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  1. John Houston

    Jehovah's Witnesses Banned From Social Media!

    I must have been using the social media and missed that edict. Could you refresh my memory and show where that statement is made?
  2. John Houston

    Weekly Material for June 11-17, 2018

    Thanks very much.
  3. John Houston

    JW Convention 2018 Final Video - English Version

    Yes, video would be nice.
  4. Yes, that is all we need. No cream with my coffee, please! Thank you very much. You explained that quite clearly. I hope it helps in the future.
  5. John Houston

    Miss You All! Jehovah Bless!

    I too will miss your perspective on many things. I have shared them with my congregation because they have not seen or thought as you have. That is why there is 8. so many of us, 'unified' not uniformed of a people in this faith. We are all on the same transportation ride to the exact same destination, to eternal life under perfect theocratic sovereignty with Jehovah as One to everyone as he was in the very beginning before Adam sinned. Then each of us can make the choice as they did, do we want to stay, or follow after Satan. But now we need all of us, really, we do. We have barriers that we have to tear down now, because we are a 'human race' a family belonging to Jehovah God. We have never had to think like that. Truly brothers and sisters common on all levels and loving each other for no other reason than to gain a smile and hug! For no evil will not exist any more after Satan is destroyed. Earth will be fill with the knowledge of Jehovah. Man, I can't wait. Take care and agape! You will be missed from this home site, I personally will miss you. 😰😰😢😰😰😢😢
  6. John Houston

    Weekly Material for June 4-10, 2018

    Thank you very much.
  7. Thanks. It was aired, watched it the Saturday night live on tv. Quite informative. Must stay so on our end also.
  8. Go JTR. Maybe they will get it. I understand you fully and am also aware in the same vein of thoughts. Being the same age as you I also was a CO during the Vietnam War, going to college, instead. Not to Bethel. I left home to grow up and live as an adult. I learn much wisdom and discernment over many decades, but also made various mistakes. Along the way, I saw this organization grow, making growing pain mistakes, as society changed, so did technology and we were either to catch up or get swallowed up by it. I feel like most we are still catching up, trying to clean up a mess made decades ago by judicious men now dead though done in good intentions. Our not being part of this world thing, does not make us invisible or invernerable to what is happening around and to us. Samuel, the prophet, while young at the tabernacle, saw the wrongs going on but did not jump ship for he knew who was the head Master overseeing all things. Christ, knew the errors occurring at the temple of his day, called the leaders hypocrites, right? Yet he did not come to right the wrong did he? Jehovah destroyed the temple as Jesus so foretold. If this organization is so off base as Bible history has shown, Jehovah will clean house. No one was ever told to leave. Under wicked king's, those who followed Jehovah served him still, they did not leave. Jehovah removed the king. If the entire nation was wicked, he punished the entire nation, correct? Isn't that what the scriptures show us what Jehovah has done? What makes now any different with those who have the lead over us today?
  9. John Houston

    JW Stream congregation meetings

    Yet some congregations have live stream for us so we can watch it as it happens not for later. We are tied in with the code to be part of the meeting the night of. Not to record and watch it later. 7:30 Thursday night, we are there for the song and prayer, the meeting and the final prayer, as part of the congregation. Also Sunday, listening to the discourse and the Watchtower study. Miss nothing. Glad for this arrangement.
  10. John Houston

    JW Stream congregation meetings

    Only if given the code by an elder of the congregation. It is not an open site for us all. Only the the elders and MS have access to the differing codes to the links to these things; for the congregation meetings and the assemblies and conventions, which the Society deem to be streamed. I know this personally since being home bound, I have to have the convention streamed. So I have to get the 'code' for the convention. Watched the circuit assembly in the same fashion. Have the code for live streaming the meetings each week. Thankful for that.
  11. John Houston

    Weekly Material for May21-27, 2018

    Thank you very much.
  12. John Houston

    Foto for today.... 11. 5. 2018 Gen. 6 : 2

    This was our 'alien contact' from other worlds that people are so into. They came and made many babies, wicked ones at that. And these angels did not stay in one area, that is a misconception. Thinking these creatures who have access to the unlimitedlessness of the universe would cage themselves to a particular area of this teeny tiny planet? They took their wives and their families to rule over, dominate have them worship them as gods. Each one in whichever land area they ended up; that is why the flood was a global event. Ever thought this way? Hmmmmm???????