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  1. Meeting Material for Oct. 16-22, 2017

    Thank you very very much.
  2. When ISIS came on the scene, the videos of beheadings were shocking to many, the world was in a tizzy for all the things this group did. But now they are truly an irritant, claiming things that are done of their business just to stay on the radar of the mainstream media. The change is there, but not a cry, it will never be a cry. The world scene will have many askew toward this one mentality and if we as people discerning these things from scriptural perspective are not careful, as a thief we will be caught unawares. Going about the things of our daily life, trying to survive, health issues, high cost of living standards, even depressed spirit for the length of time, our own endurance will come under attack. So we must stay busy, pray constantly, incessantly, fervently, to Jehovah for the strength to persevere and continue through these final last days!
  3. Hasn't the cry already began? Is not the priority of every nation on this planet, PEACE AND SECURITY? Could not the cry be for not a period of calm but intense need for these two things? So much so that it will become mundane in our everyday life? Remember when all was in an uproar about the checks to board a plane, but now we know it's necessary. The increase in security at train stations, bus terminals all over the world show a heightened sense for the need of PEACE AND SECURITY. And since what happenings after is like a thief, we have been lulled to accept all of these things as daily occurrences. Any disaster caused by man against man is shocking but wanes after time, for we are waiting on the next horrific one. The evil of this satanic influence is palpable and without discernment one could be caught unawares to what is actually happening. That this system of things is ending, like a cancer feeding on itself and the only cure is the Kingdom!
  4. 2017 Annual Meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses

    Well good try but no cigar!!
  5. Ministry presentationd Oct - Dec 2017

    Thank you very much.
  6. 'Peace and Security'

    The Security Council meeting for Thursday, 28, 2017 10:00am 'Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts'. (8059th meeting) Yes we do not know but we are aware!
  7. Welcome to JWs Understood!

    Great idea! Will be back!
  8. 'Peace and Security'

    Have you ever thought that the CRY about peace and security could be the very intense priority to this facet of life during this time period, not just having thinking things are in order? Could the world powers, any in responsible positions could give fervent priority to peace and security to such a degree that it could be like a cry, with the world becoming more and more out of control wouldn't that in truth be their cause of action? Just another perspective!
  9. How do you defend 1914 after reading Luke 21:8?

    I see no one has yet come to answer you. In reading this verse, Jesus gave only 2 reasons why we would have to know these ones would be false. Listening to what Jesus told his disciples when thy asked what would be the sign and he gave them what to look for, anyone just claiming to be Christ and that now is that due time, would be false. Jesus said no one knows the day or the hour and we have never claimed this either. We do say the signs that Jesus gave would be forthright are here, and also as stated by the apostle Paul. We are living in that time of the end, during the pangs of distress as Jesus stated it elsewhere. All we are going to show from scripture is the signs are before us, any action to this evidence is or the person it is their choice. Hope they choose the road leading off to, life, cramped and narrow though it is and only a few are finding this road, per Jesus' words.
  10. Four Burning Candles... Monday, February 8. 2016

    Truly love them. Please in these last days we need this encouragement, sis. If at all possible do not give up!
  11. WHY WORRY ?

    Very encouraging sis. Thanks for all these small things that help strengthen our faith, in some way. I enjoy them. And thank you for allowing me to share them with my fellow congregation members. They have need to for such encouragement. Agape!