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    ARchiv@L got a reaction from The Librarian in 2017 Annual Meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses   
    I do not know any announcements, but here are some few ideas / suggestions (for the brothers who read this)
    • Making the “cart” more ‘modern’ or updated? perhaps… 
    what I want to say, making the “cart-witnessing” to ‘fit’ the modern technology, adding a tv, so videos can be on display, perhaps?
     (many kiosks at the book festivals have a tv already that plays from jwbroadcasting).
    • MORE VIDEO FILMS for the www.jw2018.org page? perhaps… 
    not only images, but also video films will be uploaded,for each years special conventions, to watch.
    • Drones at the conventions? perhaps… 
    more drones can be used at the special/international conventions, so that MORE VIDEO FILMS
    will be available to watch, at www.jw2017.org,for the jwbroadcasting and/or the next year www.jw2018.org page.
    • Brothers use images for the public talks? Perhaps … , 
    (the same way that we see on the jwbroadcasting, example: when someone speaking about bible verses) 
    –- which can / are provided from the wt society (the same way the brothers can get the pdf public talks).
    MORE STUDY notes, ... for the online NWT Study edition ..... 
    perhaps the online books will be translated
    and make available STUDY NOTES in other languages too...
    • Brothers use short videos for the public talks? Perhaps … , 
    (the same way that we see at large conventions. There is a short video for every speaker).
    -- We watch our good brothers from the governing body, (the short videos) while they are giving talks or explaining verses at the summer large conventions.
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