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  1. Why did you run Japanese through google translation? You know you would get a very different English SENSE than what they are actually reading, right? What the Japan Bible says is the same as our English Bible says. You fudge it by running it through the translator. Wow! Needed something did you. I like hearing you on most things, but you are reaching now. I'm blind and can see this clearly. Try something else. Don't waste your time here.
  2. Queen, you posted this encouraging video of the brotherhood assembled at a convention in Rome, when? I would not want to think this is a gathering of Baptists.
  3. It is titled a 2019 regional convention from Roma. The scene is encouraging. But those are not scheduled until July. So again I ask what is the theme of this convention, if indeed it is a convention that I too am attending later this year.
  4. The 2018-19 Circuit Assembly season is upon us, will the same outpouring of fruit become available this time? Just asking!
  5. Bravo, bravo. You make such a good point. It brought me to tears. But it had one thing missing? The ring of truth! If you say what was said before was hogwash, yours most definitely did! Most who have left, want us to leave, but offer no hope after we have. Much like Satan when talking to Eve, we stand there naked and ashamed. You have done nothing, have none nothing for my spiritual welfare. You attack because you are gone and and like Satan want others to follow after you. You argument is not based in "inspired" thought or writings. But only human thinking. I chuckle when I read such drivel, because from this side of the fence where the grass is oh so green, I see the dry decaying foliage without water, the water you say we do not have. Yet those who left Jesus left because they did not understand, accusing him of what you say the GB is doing now, yet what was Peter's response to his question about leaving? Who actually had words of eternal life? Those who left or the very one who at that moment they did not fully understand? The men are imperfect, as were the apostles, they thought things were to be and they were wrong, mistaken and needed adjustement. Why not these same imperfect men today? Are they not imperfect,sinful humans? We read about the HUMAN SIDE, so many times in scripture about the apostles and allow it, but go over many things when it comes to the GB, I wonder why? Mostly I think it is because of the mindset of this time, these MEN are not like those we of in the Bible, these are MEN, not so favored to have such "inspired" information. Would not the family of the prophets fill the very same way at first? 'Who are you?'; thinking how is that this MAN would have such an office! But even today these MEN, like those prophets, those MEN, were so chosen by a divine power to lead his earthly people in these days. And even though so chosen, they are still imperfect, just like the rest of mankind, only difference they have much responsibility. So as a very long active member, from the days(generation) of Franz, Knorr I know where the sayings of eternal life are. Did not know about 1975, my father being an elder, did not teach us as children this was what that was. It was an end, but not Armageddon. We saw our friends make those crazy arrangements, but I was getting ready for college, not that end! A lot more time was left, more preaching work to be done. We had not yet filled the earth, even I knew that. So take care, there is still time. You should study more, could you be incorrect? Think about it.
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