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Is Light a Wave or a Particle?


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Well worth reading LNN's link: -   https://www.academia.edu/40680259/Wave_particle_reconciliation No physicist has yet found any flaw.

... Yes.. I know... both... BUT ... have we made any progress in our understanding beyond that?  

interesting new ability to view photons in action: I'd love for them to try the double slit experiment and observing the behavior with this new camera.  

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Incredible explanation found here


Photons then, it could be argued, behave like particles that travel along a spiral trajectory, and one complete revolution has been shown to take the same amount of time as one oscillation at that wavelength, which neatly resolves the wave/particle duality conundrum. A spiral, seen from the side, is a wave


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Recent experiments have proved the concept of “advanced” and “retarded” light, which means that each photon emitted from any source, at any frequency is FIRST triggered by the return  signal which goes backwards in time FROM whatever WILL ABSORB IT, at the other end., be it nanometers away, or at the edge of the Universe.

The “trigger”, signal is called the “Advanced Photon”

You know that as you approach the speed of light, time slows down. AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT, time stops.

ON A PHOTON …. time is completely stopped, so a trillion years travel time does not affect it at all.

Travel time of a photon from point “A” to point “B” may take 30 billion years, and the return photon (the “Advanced Photon”) Photon that allows it to release may take negative 30 billion years, but to EITHER photon it’s almost instantaneous, except for a few nanoseconds where the photon traveling backwards in time arrives at the local source BEFORE the light leaves the local source.

The local photon generated (… say from a candle …) is called the “retarded photon”.

Cool, huh?

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Quantum tunneling does exist

Quantum tunneling diodes are available commercially.

Absolutely NOTHING is known by anybody about the physics before the Big Bang.

Black holes will eventually evaporate through Hawking Radiation, in very deep time. At least “the math” says they will. Stick around and see!

In reality there is no such thing as “zero distance”.

The Planck length is approximately \(1.616229(38) \times 10^{-35}\) meters. far beyond the reach of any current experimental technology, and is considered the smallest theoretical length in physics/reality.



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How would that solution address light entering a black hole if quantum tunneling does not exist?

Light is absorbed by the black hole.


The same principle applies to zero distance. Now, the greater question is, how can light illuminate from inside a black hole where there is no illumination?

WHAT principal? What “zero distance”?

There is no light inside a black hole. Gravity sucked it in, and it turned into heat!

Both principles result in a zero distance cancelation.

What “both principles”?

What cancelled out what????

The same concept applies to creation.

What concept? and how would it apply to creation???

How can science demonstrate the beginning of creation from nothing, including light?  

Because creation of the Universe BY DEFINITION was …. created!

Since nothing is known  by anyone what the physics was before the Big Bang, “science” does not even TRY TO demonstrate ANYTHING before the BB.

Space and time is only ONE THING … Spacetime, and in this Universe time started somewhere around 13.7 billion years ago

Then the light wave and or a particle cannot be introduced.

I have no idea what that means but It’s a really safe bet it’s wrong. 

According to the zero distance principle, for the Big Bang Theory to occur …. 

What is this “zero distance principle”?There is no such thing as a zero distance. And theorys do not occur …. events occur.

… there must have been some form of existence prior to the collision that generated the effect.

I suspect on the other side of the BB is what we refer to as “Heaven”, where there is no entropic “arrow of time”, and because of that, Jehovah living “from everlasting to everlasting”, always having been and always will be, is the way that dimension’s physics work.

What collision? No theory I have ever read presupposes a collision of anything to generate the BB.

 At least not anything that has any evidence of any sort.



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Without your being able to describe the ideas here, I reject them outright.

So far they are vague, nebulous, convoluted, and wrong.

The photo of a book cover only shows that you have a photo of a book cover. From the text on the cover it may be about office management.

If you are going to throw fogballs, at least put rocks in them.


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