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  1. That is correct. As a worker on the public carts, to get those permits, the congregation does not get insurance for us, but we can, if we do wish to. Having liability insurance for this activity if one thinks where they are situated and during the short period of time they are there is called for then, they should get it, if they can also afford it.
  2. Thank you. I have downloaded them and can now enjoy them at my leisure, over and over again. Being housebound and unable to travel to the site, asking for the "link" from the elders has a certain timeframe for which it can be used. This way that restraint is avoided and I and my disabled wife can enjoy the spiritual feast at the pace our health will allow. Thank you again for your information. It was so helpful.
  3. Where is that picture found? So much time and effort is taken to discredit the explanation about the generation of our time and how the slave has botch it over and over again. It truly is quite simple when one uses common sense. Jesus spoke to his disciples about the things that would occur, would they indeed speak to others would be anointed? In 40 CE? 50 CE? Even in 60CE? These would be contemporaries of the apostles still alive. There are anointe who KNOW about 1914 today still alive. Ones are still being chosen by Jehovah, the sealing is not complete. We confuse that there is a 'remnant' here on earth as if the number needed has been completeted. That is not true. Jehovah is choosing and since ones could still fall away, the number needed will never be complete until they are called before Armageddon. The complete number which is spoken of only twice in scripture is when they are in heaven, never while any are still on earth. We gave that confusion. Only 144000, that's all. Not some herr and some there. We don't know how many are here. Jehovah are still choosing some to rule with his Son. It did not stop at 1935. It only began at 33 CE. That is what scripture teaches!
  4. Nothing Jesus did or said made him want to be equal to his Father, that his man's doing. He wants to be submissive and in subjective in all things but at every turn man wants to place Jesus at a place where he does want to be. He prayed for his FORMER GLORY, not more excessive glory, before he died, yet when he returned to heaven John saw in vision that the Lamb was WORTHY of all the glory and power heaped upon him. Only his Father could give him that, he earned it.
  5. But where one was the first one born, was it correctly used? As when Jesus was called firstborn by his mother? Was he not the very first child born to her? And was not Jesus the first child born to God, among all the other sons in heaven, of all creation he was the first, because before anything came into existence it came by the will of God, not the Son. There has to be a Father. A Father makes a Son, not the other way around. Like the egg before the chicken? We know the chicken came first, because God with his Son created life first, not the egg, the animal,right? So his " ONLY BEGOTTEN " the one formed by his hands only, came first. And as the scriptures state all other life came through Jesus. So simple, common sense. One enitity with no beginning with a Son who was his only begotten.
  6. Any many early Christians misapplied to Jesus what he would not gain until he returned to heaven and John saw in vision. All the glory and power bestowed on him, John saw in vision, not what Jesus taught about himself while here on earth. Here everything went to his third self? The part of him that was still in heaven talking to him from heaven the three times recorded in scripture, right? Really? No godhead, that is what nations around Israel believed. But now they have such a God, the very same as the nations, no different; when Jehovah is telling them he is different, much different. And proved it over and over to them. Only one true God came to them not a 'godhead'. Again your argument holds no 💦!
  7. You did some research. I ask a very simple question using John 1:1. In that verse John writes that The Word is WITH God, how is that possible, that is not a straw man argument. Not above mankind's intelligence. How can the Word be WITH God then BE God. That is the question that has never been answered by ones who believe this false claim not taught fully in scripture. Remember ALL Scripture are inspired, so we cannot have one out of line, correct? I knew this before becoming a JW.
  8. Why did you run Japanese through google translation? You know you would get a very different English SENSE than what they are actually reading, right? What the Japan Bible says is the same as our English Bible says. You fudge it by running it through the translator. Wow! Needed something did you. I like hearing you on most things, but you are reaching now. I'm blind and can see this clearly. Try something else. Don't waste your time here.

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