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  1. @Anna It depends on what you want to know. I myself is also a Truther to some extent, as they call it. Reasons react and or make response regarding falsehood and or conspiracy of any kind. That being said, it would depend on what you want to know. The Global Mafia, The New World Order, One World Religion, Deep State, The Shadow Government, the Dark Web, Information about the Middle East, Israel, Russia, etc. Knowing these things is important and in some cases, it is key, mainly when dealing with folks who are ignorant of truth and or do not know any better.
  2. Matt, It isn't JWs alone last I explained to you. It didn't stop the early Christians who wanted to ban such things, and yes. God isn't a fan of pagan-like practices. There is no problem with gifts, however, the significant of a gift when it comes to specific days, that is where the problem is drawn. Other than that, as for others, mocking is beneath any man who is a follower of Christ, in doing so, one reduces themselves to a worm beneath notice.
  3. Space Merchant

    How much money you need to be part of the 1% worldwide?

    Some people enjoy their money too much they tend to be careless (at least the Sunglasses didn't suffer from the impact) And the debt clock continues to rise, and rise, and rise, and rise... and rise some more: http://www.usdebtclock.org/
  4. Space Merchant

    Watch your children. Monsters do exist.

    As had been vocal about this before. We must teach and educate our children, when it comes to things such as sex, when it comes to money, when it comes to child abuse, resolving conflicts, bullying, and a list of other things, we must also teach our children about strangers (Stranger Danger as said in America) https://www.parents.com/parenting/better-parenting/advice/practical-ways-to-talk-to-kids-about-strangers/ https://www.babycenter.com/0_how-to-talk-to-your-child-about-interacting-with-strangers_3657124.bc https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/stranger-smarts.html http://archive.ncpc.org/topics/violent-crime-and-personal-safety/strangers.html The Bible points out to teach our children so they may be wisdom. For among many of the better solutions, education is key: https://www.openbible.info/topics/how_to_train_your_children Also learn the statistics regarding child kidnapping, some items I will link below https://www.creditdonkey.com/kidnapping-statistics.html http://childfindofamerica.org/resources/facts-stats/ http://www.pollyklaas.org/about/national-child-kidnapping.html The United States of America https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kidnapping_in_the_United_States https://www.parents.com/kids/safety/stranger-safety/child-abduction-facts/ https://reason.com/blog/2017/03/31/kidnapping-stats https://www.quora.com/How-many-people-are-kidnapped-each-day-in-the-US http://www.missingkids.com/footer/media/keyfacts The United Kingdom (EU) https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/child-kidnap-and-abduction-increase-as-crimes-come-under-greater-scrutiny-10062014.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kidnapping_in_the_United_Kingdom https://www.missingpeople.org.uk/latest-news/1018-missing-people-publishes-latest-uk-statistics.html https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-37504781 Note: It is far worse for children because in most cases they are often end up in human sex trafficking, others into slave labor. In the EU, specifically the UK, you have the Grooming Gangs, which has a network in EU. Others being forced as brides and or mates, regardless of the victim's sex. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7264155/grooming-gang-sex-slave-eight-abortions/ https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/grooming-gang-victim-abducted-tesco-13248892 Note: The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children provided some valuable information in the UK sources in the last link. There's a lot more, but this will do. My older post was directed to child abuse, but what is mentioned still applies, since child abuse services instruct parents and guardians to teach, we must do the same in other aspects of things such as about Strangers, be it the kidnapper is someone known or unknown: Also another thing to note is even adults are kidnapped, primarily women, for as of recent a Florida woman who went to Costa-Rica on her 36th Birthday ended up vanishing, thus being kidnapped as some sources say, it is also noted that the driver was suspicious as well as some would say: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6453731/Florida-woman-celebrating-36th-birthday-Costa-Rica-vanishes-Airbnb.html
  5. Space Merchant

    Watch your children. Monsters do exist.

    100% agreed. Teaching young ones about Strangers is the best thing someone should do. Kidnappers tend to go for young girls, and kidnappers tend to have several motives. This is why I am happy, those who have been educating on this, those who teach others on this matter, even young children to teach and speak their story, these ones are the ones who have this wisdom and their solution is to educate and teach. https://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=96145&page=1 https://www.narcity.com/news/a-teen-girl-escaped-a-kidnapping-using-this-feature-on-her-iphone We must teach our children, we are obligated to do so.
  6. Space Merchant

    In Defense of Shunning

    It is only going to get worse. Yes, God's Word has given us some insight, but at the same time, even with insight, even the wises of us men can fall and does not get back up, and this is the case in the End Times. Be it reasons against and or for, it will not stop the Government and the United Nations at bay, for we have already the immigration crisis, gun reform, and the California fires, give it some time and see what will happened with those who lost everything and where they will go, it is part of the plan. Yes, but for us we deal with guns, the EU has to deal with terrorism that is next door, and hate crimes, an knife attacks. I know in London there is band of bikers that that rob, beat and attempt to kill people, hence why London, as I said before, is not a good place granted crime had increases, and yet the UK government is proclaiming another gospel in regards to safety. France is a whole other mixed back, I am currently doing research on this but what I found quite interesting is that the Far-Left and the Far-Right (ANTIFA and Nationalist) are not fighting each other, but rather, they are fighting side-by-side in the Yellow Jacket Protest, something of which you do not see happen ever, granted the Left and the Right are always going after each others throats, moreover, this action sparks the rise of the white working class in Europe. My other source can give you some insight (Also note, the mainstream media says these are protesters, however this group of protest are in fact Rioters, hence the destruction caused by their hand) Yeah starting to realize that. Commercials are over - back to the topic at hand.
  7. Space Merchant

    In Defense of Shunning

    Those I affiliate myself with are indeed very intelligent, some of them even risk their lives to speak the truth. Therefore, what I am saying is indeed, the truth, as for one of my friends, who is also a source of mine, his video speaks for itself (note, keep in mind there is a bit of things said that is outside of the realm of PG) You gotta see the world for what it is JTR because a day will come it will be little teenagers that will do you in, as some have already, let alone mocking the older folks.
  8. Space Merchant

    In Defense of Shunning

    @James Thomas Rook Jr. Then you are aware of what went down a few weeks ago regarding a pro-gun owner and a politician? Even before that the shootings that took place when people are not using their firearms and or having been disarmed rendering helpless to a disgruntled police officer and or a criminal? It is not paranoia, for what is stated is actual truth, for if one isn't careful, they will end up like several examples we had already, for what took place with the Syranic Christians and a list of others, even Libya is merely a foreshadowing of what is to come here for we have brief instances in the US as it is. Moreover, it is going to take a support of a generation of children who are against guns who have already painted you as an enemy for having a gun, recall the Parkland Protest? But such will be a topic for another day because the last source I posted in this regard got wiped out for an obvious reason.
  9. @Jack Ryan I remember when I was younger this was talked about. It is in the same category of "why do round pizzas come in square boxes" and a list of other things. Another thing is people ten to use men having nipples as a means of attesting to evolution, which has been debunked.
  10. @JOHN BUTLER There is a lot of things going out that is kept on the hush-hush to the general public. Government wise, Education wise, Religion wise, Money Wise, Technology wise. There is a lot I can say about this, I can go on, some things I can say here but it isn't PG-rated for everyone here, regardless of their faith and or background. All I can say, briefly, perhaps later on I can give some insight on US, UK, FR, and their allies regarding 2021/30. Other than that, God's day is near. There are things that some are not paying attention to which is being spoken about by others, such as truthers and a list independent reporters, some of which who end up being assassinated for speaking what is true for we have an example already. The more you know, the more you shall find. Now if you were a famous person and or a well known doctor or some engineer, the more you know and the more you find, it will only get you killed, but since we are common folk, we find and proclaim what is true, reasons why I am type to seek the truth in such matters. That being said, I had dug up some things in the UK, mainly related to grooming gangs and immigration, both of which having a role to play in the global mafia in of itself. Remain vigilant and enduring - always. Don't be consumed by anger and hatred either, it does no one any good later on.
  11. Space Merchant

    In Defense of Shunning

    @JOHN BUTLER You reminded me about something. Rarely do I see UK officers use guns. Most of the time, well a number of times when confronting an armed suspect, mainly if someone has a knife and or machete, they cannot do much against them but throw things at the threat in question. In the United States, toy gun or real, or suspected to having a firearm will result in a case of shoot first, ask questions later, the situation tends to be more grave if you are not Caucasian and are of a different ethic group or race, with a background that is clearly not the like of common American folk. Anyone who has a fire armed, be it killed or captured, if of a race and or background it is seen as terrorism and or the the person is spoken of as the villain in this case, however, if it the latter, it is seen as being mental ill and or sick. People tend to get away with things regarding firearms, and outside of all that, you have gang members who get the guns, you have children who somehow get the guns and thinking shooting at people is a game, and you have those who are bullied to the point where they will come to shoot up a school. Right now, the United States is confused on what to do with guys because no one trust the Government with guns at all, and we have a foreshadowing of Libya, Syranic Christians and a list of other events whereas you trust the government with guns and you end up as a target with a large read blinking light sign on your back and your house. @James Thomas Rook Jr. Just be careful. Although I am not a fan of firearms, there are those who have the license to carry and take up the second amendment end up as targets for those in the government and law enforcement. A day will come whereas the government with the aid of the United Nations will come to disarm you and they will say they will shower you with protection, but later on, you will realize that this so called UN and Gov't protection was only means to desolate you. Other than that, this is why most people in American shouldn't have or be trusted with guns:
  12. Space Merchant

    In Defense of Shunning

    Because when it comes to expelling, there are those who do so the right out so that so and so can re enter the church, others will use expelling merely to get rid of you and mark you for because they want to purify the Church of the damnation as some would say. The method itself, the real one is that we should excommunicate in regards to being it’s merciful to sinners. The Church ties of the person in question will be cut off totally, however, there are some lines of help be it the church leaders and members of the family itself. Some would believe that excommunication is a complete cut off from both church and family leaving you with no way of re-entering the church, let alone the community itself. A Christian brother and or sister can come back to the church, although excommunicated for their actions, prayer, repentance, and striving to do good, whereas this can be explained and or see by others of the community will allow this person to come back, into the church and his or her church ties will be repaired, healed. Whatever sin he or she had done, it will be no more as if it was a rain drop into a river. As for the other false methods, this results in some Christians thinking that Excommunication should and can be abandon for they do not see it as a way of mercy and or maintain the peace in the church and believes a person who has sinned should not be brought forth for expelling. Agreed. But I do not recall a wife being able to expels someone granted that I was very vocal of religious leadership, the ones who are of the church who has the ability to excommunicate someone. It would be understandable if there was a woman who held religious office, but that has never been seen in the churches of old let alone in the days of our church fathers. As for that verse in question Proverbs 23:13, 14 [13] Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you strike him with a rod, he will not die. [14] If you strike him with the rod, you will save his soul from Sheol. When we discipline our children it should not be in fits of rage, angry out burst that causes one to lash out in the face of a child, to inflict pain and or injury, in some cases, even death regarding physical punishment. To disincline a child one can use sufficient words of wisdom to reason with the child should he or she make error and or has done something wrong, a rebuke, in of itself works better than physical action that begets some sort of injury to a young one. That being said, you'd be surprise of some mainstream Christians who think that beating a child, literally, is just, some would even make claim they are beating a demon out of their child, and so forth. A Child merely needs someone to reason with him or her in things that are good and things that are bad so when they grow older, by means of this education, family wise, Bible wise, they can make the right call on things and make positive decisions. The other problem is, there are some passages people do not take into context at all, thus their error in this sense. The same with me. Begetting violence solves nothing, for it creates more violence and reaps consequences, some of which are too much to contain. Well you'd be surprise, if perhaps reading that verse or another verse and or passage to those who are lacking in Bible context will think of this literally. For example, 4 years ago I remember someone burning their Bible because of a single verse, the same verse. Now, any honest man who reads for context will understand what that verse entails, I believed I explained it before in another thread here. Because it is indeed Biblical and regarding excommunication there is only but one form of it that is correct. You have 3 in front of you, only one is the right way. Within Christianity, there tend to be three major views of excommunication: We shouldn’t excommunicate anyone, because it’s not merciful. We should excommunicate, because we want to purify the Church of the damned. We should excommunicate, because it’s merciful to sinners. In the Old Law, anything that is great seriousness, a violation of God’s law through Moses, a person can be cut off totally from his or her community, even be subjected to death, and such violations carry the weigh of a penalty, for we have examples in the Bible itself. But we are of the New Law, and even then, Expelling remains in the Church. When it comes to sinners, in some cases, a member of the church who is believed to having been unrepentant of his or her sins, committing them, even knowingly, some sins which can be serious ones, that person will indeed be excommunicated, all this why being part of the church itself. This will result in the church to put into practice 1 Corinthians 5:11-13 whereas the church cut ties with the sinner, hence having the church ties itself being cut off. The sinner is not entirely left alone however, help can come his or her wait to return to the church, that is, if the person in question shows that they are truly repentant, and that they cease all ill activity of what caused them to sin in the first place and or turn away from their actions, some actions being obvious ones that the sinner will still have to deal with, but in the end, work with said problem to seek their own betterment on the road to repentance i.e. someone who has had sexual relations begets a child being born out of wedlock. Excommunication, isn't the end of the road for anyone, it allows the sinner to be repentant, and in time, with the help of family and concerned church members who has religious authority in the church, can help the sinner return to the church, to return to the Shepherd, or as some would say, to be reinstated. I believe that your faith community practices the last one, ironically enough the correct one, whereas excommunication (Disfellowship) is seen as a loving provision, thus being merciful to those who commit sin and the fact that it can be seen as a betterment to the faith community in of itself. That being said, the first one on the list totally ignores Jesus' words at Matthew 18:15-18, for they reject the place of excommunication within Church itself. For Jesus is the one to solemnly entrusting the Church with the ability to bind and loosen, and this is in connection with the Church’s ability to excommunicate/Expel unrepentant sinners, as some would attest, it is more an ability in the realm of Church Discipline. Jesus actually instructs it as the appropriate course of action to be taken in the case of certain unrepentant sinners resulting in Shunning, which isn't too far off from another thing we are instructed to do, of which Paul had to say in Romans 16:17 when it comes to avoiding false teachers. The action in of itself would have to come down to the individuals of that religion rather than the religion itself, unless it is the extreme ones like Christian Militants, who not only beat their children, but teach their children to beat others, even going about using some objects to cause harm to do so. But, there is but a few who do this (Christian Militants are only a small group, then again you have the small few who want to end the lives of atheists - literally), but they do not start off this way, they spread the influence to their members and those who enter them, like pollution to a body of water. Some religions proclaim that a person who sins can never change and or repent, hence why I mentioned the second item and briefly explained it. Other than that, when it comes to sin, Expelling can be used, mainly if the person is caught, willingly sinning and is shown to be unrepentant, therefore, he or she can no longer be of the church, unless he or she takes the steps to repent for their sins done by their own hand. That being said, I believe Expelling is indeed Biblical and it is an action entrusted to the Church, an it is a mercy to someone who sins, especially if that sinner wants to be right with God and take the steps necessary to repent for his or her sins and misdeeds, be it great or small. Although sure repentance takes time, the sinner who commits the action is not left in the dust or damnation as some would consider because with God, whatever sin ones does, God will forget it as if the sin in question is that of a spec of dust in the wind - gone; is no more, for God our Father is always read to forgive (Psalms 86:5).
  13. Space Merchant

    In Defense of Shunning

    In the end, some form of action has to be made, regardless. But even with this information, have you gone about getting more info on the situation itself? From small information some people can open doors on this matter. Don't worry about "they", and a situation like this, with even minor information should not be something to simply let go by. But if only a small amount of people had known this how is it the church elders have first hand information? Shunned or not, it does not stop someone from seeking information by any means possible, let alone the ability to take some form of action, even if said action is very minor. Who here is a high rank? And what is their business with the situation you are intertwined with? Yes the other thread. But the person in question, the mental ill person who is supposedly the culprit, you have to get some information. If not the victim, then the abuser in question. If you knew him at some point in his life, you'd know where he lives, perhaps, his workplace and or if outside of a JW church as to what he has been doing and or other. In some cases, if some abusers want to, as they say, cover their tracks, they will shift to seek targets outside of a church or school so that they are not as detected easily, other abusers tend to go for social media, online video games and a list of other things. An example would be a potential child abuser who has been hiding among the ranks of a Spider-Man community. Although no longer of that faith, surely there is something you can do. The reality is, you cannot save them all, but perhaps you can save one, and on the other side of the spectrum, when it comes to the abuser, grant that abuser in question is mental unstable, that will pose as a challenge.
  14. Space Merchant

    Dubtown - The Naked Truth

    @BillyTheKid46 Seconded. The irony of Atheists however, they will put everything into one category, define the masses for the actions of a few yet when people do the same about them, they end up typing a book and or making a 30 minute video as to why they are not the same.
  15. Space Merchant

    In Defense of Shunning

    This I wonder too, granted the culprit involved was, as stated, mental unstable hence the cause of his actions. Pedophilia desires must've triggered around the culprit's early teens, granted that is the case with most pedophiles and of if they themselves had been abused. As for the cause? Still unknown by most.

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