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  1. Can we continue as IT was practiced then, as the message was taught to more and more cultures, expanding beyond the reach of those in Jerusalem. The entire setup for oversight would have to be re-ORGANIZED, right? But, the apostasy came, and threw a monkey wrench in what should have been. WE did not stay united, became among the weeds that overgrown us, so during these modern times, this is how things are done, still within scriptural parameters, not doing things as a group of men, but following the guidance of him who said he would be with those who are following him until the conclusion of the system of things. That was not an empty statement, so I do not forget it. Moses could been seen as doing things his way, by those who disagreed with him, they forgot easily who had the power and was truly guiding them. We do the very same thing, pointing to the G8, but not allowing for Jesus being the Head as the Bible says he is. Even if we disagree, we are with Jesus, not only with these men we see. As I perfect men, Jesus is not stupid or blind to what they or the elders say and do all over this planet. It is NOT for us to judge, not our job. We will be doing someone else's work and not what we should be doing, preaching! There is basis, do you want to follow, or stand aside and gripe about? Either action will be judged, but not by us or those you are fussing about, Jehovah has the final say, so your argument, is moot!
  2. Yeah, but he wasn't disfellowshipped, right? There is a difference. We are directed to avoid these ones, but not like the plague. That is an over reach, anyone doing that is touchy with their conscience. No, I would help such a person if needed, speak to such a person. They need help just as any other human, what I will not do is stand and fellowship with them. But I will NOT be cold and unloving towards them because of their situation. That is what Jesus taught.
  3. Unbaptized is quite easy to understand about what the topic is being spoken about. The person about to engage in this ministry has taken the step to publicly proclaim that they have repented and been baptized. This step, not found in scripture, is one that protects the NAME we carry as WITNESSES OF JEHOVAH. Just not anybody can go out and be apart of this ministry. I can't be a drunk person or someone who lives in decently and proudly go from door to door, speaking of the kingdom with my life known by my community. What shame it would have on those in the congregation, how could they preach; the only thing on people's mind and mouths would be ME! You know what drama does to the human psyche, so to protect these very instances from occurring on a constant level; any able-bodied, well,knowledgeable chaste and repented person can become a PUBLISHER of the good news for Jehovah, and would eventually become a BAPTIZED JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. We are living in the 21st century, and pure common sense travels throughout time. Use it, please and not for the sake of arguing over trivial things like children. You know something, other grown people do also. What many DO NOT KNOW, is there is only 1 approved way to worship God, and very few are traveling down that road, even one of us JW's, that is why all the recent reminders about what JEHOVAH wants not us. Time is on Jehovah's side, not ours. We need to live the life, do the work, don't seek the outcome, way above our pay grade. We do what is asked of us, endure to whatever end comes, Jehovah God will do his part. All this crap,back and forth between us now,is time consuming and worthless in God's eyes. We agree or disagree, so what? The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west,right? Get your life together and have the human decency to help your family, friends and neighbors. AGAPE.
  4. GEORGE: We know that there were NO children birthed in the garden, but there was sex happening there, just no fruitage of their actions. The garden had everything they needed to provide for any and all children born there. It was the MOST blessed piece of earth in existence at the time! And they were to expand it all over the globe with their children. And you asked, do all women do? Not now in this imperfect world, but in a perfect one YES! They ovulate, produce eggs and when it meets the sperm, begins the cycle of life. Not dividing into twins and such, just one child at a time! We have eternity before us, no need for a rush of being a nation of many as the stars or the sands on a beach, death will be no more another factor removed, before the human family. We can fill the earth, the new earth, as Jehovah purposed, our perfect bodies functioning beyond what we now can even imagine. And that part sometimes scares some to think about. AGAPE.
  5. MANYMILES: I read your reply to my comments as I was eating a late breakfast. Nothing in my comments ruled out that Eve would breastfeed her children, Not since I myself was one. We know from the Scriptural record again, that plant life was their source of food, the sustenance of living, not meat. I have always had a belief that meat would be added to the menu later, as more humans began to fill the earth. Everything Jehovah does is orderly, right? I stated that dead bodies of animals would have to be gotten rid of in some way naturally that even we know about. I stated no animal was hunting any other animals for food in the garden or outside, their main source of sustenance was the vegetation that abounded on planet earth before the flood, but animals died, their decaying bodies were removed as we see such bodies removed today; flying carrion birds, scavenger mammals, maggots and underground bugs and worms that dispose of the bone, also. Returning it all to the dust! If your reply to my comments implied I did not take in account for common sense, Jehovah God, and logic that would be incorrect. But if I read your actions to my comments wrong in any way, then I am incorrect, right? AGAPE!
  6. Wow! 12 posts later, by the greatest minds on this site! I read and re-read the premises put forth. And all want to be correct when spoken. Which is human, yet flawed, right? None of us were there in either the garden, or after the their explusion, nor during the days of Noah, or after the Flood, am I right? We personally do not have first hand knowledge of those eating habits during those times. So inflecting our own modern way on those times would be in error, right? Can we argue against God's inspire Word? Should we? Adam and Eve and ALL the animal lifefroms around them were given the same order to eat vegetation, NOT ech other! Nothing said about milk, either wine , beer, or any other product of the vine or grain as we know it. Yet did Adam being more perfect than Noah or us, could he have know of these things? What info we have is they were given 'vegetation' to EAT! After they sinned, animals were used to clothed their naked bodies, so carcesses was fodder for creation that was created to remove them from the landscape. We all know these creatures, winged, crawling and underground. Knowing that animal life existed for only a time, bodies decayed and there was created protocol to remove these bodies and return them to nature. That is common sense! During the days that were deemed beyond evil, did people begin to step over what Jehovah God stated as man's diet was? The angels who left their position, brought opposition to Jehovah's way of things even to man's diet, maybe to begin eating meat, even going out hunting down live animals! Ever thought of this? When Noah was instructed to bring food aboard the ark for his family and the animals, he had the time; and the animals were directed to him by Jehovah God himself, so just as Jehovah made sure the 5000 was fed during the miracle performed by Jesus, the same power was involved here during the time of the ark. Various animals, ALL created by the Creator of all things summoned by Him to this site, for His purpose. The animals would survive the travail of the Flood, because Jehovah was involved in the entire process. Noah did just so, we always bring that up, but Jehovah also did what was necessary to accomplish his will. Nothing before the Flood, mentions Jehovah telling man to eat flesh of any animal, nor that of any animal. Yet we know that dead flesh was taken care of, because Jehovah is a God of order, right? There was no angel zapping dead animal bodies, doing janitorial duty in the garden or around the globe. dead bodies contributed to the carbon in the earth, returning to the dust they were created from. After the Flood Jehovah God gave the direction to Noah (MAN), that the eating of animal flesh was permitted, but not the blood. The countenance of animals would change since now we would hunt them for food, there would be a fear of us. Yes, common sense is welcomed in these type of discussions, also not leaving out the most important piece--JEHOVAH GOD!, either. Logic is not lost when Jehovah God is included in any of our discussions. Try it more often, it is refreshing! AGAPE!
  7. Thank you so very much for your time and help in the process you do. I and my family benefit greatly from this. Again thank you so very much.
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