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  1. It isn't a WT thing, it is a Strong's thing, there is no violation of the Greek language, remember, granted we all have access to BSB, it should be obvious of what the Strong's shows us. Therefore, the BSB, the ESV, even the NWT is correct, if it was something other than the Strong's itself then you have a case against @BroRandoand or the WT. BSB have Strong's shown on the bottom for a reason. That being said, birth pains, birth pangs, troubles, distress pangs, sorrows, etc is ok to use in the realm of the Greek text. 5604. ὠδίν (ódin)
  2. Actually no because if God has no one to take action, the people would be the ones to commit to bloodshed. Like I said, after John died, if there were no one to take action at all, non existent, this would be the case, resulting in the latter not having to group at Asia Minor for the Councils and the people will come to the conclusion of who or what God is and make a decree. Abide by them or face death, so essentially Theodosius II like mentally for centuries to come after that. You got it backwards, I suggest you look at the history of those who translated knowing the risks of the Catholic Church and those connected to them. This was explained to both you and Witness who spun the narrative of what the difference is of an inspired prophet and a prophet not inspired. That being said, the originally written works of Scripture were written by all inspired prophets. You continue to miss the point again, if God didn't have anyone after John's death, known of John's students, no church fathers, etc. The truth of the Christ would be determined by the latter, and no one will ever know the truth at all, i.e. I doubt original copies would exist either because they'll be destroyed by the latter, who will burn all written work and or kill the person who has access to said copies, if need be. This is from an historical stand point regarding Scripture in a scenario where no one came forth to commit to the task of translation of said truth. Weren't you a former JW? You should know why there are many translations, examples of the type of punishment below: A bit of that, but more so on translations as well. It was extremely risky, essentially, a death sentence, more so, if you speak anything different than the church power's themselves, i.e. Saint Bob's Gospel of John is different from Saint Srecko's, therefore, Saint Bob attest to the church to deal with you, it was that bad. Yes, however, the discussion is if God has no one after John, there would be one translation no doubt and one faith, and the truth of God and his Christ will most likely be lost forever, should the latter destroy all surviving works. Yes they do, even infiltrated and torn from the inside. Tyndale was betrayed. Srecko, as stated, if there is literally no one after John, JWs, Baptist, Reformationist, even Unitarians, will be the least of your worries. Perhaps people would have been forced to take up the Templar Shield, so to speak, and should they drop it, the end result is torment and death. That being said, something along the lines of a long term Spanish Inquisition-like type situation. Let's say if that was indeed the reality, both you, and I would have to commit, if broken away we will be put into Hellfire, so to speak. Again, a possibly dark reality, something of which because of God's action, we won't have to see unless someone decides to make a movie, write a book, create a game, etc about it. And should a small instance of it does occur, it is dealt with.
  3. Some of this stuff we've seen before, so I don't see how that is rare. But, granted this is revolving around a JW pastor, there is a rare instance of him, pictures of him spotted during the fall of Black Wall Street, otherwise known as The Tulsa Race massacre of Summer 1921 (May 31, 1921 – June 1, 1921). As you can see in the pictures below, you can see the JW Pastor's (well a Bible Student at the time) picture in the background, the mob outside were whites demanding the lynching of Dick Rowland because he was spotted with a white woman by the name Sarah Page, and was said to have assaulted her, however she declined to prosecute, despite this, that assumption was the fuel the riot needed in their fire; they needed someone to blame. Reasons for the picture was due to the fact just the day before, he gave a sermon, "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" on a Monday, which was May 30th of 1921, and there were many ads/posters placed prior to the talk itself, even in the papers which was to be held at the Convention Hall. The next day on a Tuesday night, The Tulsa Race Riot began. It is said some black folks wanted to attend this talk (only white people attended obviously), however, because of the Jim Crow Laws that were in effect, this prohibited black and white people to meet/gather with each other, which also connects with a Bible Student by the name Richard Hill not being able to attend, more so, the situation with Dick and Sarah, sparked the lynch mob making anyone who isn't white a literal target. Sadly, some former Bible Students and JWs will tell you that the JWs had some involvement and or Hill was a colored person to they barred him, even going as far as to spin conspiracy for those who aren't aware of the situation that took place, but that was not the case, granted anyone willing to look into that history, will see the truth of the situation, i.e. ExJws pretending to be JWs to trick anyone who does not know what Jim Crow Laws are or the real history behind the riots. NOTE: The Jim Crow Laws forbid blacks and whites to congregate together anywhere, and it is very strict. Places such as schools, restaurants, churches, etc. As for Hill, it is most likely that he and his household survived the bloody riots, possibly were out of harm's way. It was also said that some went to Hill's house for meetings during this time. To some extent, White Bible Students even defended his home apparently as some would say.
  4. @JW Insider The irony regarding Reslight's content being deleted/removed. Apparently, some of us took a hit yesterday, me included, regarding a situation in Loudon County. My Debate with someone was completely wiped out, yet his remarks remain. The debate revolved around a high schooler who was sexually assaulted by a boy, supposedly older than the girl, who dressed up as a girl, to access the girl's bathroom. The girl's father is very angry and the school and the county are seemingly pretending that the situation of sexual assault did not happened. Some media that also talked about this were deleted/removed in favor of the opposition's narrative, in a sense, in a defense of the Trans Gender community. If they can do this, they can do the same to you in the future, as is with your faith community, granted, more and more anything related to Scripture is starting to appear as hate speech in the eyes of a few people.
  5. This was prior. The statement still stands unless you can name one person who is chosen with the ability to have visions. That being said, those chosen, after John, are not inspired prophets who can speak in tongues, have visions, etc. Not even John's students. In regards to Joel’s prophecy, the Apostle Peter, who is an inspired Prophet, under inspiration spoke of this. Joel’s prophecy was fulfilled when Holy Spirit, the gift of God, was poured out at Pentecost to the Jews and Gentiles, which leads us to the statement made by Paul concerning the Last Days of the End Times, indicating that such has begun to take course, evidently leading to God's Day, Judgement Day (Acts 2:20). What he said also equates to the fact that the Jews were living in the last days of the End Times in correlation with worship to the True God. For them at the time, they had the ability to have various dreams and visions, for these are the very things provided by followers of the Christ of which God gave the spirit to, empowering them to have said abilities. Today, Christians are primarily spirit led, born again, as is with their chosen counterparts. That being said, Polycarp, being a student of John would have had visions despite John's death, things may have transpired differently, but unfortunately that was not the case, although he was a man of God himself. There are several key difference between a Christian/follower of God who is an inspired prophet vs one who is a prophet not inspired, equating traits is that both are followers of the Christ, profess to the True God, etc. Prophecy is still intact, but you have to remember of which these gifts of the spirit are directed to and what gifts are provided, I doubt any of us here would, suddenly drop to the ground and burst into light and begin to transfigure, have visions. He was talking about the beginning of the Last Days itself to those who was talking to, and how it transpired from there. Those Christians at the time, had said abelites prior to the death of the last Apostle. For if that continued, perhaps the events of the 4th century may not take place, let alone the actions of church fathers. Which he did at Pentecost 33, as mentioned in the whole chapter of Acts 2; before that, Jesus speaking about the promise from God his Father. Yes - again, a time before the death of the last Apostle. Everything after his death is vastly different, however, the gift of the spirit operates by those who are spirit led, despite not having the abilities of Apostles and Prophets of old. God's inspired word informs us of the End Times, and the prophecies are being fulfilled, some already fulfilled, like that of the events of Jerusalem.
  6. It isn't speculation, for there is history behind the Scriptures itself, mainly with what transpired 4th century and onwards. If God had not used people, there would not have been a debate on Christianity in the first place, nor will there be a fight, or bloodshed that came forth just for translating the Bible. We may not have any of the earliest sources and along with other words, they'd be destroyed burned, if anything. Although there wouldn't be people crucified on stakes and burned alive, there would be strict enforcement of the Creed of what the people of the churches deem is true, and should you or me say anything otherwise, we can suffer consequence, perhaps have us recite their own Bible verse and pray as they will most likely kill or torment us. In a sense, things would be Godless from the jump, after Apostle John died and on award. High chance that John's students or any of the Church Fathers would be able to write their word for they will all most likely be taken out by the opposition, since no link to the inspired prophets is found - practically a dark reality. Maybe be a field day for Freemasons, I bet. You missed the point, if there were no inspired works that survives which enabled God to use non inspired prophets, the Bible would not be the one you have in your hand today. They would not have the earliest known sources to even translate the Bible, we would end up stuck with whatever those who assume Scripture, and the like. There was a reason why there are people who risk their lives defending the truth about Christ, as well as translation, even dying for it. For one speaks the truth about an inspired prophet, he dies brutally yet the one who speaks false about an inspired prophet lives. You can easily see how bad that can turn out.
  7. This is an example of this specific church of the JWs not being equipped to deal with abuse, and the them or the mother clearly didn't bring up the police, but rather, a lawsuit. More so, all religious institutions are able to, even legally by some, to commit to internal investigation, but it seems CSA was unheard of by them; granted the situation with CSA in the 90s. Despite the pressure, the family could have still went on to speak with law enforcement, people unequipped to deal with abuse should be a blocking factor, so there were clearly some missteps, despite the lawsuit, hence CSA in the 90s and how things were handled vs how things should not be handled. Again, when an abuser holds some authority and or office be it in a church or a school, they can exploit their authority and the people around them, so the fact the JWs at that church were quick here, the abuser most likely had a hand in engineering things in his favor to evade consequence, and it seems be still holds that power despite not committing these acts, and her wanting to rejoin JWs is blocked because of her history with this abuser, another factor here also is newer JW elders, maybe some being equipped that can prove to be a wild card, if need be. The good news is, this is in the hands of The Zalkin Law Firm, P.C., who operates in city I know well. However in most cases, those on the outside who weaponizes such cases, often times, make it worse for survivors, reasons why those who understand the law and justice system are usually the ones with good insight - which can be seen in various media of which discussion is available. That being said, child abuse in the 90s was a bit looser compared to now, if anything similar to that of the 60s-70s. Moreover, CSA right now has taken a strange turn in the digital age, some of us, me included are now targets of those under Big Tech. Hype is only generated by those on the outside, those who see these cases and speak their mind, some of which, who do not know law, vs those that do. It won't go away, abusers will continue to place schools and churches, and should they not be able to gain access to such, they will exploit other means, in some cases, in relation to rape/sexual penetration, in which the minor is to subsequently become a bride to an abuser. Not really, there are those in the community, NY and the Tri-State area who know about JWs, they themselves know how bad CSA is, and know that everyone is effected, even Jehovah's Witnesses, at the same time, when it comes to Justice, mainly in New York, like I said before, it is a double edged sword/double standard, for it will be no surprise that people will begin to criticized even that for the family of the woman who was abused at a young age. As pointed out before, abusers can exploit the system, as is, with those around them and or affiliated with. Most likely, he took some steps well ahead of the girl and her family prior to the lawsuit. Abusers who enact ill will towards someone will often times use things, even people against their victims, granted this was in the 90s, it was most likely extremely easy for him to do so, mainly in a time where CSA was in a sense, taboo to a degree. I can tell you this now, there are complex events regarding CSA brewing, so this are going to get difficult for everyone, even JWs will be hit harder by this difficulty. Education is vital in this regard.
  8. There is a difference, in the age of the Apostles, people were inspired, under inspiration, however, aft wards, there were people who weren't, but rather, they were, some, Spirit led Prophet who is clearly not inspired and not infallible, i.e. The students of Apostle John, namely Polycarp from the church at Smyrna, fits that descriptions, as is with all Christians afterwards. Should have been obvious from the fact there are multiple Bible translations with no original sources, but rather, copies. That being said, no one here, even for centuries after the apostles, are inspired prophets, however, they can be used by God via the spirit. Perhaps because some automatically assume you, and the JWs to be inspired when compared to Cyrus and others similar to him, however, inspired or not, God has used people.
  9. This is due to the events of Cyrus being recorded prior to him taking action, something of which can be read about, researched if you look carefully into what Prophet Isaiah had professed. I suggest you read The Book of Isaiah, in relation to the liberation of the Jews. @Witness Look at the verse below, which reads: Isaiah 44:28 - who says of Cyrus, ‘My shepherd will fulfill all that I desire,’ who says of Jerusalem, ‘She will be rebuilt,’ and of the temple, ‘Let its foundation be laid.’ ” (Reference: Ezra 1:1, 2; Isaiah 41:25; 45:1; 46:11; Daniel 10:1). So it is identical for those of calling; God is able to use those who are for him to enact his will, in the same manner Cyrus was used, hence Restoration, for if God had not used people, you would not be having a Bible in hand, let a correct one, and most likely Commissions, or an attempt to attest to the Commission would not have existed, at all, moreover, the ability to profess the Messianic Age, having the freedom to do so, despite the fact even the misguided speak too, not having that, or worse case scenario if the UN was successful in what it attempted back in the early 2000s, 2017 and even 2020, speaking about God or Christ as presented in Scripture would be outlawed as Hate Speech (despite the fact we are en route in this now not knowing if the UN will act again prior to 2030.)
  10. Yes, and it is in regards to why those who claim to have gone to heaven/hell and return to earth are usually red flags, this goes for those affiliated with the various movements, some of which that connect to the interfaith.
  11. Well there is also an issue to this where some attempt to use spurious text. Example, this spurious verses: 17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Led people to believe that they can drink poison, be it from snake or other, and assuming that they will not be harmed. and or not at Death's Door after consumption. Believe it or not, some people actually did take this literally and paid for it. On top of that, these same folks believe that they still have specific gifts of which the Apostles had in the past, i.e. have visions/be transfigured, as is with Inspired Prophets, despite the fact such ability died off with the last Apostle. On the other side of the spectrum, it cannot be confused with anything pertaining to prophecy, which is written and or is to take place and or to come.
  12. The people make up the church. They make up the church as well, for they are Christians too. In the Bible the term Temple refers correlates with people as well. The context in some verses indicates that the Christian congregation makes up God’s temple in which God’s spirit dwells, or as some would say, the Fullness of Deity dwelling in them. Not really, you were just corrected. Why would I dislike something I use 80% of the time on here other than the ESV? My response was to point you in the direction of the word soul itself regarding the BSB, for you were confused about the verse in Revelations, when the BSB tells you this, and both the BSB and NWT are no different when it comes to source, mainly due to the fact they both provide you with notes. You missed the point, the focus was source. Also that is in relation to the other thread, not here, regarding the BSB. If a translations sticks to or tries to follow the earliest sources, then there is no issue. I tell you this many times, why else would quote directly from the BSB and ESV in nearly every response I make, as is, with using such against the KJV? It should have been obvious if you paid attention to any quoted verses, mainly the pervious response I mad to Brando regarding LORD, or nearly all responses made to Witness was both BSB/ESV against her usages of KJV. That being said, the people in Christ are the Church, and they have God dwelling in them, from the Christians of the Church to the Chosen, all who make up the living stones of the spiritual house.
  13. Well that was quite the Nuked from Orbit type move. That being said, 1 John 4:1 also good in most cases in this regard.
  14. Brought this up too a while back, excluding the strict persecutions I mentioned. The situation with Churches will fall into the category of Freedom vs. Compliance, should the pressures of Authoritarianism, Inflation and a list of other things continue to increase. To be moved into that category it will effect people, even those of your faith, for I have already seen some in a broken state because of the Endemic, as how broken, Bane breaking Batman's back kind of broken, in turn, they are not the drifter types, but the COVID-19 situation takes a toll of them, as with many people. That category I would not be surprised if half the people on this forum get affected by it. That being said, I doubt the latter will get rid of their buildings for it makes no sense to take care of it if you will later drop them, worse case sincere is if the National Guard takes them over. At the end of the day, it does get boring for some, not being around those that they care about, especially the elderly, however, as long as the people are together, they make up the Church of the Christ. The pros to zoom for many is the fact they can reach out to a lot of people, be it church wise or gospel spreading wise, but at the same time, even opponents, like MSC also utilize this too, some, having access to their churches.
  15. It's no contradiction if you recognize the roots, it can also mean a living person/living soul, granted you are using the BSB, you should have seen that one coming, and if we are to add on to that, the BSB and some translations, even the NWT have near identical sources for the Greek text. That being said: people/persons, animal/beast, life. All well rooted with "soul", even that of which is deceased be it person or beast. We also have to remember the state of which John was in concerning visions (The Seals/First Seal/The Conqueror)
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