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  1. The first "all witness" assisted-living home was opened in the USA two years ago. Legacy Place Cottages, formerly Jah-Jireh Homes of America, is a 40 bed facility in Allentown, PA that lovingly takes care of elderly brothers and sisters in a Christian atmosphere with a small staff of Witness employees. The facility is desperately seeking a cook, qualified nurses and health care aides that are Jehovah's Witnesses to join their staff. If you are looking for employment and are able to relocate, you would do well to consider working at this beautiful, loving, Christian facility in a lovely, pictur
  2. #Jay Witness, this song is not sung by George Benson. The Brother is Phillph Ingram
      Hello guest!
  3. This is Phillip Ingram, brother of James Ingram, former member of the band "Switch", and one of our Elders. Please correct this.
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