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  1. So you are saying that all those that are anointed have a say in the workings of the earthly organization while they are here, all of them, they are a part of the slave class? Who is the "Head", the Feet" the hands, the eyes, it is a body, so they all cannot be one thing but parts of the whole correct? So who is the head directing this class? Moses had this problem; Jesus had this problem also. No one wants to follow, to be humble, to be child-like. Is this attitude going to heaven with you? Are you going to be this way after gaining access to your crown in heaven? Wanting to be ahead, leadin
  2. Thanks, Thinking for your response, but you misunderstood what I said I think. I am not being disfellowshipped. But one ever is , is done under those circumstances. And they will not be sought out by power-Hungary elder wielding it for the sake of removing people for the sake of their own pleasure. Can it happen, yes; but does it happen , no. That would mean the entire elder body is corrupt. Including the ministerial servants.
  3. You do know this reasoning is whack. I am being disfellowshipped, because I have sinned and do not want to repent or it shames Jehovah's name. The congregation does not need to know what I did, but that I have been disciplined and they should take the appropriate action toward me. Not treat me as usual but as one who has defamed Jehovah not the organization. It's his name and reputation my actions have stained. So this removal action from the congregation has to be done. No elder can bring action to just remove me just because he dislikes me, he himself would have to lie and bring falsehoods t
  4. TB, sorry very much so to hear the news. I have never said much on here and will not change now . Love goes out from my family and Jehovah will change things, this is only temporary. I have the same hope as all who have shown the same love, AGAPE!
  5. When I read what you just written and what many more write I chuckle, because it seems it is forgotten the examples set out in scripture of the very things occurring now. Ones say IF, well when Eli's sons were doing the things they were doing, weren't people saying the exact things now? "Is not this the 'tabernacle of Jehovah?" Is he not seeing what they are doing" So yes Jehovah and Jesus are seeing what is going on. And because there is no immediate action, ones are impatient and think Jehovah is not involved at all, but is that so? When have Jehovah or Jesus used PERFECT people to achieve t
  6. Yes, Christ will judge. And if what is said is true then it is evil and awful what happened. But what if it is not true? What if the emotional impact is exaggerated and yet only as bad as the next person? Years have passed and we as outsiders are hearing these reports as third persons and have intense emotional opinions about things either way. What if she in fact was in a consensual affair until they were caught, and then the %*#% hit the fan. I have been in this situation, so I speak from inside the arena, not third person. Traumatic, yes, but things need to be handled timely by authorities
  7. The perspective as to be taken as if seen from above th circle of the earth, correct? This world view gives an eye opening into the chaos that is covering the entire earth. Much like the pandemic, there is such chaos everywhere, in Chile, Venezuela, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Bulgaria, here, and in each part of world; there is protest, uprisings, riots of all kinds. There is violence in the world. And with it comes the cry for "peace and security ".
  8. Using that viewpoint from the ground again I see. Did not God use 'organization to get things done ? Was it do as I say? Or was he truly a loving God, who taught ALL living life forms, even his only begotten Son? The Scriptures state that God is one of order, correct? So would it not be common sense to think this God would have great organizational skills? One may have biased hatred for those in authoritative positions in the JW system, but when it comes to Jehovah, himself, he stands alone in how he runs his house. this things about wife who is who. Did not Jehovah make a convenant with
  9. Did not Joseph go,to,the city of his birth for a 'census at the time of Jesus' birth?
  10. The thing about it is I agree mostly with much of your arguments, but not the fluff that comes with it. Yes, the mistakes will be taken care of by the One who this earthly administration part belongs to. And those 'anointed' are not judging anything or anyone now in this system of things. Jesus' death was not caused by his rising up against the religious system that had failed Jehovah. It's failure which Jesus brought out showed them their own misgivings, and the way and the truth and the life which they missed totally! Yes, our organization has faults, the people are imperfect still, being an
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