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  1. Found out her father was VP of Enron. I guess crime and being a sociopath run in the family
  2. And here we are in 2021 and just now.... Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Is on Trial. Silicon Valley Is Watching
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    The most telling aspect of the recent news is that Holmes “likely will be testifying in her own defense.” There's a whole documentary on HBO about it.
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  3. Marcy Borders (July 19, 1973 – August 24, 2015) was an American legal assistant who worked at the Bank of America located in the World Trade Center and survived its collapse (WTC1, WTC2, WTC7), following the al-Qaeda attacks on September 11, 2001. Stan Honda, a photographer for Agence France Presse, captured an image of Borders, completely covered in dust from the building collapse, that subsequently became widely described as "iconic". The image became so well known and so widely distributed, that Borders became known as "The Dust Lady". A resident of Bayonne, New Jersey, the 28-year-old Borders was working on the 81st floor inside of the North Tower at the time of the attack. Borders said that she never recovered from the trauma of the attack. Depression led to a break-up with her partner, the loss of custody of her children, and an addiction to alcohol and drugs. Borders said that a key event in her recovery and return to sobriety was learning of the death of Osama bin Laden. Borders had preserved the outfit she wore in the iconic photo. The image Honda took of Borders became iconic; she was remembered in many retrospective articles about the attacks of 9/11. The Daily Telegraph chose her as one of the survivors they profiled on the tenth anniversary of the attack. Borders had been invited to spend the tenth anniversary of 9/11 at a memorial event in Germany. Borders was diagnosed with stomach cancer in August 2014. Borders's cancer had resulted in a $190,000 debt—even though she had not yet received surgery and she still needed additional chemotherapy. Borders said she could not even afford to get her prescriptions filled. She believed her cancer was triggered by the toxic dust she was exposed to when the World Trade Center collapsed, having once stated, "I definitely believe it because I haven't had any illnesses. I don't have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes." Borders died from cancer on August 24, 2015.
  4. When Mike learned that the 81-year old civil rights activist had been robbed and beaten in her Detroit home in 1994, he wanted to move her to a safer apartment, so he established a trust to cover her rent. Regarding the guy that robbed and beat her: According to news articles, he didn't know it was her house at first. He just wanted to rob an elderly woman. Then he recognized her, confirmed it was her, and then beat and robbed her anyway. And what makes it even better... This fact was found out after his death. Rosa Parks died in 2005, and news of this was not made public til after the death of Mike Ilitch in 2014. There was no advertising about this, certainly not in either of their lifetimes. It’s how it should be. Do good deeds because it’s the right thing to do. Not for personal or commercial gain.
  5. This is the original one, which left out IOTA. IOTA community made an edited version of it
  6. Viewers respond to CNN anchor Jake Tapper's criticism of President Biden 'scolding' unvaccinated Americans
  7. Judge issues ruling in Apple/Epic Games dispute
  8. 2013 - $125.67 2014 - $510.45 2015 - $222.97 2016 - $568.58 2017 - $4,116.47 2018 - $6,728.29 2019 - $10,334.91 2020 - $11,465.00 2021 - $46,955.37 What do you think the price will be exactly one year from today?
  9. Have you missed someone, in your memories? Jang JiSung, a mother of four children, had to let her third child, NaYeon, seven year old, three years ago. And today she reunites with Na yeon again through VR(Virtual Reality) technology. Will she be able to say goodbye?
  10. Unless I'm missing something, it seems like there are different dates for different aspects of the COVID-19 Action Plan. Here's what I've found on the whitehouse.gov site so far: OSHA is going to issue an Emergency Temporary Standard impacting companies with 100 employees or more, but hasn't said when as far as I can tell. The President has already signed the executive order impacting federal workers and contractors. The plan says Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is "taking action". Not sure on the date. It makes sense the anything that can be issued as an Executive Order is already in motion, but there are a lot of departments at different levels of government that must be scrambling right not to figure out all the details here.
  11. "Now, despite more than 208 million Americans having at least one dose of the vaccines, the U.S. is seeing about 300% more new COVID-19 infections a day, about two-and-a-half times more hospitalizations, and nearly twice the number of deaths compared to the same time last year."
  12. The first part of this is creating a policy that federal workers must get vaccinated or be terminated. Since he is the head of the executive branch, he has the authority to set guidelines like that. The second part is instructing any contractor that does business with the federal government or healthcare agency that receives Medicare/Medicaid dollars to make the same policy within their own companies. If those companies want to continue to do business with the federal government, they will need to comply with this policy. The third part is instructing OSHA to implement a policy that requires any employer that has more than 100 employees to require vaccinations or testing. The penalty for not doing so is a fine. This policy may or may not be constitutional, depending on whether this type of regulation is within the scope of what Congress has given to the agency.
  13. "The expansive rules mandate that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly, affecting about 80 million Americans. And the roughly 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid also will have to be fully vaccinated. Biden is also signing an executive order to require vaccination for employees of the executive branch and contractors who do business with the federal government — with no option to test out. That covers several million more workers."
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  14. Robinhood Launches Recurring Crypto Buy Feature to 'Help Smooth Out Price Swings' “Today we’re rolling out crypto recurring investments, a new feature that allows you to regularly buy your favorite coins, commission-free and with as little as $1 on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule of your choice,” Robinhood’s announcement notes. “Saving is a habit and recurring investments introduce a strategy to grow holdings over time while potentially reducing the impact of market volatility.”
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