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  1. Again,thanks for everything you do for the practical spiritual wellness of those who take advantage of it. Agape.
  2. Yeah, I believe Matthew wants a heated debate not a logical answer, because he knows it. These 'men', this "faithful and discreet slave, is not and could not be one man, just as Moses found out leading Israel. They are united in thought and action. Unified in watching over the Master's belongings, and just as there were those who gave dispute to Moses, there will be those who will dispute these 'men', for they are 'men', frail and imperfect, even with their hope of the heavenly reward. What we think about their hope, they could careless, what they do toward us is their responsibility for they are accountable to Jehovah, never ever to any of us, whether we like them or not. So let's debate about something else!
  3. Wow, how did my hairstyle become the discussion of you other guys. I never had the problems cited in the story at the beginning, nor did my father, who,wore his hair, u till it Breyer and he went bald. What organization do you belong to that asks that of you about your hair? I have never been approached about mine and I even went curls with all the juice.
  4. The point is knowing what the Bible teaches. We know those 'judged' at Armageddon will not return from the dead ever. That is why we do our best NOW, before that day! Those who are returned from the dead, during those 1000 yrs., will be taught as the survivors and together they will be able to stand before the released evil one at the end of the 1000 yrs.
  5. I hear the words spoken against our worship, but it sound much like when Israel left Jehovah and began to worship false god's themselves. Each person sacrificed on altars, each one giving devotion to the god of their choice, but not to Jehovah. Not going to either the tabernacle when it was the "organized" way of truly worshipping Jehovah or at the temple at Jerusalem. It was a free-fall of sorts. Jesus said at Matthew 18:20 that where two or more he would be, not us trying to go it alone! We do not find Jehovah through Jesus by ourselves. We must gather with like hearted ones and that must be organized, much like Moses had to organize guiding Israel. You may not like it, that is your choice, all we are saying is that our gatherings as Jesus stressed is he is with us, not,you! Just as Jehovah was with Israel and not the surrounding nations! We are following what the Bible teaches and not what and how man thinks this should be done. Each time we are told we have it wrong, that is all we get...it wrong but nothing to get it right! Jehovah abhors a vacuum. Most here vents about what they see or feel is wrong, that's not humility at all a trait of the Son of God, not WWJD, right? Some of what I read is comical, some foolish, others a waste of time, but we are all human damaged in some way, including myself, so u till someone can fix our problem, which is outside of the human power and allow Jehovah to heal us then HOW that occurs should be our priority. If the bus ride and those on board are not,to your liking then many of you have gotten off, sorry. This bus has the destination that I desire, I and my wife are doing the best to stay aboard. And have been for some 50 yrs. Agape, my fellow human beings, please, live long and prosper!
  6. That is correct. As a worker on the public carts, to get those permits, the congregation does not get insurance for us, but we can, if we do wish to. Having liability insurance for this activity if one thinks where they are situated and during the short period of time they are there is called for then, they should get it, if they can also afford it.

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