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  1. Thanks Kurt!! Enya is one of my favorite artists.🌺😊🌺
  2. Thank you so much Sis.!!!! 🌺🙏🌺🤗
  3. Awesome!!!!! Have a great weekend Sis. 🙏🌺🙏
  4. A very encouraging story. Love it 💞🌷💞😋
  5. Love it!!!!😋🙏❤️️
  6. Awesome!! Thanks 💖🙏💖
  7. Ooooh my goodness 😳😲😊be careful
  8. Yes he is......🙏💖🙏
  9. Yes, in the New World for sure 💖❤️️💖
  10. ❤️️🌺❤️🌺❤️️🌺 ⏰
  11. Beautifully done!!!!!!!!!🌺🤗🌺
  12. Dear Sweet Sister, I wish that I could come by and pick you up and bring you home with me for a good cup of tea and a slice of pie. We could sit here together for a little while and talk about what's to come for all of Jehovah's people. Thank you so much! I was really moved to tears of joy. Thanks for sharing and may Jehovah continue to bless you 🙏🤗🙏🌺🌹🌺(I wish this was on a DVD so I could play it on my TV.😊)
  13. Ooooh my goodness!!! Wow!!! We have soooo much to look 👀 forward to. Thanks for sharing 😃
  14. Ooooh, he looks ready and prepared! What a handsome little Brother 💞💖💞