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Theia (planet)


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Scientists from the University of California conclude that study of the geology of the Earthand Moon indicate that both consist of a mixture of rocks from the original Earth and a hypothesized planeta

Earths core is estimated to be molten for around 90 billion years. The sun is expected to go critical and die in 5 billion years

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Tides due to the existence of the moon not only affect how "high" is the sea but also moves the currents of water at different temperature and all that together affects atmospheric temperature around the world. Also the moon stabilizes the axis of the earth that gives us "stablished" seasons and last but not least protects us from asteroids. So you can see it's key for the existence of life as we know it. And now influences the behavior of nocturnal species.

This significantly increased the metal core of earth and gave its strong magnetic field.

The spinning metal core blocks out the vast majority of the nasty stuff that the sun spews out.

Without it solar radiation would blast the surface, as well as tear away the atmosphere and water.

Its highly likely thats what happened to Mars, it was too small to sustain its field and eventually got blasted

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