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  2. The "Overlapping Generation" Revisited.

    None? Ever? What basis is there to believe such a sweeping statement when the Bible says every man proves to be a liar. Most JW's are not malicious liars. I can accept that. But "none are liars"? Really? Are they somehow prevented from this sinful tendency by a 24/7 intervention of the holy spirit? When a JW does lie does that simply mean he wasn't really a JW? A bit like the Calvanists say that if one of the "saved elect" loses their faith then they were never really "saved elect" in the first place? It's known as the "no true Scotsman" fallacy I believe. The convention video on 1975 misrepresents the facts. Is that truth? If it's not truth then what is it? Whether the misrepresentation was accidental I cannot say, but it's far from the only example.
  3. We Need to Trust Jehovah's Organization 🕊📖🕊

    Pour la circoncision c'a pris du temps ? De plus faire confiance oui à l'organisation qui sera céleste pas sur terre ! Je souhaite un Royaume où il n'y aura plus de direction humaine ! Et encore moins de représentation de Dieu à travers d'hommes qui ne seront même pas encore parfait les histoires de princes et de gouvernence humaine ne devraient pas exister Dieu l'avait promis ?
  4. KellyAnne explained what she meant by that expression. The media went apoplectic when she seemingly applied it to photos that plainly showed whose inauguration crowd was greater...I swear, he does it just to bait them. The 'alternative facts' that she was referring to are the facts she feels they should have been reporting but were not because they were consumed with back-biting and trivia. Lest there be any doubt that this was her meaning, her Twitter banner for a time showed her peering over Trump's shoulder as he signed important looking documents. Photoshopped in was the dialogue box: "I'm 50. He's 45." It is the same here. Grousers that complain would do better to consider the 'alternative facts:', for example, a person has opportunity to live forever on a paradise earth, and that being the case, is it really the best use of their time to piss it all away over relatively minor things?
  5. The "Overlapping Generation" Revisited.

    This, too, gets very old. It is the slogan of every soldier of every nation on earth, collectively ripping each other's lungs out. Yes, of course you respect anyone willing to risk their lives for a cause. By that reasoning alone, you would respect ISIS, for they risk all to defend their oppressed back from where they come from. Yes. You respect them. But at some point say: "You poor sap. Why didn't to give your life in a cause worth dying for?" Squabbling about the petty things you mostly squabble about hardly qualifies. Just suck it up and carry on: From: 'No Fake News..." "After studying one book seemingly written for no other purpose other than to harp on dress and grooming and harangue about field service, the conductor said to me: ‘Tom, why don’t you comment? You know all these answers.’ It was a turning point. He was right. I did know them all. It was time to stop sulking. From the circuit overseer on down, they had stirred up major chaos in the family. They had been heavy-handed and clumsy - but never malicious. And it had never been Jehovah. I’d read of ill-goings-on in the first-century record. Congregations described in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 were veritable basket cases, some of them, but that did not mean they weren’t congregations. Eventually things smooth out. Should I stumble when it became my turn? I’d read whiner after whiner carrying on about some personal affront or other on the internet. Was I going to be one of them? Let’s face it - many of Jehovah’s Witnesses are nuts, but none are liars. In a world full of liars one should be able to overlook some nuts. If screwball things happened here, they happen everywhere - usually with consequences devastating to unity - usually with parties stomping off and forming separate factions. “That point the Governing Body just wrote about it?” Mike Tussen once said, referring to matters like the Babylonian exile. “You might have noticed that point, too, years ago. And if this was the world, you would have separated and formed your own religion over it.” Some points are arguable. They can be spun another way. But they are not the essential points. I’ll spin it the way Bethel spins it, out of loyalty. That way we can all move on and get something done. If they spin it another way later, I’ll spin it that way, too, if they demand it. But they don’t demand it – they never do - for these are peripheral points, not the stuff that the truth is made of. Jehovah’s Witnesses maintain precious unity to effectively proclaim a vital message. But everyone must take it on the chin from time to time, and not carry on forever about things that didn’t go their way. Recovery didn’t happen overnight, for I have a PhD in grudge-holding. Indeed, I was so good at it that few noticed I held a grudge, for I had never left the library – I had only strayed from the same page. Now it was time to get on the same paragraph. Was that book truly a dog? They’re not all dazzling flashes of light, you know, for the treasure is contained in earthen vessels. Or was it the conductor? Or was it me? No matter. If life throws you for a loop, you thank God for the discipline and move on. ‘For those whom Jehovah loves he disciplines, in fact, he scourges everyone whom he receives as a son,’ the Bible says. Tell me about it. ‘Half of those at Bethel are here to test the other half,’ the old-timers said. Yeah – tell me about that, too. My training wasn’t even then over – it never is.
  6. You brought up the convention video. I made that clear that I was commenting on that by writing "Before you say it wasn't in print, have you never seen the quote 'Now is not the time to be toying with Jesus' words about the day or the hour ...'? " You replied "This is absolutely incorrect. He was ignoring prevailing opinion at the time." and wrote that it was "not in Watchtower print" I demonstrated that it very much was in WT print - even in an extensive and detailed congregation study article. So if this brother bucked the trend and is now being publicly praised for doing so, he is being praised for thinking outside of what the WT study was teaching in the congregations. This is apparently praiseworthy in hindsight, and yet to do the same today will have you labelled as apostate. No need to respond, since I'm aware that there isn't any defense for this convention video. We'll just put it down to "alternative facts".
  7. Can this not be taken as 'imputing motive?' almost an ad hominem attack? Alas, perhaps we were speaking past each other. If the thread is long, I skim before posting, and barely touch ground on certain posts, as you would if walking through a cow pasture. Apparently, I missed the change of topic. Sorry.
  8. Jean-Pierre Jipy Oudot

  9. Moonjellies 🦑 Tell me if you will how do you create this sea creature? Where does it finds its food or know how to reproduce? 16 "Have you gone down to the sources of the sea Or explored the deep waters?" (Job 38:16) 38 Then Jehovah answered Job out of the windstorm: 2 “Who is this who is obscuring my counsel And speaking without knowledge? 3 Brace yourself, please, like a man; I will question you, and you inform me?" (Job 38:1-3)
  10. Not one witness in 200 understands ( and I just made up that statistic ...) that the way "new truth" is determined is that it is proposed by someone, and VOTED ON ... and there has to be a 66.66% majority to apostasize from the "Old Truth", or come up with a "new" idea. In 1957, when Sputnik was circling the Earth ... it was proposed that this be viewed as one of the "signs in the heavens", but it did not get enough votes to become "new light". YOU CANNOT VOTE ON TRUTH! Something is either true ... or it's NOT! I remember pieces of a movie I saw on TV many years ago ... I think the movie's setting years were somewhere around the 1300's ... Omar Sherif playing somebody was being asked if there REALLY was such a thing as witches. He replied "I hope so ... because we burn at the stake about 16,000 a year, in Germany alone." (paraphrased 50 year old memory fragment). I understand the relationship between these two apparently disjointed ideas ... I hope you do also. When people start "making up" theology from NOTHING ... they also start collecting firewood for those who will not, and cannot believe it. . .
  11. With Model 3 production kicking off and the first deliveries taking place next month, reservation holders are facing a question that has been too far off in the distance to ask until now: With 400,000 people holding reservations for a Model 3, when will I get mine? At the top of the list are SpaceX and Tesla employees, who were given access to make reservations 2 weeks before the general public as a show of thanks for their hard work. This also helps keep the feedback loop for any early production issues as short as possible, letting Tesla fix the issues with minimal impact on the general public. Beyond the employees, a number of factors come into play about when people can expect to get their Model 3. Teslanomics built a Model 3 delivery estimate calculator that takes several variables into account based on what Tesla has shared. Users can go directly to the tool and enter the following information: Exact time the Model 3 reservation was made Whether or not the reservation holder is a current Tesla owner What battery size the Model 3 will have Rear Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive Where are you located? The delivery estimator cranks this data and gives an estimate of not only when your vehicle should be delivered, but when production of the vehicle will start. The tool also analyzes the proximity to the Tesla Fremont factory for delivery time, with a 5 day delivery time for California customers and upward of 41 days for customers in Japan. While these are just estimates, the tool takes the best available information about delivery prioritization from Tesla and gives reasonable estimates. Check out the tool over on the Teslanomics page and let us know when you are expecting your Model 3 to show up and how accurate you think the estimator is. The post Want to know when you’ll get your Model 3? Teslanomics built a calculator appeared first on Via
  12. Why Did "God" Send Jesus Christ to Earth? 🌏🌍🌎

    @Arauna Truly the scriptures really fortify the Truth of harmony and unity! So much we can say and beyond our joys and appreciation it makes us keep pondering! Thank you for your support and comments! Jehovah bless! 🌷🕊🙏🏻🕊🌷
  13. "A vast mixed company also went with them."—Ex. 12:38. 🎎👫👭👬🎎 “Do Not Forget Kindness to Strangers” After Jehovah freed his people from slavery in Egypt, he gave them laws that taught them to show kindness toward the foreigners who left with them. (Exodus 12:38, 49; 22:21) 🎎👫👬👭🎎 Since life is not always easy for foreigners, Jehovah lovingly cared for them. For example, they could glean food that the harvesters left behind.—Leviticus 19:9, 10. 🎎👫👬👭🎎 Rather than just command the Israelites to respect foreigners, Jehovah wanted them to remember how it felt to be a foreigner. (Read Exodus 23:9.) Even before the Israelites became slaves in Egypt, the Egyptians did not like them because they were different. (Genesis 43:32; 46:34; Exodus 1:11-14) 🎎👫👬👭🎎 The Israelites had a hard life as foreigners. Jehovah wanted them to remember that and to be kind to the foreigners who were living among them.—Leviticus 19:33, 34. 🎎👫👬👭🎎
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  14. Jehovah’s Dignity and Splendor Made Evident! - WHO COMPARES WITH HIM? ~ 🌌🎆🌌 In a song that contrasts God’s greatness with man’s littleness, the psalmist David sang: “O Jehovah our Lord, how majestic your name is in all the earth, you whose dignity is recounted above the heavens!” (Ps. 8:1) 🌌🎆🌌 From before the creation of “the heavens and the earth” to beyond the grand fulfillment of God’s purpose to make the earth a paradise and raise the human family to perfection—from eternity to eternity—Jehovah God is the most majestic and dignified Personage in the universe.—Gen. 1:1; 1 Cor. 15:24-28; Rev. 21:1-5. 🌌🎆🌌 How the God-fearing psalmist must have been touched when he beheld the quiet grandeur of the starry night sky, studded with glistening “jewels”! Filled with wonder at how God ‘has stretched out the heavens like a tent cloth,’ the psalmist represented Jehovah as clothed in dignity because of His magnificent creative skill. (Read Psalm 104:1, 2.) The dignity and splendor of the invisible, almighty Creator are evident in his visible works. 🌌🎆🌌 For instance, consider the Milky Way galaxy. In this vast ocean of stars, planets, and solar systems, planet Earth appears as insignificant in size as one grain of sand on an endless beach. 🌌🎆🌌 Why, this one galaxy alone contains over 100 billion stars! If you could count one star each second nonstop for 24 hours a day, it would take you over 3,000 years to reach 100 billion. 🌌🎆🌌 If the Milky Way galaxy alone contains 100 billion stars, what about the rest of the universe? Astronomers estimate that the Milky Way may be one of anywhere from 50 billion to as many as 125 billion galaxies. 🌌🎆🌌 How many stars are there in the entire universe? The answer surely is mind-boggling. Yet, Jehovah “is counting the number of the stars; all of them he calls by their names.” (Ps. 147:4) 🌌🎆🌌 Upon seeing Jehovah clothed in such dignity and splendor, are you not moved to extol his great name?
  15. Yes. Just about everything I've presented here about Matthew 24 (Mark 13 and Luke 21) actually came from various brothers in the Writing Department at Brooklyn Bethel between 1976 and 1982. On my own, I would not have thought about accepting the word of a Bible commentary. At least 4, probably 5, members of the Governing Body held similar views, doubting or rejecting 1914, and at least one more, including a member of the Governing Body that I worked with, held a different view of the "generation." One of his ideas was rejected outright ("the 1957 generation"), and one was finally accepted several years after he began promoting it (the generation of the anointed). I know that a lot of people think of these variations in belief as a wicked form of apostasy, but that's primarily because of a current hierarchical system that isn't transparent about their own discussions and beliefs.
  16. "It has been accomplished!" — John 19:30. 🕊👑🔅👑🕊 What great things Jesus was able to accomplish with God’s help during the three and a half years from his baptism until his death! When Jesus died, there was a violent earthquake, and the Roman army officer in charge of the execution was moved to say: “Certainly this was God’s Son.” (Matt. 27:54) The officer had apparently seen Jesus being mocked for claiming to be God’s Son. 🕊👑🔅👑🕊 Despite everything that he suffered, Jesus maintained his integrity and proved Satan to be a monstrous liar. Regarding all who support God’s sovereignty, Satan had made this challenge: “A person will give up everything he has to save his life.” (Job 2:4, Complete Jewish Bible) 🕊👑🔅👑🕊 By his faithfulness, Jesus showed that Adam and Eve could have proved faithful under their much easier test. Most important of all, Jesus’ life and death upheld and magnified the righteousness of Jehovah’s sovereignty.— Prov. 27:11.

    nice books, I started back in2001 and was baptized in 2004.
  18. New photos have surfaced on Reddit of the Model 3 at a supercharging station. Unlike past photos, these show the Model 3’s charging screen and several crucial details around the vehicle. The Tesla engineer driving the test vehicle didn’t seem to mind photos being taken and even mentioned that they were driving the vehicle home for the night. Take a look at the different photos and features below. The Model 3 was seen with full autopilot hardware and this close-up of the front-facing cameras. The Tesla vision system looks nearly identical to the current Model S and X system, but with a new rain sensor added (top right sensor). The Tesla Model S and X previously had rain sensors like this one, but disappeared with the Autopilot 2 hardware. This is one of the first great images of the Model 3’s seats and roof. You can clearly get a sense of the vehicle’s headroom and the thickness of the center roof panel, which looks thinner than the Model S/X’s. It’s unclear from the photo if the headrests are adjustable. Nothing much has changed with the Model 3’s simplistic steering wheel design. It’s still unclear which controls the scroll wheels activate since there isn’t a screen in front of the steering wheel. It’s worth noting that the center console area looks well thought out, compared to the Model S’s lack of a center console at launch. Now for the most important photo out of the bunch, the charging screen. The screen clearly shows the vehicle’s charge level at 95 miles and was charging at 169 mph (worth noting that the stall next to the Model 3 was drawing power as well). After taking a closer look at the vehicle’s charge level, it looks to us that this particular vehicle has a range over 300 miles (312 miles to be exact). Sources at Tesla have previously told us that the Model 3 will launch with 60kWh and 75kWh batteries, so it can be assumed that this vehicle was equipped with the larger 75kWh battery. This charging screen should also give Model 3 buyers a good sense of the layout; we have previously seen photos of the Model 3’s center screen, but with far less detail. The controls at the bottom of the screen appear easy to reach, and the screen seems well divided from left t0 right. This white Model 3 was sporting new gray/black aerodynamic wheels. The Tesla Model S briefly had an option for aerodynamic wheels, but Tesla didn’t offer the wheels for long. This picture also gives a great look at the camera/turn signal unit on the side of the vehicle, which is similar to or the same as the Model S/X’s unit. While we have known the location of the Model 3’s charging port for a few months, this image shows Tesla’s new charging indicator. Unlike the Model S/X’s flashing indicator ring, the Model 3 sports a subtle glowing Tesla logo just left of the port. The photographer noted that the Model 3’s charging port pops open remotely, but doesn’t open all the way like the Model S/X. Check out the rest of the photos below of the Model 3’s white exterior: The post New Model 3 photos surface, pointing to 300+ mile range and interior details appeared first on Via
  19. Weekly material for June 26-July 2, 2017

    To quote this proverbs - thanks for this wonderful spiritual fruit that you provide for us via the F.A.D.S "When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree".-Vietnamese Proverb
  20. If that's true he abruptly changed the subject, as you can see by following the thread. He certainly seemed to understand that I was talking about the convention video in my first comment about it.
  21. (video including acts of violence and vandalism, ) (image from the video)
  22. I have thought about these additional questions that were resolved by Jesus' faithfulness until death: 1) Satan could have made the allegation that the first and direct creation of Jehovah would not be faithful and would do the same as he did if under pressure, which made this a "universal" issue.... in heaven and earth. 2) Satan could make the allegation that Adam and he himself were not created "perfect" as Jehovah said they were! Jesus proved that Adam was perfectly made because Jesus came down to earth as a man (like Adam), was put under greater temptations and stress than Adam, and remained faithful to Jehovah until death. His concience was fully functional- knowing right from wrong- and he followed Jehovahs directions perfectly and did not bow to any selfish desires. By coming down to earth with less power than an angel - having been an angel before- Jesus proved that Satan could have remained faithful to Jehovah .... and hence, Jesus provided the legal basis for the destruction of Satan and any other angel who rebelled against Jehovah as well as humans who followed their deceitful way of thinking and the shifting of blame. False accusations were now proven to be false and provided a legal guarantee for Jehovah's future actions. Do you not love the cohesion and logic in the Bible !
  23. I think @TrueTomHarleywas talking about the brother who wanted to get married, in last weeks WT study, not about the 1975 brother in the video at the convention. If I'm not mistaken...
  24. Vean qué clase de amor nos ha dado el Padre (1 Juan 3:1). Aquí el apóstol Juan nos invita a pensar en el gran amor que Jehová nos tiene. Con las palabras “vean qué clase de amor nos ha dado el Padre” estaba animando a los cristianos de su época a que meditaran en las diversas formas en que Jehová había demostrado su cariño. Si nosotros hacemos lo mismo, nos sentiremos más cerca de él y llegaremos a quererlo más. A algunas personas les cuesta creer que Dios pueda querernos. Piensan que solo se encarga de poner normas y de castigar a quienes no las siguen. Como desde niños les han enseñado doctrinas falsas, dicen que Dios es cruel y que no tenemos motivos para amarlo. En el otro extremo están quienes opinan que Dios nunca dejará de querernos, sin importar si lo que hacemos está bien o mal. Nosotros, en cambio, hemos aprendido en la Biblia que la cualidad principal de Jehová es el amor y que nos quiere tanto que ofreció a su Hijo para rescatarnos de la muerte y el pecado (Juan 3:16; 1 Juan 4:8). w15 15/9 4:1, 2
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