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  1. If they invested it all into Pudgycoin, since we keep no records, it will be perfectly safe, with complete plausible deniability!
  2. Some ideas are so obviously fabricated out of desperation that although ridicule may or may not be effective, or insult the persons believing in them, still need to be ridiculed. Otherwise, like the old fable goes, the King may ride on horseback through the cheering town completely naked, because not only does he believe he is wearing the finest magical clothing, but the crowd also believes he is wearing the finest magical clothing, and it takes a child calling out what is obvious to everyone, "THE KING HAS NO CLOTHES!". I really think you feel insulted by my previous posts, because although they may be rough analogies, they are in fact true, but in your heart of hearts you have a conflict that cannot be allowed to resolve. "Millions now living will never die." was a deliberate lie, a false flag, puffery, and a taking advantage of naive and scared people for monetary gain. The way I resolve this, having Faith that somehow, Jehovah's Witnesses really are God's Name People, not based on derived fantasy, but on solid Biblical core doctrine, is not expect much from the leadership of ANY religious based organization of more than somewhere around 50 to 200 people. We ALL have our 15 minutes of fame and shame, deluding either ourselves, each other ... or both. It's the nature of being human. In an interview on the BBC show Horizon, in 1981 Richard Feynman said this: "I can live with doubt, and uncertainty and not knowing. I think it is much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers that might be wrong."
  3. So, Of everything I wrote that’s the only thing you could find that you deem to be a illogical? I would assume then, that you agree with all the other statements that were made in my posting. ……. be a sport, go through it line by line and tell me what points you object to, besides the one you just mentioned. Could be worse, could be overlapping cows.
  4. Folks should have invested in Pudgycoin. We’ve never had any customer complaints because we don’t have any phones. Pudgycoin is so dependable that you don’t even need a receipt and your money is always there for you but not available until after you die. We believe that if you’re ghost is going to come back and haunt us, there are other much larger problems with which to content. And unlike the other digital currencies we do not mix our business models with magical pixie dust and the expectations of those that sleep on fine Corinthian leather. If I had pockets I would take your investment and put it right here in my pocket, or pockets as the case may be. And our motto is “When your investments are going to the dogs, invest in Pudgycoin, the gold standard for those who are bad at math.“
  5. As that was fictional sage of the ages, Yoda once said, “There is no try, there is only do“. ……. guessing about this, and guessing about that and extrapolating fantasies galore is certainly trying, but it’s better to say “I do not know“ and leave it at that then to be continuously committed to an agenda of being 100% wrong, 100% of the time …… which is what we have going on now by any rational determination. People from one end of the Earth to the other end of the Earth, and at least for the last 6000 years or so I’ve had one opinion about how long a generation is. It’s about 100 years and they don’t overlap. This is reflected in The actuarial tables of every insurance company in existence, who will insure your life based on the idea that you will be dead in 100 years, with very very few exceptions. Many will actually pay you the proceeds of your life insurance policy at age 100, because theoretically you are dead That’s the standard definition of a generation and everybody on Earth that’s not of the Governing Body or their adherents knows this to be true, and has known it to be true for the past 6000 years, or so. You add that to Jesus words to his disciples, and what was in his mind and what was in their mind and you get the same conclusion. it is very clear that in a horse race, one of the horses is going to win, and although we don’t know which one, the best bet on the strongest or the fastest one. The rest is up to pure dumb luck. Were you absolutely refuse to do that you are stuck in a position of entering a cow in a horse race. 1.) I know everybody in your little tribe agrees the cow is a racehorse……… but It’s really not. 2.). I know everybody in your little tribe agrees that the cow is a racehorse……… but It’s really not. It is an agenda driven fantasy.
  6. Well, I’m going out on a limb here and do something that is very seldom done in analyzing scripture or trying to make a point with the scriptures that people have specifically extracted to make any particular point I’m going to take the above scriptures in Genesis in context! Ahem …. The first part of that scripture in genesis speaks of Nimrod is a mighty warrior, which means he makes war against his real or perceived enemies, or just people who he likes to rob and take their stuff. ( …. nowhere in the Bible, or any previous society, or current civilizations is warfare considered murder……) In the very next sentence it says he was a mighty hunter, which implies to me that he was the aggressor. Whether or not that is the actual case, that comment referenced is in the very next sentence …… with no conflicting commentary to indicate that should not be taken in context with the first sentence. The scripture nowhere discusses his stature, so whether he was short, tall, fat, skinny, or had 12 legs and the head of a chicken it’s all a matter of imagination and speculation. Nothing more.….. and of course, that is why in no farm or backyard anywhere in the world, will you ever find a chicken named Nimrod.
  7. Details are important! I remember when my human Guardian said he was taking me to the Vet, to be tutored.
  8. Your example, Ariana, may prove something …. But it does not prove different generations make up one generation, any more than cutting a fishing worm into three parts proves the Trinity. The fact remains that NOWHERE did Jesus teach overlapping generations. The whole concept is a desperate fantasy to try and recover from being 100% wrong, 100% of the time, to desperate people who lubricate the “Chariot’s” wheels with a never ending waterfall of money, desperately wanting to believe it is true. …. and emotionally comforted because with this fantasy explanation, their faith is now justified, and all is well.
  9. (1.) You can read the biblical accounts, it’s either there or it’s not there. (2.) You can read the biblical accounts, it’s either there or it’s not there. It’s not there.
  10. I have on my bookshelf a diamond saw cut section from a fossilized tree trunk, with perfectly preserved bark, that fell to Earth 65 million years ago in Guatemala, and over the eons it drifted North on moving tectonic plates to Arizona, where it was bought at a curio shop on the side of the road, next to millions of other fallen trees, exposed by erosion. ...it had NOTHING to do with any flood.
  11. I have seen that symbol on casual knit shirts, where the left shirt pocket normally is on a dress shirt. I asked a Chinese guy at my dry cleaners what it meant and he looked at it and told me "No Starch".
  12. Yeah .... if the drove by one day and it actually, literally had disappeared. .... especially if there was a sinkhole under where it had been. More likely they would exclaim in wonder as they drove by the first time ..... "Wow!, what a great new Medical Practice where that old churchy thingy used to be ! ... they have a gastroenterologist !, how about that .... somebody made a POTLOAD of money on THAT location! .... I wonder if their doctors are allowed by my HMO?"
  13. That is not the question you should be asking. The question you should be asking is this: "When Jesus was talking to his Disciples, was he teaching "Overlapping Generations?". The answer is NO!
  14. I agree with you there ... just as long as I do not have to accept "Overlapping Generations", which as far as I know, was never taught by Jesus, but is taught by the Governing Body.
  15. I do not believe the Bible says that anywhere. Ever see a T-Rex's teeth? Or the great prehistoric Jurassic and before sea "monsters" Sharks are millions of years old ... what did they eat .... seaweed? Have a clear, unambiguous Biblical reference?
  16. ...then why are there millions of tons of Dinosaur Fossils, many in Australia and Baja California, which has never been deluged?
  17. Occasionally people are born with a molar growing out the top of a foot, or six appendages, or cojoined, or one is a parasite on another ... or no eye sockets. What does THAT prove? What is proves is that God cursed ONE snake .... not the billions of snakes that were contemporary to that time, or future snakes. ...or any one of a dozen OTHER different theories. And besides, who is to say if that snake's legs are just a deformity?
  18. My best guess is that words and phrases had different meanings "back then". We know that during the times of the dinosaurs the Earth's atmosphere had significantly more oxygen, but that in the millions of years that followed, this was not the case. The evidence supports the idea that increased oxygen will help DNA based life forms grow larger. There is no evidence that it helps DNA life forms have a longer lifespan. Unless of course someone is strangling you, and you smash them with a large rock. Who would have ever thought that the phrase "Let's Go Brandon" has a completely different meaning? The Oceans NEVER used atmospheric oxygen to form, hydrogen and oxygen, and many other gasses supersaturated magma and lava. The expansion as the pressure lessens is why a trillion tons of rock can be blasted 28 miles high, and circle the Earth. The Oceans were originally saturated with water, methane, and iron, among many other things, .... NO oxygen to speak of, until photosynthetic plant life in the water started creating oxygen, at which time the iron rusted, and fell out, and the methane escaped. Whoever made the statements above this post is completely uninformed, and promoting an agenda driven scenario, completely false.
  19. She was not amazed that the snake spoke to her, as she understood Serpent. (...... think abut it!) What amazed her is that the snake did not slur his SSSssssssSSssSSsss's.
  20. Arauna: As clearly stated in my previous post, I was addressing PwfT ….. NOT YOU! Apparently it is not plain for all to see because you completely missed the point of what I was saying. Translated into dog paw writing with crayons, the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, with all their faults and foibles that we all have an over abundance of is most probably the faithful and discreet slave mentioned in the Bible. In the absence of specific and clearly compelling contradicting competition proving otherwise that would be my best guess. Further, my previous posting challenged PwfT, NOT YOU, to present evidence that whoever they were claiming is the faithful and discreet slave does a better job and is more rightfully able to claim it. So far, much has been alluded to…. completely devoid of sustainable facts. Please re-read what I wrote in context with this explanation in mind. Big ugly bags of mostly water is what humans are, some bigger and uglier than others. When you don’t have fur, it’s a tough gig. ……. and when you continuously accuse others of OCD, the words of Shakespeare come to mind …. “ … methinks she doth protest too much.”
  21. PwfT: AS I see it, the JW GB MAY actually be the F&DS ... and until I see a group of people identified and SHOW a better track record than they have, to me they are the most probable option. The GB's continuous self-aggrandizement and self appointments I think is creepy, but if there is one thing I have learned about humans, it is that when they are very good at one thing, they develop blind spots for almost all else ... in other words, the extremely competent quite often are extremely arrogant. Such is the nature of big ugly bags of mostly water. PwfT, you keep saying that you know who the "real" F&DS and anointed are, but in all your postings you have never specifically identified he/them/it. Of course, that would be useless, if you did not have PROOF! A complete waste of fingertip skin. I strongly suspect you have no proof at all .... and I would rather have creepy, arrogant, obnoxious, marginally competent big ugly bags of mostly water humans wear that mantle, than nameless, unidentifiable phantoms, with no track record whatsoever to carefully examine for THEIR sets of foibles, that you propose.
  22. I am an old dog, and a bit far sighted, for a two dimensional cartoon dog, so my entertainment is somewhat limited to 2D choices, and I have to chase pictures of rabbits, when I do chase rabbits, so the cartoon strip DOGBERT appeals to me, as it shows how frail the reasoning abilities of humans are, especially in the determination of facts.
  23. Because the supply chains are interrupted, and the prediction is that there will be a shortage of pumpkins, and many Northern "Blue "States have classified pumpkins not as a food, but as a decoration, and thereby subject to increased taxes.
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