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This is what a black hole ripping apart a star looks like


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The best explanation and scale representation of a black Ive ever seen. Enjoy!    

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What happens when an unstoppable object crashes into and unmovable object?

This is even more extreme...

Superforces of the universe colliding in a colossal (galaxial) mess.


Time and light in that region must be SO screwed up.

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Many galaxies, including our own, have supermassive black holes millions of times the mass of our Sun lurking at their heart.

When stars move close to black holes, they become elongated or spaghettified, sending out— in theory — bright flares in the X-ray, ultraviolet and visible light spectrum, as a last desperate gasp before fingers of gas fall beyond the event horizon, never to escape.

But not all the gas sucked off a star falls into the black hole; according to models of these so-called tidal disruption events, about half the mass of the star gets ejected at speeds close to the speed of light.

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