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  1. John Houston

    2019 circuit assembly talks and outlines

    Thank you very much, even if so brief a moment.
  2. Hi brother just wondering if you now if there is any recordings of the be bold circuit assembly 

  3. You tend to use the scripture written by John, who learn by the time he penned this gospel the true nature of Christ. And he truthfully states that Jesus was WITH God, not that he WAS God, right? At the very beginning verse 1, in the beginning the Word was WITH God. Verse 2 then says again WITH God. John calls the Word ' an only-begotten son'. And how could this person do what verse 18 says? " who is at the Father's side"? At verse 29, right before being baptized how did John the Baptizer identify him? As God? No! The Lamb of God! And he was sent by One above him, his Father. And at verse 34, the apostle John writes and calls Jesus, 'this one is the Son of God.' It was only after Jesus died and returned to heaven there was confusion about who,he was. His apostles knew he was the Son of God. The demons knew he was the Son of God. Gabriel the angel who announced his birth knew he was the Son of God. The angels who sang praises at his birth also knew. Yet, we now are confused following a teaching that he never supported. A lie that smears his Father's name that which he said he came to make known. Yes, this is a discussion that will only be made if one has a humble heart to listen to the truth of scripture. Not the treacherous things of ones own heart. Rockafeller was a well financed man and many structures are attributed to him, but how many did he actually build? But by his will of money they were erected through construction companies, architects and the rest. It happens daily around the world, yet we can not agree that the Almighty God could delegate such to,his Son, which is how the scriptures read. Having Christ sitting at his right side until the time is right for him to rule in the kingdom over the earth. It is there, many will not see. And as you said you have made your choice. Being told that it was a mistake.... it is! One other thing, none of Christ's parables spoke of him as God, but as the Son in all of them, not the Father. He was to be subjective again as he was in the beginning as Paul wrote in Corinthians. Jehovah God would be the One over all even Jesus, not being him, or vice versa. Yes, it is true the Bible does not contradict itself, all scripture are inspired for setting things straight. But many still abuse them for their own agenda. Please keep reading it, you just may find what it really teaches.
  4. John Houston

    JW's told not to marry or have children

    Great that you found this. But it has no meaning for us today. It is like finding information about how people cannot talk on phones across great distances with wires. And yet many people have iPhones and use FaceTime or Skype. So this that you have found is worthless. A time capsule that is intriguing, but has lost its bite. Those teachings may have been the way of the day, but we have learned better, this is a progressive learning process. From when Jesus began, through the apostles and after the dark ages, until now, we continue to learn and on into the new system. As long as we are alive under the sovereignty of Jehovah we will learn.
  5. We here seem to agree that this man made doctrine of the trinity is a false one, contradicting itself when read against the entire theme of scripture. Using the context of the sense "only begotten son" , the only other time this phrase was used in scripture was for the son of Abraham. How do we understand that Isaac was such a child? The same way the only BEGOTTEN, created by the hand of Jehovah God ONLY SON, was in the beginning. After which all other life came into existence through him and by him as scripture states. And Revelation 4:11 tells us that it is by Jehovah God's will that all things were created. ALL THINGS, even his son, the Word, at the start. Jehovah is alone, with a son, no equal. But his son is a chip off the old block. Knows how his Father thinks and feels. They had been together for eons of time before other spirit creatures came to exist. And even longer before physical life came to be. When that spirit son came to exist on earth, he was known by the demonic creatures he encountered and they had no problem with knowing who he really was. Never did they call him God. Gabriel when announcing his birth also knew was coming and it was not the Almighty God from heaven, but he was sending his Son. Gabriel knew that. And it was so recorded in scripture. So why now after his leaving going back to heaven there is this confusion about who Jesus Christ truly is, son of God or God himself? Because of this rancid doctrine that falsely teaches a lie. Jesus prayed at John 17:26 that he had made his Father's name known, not his own. He also prayed that the union he enjoyed with his Father, that his disciples would come to also enjoy with Jehovah. Never taught, never that he was God. The voice from heaven each of the three times it spoke never confirmed that it was talking to God, but 'MY SON' each time. So if the sky is blue and one keeps saying it is not, that person can't be helped. The conversation is hopeless.
  6. This subject is dark. Because the person talked about is accused. Even if true what they have done, before found out, they are guilty. What a spot to be in. Like being a black person. So they are to be followed from now on shadowed because they are accused of this. Can you sense the reaction of telling people of their presence openly, of just being accused? Being black and stopped and frisked for no apparent reason other than my skin color, this person outed why? For only an accusation, since the writing states established or not. Man, what a way to live. It would be hard enough if it was true, convicted and disfellowshipped, but just being accused, wow. Who would want to live in that limbo. I do daily, I know how that person feels. The new congregation needs not to know yet. Only if I have been tried and true. But on accusation alone, no, that ain't right, humanly right for anyone. We have gotten to sensitive and police everything, calling nine one one on people at the drop of a hat.
  7. John Houston

    Chess and Jehovah's Witnesses

    I remember that article also. Was on the chess team in school. Many thought I should have stopped, but I did not. It was adversarial and I loved, still do after some 50 years. Competition in games are good, in balance and we must be able to draw the line; know when and where not to go to far with it, and it's hard being imperfect. I didn't huge up football, either, knowing it's origins. I thought I read once that it was the ending of a matter than the beginning, right?
  8. Why would you think that way? When the Israelites though divided from the Levites did have the Law read to them. And then also to have understanding as it was read. So why not we of the earthly hope not understand as the anointed what the scriptures teach? They are as imperfect as I am, right? Still in need of the ransom as I am, correct? The only difference from us they have an office of responsibility in another plane of existence than mine. Yet they and us still honor and worship the same Father. Both in subjection to Him, not one higher than the other. Being immortal is great, but for now we are the same. And we eat from the same table prepared by Jehovah through Christ Jesus. Remember? Not two tables!
  9. You want ALL LIFE to be fossilized to show there was a flood? When the volcano destroyed the city of Pompei, did all life become crystallized in lava or was there those who were completely destroyed and others who were later found? Isn't that how things go? Closer to destructive pressure, life is vaporize and a bit farther it can survive so we can see the destructive force they went through, by forensic science evidence. With this same evidence the flood destroyed life, the bodies decomposed as they all did, sinking to the deeps of the seas, generating fodder for life there and joining the cycle of life. Over the millennia whatever evidence has gone, those who were there have died. So what have to go on? Columbus is said to have come to this continent, but I did not see it. I have history telling me this. Written works telling me this. So shouldn't I believe this and the corroborated history that this person sailed from one place to here? Where are the ships that helped him, only replicas of the Nina, not the original sails the seas. So today, the original life is gone, but the offspring flourish and even today new species are being found.
  10. What type of damage? Like we see after a local flood? The height line? The debris destruction against the structure? Who can say it does not show such damage? Remember this flood COVERED the entire earth, so the examples we may be so used to may not be visible and also may be removed over time, when we began to truly make a viable search for evidence.
  11. Was curious if there would be a posting of the upcoming season of assembly talks. It would benefit us who may be unable to go, for personal study and research. Any answer would suffice. Thanks for your time.

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