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  1. We will never know the number, because Jehovah will never stop,crating them. He will never stop working so the number will keep,growing. A number with and infinite number of zeroes behind it, and Jehovah will never come up with Alzheimer's and begin to forget where he placed those galaxies and stars names and where we are and the other life forms he will create. Hmmm?????
  2. 60 Queens and 80 Concubines

    As he put up with them for 40 years and did what he did right before they went into the land of promise. He could have not been so harsh as you put it, let them off the just a bit. He was going to allow polygamy and sex slavery as you say, so why not a lay in the hay before going into this land? Because it is not as how you say it was on none of the fronts. Like Jehovah said, we are trying to adjust his thinking, why? It is perfect in ALL his ways. All of them. We are missing something, some form of information that makes this righteous. Which is sad when we call out Jehovah.
  3. Weekly Material for FEBRUARY 5-11, 2018

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  4. But know did in fact engage in the door to door ministry. I know that for a personal fact.
  5. Weekly Material for Jan. 29- Feb. 4, 2018

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  8. Which nations disappear in Armageddon?

    Verse 11, John wrote, 'And I saw' he did after the fact, this is another totally different vision. Using your reasoning, though, what happens to the heaven and the earth? In order? Because now should I believe my actions now in my life follow me after I die? What actions of the dead are they being judged by, if indeed scripture teaches us that the dead have no works or actions in the Grave? As Matthew writes, 'let the reader use discernment'. If we are going to do deep personal study, we have to have astute practical discernment, and not do it alone. Jesus told us to gather together, not alone, remember his words at Matthew 18:19,20? Those trumpets in Revelation, the last one, or final one, did come as Paul stated. During which the anointed were resurrected, and all others would be changed in a twinkling of an eye to immortal life in heaven. i have been at this for some 50yrs., there have been many revisions on many subjects, and studying has helped. Those visions chapters 15:1--16:21, is what is considered the 10th vision of this book. And 18:1---19:10 is the 12th vision, 19:11-21, is another vision. There is no controversy that goes with research of God's word and I agree with in is the final authority.
  9. Which nations disappear in Armageddon?

    Reading Revelation, it is clear on the order, just as you put Israeli. Verse 1&2, tells us the angel seizing Satan and placing him in an abyss for a period of a 1000 yrs. Afterwhich he is let loose. Now while he is gone, are you saying we are on our own, without any rule from the heavenly Government during his absence? The next verse 4), thrones for the 144,000 are placed; and the remnant from earth would have to go to be seated on them at this time, correct? Having gained immortality, death has no sting, as Paul put it at 1 Corinthians 15:55. These 'holy ones' have no final test to go through, right? Verse 5), says that the rest, who could that mean? Only could refer to those humans alive at the end of Satan's final test; these will have gained life, where again Paul's words have true meaning at 1 Corinthians 15:26, this would be true for all of us then. When Satan is released, that coincides with what is written at 1 Corinthians 15:24,25, when Christ has ended sin and imperfection in humans and on this planet. Genesis 1:26 will be done as purposes by Jehovah. Satan will be loosed on a global Eden, with a planet full of Adam and Eve's, perfect without need of a mediator. Some though will follow after him, as John wrote 'nations of the four corners' and this evil, its master and followers will be destroyed, forever. Now how if in you scenario, after Satan is destroyed, dead ones are raised, not being educated from the scrolls, not worshipping shoulder to shoulder, using the pure language of obedience to Jehovah's sovereignty?
  10. Weekly Material for Jan. 1-7, 2018

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  11. Hello, DeeDee, think about what this verse is speaking about. It is not as hard as one think. Who partake of the 'first' resurrection? Those of the heavenly hope, and when they are given life, they are immortal, death has no hold there is no last test for them, correct? But those brought back to life during the reign of Christ, what happens when Satan is let loosed upon the earth? We all must past this final test, because if any fail they will end up where? So after this test death will be no more, all who pass has nothing but life in front of them, no testing of where their sovereignty lies, they have proved it. So the writer could put this what he saw in the future in those very words. Everyone else, the dead, would not come to life without death, until the 1000 yrs had ended.
  12. Will we have the seasons as we now know them? The ice,cold and snow? If what was at first was perfect would not Jehovah place things back in order as it was? The canopy that was used in the flood, no one gives any regard to it. It will have to be replaced, it had purpose, before then and Jehovah will have the earth, not as the blue marble we now know as seen from space, but as a covered canopied globe created at creation to have an earth filled with life, in a paradisiac condition worldwide. Temperatures for that paradise not likely with the conditions now, but Jehovah's kingdom will repair this planet and make sure those conditions are there. Canopy and all. The water is too much now, not what Jehovah had in the beginning, he will put the balance back as it was in the beginning. Yes, the seasons will go on, but these are imperfect things, used for benefit now under these conditions. But then in the new system things will be perfect as Jehovah created them and said they were good, with his stamp of approval.