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  1. Nice quotes, but I need not read anything. Since I was raised in the truth, my father was murdered on 9-11-1965, my mother then a widow, raised us 6 kids, me just 3 in 1965, a wonderful sister full mom spirit found my mom, took us to Kingdom Halls, and out in service, then she died unexpectedly, we were moved into an apartment large apartment complex, managed by An extremely spiritual family of 6 who had moved 20 other witness families into this complex, I still remember my apartment address, 17922 Sherman Way Reseda Ca, 91335. Apartment bB. There were several book studies throughout the
  2. A great tribulation and then Armageddon, will catch most of those doomed by these events, by surprise, "The days of darkness and clouds of thick gloom" will come exactly "as a thief in the night" However though, But that bible verse is quite a deep topic to comprehend. And it's a discussion that you can learn about either by reading JW literature on that subject at JW.org. However, ton just tell you with certainly what its true, and what you're. find out is that the earth will never be destroyed. ... Jehovah's kingdom does indeed come to this earth, As even the Lords prayer calls f
  3. Your shadow soldier friends beneath your box only wish that you were there in time to sAve Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Job, Moses and Christ. If you only could have intervened in time to stop this servants of Yahweh.!, You hallucinated in your simpleton mind you would have had a shot in changing this world exceedingly more into a bastion of unisex gluttony and- (I’ll coin a word for teaser and his mouthy friends) - heathonous revile, Demons could have been posted on every street corner seeking those believers in an Almighty God. You would be so happy in such a heathen run world even more so
  4. Car #357 was SGT Steve Owens car, Steve Owens was murdered by the Police force satanic society a few weeks before this incident, Steve Owens wife *Satanic) was in Palm springs getting her police training certificate the day Steve Owens was murdered by the Sheriffs Dept. The number 11 is the Lancaster station number on the top of Steve Owens car, so why was this SGT. Owens car #357 #11 at this palm Sp[rings murder? Because these were Satanic secret society murders of officers who realized there really is a Satanic cult running the world and its police forces and Governments, including news and
  5. There was one other police murder conspiracy, soon after that one, it's connected because Steve Owens wife was in Prison all springs the week of his assassination and she's also a Sherrif. And I spread many of my Secret code of Jabberwocky cards to the cops at the Steve Owens news conference, and I loudly shouted "Why did you all conspire and kill Steve Owens, " and blame a patsy?" I'llm post the 3v deputies next purged in Palm Springs where you could hear a prolonged gun battle sounding like Vietnam, the fake news saids these 3 cops were killed by one guy firing his handgun through his door
  6. Here's the Description from that video. NWO CONSPIRACY !🔴⚪️🔵 Purge Police Forces. (MARTIAL LAW COMING) SgT. Steve Owens was dressed for war! MARTIAL LAW COMMING SOON SGT. STEVE OWENS Sgt. Steve Owens; NEW CWORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY ! Purge Police Forces! ? Was This a NEW WORLD Order Police Force Purging A Sheriffs Station Of A Dissenter... Watch and see why I believe this might the shocking fact! IS OBAMA AND THE SATANIC ESTABLISHMENT IN FEAR? Why were Army cops in control of entire scene? This was no Riot! Are America Police forces being Purged by the NEW World Order Police force? The Assas
  7. Video description. Steve Owens (SEE HURST AT ; 34 seconds) 🔴⚪️🔵My Battery dies, it continues 4 more minutes)Show of Blue support (Ave M he 14 Frwy Lancaster s the Courthouse street, its called Columbia way because its skunk-work base, Lockheed street, Rockwell military plant 42 street, where the space shuttles and the f35 go or are built, including our stealth SR-71, it's also just a block from my house and is my steeet) My battery went dead at 4:00, it continued at this pace 4 more minutes, with 100 Police bikes trailing the rear, Sorry, i was there for 2 hours, they were an hour lare, I
  8. So, then day after he picked up the drifter on my porch, I heard 10 helicopters near my house, it was said SGT Owens was killed by the black patsy in the Ambulance movie cahoots scene. But I know he was assassinated by the cSatanic secret society, SS, which run the force, he likely realized he was va good Angel in a den of demons, so they killed him, a couple days after this incident there was a roughly 600 unit lights blazing escort as they escorted his body from LA coroner, back to his hometown funeral home. I' ll just post the funeral cop pressession as it passed my street Ave M aka Co
  9. So update, While I was busy ranting on this website and posting these videos at 2:00 Am or so , I heard a police siren about 100 yards from my bedroom bathroom Jacuzie window, just a brief siren like a car being warned to pull over or something, I ignored it because I often make my videos or post when I'm in a Jacuzzi tub, in my bedroom bathroom, as I was at that time. So I ignored it. One hour later I heard what sounded like a head on collision a block or so away on the same street. It turns out that at 2:00 Am someone dumped a dead body dressed in black hoodie about 100 yards from my house o
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