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  1. 2017 Regional Convention Notebook

    Thank you so very much.
  2. Thank you so very much for your support.
  3. Jehovah's Word Is Alive - Bible Highlights

    Thank you soooooo very much!
  4. Jehovah's word is alive

    There was a PDF of this Watchtower series made in a book form of these articles, Jehovah's word is alive; from Genesis to Revelation combined. I was happy to have downloaded it, but after showing it to my wife who is a pioneer she wished to have it on her device, I could not find it, has it been removed or am I just overlooking it. Or if the person who did this could put it up again I would be truly grateful. Agape my friend!
  5. Watchtower Mis-Quotations

    Micah, I have never based my faith on math or dates. 3 things occurred that are proved scripturally and historically;[1]-Jerusalem was destroyed [2] the land was exiled for some 70 years, and [3] the Word went out to return to the homeland and the temple was rebuilt. Are these not facts? 607; 587 are not why I believe in the scriptures. Try something else.
  6. Regional Convention 2017 Rumors

    I agree, nothing at all like this during the video setup. just rumors!
  7. Weekly Material for May 22-28, 2017

    Thank you so very much.
  8. Like the look, but not organization. That is from an very old man. Will,keep trying to learn this way, though. This old dog will learn new tricks!
  9. Caring for Our Places of Worship

    Thank you so very much for your support and help in these type of spiritual matters.
  10. Yes, Bruce, please stay. I need your encouraging input. Yes we are all imperfect, but it is the love that separates us. Agape!
  11. Why was it legal to use the divine name? Jesus would have used it and like many of the man made doctrines, Jesus would have ignored them. You use the word'firstborn' and use it correctly, and you state, before Jehovah brought any other being into existence he brought his only begotten Son, his firstborn. This is so true! You state the truth at Rev. 1:7,8 about Jehovah God. This also is true! Yet you cite verses 17,18; can this be true of Christ Jesus? NO! Because there he states he was alive then, DEAD, then alive again and now will forever and ever. Not the same as the Father! How is this possible? You actually believe that Jehovah God, all powerful God came to earth and walked among us? If that is so, why not take on a form and grant Moses request? Why when Jehovah is written in scripture to have actually, not through any agent, this very earth has the problems it had at Mt. Sinai? But you say Jehovah could take form and calmly walk among SINFUL humans? Not happening! You then cite John 8:58, the argument with the Jews was not his divinity, but that he had lived before Abraham due to his prehuman existence in heaven. You did not study well my friend. You do know what the name Jehovah means,right? So when he appeared as God Almighty,what was his name? It was still, Jehovah, yet he used his power in helping each of these persons in fulfilling his purpose. He had to show strength in each case, if you had done your study. Yes a new name, who is this talking about! What hope did Jesus open up with his death, who did he forge a new covenant with for kingdom on the night of his death? And as that verse continues to say that new name--Jehovah will designate and have written on their foreheads, chosen by him, Jehovah! Has nothing to do with being called Christians or Jehovah's witnesses. You bring up John's words at John 1:1. I ask what I ask all who state such things like you. The verse reads just like you say, yet it speaks about 2 persons, not ONE. FOR it speaks about the Word being WITH GOD, never BEING GOD, that is the part skipped by many in reading this scripture. You say there is the Word and the Word IS GOD, but that is not whole verse, the verse states correctly; the Word WAS WITH GOD, and does so in the past tense, because the Word for a time came to live as a human on earth, which John was about to tell us about! I could go on, but I know this is useless. I am sorry you left, that is your choice. But you are denying the words of Peter when he had the very same choice at John 6:68. Remember what he said and did? Yes the Bible does not belong to those you speak of and I have never thought so these past 50 years, but what does Jesus own words tell us at Matt. 18:20? Even with the helper we cannot go off by ourselves. And when we get baptized, you are aware this is a PUBLIC DISPLAY of our private dedication to Jehovah,to the very things you just said. Why did Jesus get baptized? To repent of sin? We dedicate our our lives to do Jehovah's will in all things we do, worship and life!
  12. Micah, I ask a question in passing by? Whose name was Jesus making known while here on earth? His own or his Father? As stated by his words at John 17:26? And if it was his Father's they would have known it and used it correct? And it would have been written down even in the Greek right? Such as when quoting from the Hebrew word for word, correct? So how if a correction is made there is an adding when all is being done is placing his name where it has been removed? And using your premise, who gives them the right to remove it from where it was being used by his son Jesus who was making it known to his disciples? The knowledge they had was not trivial it was deep about Jehovah and personal. Not him being in 2 places at one time, mystical and stuff. Revelation states Jehovah is the reason all live exists, ALL, even that which is the Word, this being had a beginning. No other creature, life existed other than Almighty God without a beginning, without creation.
  13. Spiritual Gems Jeremiah 29-31

    Thank you for your help.
  14. Matt 24:14 Fulfilled?

    So is there a title to the talk given 10 years ago? And maybe where given? We are waiting for the destruction of false religion. Peace and security is going now as we speak. This is the priority of all governments and major lawmakers on the planet, they are trying to sell this concept, that they can bring this about. Trump in his inaugural speech said he would bring about such safety to the crime ridden streets of America. What a promise!