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  1. Hello Houston!
    Pretty long time not heard from you. How are you doing? Your lovely family and our brothers?
    Please I am having difficulty downloading the subject materials for weeks February 18 and March 4 2019 respectively.
    Kindly send to me materials for the said weeks via this email address trotsky.uzuzu@naoc.agip.it as soon as possible.
    I will appreciate as always. Wish you Jah's abundant blessing for the contributions.
    Best regards,
    T. E
  2. Hard to subscribe, paying in foreign currency. How can that happen? Ever thought about that small obstacle? You want for others to read of yours and others like you, the plight you have been through, yet those of us who speak English as a mother-tongue, are at a lost. We have to look at pictures only.
  3. Hi brother just wondering if you now if there is any recordings of the be bold circuit assembly 

  4. You tend to use the scripture written by John, who learn by the time he penned this gospel the true nature of Christ. And he truthfully states that Jesus was WITH God, not that he WAS God, right? At the very beginning verse 1, in the beginning the Word was WITH God. Verse 2 then says again WITH God. John calls the Word ' an only-begotten son'. And how could this person do what verse 18 says? " who is at the Father's side"? At verse 29, right before being baptized how did John the Baptizer identify him? As God? No! The Lamb of God! And he was sent by One above him, his Father. And at verse 34, the apostle John writes and calls Jesus, 'this one is the Son of God.' It was only after Jesus died and returned to heaven there was confusion about who,he was. His apostles knew he was the Son of God. The demons knew he was the Son of God. Gabriel the angel who announced his birth knew he was the Son of God. The angels who sang praises at his birth also knew. Yet, we now are confused following a teaching that he never supported. A lie that smears his Father's name that which he said he came to make known. Yes, this is a discussion that will only be made if one has a humble heart to listen to the truth of scripture. Not the treacherous things of ones own heart. Rockafeller was a well financed man and many structures are attributed to him, but how many did he actually build? But by his will of money they were erected through construction companies, architects and the rest. It happens daily around the world, yet we can not agree that the Almighty God could delegate such to,his Son, which is how the scriptures read. Having Christ sitting at his right side until the time is right for him to rule in the kingdom over the earth. It is there, many will not see. And as you said you have made your choice. Being told that it was a mistake.... it is! One other thing, none of Christ's parables spoke of him as God, but as the Son in all of them, not the Father. He was to be subjective again as he was in the beginning as Paul wrote in Corinthians. Jehovah God would be the One over all even Jesus, not being him, or vice versa. Yes, it is true the Bible does not contradict itself, all scripture are inspired for setting things straight. But many still abuse them for their own agenda. Please keep reading it, you just may find what it really teaches.

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