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  2. TEXTO DIARIO con PREGUNTAS para MEDITAR 21 de abril de 2018
  3. TEXTO DIÁRIO DRAMATIZADO 21 de abril 2018
  4. TrueTomHarley

    Which nations disappear in Armageddon?

    Since we will will have to wait and see what happens (for once you do not tell it), why are you so quick to say what the WT says is wrong?
  5. Do You Allow God to Speak to You Every Day? http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2009565#h=3:106-3:451 ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
  6. Dear brothers, pay attention to the prophecies, as we carefully observe world events and strive to talk to those who are favorably disposed, we continue to research and meditate on the Word of God. We continue to question ourselves, as it is right, with the aim not to demonstrate "who is right" but exclusively to understand more the prophetic word of God. Many of you will have noticed that modern Babylon will turn seventy this year, May 14, 2018, a significant year if we think that the Israelites returned home after 70 years of captivity and restored true worship. On May 14, 1948, the state of Israel was born This is an event that certainly deserves our attention even if we must recognize that we do not understand many things yet and that therefore we must show prudence before attributing particular meanings to this or any other event. Otherwise we would run the risk of becoming "numerologists of the Scriptures" (and there are already many) that is seeing events everywhere, applying numbers and periods in an absolutely arbitrary, forced, anti-critical and illogical. We know that the "ravages of Jerusalem", as written by Jeremiah and Daniel, would have been accomplished "for seventy years" just as a result of this nation - see Jeremiah 25:11; 29:10; Daniel 9: 1-4 In practice, the Israelites should have served "the king of Babylon" for this period of time. As we know, towards the end of these seventy years Babylon "falls", in a single night, as conquered by the king of the north at the time: the average-persia - Daniel 5: 17-30 We can see some parallels (probable) but also many limits, in case we want to give this event a modern correspondence and this is the same criticism that we have moved to the dream understanding of the Nebuchadnezzar tree (in practice, who establishes what must have a second application and what not?). It is true that the trumpets described in Revelation begin to shake the world of Satan as a whole (and Babylon is certainly the main subject of this system) but the expiration of seventy years (concomitant or almost to the fall of Babylon) marked roughly the end of discipline for Jehovah's people (who, after some time, was able to return home even though he initially did so with some obstacles) while we know that these trumpets trigger a period of discipline towards the people of God. Moreover, Babylon, in that fateful year fell, while we know that more time will pass before its definitive destruction (even if the attack that will soon suffer will be considerable). Continuing so we will see that there are some things that seem to fit together (assuming that you must necessarily find a parallel to what happened in the past) and other things that are confused because of the union "Israel / Babylon". For this reason it is necessary to continue to dig and ask the collaboration of those who have shared the articles as well as the "modus operandi" so far followed (see the article "The Bible is all you need"). It would be very nice to have an exchange with those who really appreciated the results obtained so far, without unnecessary polemics and with the only constraint to remain within the Scriptures - 1 Corinthians 4: 6 So this invitation is not addressed to those who did not understand the identity of Babylon the Great, the identity of the "little horn become huge", the identity of the Celestial Woman and so on at least for the main subjects. Surely this invitation is not addressed to those who are not able to get back into question. Perhaps together it will be possible to understand if it is possible to find a significant parallel, without contradictions and without forcing, with what happened in the past (I refer to the 70 years of exile in Babylon) or if we have to turn our attention to other scriptures and others details. Those who fall into the characteristics described above can write to me privately. We therefore continue to carefully observe the world events without forgetting the most important things. P.S. True worship, just as in the past, must start from where it was born: Israel. However, it will not restart until "it is imprisoned" under Babylon the Great. This first attack by the king of the north will serve to free those who will have the task of restoring it. https://attenzioneallaprofezia.blogspot.it/ https://bewareofprophecy.blogspot.it/
  7. Israeli Bar Avaddhon

    Which nations disappear in Armageddon?

    Dear Space Merchant, you have only expressed two concepts. Can it be done with fewer words? You say you're alert? If so, you would have really studied the Bible, including prophecies. This speech is not addressed to you in particular but to all those who have put an organization and a group of people above the Bible. This means "to worship one's own religion" rather than God, even if we realize it or not. The biblical comparison, which was once encouraged (perhaps), is certainly discouraged today, except to arrive at the same conclusions as the self-proclaimed and self-referential "faithful and discreet slave". Being a bereans means reaching the same conclusions as those who command because, if by chance your "being berea" arose to other conclusions, always comparing the Scriptures, then you are no longer a "berean" but an apostate, a murmur. All right. it is useless to take the same thread for the thousandth time: it has nothing to do with the article. The restoration of true worship, which will happen in the future (and it did not happen in 1919) will be a beautiful thing but it will also be painful for all those who have not really dug into the scriptures. You say you're on guard? Really? If so, you should know what will happen in the future because the Bible "makes us fully competent" and the prophecy "enlightens us in a dark place". What will happen in the future? You know it? I do not know what you think but the WT has said that "all the prophecies have been fulfilled and that we are waiting only for the cry of peace and security and therefore the attack on false religion". Moreover it has been said that Jehovah will not allow a third world war because otherwise "no one would survive". So we just have to wait to see who's right or maybe it's better to try and understand what the Bible teaches seriously, on these subjects and on others? So, since almost no one wants to call into question the teachings of their religion Iì (in this sense you should ask yourself who you are really worshiping) I said: "Stand by and watch what happens". The Bible teaches that the king of the north (which is Russia) will attack Israel (the true nation of Israel, which at present is Babylon the Great and not "the world empire of false religion") and this attack will lead to an escalation of other wars that will lead to the clash with the king of the south (the Ango-American empire, one of the few correct things said by the wt). And of course he must win the king of the north, as Daniel clearly says (and he will not win the king of the south). These are the wars the Lord said " Be careful not to be discouraged". Almost all the prophecies applied to the past (from 1914 onwards) are future prophecies including the reappearance of true worship. And I would have many other things to say but the confusion would increase. Now the point is: what I just wrote, is it true or is it false? Well: Since you do not want to really study the Bible with no religious or cultural conditioning, "we stand by and watch." Obviously during the war that will break out (next, unfortunately) the WT will say exactly what he said during the first and during the Second World War. He will say that "this is really the last and will end with armageddon". Yet another affirmation that will demonstrate biblical ignorance. The war will not lead directly to armageddon. Agreed: say that I am presumptuous, ungrateful and other things. Everything is possible. I conclude with the same message that I left at the beginning. When certain things happen, perhaps you will remember this discussion and remember the writing of 1 John 4: 1 After all the beautiful courtly language remains a fact. If wisdom is true is proven by his works. We have to wait and see what happens.
  8. Queen Esther

    Anneliese Zelina (model)

    Anneliese Zelina: Jehovah, I’m Going to Put You First !!!! Length 5:24 https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/VODIntExpTransformations/pub-jwb_201702_4_VIDEO HER BEST WAY TO COME BACK TO JEHOVAH
  9. Thank you SO much Sister @a-dmickle@comcast.net... I'm thinking the same, yes We also can't wait, until Jehovah will bring all to a wonderful, good end I love animals too and hope, soon they can live again in love and peace, like you and me. Also for you a wonderful sunny weekend, best wishes & greetings from Germany ! SEE US SOON AGAIN... @Bible Speaks.... Yes, I remember your post and Librarian posted it too.... We all so waiting of Jehovah's ok for changing the world for HIS plan, ONLY HE can help ! What a loving God we have Also for you a wonderful sunny weekend - we just had 3 very warm summer-days in April... but next week again little colder, sorry - but ok for April here. Little relaxing like this funny bear...
  10. a-dmickle@comcast.net

    Weekly Material for april 23-29, 2018

    Awesome, Twyla. Many, many thanks for your untiring efforts. So love you!!! Very best, Sis "D" (USA East Coast)
  11. Desde la Iglesia Católica indicaron que se disparó la demanda para este tipo de ritos. Más de 200 fieles en tan sólo una semana, se anotaron para aprender cómo expulsar demonios. Los detalles acá. 1 / 2 | Doscientos fieles en menos de una semana se anotaron para Más de 200 católicos, muchos de ellos sacerdotes, asisten en Roma desde el lunes a un curso de una semana de duración, en el que están aprendiendo cómo expulsar demonios que se hayan posesionado de alguna persona, labor que puede cumplirse incluso por celular. Las clases incluyen materias varias: desde "artesanía en África" hasta "cómo diferenciar entre posesión demoníaca y enfermedad mental", además de una guía "paso a paso" como sacar espíritus malignos. El seminario fue ofrecido en momentos en que se ha disparado la demanda deexorcismos. Ernest Simoni, cardenal de Albania, acaparó reflectores durante la primera sesión del curso, en la que departió sobre cómo exorcizar a través de teléfonos celulares. Explicó cómo leer las oraciones de exorcismoen latín, de manera similar que si se cumpliera el rito en persona. Funcionarios de la Iglesia católica indicaron que el número de posesiones diabólicas registradas va en aumento, aunque no ofrecieron cifras oficiales. El padre Benigno Palilla, exorcista de la diócesis de Palermo, declaró en febrero a Radio Vaticano que ha hecho unos 50 exorcismos en los últimos dos años y medio. El curso, dirigido a exorcistas licenciados, teólogos, psicólogos, médicos, criminólogos e historiadores de la Iglesia, se declaró abierto además al público en general. Entre los estudiantes se encuentran varias docenas de mujeres, que recibirán un certificado pero no autorización para realizar exorcismos. Sólo los sacerdotes pueden llevarlo a cabo, y con el permiso de su obispo o una licencia especial. Los laicos católicos, hombres o mujeres, pueden cumplir el papel de lo que en un curso iniciático se llamó "exorcistas auxiliares", lo que significa que pueden estar presentes en el rito, rezar y dar apoyo moral al sacerdote, que es quien está autorizado para expulsar al demonio. Simoni dijo que los exorcismos sólo deben intentarse después que los médicos se hayan demostrado incapaces de explicar el comportamiento de una persona, a la que entonces se podrá considerar demoníacamente poseída.
  12. Parejas de enamorados y prostitutas recibieron azotes con varas de ratán, en Aceh, la única provincia del país donde impera la sharía. Una mujer se cubre la cara mientras recibe los azotes con una vara al ser castigada en público por violar la ley sharía, en Banda Aceh (Indonesia)./ EFE de enamorados y las prostitutas fueron sancionadas en público este viernes con bastonazos infligidos por la policía de la sharía en Aceh, única provincia de Indonesia en aplicar la ley islámica. Más de mil personas, entre ellas decenas de turistas de la vecina Malasia, asistieron a los flagelos delante de la mezquita de Banda Aceh, capital de la provincia, en donde los condenados fueron abucheados cuando recibían los golpes de vara de ratán en la espalda. Una mujer es flagelada en público en Banda Aceh. / AFP Tres hombres y cinco mujeres -entre los que había varios estudiantes- fueron condenados por no respetar las reglas de la sharía (ley islámica), eso es: demostrando gestos de afecto en público u ofreciendo servicios sexuales en internet, indicaron las autoridades locales. Además de las relaciones heterosexuales entre personas no unidas por el matrimonio y la oferta de servicios sexuales, el consumo de alcohol, las relaciones entre personas del mismo sexo y los juegos de dinero están prohibidos en esta provincia del país musulmán más poblado del mundo. La provincia de Aceh fue autorizada a aplicar la ley islámica tras obtener de Yakarta un estatuto de autonomía en 2001 para poner término a varias décadas de rebelión separatista. Fuente: AFP Una mujer es azotada con una vara durante su castigo en público por violar la ley sharía, en Banda Aceh. EFE/ Raihal Fajri Con bastonazos infligidos por la policía de la sharía en Aceh, única provincia de Indonesia en aplicar la ley islámica. AFP PHOTO / CHAIDEER MAHYUDDIN Las parejas de enamorados y las prostitutas fueron sancionadas en público. REUTERS/Oviyandi Emnur Un hombre es azotado con una vara en público tras ser acusado de violar la ley sharía. EFE/ Raihal Fajri Más de mil personas, entre ellas decenas de turistas de la vecina Malasia, asistieron a los flagelos delante de la mezquita de Banda Aceh. AFP PHOTO / CHAIDEER MAHYUDDIN La provincia de Aceh fue autorizada a aplicar la ley islámica tras obtener de Yakarta un estatuto de autonomía en 2001 para poner término a varias décadas de rebelión separatista. AFP PHOTO / CHAIDEER MAHYUDDIN Tres hombres y cinco mujeres -entre los que había varios estudiantes- fueron condenados por no respetar las reglas de la sharía. / AFP PHOTO / CHAIDEER MAHYUDDIN Los condenados fueron abucheados cuando recibían los golpes de vara de ratán en la espalda. /AP Photo/Heri Juanda
  13. Es un paso crucial que se produce a una semana de la cumbre con Surcorea. El presidente Trump dijo que era una muy buena noticia y un gran progreso. A una semana de la crucial cumbre con Corea del Sur, el líder norcoreano Kim Jong-un anunció la suspensión de los ensayos nucleares y de misiles de su país, así como el cierre de instalaciones de pruebas atómicas. El sorpresivo anuncio tuvo buena repercusión en Estados Unidos, donde el presidente Donald Trump lo consideró una “muy buena noticia” que favorece el diálogo abierto. “A partir del 21 de abril, Corea del Norte detendrá los ensayos nucleares y los lanzamientos de misiles balísticos intercontinentales”, informó la agencia de noticias surcoreana Yonhap, citando a su contraparte del norte, KCNA. En el mismo texto se señala que “el Norte cerrará instalaciones de pruebas nucleares para demostrar su promesa de suspender los ensayos nucleares”. Estados Unidos llevaba tiempo esperando este paso, crucial en el rápido deshielo diplomático que experimenta la península coreana. Después de las dudas que había sembrado sobre su asistencia a la cumbre, ahora Trump dijo que está deseando reunirse con Kim. El mandatario estadounidense aseguró que ha habido “un gran progreso” en el diálogo con Pyongyang y mostró su alegría por la suspensión de las pruebas nucleares y de misiles. “Corea del Norte aceptó suspender todas las pruebas nucleares y cerrar un importante centro de ensayos. Esta es una muy buena noticia para Corea del Norte y para el mundo: ¡un gran progreso! Estamos deseando celebrar nuestra cumbre”, afirmó Trump en Twitter. Esta crucial decisión de Kim llega a menos de una semana de una cumbre con el presidente surcoreano, Moon Jae-in, en la Zona Desmilitarizada que divide la península, y semanas antes del encuentro entre el líder norcoreano y Trump. “Como se ha comprobado la efectividad de las armas nucleares, no necesitamos llevar a cabo más ensayos nucleares o lanzamientos de prueba de los misiles de medio o largo alcance o de los misiles balísticos intercontinentales”, declaró Kim en un mitin del partido gobernante. “Las instalaciones nucleares del norte han completado su misión”, agregó en la reunión del comité central del Partido del Trabajo de Corea, donde se define el rumbo del país. Pyongyang ha logrado rápidos avances tecnológicos en sus programas armamentísticos en los últimos años, provocando duras sanciones por parte del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU, de Estados Unidos, la Unión Europea, Corea del Sur y otros países. El año pasado el régimen norcoreano llevó a cabo su sexto ensayo nuclear, el más potente hasta la fecha, y lanzó misiles capaces de alcanzar el territorio estadounidense. Esto le dio una alta capacidad bélica, lo que alarmó a sus vecinos, Corea del Sur y Japón, y a las potencias mundiales. Ahora, completado su programa y detentando su potencial atómico, el régimen acepta las negociaciones con vistas a pacificar la península. La primera cumbre, con Moon, tiene dos pretensiones. La primera es conseguir un acuerdo de paz definitivo, ya que después de la Guerra de Corea -en 1953- sólo se firmó un armisticio. El camino está allanado en este sentido. La segunda es más difícil, y tiene que ver con un testeo que hará Moon para determinar hasta qué punto Kim está dispuesto a desnuclearizar la península. Aunque este anuncio es bastante significativo. Trump, quien tiene previsto encontrarse con Kim a principios de junio en un lugar a determinar, había advertido que no iría si no había perspectivas clara de lograr un acuerdo. “Si pienso que esta reunión no será fructífera, no iremos. Y si estoy allí y no es fructífera, me iré de la reunión”, dijo días atrás. Ahora, con el paso que Norcorea, su actitud cambió. Estados Unidos reclama un desarme nuclear “completo, verificable e irreversible”. Tanto los funcionarios como los expertos dicen que no está claro aún si Kim, quien depende de su poderío militar para mantenerse en el poder, está dispuesto a renunciar a todas sus armas nucleares. Lo que plantea Corea del Norte es una desnuclearización y desmilitarización de toda la península. Esto implicaría que Estados Unidos retire sus fuerzas de Corea del Sur, donde tiene poderosas bases militares con el pretexto de proveer protección ante la amenaza norcoreana. Pyonyang también reclamará el desmantelamiento de los misiles estadounidenses que apuntan a su territorio desde Japón y la finalización de los ejercicios militares conjuntos entre Washington y Seúl. Los expertos consideran que el desarme de Norcorea no se puede resolver de forma aislada, sin tener en cuenta el arsenal nuclear en general que poseen otros ocho Estados en el mundo. Beatrice Fihn, directora ejecutiva de la Campaña Internacional para la Abolición de las Armas Nucleares (ICAN), sostiene que es “prometedor” que Estados Unidos y Corea del Norte hayan mostrado interés en encontrar una solución diplomática a esta crisis, pero remarcó que “es importante abordar el arsenal nuclear de Corea del Norte mirando al arsenal nuclear en general”. Si las dos partes lograran un acuerdo “lo aplaudiríamos”, señaló Fihn. Eso sí, la organización seguirá trabajando hacia la desnuclearización de todos los Estados, insistió. Actualmente poseen armas nucleares China, Corea del Norte, Francia, India, Israel, Pakistán, Rusia, Reino Unido y EE.UU. En opinión de Fihn, “es poco probable que una de los nueve potencias con armas nucleares renuncie a su arsenal si los demás siguen amenazando con su uso y siguen modernizando” sus programas. “No creo que Estados Unidos se desarmaría sin que lo hicieran los demás”, subrayó la especialista.
  14. Date: April 13, 2018 Source: NIH/National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Summary: Losing just one night of sleep led to an immediate increase in beta-amyloid, a protein in the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease, according to a small, new study. Losing just one night of sleep led to an immediate increase in beta-amyloid, a protein in the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease, according to a small, new study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health. In Alzheimer's disease, beta-amyloid proteins clump together to form amyloid plaques, a hallmark of the disease. While acute sleep deprivation is known to elevate brain beta-amyloid levels in mice, less is known about the impact of sleep deprivation on beta-amyloid accumulation in the human brain. The study is among the first to demonstrate that sleep may play an important role in human beta-amyloid clearance. "This research provides new insight about the potentially harmful effects of a lack of sleep on the brain and has implications for better characterizing the pathology of Alzheimer's disease," said George F. Koob, Ph.D., director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), part of the National Institutes of Health, which funded the study. Beta-amyloid is a metabolic waste product present in the fluid between brain cells. In Alzheimer's disease, beta-amyloid clumps together to form amyloid plaques, negatively impacting communication between neurons. Led by Drs. Ehsan Shokri-Kojori and Nora D. Volkow of the NIAAA Laboratory of Neuroimaging, the study is now online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Volkow is also the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse at NIH. To understand the possible link between beta-amyloid accumulation and sleep, the researchers used positron emission tomography (PET) to scan the brains of 20 healthy subjects, ranging in age from 22 to 72, after a night of rested sleep and after sleep deprivation (being awake for about 31 hours). They found beta-amyloid increases of about 5 percent after losing a night of sleep in brain regions including the thalamus and hippocampus, regions especially vulnerable to damage in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. Read more: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/04/180413155301.htm
  15. Raquel Segovia

    Stand by me

  16. Nearly 80 genes that could be linked to depression have been discovered by scientists. The findings could help explain why some people may be at a higher risk of developing the condition, researchers say. The study could also help researchers develop drugs to tackle mental ill-health, experts say. Depression affects one in five people in the UK every year and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Life events - such as trauma or stress - can contribute to its onset, but it is not clear why some people are more likely to develop the condition than others. Scientists led by the University of Edinburgh analysed data from UK Biobank - a research resource containing health and genetic information for half a million people. They scanned the genetic code of 300,000 people to identify areas of DNA that could be linked to depression. Some of the pinpointed genes are known to be involved in the function of synapses, tiny connectors that allow brain cells to communicate with each other through electrical and chemical signals. Read more: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-04/uoe-dsp041318.php
  17. Falls are a leading cause of injury and death among older adults. In 2014, about 1 in 3 adults aged 65 and older reported falling, and falls were linked to 33,000 deaths. If you want to reduce the risk of falling, regular exercise may be your best bet, according to the latest recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The influential group came to that conclusion after reviewing evidence from about 20 studies that included adults 65 and older. Half of the studies recruited people who were at a high risk of falling. When the USPSTF experts combined data from several studies, they found exercise reduced the likelihood of falls and injury related to falls. "There were a range of exercise interventions studied, all of which seemed to be effective," Dr. Alex Krist, vice chairperson of the USPSTF, said in an email. The exercise programs focused on strength and resistance training, as well as balance and gait. "They included individual and group exercises, as well as referrals to a physical therapist or participation in a class like tai chi," said Krist, who is also a professor of family medicine and population health at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/04/17/603186213/to-prevent-falls-in-older-age-try-regular-exercise
  18. Married people are more likely than the unmarried to get timely diagnosis and treatment for malignant skin cancer. Early detection of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is essential to effective treatment. The five-year survival rate for stage 1 disease is more than 98 percent, but by stage 3, the rate declines to 62 percent. A study published in JAMA Dermatologyused a large cancer registry to catalog tumor stage and marital status in 52,063 patients diagnosed with melanoma. The population, average age 64, was 58.8 percent male. Almost 70 percent were married. After controlling for age, sex, education level and other factors, the researchers found that 46 percent of married people went to a doctor at the earliest stage of the disease, compared with 43 percent of the never married, 39 percent of the divorced, and 32 percent of the widowed. Patients who were never married were 12 percent more likely to present with a later stage cancer, the divorced 34 percent more likely and the widowed more than twice as likely. Results were the same for men and women. Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/18/well/live/married-people-less-likely-to-die-from-melanoma.html
  19. At least three dead, including police officer, in Nicaragua protests MANAGUA (Reuters) - Protests in Nicaragua over changes to social security have led to the deaths of at least three people, including a police officer, the Red Cross said on Friday, heaping pressure on the leftist government of President Daniel Ortega. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nicaragua-protests/at-least-three-dead-including-police-officer-in-nicaragua-protests-idUSKBN1HR35Q
  20. Raquel Segovia

    Cristian Castro

  21. El joven disparó a través de la puerta cerrada de un aula en un colegio de Florida, Estados Unidos, mientras que en todo el país se conmemora el 19 aniversario de la matanza de aquél colegio en 1999. Un estudiante hirió a otro de un balazo en un tobillo, en el colegio Forest High School de la ciudad de Ocala, en el norte de Florida, cuando alumnos de todo Estados Unidos se preparan para marchar contra la violencia con armas de fuego en un nuevo aniversario de la masacre en Columbine High School de Colorado, ocurrida hace 19 años. Por causas todavía desconocidas, un estudiante, cuya edad e identidad no fueron reveladas, disparó a través de la puerta cerrada de un aula del colegio e hirió en un tobillo a otro alumno. La policía de Florida informó que el sospechoso de disparar también es un estudiante de la escuela Forest y que el alumno lesionado fue llevado a un hospital local para ser atendido, reportó el portal de noticias del diario Miami Herald. El tirador arrojó el arma y corrió a esconderse tras el disparo, pero terminó apresado y está bajo custodia de la Policía. Tras el incidente, la dirección del colegio alertó a la Policía de Ocala, así como a las autoridades del condado de Marion, donde está ubicado el colegio, el FBI y la Patrulla de Carreteras de Florida. El portavoz escolar del distrito llamó por teléfono a los padres de los alumnos para informarles del hecho y comunicarles que no se acercaran al colegio, que permanece cerrado en estos momentos. La Policía pidió a la comunidad que eviten la zona para no interferir en la investigación y precisó que todos los estudiantes fueron llevados en ómnibus a la Primera Iglesia Bautista de Ocala, donde los padres pueden recogerlos. El tiroteo se produce mientras en todo el país numerosas movilizaciones conmemoran el 19 aniversario de la matanza en el colegio Columbine, en el que murieron 12 estudiantes y un profesor en 1999.
  22. The Social Security is in bankrupcy, we all know is because all the corruption of this government and instead of stop corruption they decided to increase the % they deduct from employees and employer and the worst thing is they will deduct % from retirement/pension. That is not fair. So students started to protest supporting elderly people and Orteguistas supported by Police are abusing, killing all people who protest peacefully. The coward president has not shown his face and his stupid wife is affirming that the people is the guilty. This was not the original idea of Sandino (his face in the photoshop below). Sandinistas are in the street protesting against Daniel Ortega and his Orteguistas, clarifying that they are sandinistas but not orteguistas. So far there are 4 dead and many injured across the country. The sandinistas who helped him and his horrible wife to get the power in the 80s are the parents of the boys/girls, students who are now in the street defending their rights and lives
  23. Melinda Mills

    60 Queens and 80 Concubines

    A brother in the kingdom hall with 60 wives and 80 concubines? A brother of whom? How long was polygamy tolerated in Christianity? *** g74 2/8 p. 25 My Life as a Festival Singer in Africa *** The Bible Changes My Husband But throughout this period one of Jehovah’s witnesses came each week to conduct a Bible study with my husband. His visits began to affect my husband’s thinking in a favorable way, and this was reflected in what seemed a more tolerant attitude toward me. He became more gentle and soft with me and he seemed to find it easier to talk about the things he was learning in his newfound religion. Almost all of us living in our village were animists, so anything my husband would relate about what he learned from the Bible was quite new to me as well as others. The real turning point in my life, however, came one day when my husband called me to his side and explained that he had learned from the Bible that a man should be the husband of only one wife. (1 Tim. 3:2, 12) So he said that he had decided to send one of his wives back to her people. My heart sank, for my “mate” (his secondary wife) was younger than I. Would he send me, the senior wife, or the younger woman? My anxiety mounted when he went on to explain that this had been a difficult decision for him to make. But he then said: “Will you go with me to the Native Court so we can get papers for our marriage?” I was so relieved, and I readily agreed. I was even excited about the prospect of going to the Native Court to have our marriage solemnized and registered. What had brought about this important decision on his part? Jehovah’s witnesses had explained to him that if he wanted to be a real Christian, his marriage should be legally registered. So more was needed than just paying the dowry. Also, it was explained to him that he should take the ‘wife of his youth’ and her only. (Prov. 5:18) So he sent his second wife back to her people.
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  25. •Romans 10:13 —"For “everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved.” •Isaiah 45:18 —"For this is what Jehovah says, The Creator of the heavens, the true God, The One who formed the earth, its Maker who firmly established it, Who did not create it simply for nothing, but formed it to be inhabited: “I am Jehovah, and there is no one else." •For Answers To Life's Hardest Questions Go To JW.org TheMostTranslatedWebsite
  26. AB 2943 bans books, conferences, counseling advocating Muslim, Jewish, and Christian views on gender and sexual orientation. The California Assembly approved a bill today 50-18 that tells churches and other with traditional beliefs about gender and sexual orientation that advocating for their views could get them sued. AB 2943, declares “advertising, offering to engage in, or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual” is illegal under state’s consumer fraud law. “The State of California has no right to deny its residents the resources to help them find happiness or to shut down counselors, schools, and religious organizations that provide those services,” said Jonathan Keller, in response to today’s Assembly vote. “Every person experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria must be allowed to pursue help in achieving their desired goals and outcomes." New Bill to Ban Christian Books and Resources on God's Design for Sexuality Moving Quickly in Sacramento An effort by the LGBT caucus to stop Christians from offering resources to adults struggling to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion recently passed through two CA Assembly policy committees. The California Family Council helped coordinate expert committee testimonies that included professional counselors, attorneys, and former homosexuals. (Watch two of our once-gay witnesses, Ken Williams and Elizabeth Wonning, share their view on AB 2943.) Despite AB 2943's progress through the committee process, there was one good sign last Tuesday, April 10. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher asked a series of tough questions to the bill author, LGBT Caucus Chair Evan Low, expressing concern with how AB 2943 could ban on church retreats dealing with biblical views homosexuality or transgenderism. (Watchclips of the hearing in the video below. Gonzalez makes her comments starting at the 6:00 min mark) After receiving an answer from Low's attorney in the Assembly Judiciary Committee, Gonzalez responded, "You actually cause me much concern." Although Gonzalez voted for the bill in committee, she said she wanted to work with the author to explore how this bill might "prohibit a religious institution from practicing their religion...I can't imagine we are trying to step there," she said. https://mailchi.mp/californiafamily/new-ca-bill-declares-biblical-books-and-conferences-fraudulent
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