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  1. John Houston

    Study Material for week of August 6-12, 2018

    Thank you ☺️ very much!
  2. If she was wearing a suit of armor, it doesn't matter. What matters is what are the thoughts of the husband with LUSTFUL THOUGHTS, that is the meaning of the illustration. Not what the woman is wearing. Went right over some of your heads, did it again? Just like the Pharisees! My, my ,my!
  3. John Houston

    MEETING WORKBOOK week of July 30–August 5, 2018

    Thank you very much.
  4. John Houston

    WORKBOOK material for week of July 23-29, 2018

    Thank you 😊, so very very much.
  5. John Houston

    Weekly Material for July 9-15, 2018

    Thank you very much.
  6. You aware sir, that this "gospel" is not the "gospel" preached before his coming? The message did change, after he came, correct? We do proclaim his death and resurrection. But what did Jesus himself teach? Was it not the "good news" or gospel of God's kingdom? All we are doing is proclaiming its coming, because it is the hope of mankind. With Jesus as king, he will remove all wickedness from this earth, what he done on a temporary scale while on earth, he will do again with permanent results. That is 'good news'. This ruling government which Isaiah foretold would be given to this child, is what we pray for in the model prayer that Christ Jesus taught his disciples. In the very words,"Let your kingdom come". The arguments the apostles had were about who was going to have the best seats in that government, of which they did not fully understand that it was a heavenly one. So berates us if you want, but understand that we are indeed, proclaiming a 'gospel' worth listening to. It is GOOD NEWS. Do you have any?
  7. John Houston

    MEETING WORKBOOK week of June 25–July 1, 2018

    Thank you very much. And the week that is missing is the weekend of the convention, correct? Just checking, you have me spoiled, 😂!
  8. John Houston

    Weekly Material for July 2-8, 2018

    Thank you very much.
  9. John Houston

    JW Women and Teaching

    The first time? No, my friend. How can a mother teach her children behind what you are saying? Women are quite capable and deemed necessary to disseminate information to us as children, others, even men; when the need arises. They are teachers, evangelizers, but holding an office of oversight at the temple, in the Christian arrangement of things, no they are not part of that. They are anointed, rulers and priests in the Kingdom, no different than John, James and Paul. Should they fight for 'equal pay' and status? Why? Sounds much like a satanic issue don't you think? One that would keep them off their throne, correct? Every part has its place. Like Paul said, the toe, can't be the eye, anymore than the leg be the heart. The verse reads as I understand it, the head of man is Christ, and the head of woman is man. And this is placed so by....not man but God! Period! Right?
  10. John Houston

    Worship or Obeisance? Translating the Greek word "proskuneo"

    There is no inconsistency. We are talking about Jesus while on earth as a human right? And we are talking about Jehovah God, right? So are they equal in anything? Who gets exclusive devotion? Christ in heaven, would he be worshipped? Would we at anytime give him any devotion? While he was here in the flesh, though he was in fact the Messiah, and many felt the need to show such esteemed honor, many times he shunned it, for he also knew what Jehovah said to Israel about worship. Why would he allow to happen to him exactly what Satan wanted from him for all the kingdoms? Remember language speaks a picture and when we read the picture it tells should be a correct one. Again common sense is powerful.
  11. Blindly looking for something else. I was alive then, my father an elder did not teach us as children that 75 was the end of it all. Did not sell the house, I went to college the year before, not bethel. We were guided in what was truly going on, by what was taught. I was always highly impressed as to why many had that outlook of dates, when the Bible never gave such teachings. Though God is a timely God, his timepiece is one way above us. Just as Haggai wrote. So we learned very early about dates. Told by Jesus to be alert, awake, not calendar watchers. First century Christians look forward to the end and they were ridiculed because it did not come as soon as many thought it would. So we must continue to endure. Those who left, had their own agenda, same as those who left before entrance into the promised land. Did not stay focused on Jehovah and what his principles are. That is true today. Not waiting on a date, never have been. Only one who has a clock is Jehovah. His "appointed time", belongs to him. All we are told to do is be alert, don't give up, endure to the end. When that time comes don't let it find us asleep as a thief in the night, right? Are you awake? Alert? Enduring? Or are you out of oil, needing to go off and buy some from the oil merchant? Hmmmmm??? Think about it. When they left the city, it was not a time for hesitation. Now is the time for actionable decisions. Either or. That is your choice. I have made mine, trying my best to stay the course on this road. Driver of the bus is swerving, but he is staying on the road.
  12. Who said it was not used in the NT? It is being said where the name is used when translated it was removed for 'lord' and 'Christ' in the Greek and when retranslated into English it was not back to YHWH. It stayed as Lord and Christ so the Father's name came to be confused. How can you quote from the Hebrew Scriptures word for word, using his name, then not translate it into Greek? But if you use another holy word for God, when it was translated into English, knowing it was quoted from Hebrew should it not then have been translated back to his name? The WTBTS correctly followed the flow of what should have occurred, not what everybody was doing. Not being superstitious and such. Common sense is powerful!
  13. John Houston

    Jehovah's Witnesses Banned From Social Media!

    I must have been using the social media and missed that edict. Could you refresh my memory and show where that statement is made?
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