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  1. And no, not immortality. Just life eternal. We still have free will, the ability to make choices any, and one could bring about loss of life, just as it did for Adam.
  2. What you purport is confusing. How can what Isaiah wrote further about "the knowledge of Jehovah " filling the whole earth, yet you say wicked will still be alive albeit dying with out hope during those same 1000 years? It is during those yrs that those from the graves, our loved ones are called forth to life, not to be among still living wicked persons which scriptures teaches us is removed due to the war of Armageddon. ALL OF THEM! Isaiah did not say anything about days being cut short, due to Gog of Magog, Christ made that statement that his Father for the sake of the 'holy ones' would cut short the day's of tribulation. Yet the day for the start of the war will come on time, it will not be late! And during those 1000 years without wickedness or evil influence from any source we survivors and those clawed forth from the dead, will be healed and refreshed and educated from the 'scrolls' opened during that time. Then Satan and his demonic brethren will be loosed upon a perfect earth filled with perfect human beings much like Adam and Eve were in the beginning. Then Satan will indeed draw some away after him and they will be destroyed, failing this final test, as John wrote in the Twentieth chapter of Revelation verses seven through ten. That is what the Bible teaches, my friend.
  3. That was wordy. It made sense, but no truth rang true in it. There were many possibilities because of the nature of free will. But life has to be lived by a human being, just as a game has to played, and not charted or hyped on paper of all the talent one team has over the other. God created a perfect world without evil, how? Becahe was the one setting the parameters, the limits, not man. He said what was good and evil, not us! Satan rebelled against what God had purposed for those he had created. They chose to join Satan in that rebellion, eating from the tree that was off limits to them. Now they became knowledgeable about good and evil. And right after Adam ate from the fruit, it became aware they were both naked, not after Eve ate of the fruit! So now something was missing, mankind's new knowledge has them in fear, afraid when God comes to have their evening talk. Man cannot make it on his own, we see that throughout history. And as the first man and woman showed, without divine guidance our steps will falter, because someone, either our own free will or a spirit son who has rebelled will take us down a path of destruction. None which leads to life and happiness. And nothing has shown that to be true. Satan lied, they did die and we have been dying ever since. No advancements have changed that. So only the Creator who placed life and living creatures here can change our circumstances. Period!
  4. There was a question asked which seemed tricky at first, but once I read it again I understood it and with practicality it can be answered. The husband would have to go through life alone,until the death of his wife. Even with a divorce it does not free him to remarry. That is just common sense. There are no loop holes or other circumstances. Sexual misconduct by his wife or her death frees him to remarry. PERIOD!
  5. But, what group can keep doing it!? Not put on a show of love but live it, and even with imperfections,put up with one another with love? That love would identify this group above all others,we did not set the standard only do our very best to live up to it. And many tear us down for trying because they choose not to? Gather any one you want anybody and see after time what the results would be! I am a betting man, my money would be on the love,putting up based on TRYING not a sham but truly trying to live by that love!
  6. In the account of sexual encounters, Moses writes of only those which produces life; which is why there is sexual intercourse, right? Adam had sex while in the garden and anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves. And to think that each encounter would produce a life, even while perfect is again foolish, since the body will now work perfectly; the sperm is introduced the egg also, but does that mean birth? NO! Eve would have her cycle and they would try again. The one thing they had then we do not have now is--TIME. No hurry! No need for twins or triplets and such! Eternity stood before them, those things are indeed imperfections! One child at a time. But what many do not do when they read this account, is could Eve have had girls first before sons? Cain being her firstborn SON? YET THERE COULD HAVE BEEN 2-3 SISTERS before his birth. And Moses is only writing about those involved in the account, that dos NOT mean other children are not alive or around, like a scene in a movie; focused on the scene presented, not the background. So Abel and his family lived and prospered, Cain may not have done so yet. The account said that "in time" she gave birth to Cain; the KJV reads "I have gotten a man from the LORD." So could Eve have been tired of all the females before Cain? Needing Jehovah's help? Never think the women came later, you will lose the truth of what went on during those times, of what Moses was writing about.
  7. I laughed after I watched this video. He is so confident in his research against those in responsibility over the brotherhood. What Jackson states is the truth not an error at all. that chapter of John is a long traveling scene if it is shown in dialogue and placed where it occurred on a timeline. It starts with a feeding of 5000, then evening fell so a bit of time went by when the disciples boarded the boat for Capernaum. they rowed 3-4 miles as the Bible account tells us they saw Jesus walking upon the sea. So the next day the crowd that was on the other side of the sea, saw the little boat, but no one on board, all had left. Jesus feeds the 5000 which is recorded in all the Gospels accounts, after which he walks on water; then he feeds another 4000 men which is only recorded in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew. yet what Bro Jackson was telling us about was the video series about Jesus and the work entailing to place the dialogue within the timeline and whereabouts it happened. No error, no mistakes 4 perspectives being melded to bring unity and understanding. But those outside will not get it. We are not blind or dumb. We are quite educated and read well enough to see what you seem to have missed, sir. The video series will be almost as if we are there, the work put in this will be uplifting. Those returning from the grave will get great insight in the King who came to earth and lived among us then gave up his life for us, for this they have been brought back to life!!!!
  8. So you are saying that all those that are anointed have a say in the workings of the earthly organization while they are here, all of them, they are a part of the slave class? Who is the "Head", the Feet" the hands, the eyes, it is a body, so they all cannot be one thing but parts of the whole correct? So who is the head directing this class? Moses had this problem; Jesus had this problem also. No one wants to follow, to be humble, to be child-like. Is this attitude going to heaven with you? Are you going to be this way after gaining access to your crown in heaven? Wanting to be ahead, leading, never following? The road is cramped not spacious, somebody has to be behind, following others.If you do not like those who are leading, make your own church like those others, then you can lead; but what we got is fine and if it is not correct, the HEAD will remove, not any of you who are bickering about it. That kind of pressure does not move him to act. You should know this by now! Fix you another cup of coffee and go about your day and let the GB/ELDERS/ANOINTED be, they have to answer to Jehovah God not you or any one else who thinks like you, ok! This medium allows you the time to vent and say what you want, it feels good right? But it changes nothing. It helps my typing skills, I getting very good. So have a good day and stay safe, remember to wash your hands and wear a mask!
  9. Thanks, Thinking for your response, but you misunderstood what I said I think. I am not being disfellowshipped. But one ever is , is done under those circumstances. And they will not be sought out by power-Hungary elder wielding it for the sake of removing people for the sake of their own pleasure. Can it happen, yes; but does it happen , no. That would mean the entire elder body is corrupt. Including the ministerial servants.
  10. You do know this reasoning is whack. I am being disfellowshipped, because I have sinned and do not want to repent or it shames Jehovah's name. The congregation does not need to know what I did, but that I have been disciplined and they should take the appropriate action toward me. Not treat me as usual but as one who has defamed Jehovah not the organization. It's his name and reputation my actions have stained. So this removal action from the congregation has to be done. No elder can bring action to just remove me just because he dislikes me, he himself would have to lie and bring falsehoods to arrange the meetings if I have not done anything. So again your premise is faulty. You don't like the whole arrangement of The JW, so all is flawed. But it isn't. Many want it to fail, but have nothing to replace it. A void is not a place to go after being with family. One headed by the Almighty and his Son. The men are imperfect, the GB, are imperfect, but they are the ones at the wheel of this bus, so as long as it is going down the path of everlasting life and Jehovah has not changed the drivers, no man can. No matter the fuss we can put up can change what Jehovah is using. It is never human uprising that brings about change in Jehovah's arrangement, it is him alone, at his set appointed time. Man can't rush him. Nor see from his perspective, but we should. So things are fine, could be better, but not what persons want, it is what we need NOW! THe world will use what they see to attack, those who hurt from what happened to them while here, will join them also, Satan will use these moments, and media will fan to,fire things along. But we will just stay where we are, watching the world end. Enduring to the end as best we can, preaching to,the end. And as Jehovah said he would do himself, make his name known among the nations, that he is Jehovah! And to do that, no wicked will live, no governments will survive. Only the righteous, meek ones who are covered by Jehovah's mercy in that day survive! And they are not all JW's. But their heart is disposed to Jehovah, for Jehovah to save them in that hour. He did that! Who ever is left standing should be blessed.
  11. When I read what you just written and what many more write I chuckle, because it seems it is forgotten the examples set out in scripture of the very things occurring now. Ones say IF, well when Eli's sons were doing the things they were doing, weren't people saying the exact things now? "Is not this the 'tabernacle of Jehovah?" Is he not seeing what they are doing" So yes Jehovah and Jesus are seeing what is going on. And because there is no immediate action, ones are impatient and think Jehovah is not involved at all, but is that so? When have Jehovah or Jesus used PERFECT people to achieve their purpose? As I have read scripture it has always been imperfect ones, even ones who had committed sins and repented of those sins, am I correct? So what has changed? Emails, Twitter accounts, computers, the Internet, advanced technology? Has Jehovah lost his almightiness in some way? Has he gone to sleep as Odin has to in that mythical drama? I have been in this faith for Som 50+ years and seen a lot. I have been behind the curtain so there is nothing hidden from my eyes having been an elders son. I knew of the envelopes and the procedure they go through aback in the day, when maybe there should have been more safe guards and empathy for those who were victims. But I also saw the lies told to enact processes on innocent people that destroyed families. So I have knowledge of both sides of the coin. So when we speak let us not ever leave Jehovah out of the conversation. He is always there and when it is HIS TIME, he will take care of all things we think are being neglected, fully and thoroughly. And then we will and should be happy with the results.
  12. Yes, Christ will judge. And if what is said is true then it is evil and awful what happened. But what if it is not true? What if the emotional impact is exaggerated and yet only as bad as the next person? Years have passed and we as outsiders are hearing these reports as third persons and have intense emotional opinions about things either way. What if she in fact was in a consensual affair until they were caught, and then the %*#% hit the fan. I have been in this situation, so I speak from inside the arena, not third person. Traumatic, yes, but things need to be handled timely by authorities then, not years later. Emotional scars, yes, but there can not be compensation for that, if so all of us should be in court for litigation. Sad when those who should be shepherding us is involved, but what happened to him? Did he get moved to another congregation and remain an elder? Or removed? An as any other sinner he has the same chance to repent, o matter how WE think the heinousness of the act was. If Jehovah has forgiveness yet in this system, then ALL who show repentance must be given forgiveness, then they will have to stand before the Judge who reads hearts. That is when th wteuth comes out on everybody!
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