both the Left and the Right has come out to play. Meanwhile Alt-Left/Right media and the MSM is confusing people.
  2. This alone shows you do not know what took place and watched what the MSM is feeding you. If my memory serves me right, the W faith's mainstay simply have cameras and gates. They do not have arms, claim that one of Witness' contacts brought up, which was proven false by even ExJWs, I need not quote that evidence here. There some however, who joined the faith that were military, police, hunters, etc. but that does not mean their depositary is somehow in a faith's mainstay. As I told you in the past, be very careful with rumors. Not too long ago, back in 2017, people claimed JW
  3. You don't have to, you can unknowingly reside with them verily easily, as many, many have. As said, they can get you indirectly. You have to be concern with the real enemy, likewise, of what God's people have been doing since Bible times, did you forget the verses concerning such? It isn't about living in fear, it is about being vigilant, however your past remarks comes to question. The Scriptures also gives incite to taking precaution, for what you don't learn from MSM that the vaccine can pose a threat to those with underlying issues, there ahs been deaths even and complications of whic
  4. Same as always with me, however, I was invited to a community that is aiding in csa prevention due to the thread I made a while back reasons why I spend more time there due to the progress of some folks who are well above me in action; hence my point of going about things the correct way, one situation I had to defend my adversary at one point due to a situation. I've always been keeping an eye on events that is taking place in the US, EU and elsewhere due to the fact of what I said in the past is escalating. I do not fear COVID, let alone let it hinder me, granted I know how to take
  5. Regarding what the both of us has stated before, we were both correct. Washington in 2021 is going to be chaotic, at the same time, the wild beast and Babylon will be taking action. People will succumb, not all, but a few, to the powers that be during the pandemic, and when they are fatigued, they are taken, fear and influence (in the schools, the workplace, etc.) will take them and they want the powers to hold them. Believe it or not, even some JWs have been fatigued to the point that they themselves will be broken. This is why people need to take these powers seriously, on the other sid
  6. Because you do not see it, of what me and Kosenen has been talking about. The United Kingdom is about to get into a situation that will be very troublesome and grave, outside of the pandemic, think of it as this, a small animal trying to outright a big vicious predator; cannot escape, but only closing in on to the inevitable. Your Establishment, as is done elsewhere, are using the pandemic, soon to be endemic, to control the people, as is with control, thus you can easily become a sheep to these people, to give up everything and want to hold their hand. What damaged your country is t
  7. As stated, since 2016 in Russia, there was already a plan in place. We seen the timeline of events, not just religion wise, but around Russia and the craziest election of Putin who was up very very high, as is with Alexi's movement being FF'd. There is more going on there than you realize, so it is more about trying to break your people. It is not only the adults, but the teenagers, and even the children for the Duma, the Church and the Kremlin are moving influence in these areas, even permitting bullying, and more. There are people who are against this but like others, they endure risk, some
  8. There was more taking place in Russia regarding religion as a whole. I can get more information if need be whenever I have time, been busy with other things, granted I have connections in Russia, as I told Rook in the past. But I will see. Refusing blood transfusions isn't a human sacrifice and a lot of Christians, JWs included, refuse blood because they see it as sacred and the only blood that matters is that of the Christ, therefore, faith in Christ paves a way to a Resurrections Hope anyways and even before that blood from a man or beast to be eaten and or taken into the body is a v
  9. Only fact Christians of the mainstream think it is good to please God and dance with demons of paganism. OP should know better because last time, he "humbled" us with a guy who took part in a piece of entertainment that harbors over the top violence, blood, sex, nudity, and a list of other things that will keep you up at night.
  10. I'm asking you for a quote because in the past, you and someone else stated they admitted the world would be ending and or destroyed. Why is it now when it is being asked of you become, to quite you, "a parrot"? That being said, even an EXJW who risked his own channel, as with a couple of others, have more fitting evidence to the debunk the claim, therefore with this information, it is pure FACT. Only foolish people, ignorant people, idiots, the unwilling ignore facts. Proof you said? I did the research, to which was posted before, the facts hold more water, and it is abs
  11. At least it isn't as crazy as the whole blood market, trying to take blood from the young in terms of ritualism in order to look younger. Some in community refers to such folks as the Dracula Party. Anyways, it is impossible for people to change what has already been set in motion, for there is only one way to stop the aging process - after God's Day. Other than that, a lot of people fail to take care of themselves properly and do not make an effort to change, although one cannot stop the aging process, they can benefit by taking action to take care of themselves so they do no
  12. And yet another day, no charter was brought up, nor was there a Resolution... Just like last time. A lesson proven if you lack the understanding of the United Nations or NGO DPI, best not to adhere to claims and commit it to as a truth. That being said, stuff like this people should be wise not to play around with in terms of misinformation, mainly if you do not know something. We have a REAL enemy and this isn't the time to act foolish, as some here have already done so, not knowing the dangers and pointing figures when they shouldn't. There is already a lot of smoke in the Int
  13. This is why it is encouraged for some to understand the BASICS of Law. If not, people tends to go about their own feelings in the matter. That being said, regardless of who the person is, race, faith, sex, what have you, one can still be tried for the committed action. But even then, people tend to demonize
  14. So quote them, give us an exact one because if you are stating that they said the world is going to be destroyed on 1975, mind you, they were still preaching during that time, let's hear it. Stop deviating, you responded to the remark about 1975, we can get into the other notation as soon as you give us the quote. You responded, so go ahead, 4Jah2me, let's hear it. That being said, if an ExJW has said nearly the same thing as I did only to have his own community shut him down, that tells you something.
  15. Not defensive at all, according to what was brought forth the last time we spoke, it is 100% correct. The claims (News Corp) is regarding the money situation or these rumors that were going around prior to the Redress coming to a conclusion, to which were proven unfounded, granted there was no evidence; and when you were asked, along with the others, nothing was ever said. Yet a few months ago you and the others profess it as a truth when present day, this so called "truth" is unfounded still. The irony of it all, you guys attempted to educate someone on the difference between Alt-Left an
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