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  1. Nice quotes, but I need not read anything. Since I was raised in the truth, my father was murdered on 9-11-1965, my mother then a widow, raised us 6 kids, me just 3 in 1965, a wonderful sister full mom spirit found my mom, took us to Kingdom Halls, and out in service, then she died unexpectedly, we were moved into an apartment large apartment complex, managed by An extremely spiritual family of 6 who had moved 20 other witness families into this complex, I still remember my apartment address, 17922 Sherman Way Reseda Ca, 91335. Apartment bB. There were several book studies throughout the complex on bThursdays. The Managers, Sheila, B. And Paul, her overseer husband would take us to Kingdom Halls and assemblies, as well as other witness families we met between 1965c and 1975, I gave multiple talks at the Kingdom Halls as a child. Assemblies were at a Bob Hope Dome in Woodland Hills at the time. I would have been the lone kid searching for lizards and snakes around Dodger stadium, and the parking lot hills and gardens around the halls during hours when I was able to sneak away from my seat. I fell away completely by b13 years of age until I was 21 in 1985, I was baptized at Dodger Stadium, and then pioneered and hosted bible studies and gave talks, then by 1985, has fallen into dating and living life of fun and forgot Jehovah again, except in prayers, then met and moved in with a woman I loved,, had many powerful spiritual events, She gave birth in 1989 not my bSon, Justice4 Walsh. His mother was then smashed and killed when he was just 2 months old in a head on collision that Justice survived on December 30th 1989, as Justicec and Joanne, his mother was driving home after my only younger brothers wedding reception prematurely ended when I, and another guy in the wedding party, almost got into a fight. (Long story) So full page photograph on the second front page, full page with photo not me holding and kissing my 2 and a half month old baby, Justice who survived the accident without a scratch. I had simply stopped going to Kingdom Halls at the time. Local overseers that knew I was a baptized brother and pioneer, had come to my house, I was disfellowshipped, and then 8 months later, reinstated. I made a commitment personally tom Jehovah to never again engage in the behaviors that brought Justice3 into may life. I raised Justice4 in the truth until he was 5, then gradually stopped going into Kingdom Halls orc associating with Witnesses. pursued wealth band the ability to give my son a good life. Started Tree Rite Arborists tree service ib Lancaster Ca, became very successful, made millions, recently stopped working due veto virus and other reasons. Now, as of now, on paper, I'm baptized, not disfellowshipped, brothers at times came to my home urging men ton get back in. Started my youtube channels in 2008 because 911 was an inside job, vigorously searched for opportunities to accuse the government as being run by sAtan, have spent the last 15 years on an inside journey only bI and Jehovah fully comprehend. As I said, Sunday, at 2AM, while I was typing my argumentative response to Cesar, I heard ca police siren not far from my window where I was near typing. about 500 feet from my mailbox on Challenger Way. An hour later that siren, I heard ca terrible auto accident about 3000 feet from my window, I would be the first at that auto accidentI I presumed, it was 3 AM after all on a Sunday/ mow Monday really. When I got there I saw first at just 500 feet from my window, 2 under cover narco type trucks I thought were somehow related to the crash. behind those 2 unmarked law enforcement vehicles, was av body dressed in black, face down with a hoodie over his head, so I saw nothing but his black cloths. 300 feet from my street, 22nd street west, at 25th street west were multiple police carts and commotion, as they scene of vans accident. I lone female police officer with a flashlight ran towards me ass I stood 40 feet from the dead body, which I thought was just a bundle of crap that flew out of the white unmarked. law enforcement SUV, because of the impact for the those 2 vehicles, which I thought was the original source of the loud impact I heard. The female deputy finally got to me, a 2000 foot job from 25th St, where calm officers had headed to bas IT, was from where the loud crashing noise had originated from. She shouted at me "Sir, you can't be in here, this is a crime scene3". I said to her, you run ton ther truth, Then In tossed on the concert a couple business cards promoting a select few for my videos, like back mask Prophecy #15, and Backmask Prophecy b#7. In a small plastic Ziplock bag. I often toss these in hundreds of different locations as I travel through, life, especially when I'm being monitored bye Homeland security as some sort of religious threat because the Satanic Illuminati, are not the highest secretive society, I guess the Angels that appeared to Mary, Abraham, Sarah, Lot, the mother of Abrahams concubine, Samson, , and many others throughout history are very much also a part of a secret society that is still very much alive, active and ate work, and the sAtanic Illuminati, I would guess the Devil when he tempted Christ, was actually just a sAtanist bin todays world, an Illuminati puppet. (But these things are neither here, nor there) So it turns out the first body near my house was murdered, his face beaten in, aqnde he was dumped there face down, orb else he could have been an angel who was and is playing dead, or it could have been a satanistb on na mission ton kills me, and Jehovah caused him ton falls on his face dead, or the Illuminati police forces that I accuse in videos cI've posted of Murdering there Sergeant after I had called him to my7 house to pick up a Vagrant whom was claiming to be an Angel, and laying on my porch. (That was several years ago, the day before Sgt. Steve Owens was murdered by his own sAtanic police force, Explained better in other videos, So it turns out that at 2AM police had barricades set up nat 20th ZSt. West, those plastic A frame type barricades you sometimes see set up to string yellow tape across steets. and they had several Black and whites also setting up these white barricades at 25th St. west, before they could finish setting up those barricades, a civilian car, had rammed through the first barricade at 20th St W, drove at a high rate of speed past my street, 22nd St. W, then past the dumped body and the 23 unmarked law enforcement vehicles and continued driving at a high rate of speed at the marked Sherriffs un its setting up the barricades at 25th St West and Ave M, AKA/Columbia Way. Smashing hard into those 2c Sheriffs vehicles and injuring at least one Sheriff. Well from then over the next 20 nminutes, I shouted out veto police "Why did you guys cover uptake murder of Steve Owens"? And as I later derove3 by the 20th SWt. portion of the crime scene, where ca police arc was guarding vthec smashed plastic barriers with his partner in the car, I pulled up close and asked into their car"Hey, you guys killed Steve Owens" The passenger com almost got out in Anger to yell nat me pull mover or something, But the driver just grinned largely, and with blushing face nodded his head affirmatively. Cooler heads prevailed within the squad car. I said, The Satanic Illuminati Killed Steve, he continued his slight nod and huge grin. I drove off, leaving the passenger cop wondering, he likely was not privy to the inside details of that incident, and was not in the know of that assassination. I may post photos of the crashed cop cars 300b yards from my house later, or perhaps I'll do a video. The Bottom line, and then reason In tells you these things, is for the record and to assure you, that I'vecread and listened ton the full bible many times, and everything you know, have learned, believe and have understood, In already knew. Plus much and many things you bro not know or understand. Although Enoch was Quoted by Christ and 7th from Adam, Grandfather to Noah, and has Written a book of the Watchers. You likely never heard of cEnoch or the book off the Watchers at a Kingdom Hall. And that is good, Naiveté is the safest place for you on these deeper things. And if you're a sister... Well, best just stick to what you were doing before you read anything related to me. I need not your bible pastes sent to me.
  2. A great tribulation and then Armageddon, will catch most of those doomed by these events, by surprise, "The days of darkness and clouds of thick gloom" will come exactly "as a thief in the night" However though, But that bible verse is quite a deep topic to comprehend. And it's a discussion that you can learn about either by reading JW literature on that subject at JW.org. However, ton just tell you with certainly what its true, and what you're. find out is that the earth will never be destroyed. ... Jehovah's kingdom does indeed come to this earth, As even the Lords prayer calls for it... "Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. “The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.” —Psalm 37:29. “[God] has established the earth on its foundations; it will not be moved from its place forever and ever.” —Psalm 104:5. though “generations come and generations go,” states the Bible, “the earth remains forever.”— Ecclesiastes 1:4 What sAtan began in Eden, with the deception and temptations of Eve, that she then sucked Adam into, will not result in any harm to mankind, nor would it have, nor did it in any way alter Jehovah GOD'S plans for this great and beautiful planet Earth. Jehovah even proclaimed such right there in Eden, recorded in Geneses 3:5 ... "You will bruise him in the heel, and he will bruise you in the head" Genesis 3:5
  3. Your shadow soldier friends beneath your box only wish that you were there in time to sAve Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Job, Moses and Christ. If you only could have intervened in time to stop this servants of Yahweh.!, You hallucinated in your simpleton mind you would have had a shot in changing this world exceedingly more into a bastion of unisex gluttony and- (I’ll coin a word for teaser and his mouthy friends) - heathonous revile, Demons could have been posted on every street corner seeking those believers in an Almighty God. You would be so happy in such a heathen run world even more so than you revile in the debauchary that permeates this controlled by your hella-cursed heathenous ancestors and friends. Your type and thoughts are inept (My last words to you). cretin.
  4. Car #357 was SGT Steve Owens car, Steve Owens was murdered by the Police force satanic society a few weeks before this incident, Steve Owens wife *Satanic) was in Palm springs getting her police training certificate the day Steve Owens was murdered by the Sheriffs Dept. The number 11 is the Lancaster station number on the top of Steve Owens car, so why was this SGT. Owens car #357 #11 at this palm Sp[rings murder? Because these were Satanic secret society murders of officers who realized there really is a Satanic cult running the world and its police forces and Governments, including news and most other entities we think are innocent. I also have videos on Steve Owens murder on my downloaded video page.
  5. There was one other police murder conspiracy, soon after that one, it's connected because Steve Owens wife was in Prison all springs the week of his assassination and she's also a Sherrif. And I spread many of my Secret code of Jabberwocky cards to the cops at the Steve Owens news conference, and I loudly shouted "Why did you all conspire and kill Steve Owens, " and blame a patsy?" I'llm post the 3v deputies next purged in Palm Springs where you could hear a prolonged gun battle sounding like Vietnam, the fake news saids these 3 cops were killed by one guy firing his handgun through his door. You judge if this palm spring police shooting was possibly one guy.
  6. Here's the Description from that video. NWO CONSPIRACY !🔴⚪️🔵 Purge Police Forces. (MARTIAL LAW COMING) SgT. Steve Owens was dressed for war! MARTIAL LAW COMMING SOON SGT. STEVE OWENS Sgt. Steve Owens; NEW CWORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY ! Purge Police Forces! ? Was This a NEW WORLD Order Police Force Purging A Sheriffs Station Of A Dissenter... Watch and see why I believe this might the shocking fact! IS OBAMA AND THE SATANIC ESTABLISHMENT IN FEAR? Why were Army cops in control of entire scene? This was no Riot! Are America Police forces being Purged by the NEW World Order Police force? The Assassination of a Goood cop by resident evil establishment SGT. Steve Owens ... Where is the broken Glass from the 5 Broken Windows? Why was he dressed for combat when he was off duty? CONSPIRACY Why would he jump a wall and leave his car in a non emergency situation? He was off duty and out of his jurisdiction? why would his partner transport him in his car rather then let emergency medics treat him at the scene, much quicker, safer, and protocall. How is it that the Cops dictate to the news copter when where and what to show on their free press news media.? Why did the police treat the murder of a police, and a car jack felon who just was in a police car shoot out, like a lil baby needing a bandaid and a cookie, and take an ambulance and a gourney when he was clearly okay to walk and transfer in a squad car?... Why is a cop seen holding a gun to a residents face, in there own back yard while medics treat the killer like a lil baby? Why did so many cops and operatives stay in the neighborhood even after the ambulance took the killer away/ why were all the cops at the scene with the criminal while Sgt Steve owens died in a hospital emergency room as if he was a traitornto sAtan? Where is the big chunk of his fender? how did one of his front wheels end up twisted left, while the other was turned sharp left? And what's up in Palm Springs 2 cops killed now... Probably sAtan again WAKE UP! sAtan willmkill all good cops and good people until non of us are left. Trust no one that will not look heavenwards, and gladly with pride and a smile and then proclain "I Love Almighty GOD, JEHOVAH" The demon possessed satanists will not do this,,, Do not trust the demon possessed. ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH AND HIS IMENSE POWER be with the innocent, and peace and righteousness follow them while the conspirators against humanity find destruction, fear and terror.
  7. Video description. Steve Owens (SEE HURST AT ; 34 seconds) 🔴⚪️🔵My Battery dies, it continues 4 more minutes)Show of Blue support (Ave M he 14 Frwy Lancaster s the Courthouse street, its called Columbia way because its skunk-work base, Lockheed street, Rockwell military plant 42 street, where the space shuttles and the f35 go or are built, including our stealth SR-71, it's also just a block from my house and is my steeet) My battery went dead at 4:00, it continued at this pace 4 more minutes, with 100 Police bikes trailing the rear, Sorry, i was there for 2 hours, they were an hour lare, I filmed for that hour, I'm new to this, I'll get better over time, stay tuned and GOD Bless. ***URGENT POST*** (Watch
      Hello guest!
    RE: Podium Gate #2 & 3) Presently, i'm dealing with the issue that my primary computers were hacked and i am locked out. I cannot get into my data as of yet. I had to buy a new computer. 3 Drones were hovering over my house very high, like a team on Sunday Night 10:PM, then they flew off as a team 100 %. Bill Clinton is pissed because of this video i posted.
      Hello guest!
    The next night Sergeant Owens, who knew me and he also knew GOD, was killed out of his jurisdiction, and while off duty. Sergeant Owens told me at my house the night that he picked up a vagabond that i found smoking pot and sleeping on my porch at 11 pm,that; "he was an angel, and he was mostly incoherent, he also said that demons were trying to kill me Robert Nicholas Walsh AKA ETERNALBLACKPROJECT Sergeant Steve Owens told me when he arrived with 2 other deputies that he would bring the homeless man home. That night I gave SGT Steve Owens one of my ETERNALBLACKPROJECT cards promoting my video "Secret code of Jabberwocky #7 " and told him to watch some of my videos, and he said that he definately would. Now he's murdered. Coincidently, just a couple of days after I exposed Bill and Hillary Clinton to Espionage proof video. The Video shows Bill meeting with a arabic spy as Huma Abaden follows. She being closely tied to the Muslin brotherhood. (NOTICE) In this world there is 100%, 85% have no idea about what is really going on, 10%, know everything, and they conspire against humanity and GOD. 5% know what's going on and so even to save themselves, they must warn and wake up the 85%. As they (Good cops, Lennon, Tupac etc.) do this they become expendable, in fact a threat to the 10%... So the 10% sadly, eliminate them, the 5% whenever necessary. When the 85% hear the truth from others in the 5%...(LIKE NOW) the 10 immediately begins the verbal assaults against the 5%er...(Noah first example "RELEASE BARNABAS" ANOTHER) And then the 10% laughs with and secretly at the 85% who remain blind. Sergeant Steve Owens was murdered within a mile of my house and out of his jurisdiction, and while he was off duty. Coincidently, at a Hillary Clinton rally in Ohio that same night, Hillary Clinton never came out to her room to speak, and her agents seemed shaken up. A gurney and an ambulance went to her rally and backstage to her room, Time went by and eventually an imposter came out and waved to the crowd without saying much if anything. Video link here ..
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    She then left the stage and the rally was over, the gurney back stage was never seen again . IMPOSTER GATE! ... She may have had a heart attack. Why did cops not have their emergency lights and sirens on at all times during the execution of Sgt. Steve Owens? Video link
      Hello guest!
    Because they consisted on only the corrupt 10% ers.. WAKE UP FELLOW GOOD GUYS, You will be next, Be careful!, Trust only the true Cops, those who will look Heavenwards upon test, and then Smile and say "I LOVE JEHOVAH" All others, those who will not do this, might be spiritually doomed and possessed by evil forces. Peace!
      Hello guest!
    RIP hero Sergeant Gary Owens, Riding for the ALMIGHTY now..
  8. So, then day after he picked up the drifter on my porch, I heard 10 helicopters near my house, it was said SGT Owens was killed by the black patsy in the Ambulance movie cahoots scene. But I know he was assassinated by the cSatanic secret society, SS, which run the force, he likely realized he was va good Angel in a den of demons, so they killed him, a couple days after this incident there was a roughly 600 unit lights blazing escort as they escorted his body from LA coroner, back to his hometown funeral home. I' ll just post the funeral cop pressession as it passed my street Ave M aka Columbia Way.
  9. So update, While I was busy ranting on this website and posting these videos at 2:00 Am or so , I heard a police siren about 100 yards from my bedroom bathroom Jacuzie window, just a brief siren like a car being warned to pull over or something, I ignored it because I often make my videos or post when I'm in a Jacuzzi tub, in my bedroom bathroom, as I was at that time. So I ignored it. One hour later I heard what sounded like a head on collision a block or so away on the same street. It turns out that at 2:00 Am someone dumped a dead body dressed in black hoodie about 100 yards from my house on Ave M also called Challenger Way. Now an hour later about a mile of Avenue M was cordoned off and a crime scene. An hour after they found the dumped body, likely not a hit and run, because they said no skid marks, just a beaten, bloodied face corpse. Well at 3AM or so, someone plowed through the roads block at 20th W purposely, and drove from 2oth W to 25th W, the other end of the road block, and plowed into 2 police cars. Well, I've been accusing the sAtanic secret society of killing their chief whom came to my home the day before he died. I called because I found a vagabond camping on my porch, smoking weed, telling me he was an Angel, and sAtan was trying to kill me, and have been attacking him all the way until he got to my house. obviously he seemed crazy, so Steve Owens arrived roughly at midnight and took him home, I gave Steve one of my video channel cards, told him to watch some of my back mask prophecies, I'm getting tired, now, I'll just post my Steve Owens video, and it's better explained on that Youtube video. Maybe I'll post the picture I have of the 3 cars, 2 cop cars being towed from the scene a block from my house and add further perspective details of where these to incidents happened an hour apart in the darkness as I was being entertained by Santa aNna.
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