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  1. Why would you think that way? When the Israelites though divided from the Levites did have the Law read to them. And then also to have understanding as it was read. So why not we of the earthly hope not understand as the anointed what the scriptures teach? They are as imperfect as I am, right? Still in need of the ransom as I am, correct? The only difference from us they have an office of responsibility in another plane of existence than mine. Yet they and us still honor and worship the same Father. Both in subjection to Him, not one higher than the other. Being immortal is great, but for now we are the same. And we eat from the same table prepared by Jehovah through Christ Jesus. Remember? Not two tables!
  2. You want ALL LIFE to be fossilized to show there was a flood? When the volcano destroyed the city of Pompei, did all life become crystallized in lava or was there those who were completely destroyed and others who were later found? Isn't that how things go? Closer to destructive pressure, life is vaporize and a bit farther it can survive so we can see the destructive force they went through, by forensic science evidence. With this same evidence the flood destroyed life, the bodies decomposed as they all did, sinking to the deeps of the seas, generating fodder for life there and joining the cycle of life. Over the millennia whatever evidence has gone, those who were there have died. So what have to go on? Columbus is said to have come to this continent, but I did not see it. I have history telling me this. Written works telling me this. So shouldn't I believe this and the corroborated history that this person sailed from one place to here? Where are the ships that helped him, only replicas of the Nina, not the original sails the seas. So today, the original life is gone, but the offspring flourish and even today new species are being found.
  3. What type of damage? Like we see after a local flood? The height line? The debris destruction against the structure? Who can say it does not show such damage? Remember this flood COVERED the entire earth, so the examples we may be so used to may not be visible and also may be removed over time, when we began to truly make a viable search for evidence.
  4. Was curious if there would be a posting of the upcoming season of assembly talks. It would benefit us who may be unable to go, for personal study and research. Any answer would suffice. Thanks for your time.
  5. Any good news for the up coming circuit assembly season, as to outlines and such? Or has the famine set in!?!!??
  6. John Houston


    A lot of malarkey. You twist much of scripture to prove this mud, you are good but not good enough. You sprinkle truth with falsehood which makes it all sound and feel good and right. You make a small point, like women are not part of those who have the heavenly hope, yet scripture tell us that when Holy Spirit was given at Pentecost Mary, Jesus' mother and Martha were among those in the upper room, they had a tongue of fire above their head, anointed with the spirit. So you told a lie! You scrambled the notion about the "great crowd", you did not finish what John wrote about these people. The 'elder' who was at the throne in heaven was describing the people who had come out of the great tribulation, now did those who have the hope of heavenly life go through this period of time on earth? Did they suffer the trials and tribulations of this great tribulation? NO! Because they, those still alive on earth are taken away before Armageddon, right? The days are cut short due to them, remember? They take part in the removal of the wicked in the war of the great day of God Almighty. Then in 19 it states about 'a loud voice of a great crowd' in heaven. Is this the very same crowd? The leap to make that assumption, is insane. This verse is about A voice seeming to be about the volume of a GREAT CROWD, not a whisper, but LOUD. It was ONE VOICE, not many like a crowd, that is what that verse at chapter 19 speaks about. A LOUD VOICE! , not many loud voices. Verse 6 heard a voice with the same volume, expansive; that of a crowd and many waters and thunders. And if all are indeed in heaven, what are their duties? Those who are chosen are said to be king's and priests ruling with Christ, this 'great crowd' why are we there? To be ruled or rulers? Why do we want God's will to be done on earth if all of us are going to heaven? Your logic is flawed, my friend. You seek an argument for argument sake, right? There has always been two class of people in Jehovah's system. The Levite were separate from the other tribes and not given a portion of the promised land, correct? Judah was the tribe set aside for the royal headship. In heaven these offices will be combined, John wrote this numbered people would be both with Christ. Chosen by Jehovah. So from Christ's death until the final sealing, only 144000 will be chosen to heavenly life. And death is not the deciding factor, having Jehovah's name on HIS LIST , does. Only Jehovah knows who has been truly chosen. Paul was confident, the twelve apostles, but who after that? Many received the Holy Spirit, but also many left and some even became wolves in the congregation. Did these ones keep their heirloom of rulership in heaven with Christ? When it is all done with, as John saw in vision, there will be only 144000, bought from among mankind to go where Jesus was going to prepare a place for them. Not all of us!
  7. sis darlene could you send it to this email? jhouston050@gmail.com. our school starts in 2 weeks at our kingdom hall here in kentucky, we are the hosting congregation. for six weeks they will meet here for the pioneer school.
  8. Thank you very much.

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