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  1. I must assume that you YOU are of this 'anointe' class of people, correct? Because when I read from your comments on anything concerning this organization you have anger and frustration, much like the conversation the apostles had among themselves wanting the greater of position, not having a humble heart as Jesus tried to teach them. Could you have done a better job with this matter of child abuse if you had the authority? Because one would have to have judicial authority in these matters, is that you? The 'anointed' would be judges, correct? But not now in this system right? The guidance here is the same as when Moses was leader, some chaffed against his leadership at times, not knowing the ins and whys. The men who are in those positions have to answer to a higher authority that will exact justice, if they are indeed woefully immoral as you state. Jesus knew the Jewish system was a failure, but while here he did not rise against it, because it was not time. Calm down and watch Jehovah work. He may surprise you. Agape, my friend.
  2. Well, I a man NOT a troll, but if anyone wants to label me as one that is up to them. I read an reply on this thread, which mystified me, about Jesus being IN Tartarus. I have been around for some time a JW going on 50+ years and I have never heard that those angels were cast down INTO something that Jesus had to go to preach to them after his resurrection. That would mean these angels have been ABYSSED LONGER THAN 1000 years, and we all know Jehovah is perfectly fair, right? I understood this long before I became a JW. This thought would be the truth!
  3. When God had a people chosen on earth they were his organization, am I to believe that line of reasoning? I have to because Jehovah does not change, what works for him in heaven does so on earth. How many carried the mantra 'the Word' in Heavenly realm? Only one, right? Were all the spirit sons seraphs, cherubs? They each had their status and assignments, none doing no more than the other was assigned to do by Jehovah. We may balk at those assigned to lead us while here on earth, because we are in those positions, but Moses led the nation of Israel not the entire nation of people. There were 12 tribes, but only 1 that was assigned to care for the spiritual needs of the entire nation of Israel. What if the other 11 raised up and debated on wanted that assignment? But those even of the very family had assignments, yet wanted to overstep what was meted to them; how were they dealt with? Those 8 men lead, guide us on a path none here could, nor anyone one else could, so why the beef? One has to be humble, could Peter handle such a global assignment with what he knew then, today? No! He would need much help, just as those older men took care of the spiritual things and let others care for the mundane affairs. But can that very same attitude be taken with the what belongs to Christ now? Again, No! They have to be hands on in all what is going on. Do they make mistakes? Yes, because they are still imperfect human beings, their anointing did not shield them from that. Just as it didn't with the apostles. They are management not owners, so stop thinking for the owners, they will handle everything, the merchandise has not been damaged beyond repair.
  4. Our meetings have been cancelled also, so have the circuit assembly up coming the week of March 22nd. The Memorial will have other means to be observed but it will be. We have not missed a meeting even with all the cancellations, having sat in with other congregations via streaming. This virus has had the cart work cancelled and other informal witnessing cancelled. So what I have had to do since my disability, telephone and letter writing has become much more prevalent now and those not use these forms will now be forced to use them during this period of quarantine.
  5. Where in scripture does it say that all the first century Christians were of the 'anointed', those of the 144,000? Those baptized at Pentecost were ALL of them chosen by Jehovah like cattle at a rodeo, to join his Son as co-rulers in heaven? That was all that had to happen? Sounds like fluff from Christendom. Especially since, lie Demas, some would leave and from among these very ones the apostasy would spring. No, Jehovah has chosen only 144,000 and has done it carefully and with patience. He has the time and having Holy Spirit was not a requisite, it gave them gifts, tools for the ministry, not a seat on a throne in heaven! Something else was needed.
  6. How would the 12 run things today, this global range of worshippers of Jehovah? Would they write letters still, go by ship, and walk? Could they travel freely from country to country with all the border laws that are in place now? What about the laws to own property and even assemble? Could they function as they did then, now? They would need one central location, just as they took care of the problem with the widows and delegated it out to spiritually qualified persons, because they could not personally tamp out each fire. If Moses was suggested to gather around him ones would could be given such responsibilities, that would hold true today with such world wide reach. The daily business grind itself, is more than the apostles could ever fathom having to deal with when Jesus told them to take this to the most distant part of the earth. Like Koran who had some rumbling about how Moses was doing his job, we should not have such rumblings. If what they are doing is not in line with Jehovah's purposes, don't you think he will correct it? Hasn't he as we have learned over and over again? Why now in the modern time should Jehovah be weak or slow? Why now should he need our help? Have we gotten more enlightened since the days of Moses, since Pentecost 33? If Jehovah has not changed, then he will still take care of HIS ORGANIZATION, not one to be mutinied by restless imperfect humans. While Eli's sons seemed to be getting away with bloody murder, Jehovah in the end took care and cleaned out the filth, correct? He can't now? We know more than Jehovah in these last days, really?
  7. Are you guys not understanding what was going on when the 'helper' came? It did nothing but open the way for the heavenly reward. Jehovah God now would make the choice of 144000, up until the final sealing. As long as there are ones living there could be a choice by Jehovah. He did not chose a herd of them at Pentecost just because these were baptized, that is the mistake we make. We tell ourself like we know that Jehovah chose all 3000 of them. That is incorrect. All the account tells us was they were baptized. Remember Demas? He left and returned to the world and what about those who Paul warned would be the ones who would take ones from among them out of the congregation? The number is 144000, of which Jehovah, not us, are making the choice. And at their death, they will have finalized their place on a throne in heaven, not before. All this other talk is trivial. This is not a rodeo.
  8. Hey JH,  i tried to respond, but they lock me out of replying to my own topic. Sorry

    Sometimes its hard to track the resolutions but i have copies 

    A/68/841  ... A/RES/60/288




    Hope this helps,m otherwise i can copy the UN res to this profile.








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      No one locked you out.  Try a private message if this doesn’t work. 

  9. Could not find resolutions A/68/841 nor A/RES/60/288. Found all the others could you help in this matter, your argument is somewhat sound, which to follow your line of reasoning.
  10. I would like to say this... when I read about the creation, life was not created as "red in tooth and claw" as you put it. Life was not eating each other to exist. At death maybe, but no life form was hunting another for food in the beginning. Things have to make sense if one believes in scripture. Can't believe in one concept and not another. If it is written that life was to eat, and that was ALL LIFE, green vegetation, then common sense would tell me, the only meateating was going on at death, scavengering a carcass. No, wild ferocious dinosaurs as science think they know from bones. But ask yourself, what cleaned away these massive bodies after they died? We have sharks in the seas, what is left over it settles on the bottom for scavenging. And we see that today. Animals not created to live forever had to be removed, cleaned up after, who,did that Adam? Come on think about it.
  11. No, the whole thing is that we are talking about something we have no control over. We neither gave life or the life we can take can either be given back by us.. so let us acquiesce to the very one the only One who can remember those worthy to be recalled from the grave. And do our very best to be around to see these called from the memorial tombs. All this now is worthless chatter, because we may ourselves be in need of that very hope before it is over!
  12. Yeah, I believe Matthew wants a heated debate not a logical answer, because he knows it. These 'men', this "faithful and discreet slave, is not and could not be one man, just as Moses found out leading Israel. They are united in thought and action. Unified in watching over the Master's belongings, and just as there were those who gave dispute to Moses, there will be those who will dispute these 'men', for they are 'men', frail and imperfect, even with their hope of the heavenly reward. What we think about their hope, they could careless, what they do toward us is their responsibility for they are accountable to Jehovah, never ever to any of us, whether we like them or not. So let's debate about something else!

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