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  1. Transgender,transsexual,queer,faggot,asexual. Correct?
  2. Weekly Material for Dec., 11-17, 2017

    Thank you very much!
  3. Brother Stephen LETT, we follow an Organization, but NO men !

    Yes, this is Jehovah's organization, in the care of men on earth overseen by his Son in heaven. I have always looked at it this way. I would have been grateful for the ark being built and listening to Noah's preaching gained access to board it and survived the waters that destroyed all life. But later whe it came to my knowledge that Noah was a drunk, even for one time, I would not be incensed at him for this reason, but still grateful that he did just so in building the ark and made the way for my salvation. What happens now is between him and Jehovah. This organization is the one way through the great tribulation, even with the imperfect men at the helm. What happens after we survive, will be between them and Jehovah, because Jehovah will indeed clean out all wickedness, before any enter into the new world of righteousness. Leaving now would be quite detrimental to any who do, like those who did not give ear to Noah!
  4. Weekly Material for Dec. 4-10, 2017

    Thank you very much!
  5. Thanksgiving (Holiday)

    Matthew you do realize in reading what Jehovah asked of the nation of Israel was that they be HIS special property, any who wanted to serve had to go through certain things be part of the nation. And there was a certain dress code for this nation called in his name. You did know this, right? No one can do things on their own to gain salvation, Jesus himself said there must 2 or 3 among you and there I will be. So no lone wolf. Paul's admonition to gather together regularly was in line with what Jesus wanted for his followers. Those such gatherings happen at the Kingdom Hall. Go and enjoy the fellowship.
  6. No, man could never make a paradise. He could never have harmony and peace with the lifeforms which would inhabit that space and the balance needed to correctly imbue the love Jehovah showed when he first created life on this planet; perfectly could not be replicated by man. Only the Original Creator can bring about paradise on earth, and he will do so through his Messianic Kingdom with his only begotten Son as King!
  7. Are we ashamed when we hear or read about these types of news lines? Why? Are we perfect? Does this type of thing not occur inside our organization also? To shy away from it and not clean it from our midst is wrong to know that it is being taken care of by our judiciary inside the congregation and by Caesar,is refreshing. To any who thinks having this brought to their attention is weak. Paul brought things of this sort to the congregation's attention, and we are taught this was for the betterment of the person and the congregation. So why is it not the same today? Knowing this is happening or has happened and we are doing something about it! Amongst JW in the past and now. Until this system ends we will have such problems, we are sinful people. Nothing has changed!
  8. Weekly material for Nov. 20-26, 2017

    Thank you very much.
  9. Dancing in Kingdom Halls to worldly music???

    But,Matthew, you didn't answer my question. Not cherry picking at all. If you posted these things were they positive for us? Or a beat down since you wished you could've dance when you were there at the hall. I still await an answer if you're not so busy, young man!
  10. Dancing in Kingdom Halls to worldly music???

    Hey, matthew9969, do you even know why this is going on? I was around those 15,20 years ago. We did not dance in the halls. UNLESS, there was a celebration there, a function other than a spiritual meeting. So I ask again do you know why we went crazy in our different hall in certain cities, at that time? If not please try not to hate. The principles have not changed. We put on plays and had certain skits for ones during there weddings and anniversaries. To have clean fun and used WORLDLY MUSIC, as you put. We are not the Amish, or did Jesus send us to the outskirts of the cities to live. We also do not only live among ourselves. We love still among this world. But we must live cleanly midst it. Sorry that you found your live drab and dreary. But I went through '75 and the Franz disfellowshipping and the other shake ups in congregational matters. But I put myself through college, my father taught us the truth per scripture, we did not sell everything we continued to wait on Jehovah and follow the leaders that took the reins of leadership. If they are taking us down the wrong knowingly, like Eli allowed his sons to do whatever they wanted, Jehovah and Christ will clean things up, Samuel did not cry and wanted to go back home to mommie. He stayed because he knew whose organization this was, I was taught the very same thing. I taught my children the very same thing! So, I ask again, do you know WHY these things were happening? Not just in the videos you have posted, but in many more in this country and around the world. I await your response. Have a nice day!
  11. 2017 Annual Meeting

    You got it!
  12. Public Letter Read to the brothers of North America:

    From what language is this letter translated from? Phrases such as "continue to lead grazing " and "all of us can kill each other by" makes no sense. Help me out, please.
  13. Hate that it couldn't be shared with others, very sad about that situation,but glad to have seen these pics! Thanks!