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  1. Clarification of Field service time

    RJ, Hi, the information given in the Organized book should have sufficed. I'm a pioneer, father of 5 at one time. Now think, your children are with you the majority or the time. The precept set out in Deut. 6:6-8, we could carry out 24/7, correct? How much time if we were "time mangers" could be amassed monthly? The Society keeps up with our ministry 'time' to gauge where in congregations, and circuit territories there is a need for help, why we keep such records. I could conflate my monthly hours of service just with my children, right? But teaching them, my children is a God-given command as a parent, something I should carry out as a spiritual guide of my household. So no matter how small or large my family, the Society will only allow to be counted on record the max you read about. The time and effort we put in we should desire to do as loving parents anyway. So record the max, and reap the max, the family serving Jehovah whole souled, that is the goal, correct?
  2. Clarification of Field service time

    You answered you own question, so bright! No matter how many in the family you have reached the max. The family head, father or mother, whatever that situation, the family is a unit, not to broken into separate individual studies. That is why we have Family Worship night! Spiritual routine for the entire family 1,2 4,6,or12 however large. Only an outsider can count time studying with each individual child if that was necessary, but that as we are being shown is the responsibility of the parents not anyone from the outside!
  3. Did Noah have brothers and sisters?

    Yes, Noah had family. Brothers and sisters. Uncles aunts, cousins, just like any of us. The question could be asked was his mother alive, since we do know his father was dead! The writer was only recording the heads and the lineage after them, not giving names to the female offspring. So even if girls were firstborn, we would not know it. But I want to ask these ancient ones these type of questions in the new system.
  4. Notebooks for the 2017-2018 Circuit Assembly's

    Thank you so very much!
  5. Reference Book: "What To Say At School"

    Have a gaggle of grand and great-grand children going to school that now am in better touch with. Would like this hand on material for me that I could use with them. Is there a PDF or how could I come to have copies of this material. It seem so professionally put together. If there are fees and such let me know. Thank you for you time.
  6. Great discussion; and I thought I would include Jehovah God in this discussion. For even though scripture tells us how Jehovah felt about mankind when he gave ark instructions to Noah, had his words/feelings that would later be written down at Ezekiel 18:23 change? So then what what is written at Genesis 6:7; would Jehovah God allow the wicked the chance to turn around,repent? Only if they knew, were warned! Who warned the wicked of the coming judgment day of Jehovah? Noah was faultless among his contemporaries, how did he base his faith on Jehovah in that wicked world? He fathered 3 sons and because of their lifestyle, 3 women left and joined them. And when Jehovah God told Noah to build the ark, these women stayed with them. But none of their families joined to help or board the ark! This lifestyle or arkbuilding was not done in secret. And if Jehovah is unchangable, the Noah's knowledge would move him to speak, just as the angels did when saving Lot at Genesis 19:12,12. So why would these people not be warned? That goes against all that Jehovah is! And scripture tells us that Enoch began warning people, correct? Jude 14,15? So these people, like Ezekiel states about, Jehovah were warned. Jehovah has not changed. Our reasoning imperfect and flawed, should always include Jehovah God, not human thinking and such.
  7. Russian Embassy Press Release

    And I said much earlier that I would find Lord Ahmad's comments that spurred the embassy's response in the press release. This case could be taken to the ECHR, which ruled a previous attempted ban on Jehovah's witnesses in Russia unlawful in 2010, but the court has no power to enforce its decisions and Russia could ignore any verdict. The British Government(HMG) previously said it was "alarmed" by the ban and called on Vladimir Putin to uphold religious freedom. Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, the minister for human rights, said he was "deeply concerned" by the appeal's rejection in light of Russia's public commitment to freedom of religion. "This ruling confirms the criminalization of the peaceful worship of 175,000 Russian citizens and contravenes the right to religious freedom that is enshrined in the Russian constitution, " he added. "The British Government continues to call upon the Russian Government to uphold its international commitment to this basic freedom." Thus the response from Russia!
  8. Russian Embassy Press Release

    I though this was a discussion forum, not a shouting match between to lions, ok? This was about the press release, how did we digress to property rights and such? Any one here a realtor and been in the truth over 50 years? Or even further, when halls were built by the local congregation, loans bought by the local banks and paid by the congregants, not by the Society. Alll we did was to be sure we did not smear the name of the Watchtower Bible Tract Society of New York, which we were affiliated. Until recently did we become the Christian Congregations of Jehovah's witnesses, worldwide. Loans were bought out by the Society and then forgiven. The building and the land it was built on became the property of the Society. I thought everyone knew this?!?
  9. Russian Embassy Press Release

    No. What was so hard about that answer?
  10. Russian Embassy Press Release

    Trying to pull up Lord Ahmad's comments that caused the Russian embassy to respond.
  11. Russian Embassy Press Release

    I am a subscriber to this media outlet. It is real.
  12. Weekly Material for July 24-30, 2017

    Thank you very much for your help.
  13. I am a hunter, no fumbling going on here with a firearm in any situation. I have been there in the midst of that chaos. I am comfortable with my own personal situation with my family's security.
  14. With all the ramping up of violence, there will be time for men to make those decisions. I too am not a sheep, not to allow callous violence if I can avert it. I will with deadly force protect my family. Without hesitation, that is a given. My wife already knows this. No questions asked. Now if the situation is like the drama during the convention, where our faith is being tested, there will be some restraint. But just out and out violence for evil sake, no way will I just lay down and take it.